tagLoving WivesChristine Comes Home from the Beach

Christine Comes Home from the Beach


II - this follows on from Christine's adventure at the nude beach. She is trying to tick off Mike's list.

As Christine sat in the back of her new friends' car naked but for her sneakers - squeezed in the middle between two handsome young men - she rang Mike on the mobile. She told him about what had happened on the beach and how she had been entered and come in already. So thus, she had managed to tick off two items on their list simultaneously.

He was very proud of her. Christine said that she was going home with her friends and asked Mike if he wanted her to do anything special. Mike told her that he just wanted her to let herself go and make sure she was thoroughly fucked. Christine could guarantee that. She asked Mike if he was excited. She intended to let him suck her when she came home; while she told him all that had happened to her at the beach. She intended to be completely full of cum. She would need to wear pants home to make sure it did not leak out before she got home to him. The problem was that she did not have any.

Christine was speaking loudly in the car. She had a young man's hand on both of her thighs. As she spoke to Mike on the phone, her other hand was playing with her breast. She told Mike she could not wait to come, but laughing naughtily said that she would have to make the guys work for this since she did not want to seem too forward... this, as she lifted her legs apart so they were splayed over the knees of the guys on either side of her. Good thing the car was a big Holden. The phone went dead.

Christine lost herself kissing one guy and then another. She wondered why they did not put their fingers inside her. She would not have objected.

When they came to a large house, they asked her if she needed to cover up walking from the street to the house. Christine suggested that the worst that could happen was that she could get raped and that had virtually happened to her already. They saw her point.

Before getting out of the car they asked her if she were sure that she wanted to go through with this. They were intending to fuck her as much as they could... and while it was safer for her with them than back at the beach, they wanted her to realise that they thought her beautiful, daring and that she made them hard just being near her. This was exactly what Christine needed to hear. Once inside the house, having come there intentionally, they considered that she was theirs to do with as they pleased.

She responded by unzipping a fly and taking out, roughly, a fat cock. Challenging them, she told them that she thought her action answered their question. She stripped one guy completely naked and walked holding his hand from the car to the house. She spent some time waiting for the door to open, and then went back out to the car to help them carry things from the boot into the house, bending deeply to retrieve things from the boot. She hoped by-passers had seen, but she made no effort to check. Anyone who had seen her, she knew, would be fantasising about her that night - male or female.

Her hands were full with towels as she walked back into the house. The guys were in the kitchen, boiling the kettle as if they had simply invited a neighbour over for tea. Greg looked at her. All were still clothed but for Adam. She had undressed him in the car. Her choice had been mere proximity. He had been one of the guys she sat between in the back seat of the car. Now she could look at him properly. He was about 25, tanned all over of course, well built, and with a cock that curved sideways and bent up. Like the guy at the beach, and like Mike, his balls were beginning to disappear. She loved being able to do that to guys - to make their balls retract with desire.

Greg asked her how she wanted to proceed. The scenarios were endless. She thought that she would like to have some choice. She asked them if they would strip and line up. She would inspect their "equipment" now that she was not in public. She had never been entered in her arse and she thought that she would like to do this so she could tell Mike that she had ticked another taboo off the list. It was something she had planned to do from the first moment she had seen the guys at the beach; but, it needed to be special and something that most women would never do with their husbands. It was a special form of violation - a taboo crossed, yes. It was something she would tease Mike about - tell him about in detail but keep it for other men to do to her as a special taboo. She also realised that she would like to fall in love again.

From now on, sex needed an intensity that sex could never have without real attachment - so one of them would have to woo her, she decided. She realised that a time would come when she would make love with another man in front of Mike, so she wanted him to realise that when she did this her emotion was not that of a starlet in a porn shoot. She knew that if she were really in love, the heightened sensation would show on all the erogenous zones of her naked body - it would be difficult to hide real feelings. She wanted Mike to capture every detail of her passion. She knew that Mike had wanted her completely laid out and violated - opened up to the end point of both their imaginations. Mike never tired of telling her that sex was a mind thing, as was love. She wanted to make Mike jealous and stare at the need in his eyes. She wanted him to feel her penetration as if it were being done to him. The violation had to be shared as if the two of them were the one person being fucked. His need for her had to hurt and the preciousness of their love for one another could only be amplified by the threat of another attachment.

Christine thought it best if her young men she was about to fuck strip in the bedroom and then join her one at a time so that she could get much closer to them. Yes, she had seen them naked at the beach but now this situation allowed for real intimacy. In a sense, she would conduct an interview with each of them. One of them would become her regular lover. The others would be mere recreation.

She would ask each on them why in particular they wanted her.

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by cyferx07/01/17

Confused about the category

This series, which I presume is the same Mike and Christine from The Proposal, confuses me. Christine is a divorcee, not a wife, and Mike, despite his proposal, is not her husband. He is playing a gamemore...

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by Anonymous07/01/17


Another illiterate WHORE posting cuck shit.

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by Anonymous06/30/17


Written for the unwashed cuckolds who roam this site. You know who you are, always bitching about something. Isn't that right, idiots?

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by Anonymous06/30/17

re: anonymous-seriously


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by Anonymous06/30/17

These aren't going to ever reach

a single star, are they?

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