tagErotic CouplingsChristina's First Shave

Christina's First Shave

byChristina Samuels©

It was stupid bet. I know that now. I guess I knew it then too, but the "services" I would have gained (had Aaron's team not managed to score those last three runs) was just too big a temptation to pass up. And after all, Aaron had never made me pay-up before. So why should this time be any different? Right?

Three days had passed since I had lost the bet. Saturday had come and gone, and Sunday was nearly half over. I was beginning to think that Aaron had decided to let me off the hook once again, when he walked into the den. "Time to log-off, babe." he said, "Remember our little bet?"

"You're really going to make me pay-up?"

"Oh yeah! This one's just to good to let slip by. Now get out of Literotica, shut down the computer, and go up to the bedroom and do exactly as the note says."

"But I . . ."

"No buts. Go! I've let you slide a little too often. But not this time. Go!"

A part of me wanted to flat-out refuse. I mean, after all, what I'd agreed to was both demeaning and (somewhat) humiliating. It wasn't fair! Had I won, I wouldn't have made him spend an entire day . . . yes I would have.

"How long do I have to get ready?" I asked.

"A half hour."

The instructions Aaron had left me were very detailed and precise. Slowly, I collected up the items he'd requested, and set the scene. As I finished lighting the last candle, Aaron came into the room.

"Pull the drapes, and get undressed." he said.

Obediently, I pulled the draw cord, closing-off the outside world. I turned to face my love and began tugging open the buttons of my silk blouse. One by one, the gave way. I could feel my nipples begin to harden as the cool air gained access to my braless breasts. I reached down, unzipped my jeans and release the clasp. Two buttons remained. Slowly; ever so slowly, I opened them as well. Aaron walked over and eased the blouse from my shoulders. We kissed. His tongue pressed past my lips and forced its way to the far reaches of my mouth. I drew a quick breath as his hands slipped inside my jeans and lightly squeezed my near naked butt.

"Now be a good girl and finish getting undressed."

As if in a trance, I pushed my jeans to the floor and stepped out of them.

"Panties too."

Snapping back, I hooked my thumbs in the waist band of my satin thong, and guided it to my ankles.

"On the bed. Legs spread. Arms above your head."

I could feel my pulse quicken as I crawled onto the bed and eased myself into position. The moment had arrived. The moment I feared; yet longed for. The moment I would give-over total control to Aaron. I lay back and closed my eyes.

Aaron took hold of my left ankle and began wrapping it with the first length of soft, cotton rope. Each course nestled up close to the one before. Five times, in all, his gentle touch brought the rope around. A final turn, before knotting the ends. A light tug pulled my ankle to the corner post of the bed. I tried to draw my leg up. No use. Aaron then took hold of my right ankle and repeated the process. Again, I tried to draw my leg up. Again, no use

"Now for your wrists."

I tilted my head back to watch as Aaron carefully placed my palms together before wrapping the final length of rope around my wrists. Again, I counted: eight turns around my wrists, three between my palms and outstretched arms. I tried to wriggle my wrists, but couldn't move so much as an inch. I was helpless. Once more I closed my eyes. A gentle tug urged my arms to the center spindle of the head board. Aaron finished his task, then bent down and treated me to another passionate kiss.

Lightly, his fingertips traced the contours of my arms . . . ears . . . cheeks . . . breasts. A series of hot, tiny kisses covered my throat. Still more kisses across my belly. His wet tongue, probed my navel. I could feel his warm breath on exposed pussy. Oh how I wanted to feel his talented mouth against my now-sopping nether lips. A finger; no, two, slipped inside me. They were withdrawn.

"Not yet baby."

Aaron moved from the bed to retrieve the towel-covered tray I had prepared for him. I wanted to beg "no", but didn't. He returned to the bed and slid one pillow under my shoulders, and two beneath my head, propping me up. He then picked up the comb and began teasing-up my maiden curls. I was amazed at how sensitive I was down there! Each stroke; each little tug sent the most delicious shock waves coursing through me.

The cold steel of the scissors pressing against my super-sensitive skin brought me back to reality. Slowly, unimaginably slowly, the blades came together shearing away my pubes. Following each snip, Aaron placed the tiny tufts of black in a pile on my now-quivering belly. The process seemed to take forever. And what was worse, throughout the entire procedure, my dearest love spoke not a single word. It was infuriating! The silly little smile that lit his face told me exactly how much he was enjoying it all, but the deafening silence was almost to much to bear.

His light touch moved aside my outer lips. The scissors grazed my inner thigh. God, was he being thorough! Time seemed to stand still. I wanted to struggle; to break free, but the constant reminder of the cold steel in incessant contact with my most tender of areas served as a constant reminder of the need to remain as still as possible.

A warm washcloth was next. As if there wasn't enough heat down there already.

"How much longer?" I asked.

Aaron smiled, and shifted his attention to my painfully-hard nipples. His talented tongue swirled over and around my areolas, purposely avoiding my wanting little nipples. My heart began to race. Oh how I wanted him to stop the tease and give my hungry nipples the sucking they deserved. "Please, baby." I begged, "Please; please suck my nipples."


The washcloth was removed. The cool shave cream was massaged in.

"Now hold perfectly still."

With a feather-like touch, Aaron drew the razor across my mound. Each stroke: slow and deliberate. The next, prolonged as he rinsed the blade. My pussy was sopping. I could feel my juices trickling out. Finding their way down to my butt's crack. The feelings were intense. It was as though every nerve in my body was somehow linked to my mound; my pussy; my clit.

Once more, his fingers moved aside my outer lips. I drew a quick breath and held it. The razor felt enormous. Like a warm caress, it glided over my skin.

Aaron replaced the blade. Another coating of shave cream. The process began anew. I couldn't believe how long he was taking. Payback for all the other times I had backed out of a bet? The wait was pure hell. My pussy, breasts, clit were charged. My clit! Oh god, no! Yes! On purpose? By accident? His hand brushed my clit. I came! Came hard! My hips began to buck. My pussy was locked in spasm. The heel of his hand began grinding into my mound. It was too much. Aaron knew how to push me over the edge, and . . . "Oh! Ughhh! Ughhhh!" My orgasms were coming in waves. My body was soaked in sweat. "Oh god! Yes. Yes! Oh god!"

The warm washcloth was back. Soothing, wiping away the remaining shave cream and fine remaining vestiges of my once lush bush that were trapped in its foamy whiteness.

Aaron moved from the bed and got undressed. He lay next to me, his gorgeous cock just out of reach of my ready mouth. His fingers pried apart my cum-covered pussy lips. His warm breath on my exposed sex sent tingles racing trough me. His talented mouth knew exactly what to do. First, his wonderful tongue cleaned away the remaining cum that was still seeping from me. An oral massage of the finest kind. Then on to my clit. A feather couldn't have been more deft. His mouth molded to my pussy. His tongue was everywhere. Like a tiny cock, he fucked me with it. The ride was surreal. Ever secret spot had become fair game for his assault. He knew me too well. He knew all the buttons to push and in what order. It was . . "Oh god! Oh! Oh yeah! Yeah baby! Oh god!!!"

My muscles began to ache. How long had it been since Aaron cinched that last knot? I was tired. My body was soaked with sweat. My hair clung to my cheeks. My pussy ached. Not from too much attention, but for the attention only his beautiful cock could bring. I needed him inside me. I needed him badly. I needed him now.

Aaron eased himself on top of me. His rock-hard cock pressed against my newly prepubescent-looking sex. He kissed me. Like a starving animal, I devoured his tongue. I began to grind my hips upward. He gave me his full weight. My breasts molded to his chest. It was perfect! All I needed now was his thick cock filling my pussy.

He broke our kiss. A wicked smile. His cock pressed against my opening. One thrust and my pussy felt as though it would soon be split in two. One quick, deep, hard thrust. Another. Another. His coarse pubes rubbed my newly shaved area. The feeling was odd; but most erotic. Another thrust; hard and deep. My entire body moved from the force. He sealed his mouth to mine and raped me with his tongue. Another thrust; hard and deep. Another. I tried to draw my knees up to invite him deeper inside, but the ropes held me fast. His carnal rhythm picked up. Each thrust harder and deeper than the last. And quicker. His hips ground against me. I was once more near the edge and so was he. He too was now soaked in sweat.

"Come on baby! Come on baby!" he chanted through grit teeth.

"Unghh. Unghh. Unghh!"

His thrusts grew harder and deeper still. My pussy was gripping his cock tighter than I can ever remember. His probing cock felt huge.

"I'm cumming!"

His final thrust seemed to melt us together. I could feel his hot cum pounding the back of my pussy. I couldn't hold back any longer. My pussy began milking his cock as the waves of orgasm washed over me.

Aaron moved off me and untied my ankles and then my wrists. I was as weak as a new born kitten. Aaron lovingly rolled me onto my belly and treated me to the most wonderful massage ever. No magic oils; just the erotic mix of cum that filled my pussy. The next thing I knew, it was morning. The soft sound of water running in the shower. I began to wonder if it had all been a dream. Afraid to touch, I lifted the covers and looked down. No dream. My dark bush was gone. My pussy was clean shaven.

Have I been "stupid" enough to bet with Aaron since that fabulous afternoon? A time or two. Have I "won" any of them? By Vegas standards, you could say I'm batting .500. But by standards, I've got a perfect 1.000!

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