tagFetishChristine Takes Charge Ch. 03

Christine Takes Charge Ch. 03


[Reading this story will likely be more enjoyable if you have read the preceding chapters. There's some dealing with bodily functions so if that bothers you, stop here.]


Susie and Jim continued to enjoy sex in their marriage after they had decided to submit to Susie's older sister Christine's dominance. One night in bed they discussed what they had done and how Christine's new role in their lives was affecting them.

"Jim," Susie began, "I hope you get as much of a charge out of this as I do. I suppose that I do get turned on by an assertive woman close to me, like my sister, taking charge and even disciplining me. It would probably sound crazy telling anyone, which I won't anyway, but it's really the way I feel."

Then she grinned and added, "Or maybe it's the way my pussy feels because it gets so wet even when I think about this."

Jim grinned and then replied, "You know, Suze, I wasn't sure this was a great idea. I guess that there's something in me too that gets excited by this kind of thing."

He stared lovingly at his cute brunette-haired wife, with her lithe frame and petite figure, with a 34A bust but a nice small body that went well with her assets: "I love you so and perhaps this is something we share that brought us together in the first place."

Susan smiled back and clutched Jim tightly in bed as she felt warmth in her mid-section and realized that she was getting very wet down there and as she was in her nightie with no panties, she was going to get the sheets wet. She whispered to Jim that he was making her very randy and that her pussy was flowing.

Jim kissed her for a long time and reached down under her nightgown to fondle her cunt. Then he gently rolled her over and holding himself on his arms, slid his now-erect penis right into her well-lubricated passage. They enjoyed their congress for some time, as they always found that "good old-fashioned fucking" made them both happy.

The next morning they appeared for breakfast with a glow, not lessened by Susie's realizing that her not laying a towel beneath her buttocks meant she slept in the proverbial wet spot all night. Christine had been there already and made coffee, and was about to leave for school.

"You two look quite pleased with yourselves," she said with a smile.

Susie blushed and decided to be forthcoming. "I suppose I need to be honest, Chris," she began slowly, "and tell you we had some wonderful sex last night."

Christine took this in, knowing that her sister was overcoming many barriers in being so forthright.

"I do appreciate your telling me that, Susie," she replied, "and I did want to speak to Jim and you on that subject." Susie started wondering if she had acted wisely in telling all.

"We are about to venture into more kinky territory in terms of my control," Christine stated, "so if you two want to continue, this is your chance to change the status...or even end it."

Susan looked at Jim and he answered deliberately, "No, Miss Christine. We both have recognized that we both need and enjoy what you have given us."

Chris grinned and thanked both of them for their confidence in her. She also told them that they only need to call her Miss Christine when they were being disciplined or otherwise under direct control.

"That having been said," she went on, "I do intend that from now on, sexual intercourse will be a privilege and you will request and receive my permission before engaging. Is that understood?"

Susie and Jim were slightly surprised but answered yes. Chris continued, "So when you find yourselves in the mood, you will first come to me and ask for permission. Understood? Good. We are going to begin your anal training today."

With that, she opened her handbag and removed two rather slim anal buttplugs. Both Susie and Jim were somewhat taken aback but then Chris motioned to them to lower their slacks and underwear and bend over.

In that embarrassing position, with panties and undershorts down and their anuses exposed as well as Susie's pudenda peeking through her open legs and Jim's scrotum visible, Chris took the plugs, rubbed a bit of lube on the business end and slowly inserted them in each anal opening.

"You will feel good, I hope," Chris said, "because these are relatively small. But now you may pull up panties and shorts. If you need to take them out for natural needs, do so but I trust you to put them back in."


Susan was working this week at a local merchandising office, developing an ad campaign with them. There were many meetings each day so when she arrived she first went to the ladies room to empty her bladder in preparation for a long busy work day.

She went into a stall and rucked up her skirt and pulled down her panties. She was surprised at how badly she needed to pee, even though it was cold outside and she had had a lot of coffee for breakfast. Maybe it was the plug pressing on her bladder, too, she thought.

But then she felt another seeming result of the coffee—and maybe the plug, too—when it came through to her that she needed to have a bowel movement...and it was becoming very insistent. Susie was very, very glad she was already on the toilet. She reached behind her and feeling quite embarrassed even though no one could see her, she managed to get hold of the plug, although it had pushed into her rectum, and gradually extract it.

She had barely moved her hand out of the way when she felt a huge, long doody (Susie couldn't get away from that word, which her mother had used when she was a little girl) surge out of her usually tight hole. It was obvious that Chris's plug had made her asshole looser and she began to worry that she might lose control: she might shit her panties in a meeting.

The thought sobered her and also got her pussy wetter as the embarrassing possibility began to take over her consciousness. Somehow she pulled herself together and wiped, rather unwillingly re-inserted the buttplug, pulled up her panties, washed her hands, and got back to work.

She had a major conference just before lunch. And worst of all, she started feeling that sinking feeling that she needed, yes, to shit again, to make a doody. The meeting was reaching its key point: when the management group would act on her proposal for the campaign. She gritted her teeth and tried to retain her composure.

But it was getting much more pressing inside her. She couldn't lose control, it would be awful, she wouldn't let herself think about the plug and the poop coming out into her panties and the smell... But she had to do something or it would be too late.

Susie smiled at the managers and said she was sorry but she needed to excuse herself for a moment. Then she thought of a nice way to handle it.

"I know I can rely on you guys to give this some thought among yourselves for a few minutes," she smiled her most ladylike grin as she quickly but coolly got to her feet and walked calmly to the door.

She kept her composure all the way to the ladies and then ran into the stall and pulled up her skirt and lowered her panties as she sat on the toilet and reached back to pull out the plug. But as she was reaching back and moving into a squat position on the toilet, the spreading of her cheeks released the slim plug and it popped out...right into the bowl! Susie wanted to scream but instead she reached way down into the water—ugh, but at least there was no poo in it—and grasped the slippery plug and pulled it out, laying it on the tile floor.

Then she took a deep breath as her lengthy, thick movement slid out of her cute little anus into the bowl. Now her bladder relaxed and a long lovely pee followed. She relaxed for a moment, but reached for the toilet paper, wiped front to back as mommy had taught her, and put herself back together.

When she walked back into the meeting room, the younger man who actually called the shots smiled at her and said, "It's probably good for your ego that you gave us that chance to confer—all I will say, Susan, is that we...love your proposal."

Susie broke into a wide, sweet smile but retained her professional demeanor and thanked them all. They spent a few minutes setting up a work schedule and then everyone stood up, shook hands, and dispersed.


Jim had gone out that morning, too, as he was scheduled for several days' work as a machinist on a construction site. He was engaged in working out the structuring of the building systems with the contractor's guys when he felt a sudden urgent pressing in his rectum. Knowing that he could possibly lose control, which would destroy his livelihood in view of the macho world in which he worked, he excused himself and headed for the port-a-john nearby on the site.

Once inside, and the door locked, he yanked his trousers and shorts down, reached behind to extract the thin plug, and sat right on the seat and felt himself produce a massive bowel movement. He chuckled as he saw his nice large cock was fully erect, and knew that this whole experience had both terrified him and turned him on.

After taking three deep breaths, he wiped himself off, unhappily put the plug back in his anus, and pulled up his undershorts and pants. He thought that this was going to be a long day.


Christine had a good day teaching. All her classes were progressing well, and she found herself making friends on the faculty, too. She found the teacher in the next classroom, Dorothy Miles, to be a friendly lady of similar age and background. Dorothy was a sandy-haired blonde who taught junior and senior English, and was also unmarried. She had suggested that Chris join her for coffee after school that day.

Chris took advantage of her striking looks to hold the students' attention. She was a natural flaming redhead and she wore the colors that went with that—sharp greens and blues. She made sure her skirts were short enough to keep the boys focused but not so brief as to expose her very traditional full-cut white panties. She had worn these because they turned her late husband on, and somehow wasn't ready yet to shed them, or his memory.

She welcomed Dorothy to her BMW 500 series convertible as they took off once clear of after-school duties. Dorothy had been at the school for several years but still felt a bit adrift in the town, where Chris had quickly settled back in and could draw on her relationships forged during her years growing up there.

So when Dorothy mentioned a man she had been seeing, Chris smiled and mentioned that yes, he had been a year ahead of her when she was in school and was regarded as a good catch for someone back then.

"Really?" Dorothy exclaimed, somewhat surprised at the special knowledge Chris possessed just because this town had been her first home.

"Oh, yes," Chris laughed, "but I will be nice and not go into the details of every girl who went with him—especially since some are still in town.

"I think Ken and I are beyond fretting about all that," Dorothy rejoined, not entirely lightly, "and between you and me, I think he's going to pop the question soon."

"That's wonderful, Dorothy," Chris said generously and with feeling, "I'm sorry if I was being a jerk, because he really is a nice, decent man."

"What have you been doing on that front?" Dorothy then asked her, "since you do know so many folks here even if you were away for those years."

"I'm not rushing into a relationship," Chris responded slowly and deliberately. "My marriage was a wonderful one, and I'm not about to jump into anything. I'm also a person who finds I need to be in control of things."

Dorothy looked up, a moment of thought clearly having crossed her face as well as her mind.

"Does that need extend to...your intimate life?" she asked with a concerned smile.

"Well...the answer to that is yes," Chris stated very directly. "I was the one who made the decisions in my marriage—in all respects."

"I've thought about how I might behave in that kind of situation," Dorothy mused, as they sat down in the small café for some coffee and...

"You strike me, Dorothy, as almost too nice a person to be the one who asserts herself in a relationship," Christine opined.

"I suppose you do understand me, even if we've just met," Dorothy answered. Then, after a very pregnant pause, she said, almost in a whisper, "Christine, I've always thought about what it might be like being involved with a more assertive woman."

"I assume, Dorothy dear," Chris said, trying to restrain her enthusiasm kindled by Dorothy's rather amazing statement, "that you understand the implications of what you just said to someone who has my...interests."

Dorothy's face brightened. "I did hope you might feel that way," she said, again quietly.

Chris went on to tell Dorothy, after both agreed that this discussion would never be disclosed to anyone at all, about her relationship with Harold—how she had learned about domination from him and how it gradually expanded the horizons of their marriage. Finally, she explained the domestic situation in which she now was in charge of her sister and brother-in-law.

"Wow," Dorothy said, but in a quiet tone, "you really are the person I hoped to find some day."

"So you think you might enjoy a chance to explore your submissive side with a compatible domme?" Christine asked.

"Yes, Miss Christine," Dorothy answered with a broad smile, "but since I'm a tital newbie, please be gentle and go slowly with me."

Chris explained that she abjured such obvious trappings of domme outfitting as leather and metal, but liked slightly severe clothing when in a dominant situation.

"I might also suggest some things for you to wear, and if I'm training you, that might include wearing shorter skirts to school,"she said with a grin.

Dorothy quickly looked down at her midiskirt and blanched.

"Oh," she said blankly, "I've been so afraid of giving the boys a chance to see something when they try to look up my skirt."

"You'll have to be more careful, then," Chris informed her, "because I like my little girls to look somewhat like schoolgirls. You will be wearing shorter skirts, my dear."

Dorothy took this in, still fascinated, but then started to excuse herself to go to the restroom.

"No," Christine said sharply, "you will have to wait until we get back to your place."

Dorothy grimaced at this first expression by Christine of direct dominance of the blonde English teacher but asked plaintively if they might then go back to her place "before it's too late."

Chris enjoyed her expression of discomfiture and took her by the hand out the door, after paying for their snack, and escorted her into the BMW for the ride to Dorothy's apartment.


Attending to Dorothy made Chris arrive home somewhat later than she, or for that matter, Susie or Jim, expected. She walked into the house and found them both waiting for her. Susie had prepared dinner, for which Chris was most appreciative, as their relationship did include sharing that responsibility.

While they were getting started with dinner, her sister and brother-in-law could not hold back telling her the shame that they had felt that day when their immediate bodily needs brought on by the buttplugs had caused them to behave differently.

Christine smiled broadly and told them that they were learning what being under her control meant. Then she confided in them that she had become friendly enough with the pleasant woman teaching in the next classroom to learn that she was interested in being dommed by Chris.

"You're going to have a whole crew before long," Susie giggled and Chris found herself amused by the speed with which her incipient career as a dominant had taken off.

Chris excited their minds by relating what had occurred with Dorothy and even told them how she had initiated the English teacher when she and Dorothy arrived at the latter's apartment.

"I had her lift her skirt and lower her panties for inspection," Chris began, as Susie felt her vaginal fluids already flowing plenteously.

"Then she was ordered to remove her blouse and bra," Chris went on.

Jim, too, was surprised at his own response to the account. He felt his cock rise to attention in his pants and he was mesmerized by his sister-in-law's story.

"I told her that I expected clean panties, without some of the stains I observed in her's," Christine declared as she glanced at the curious faces at the dinner table.

"I might want to have her over her to play with us sometime," she said then, hoping that the two would like the idea.

Susie, however, although she was excited by the prospect of seeing another woman dominated by her assertive sister, was still focused on the story.

"So what were the stains, if I may be so bold to ask, Miss Christine?" she blurted out.

Chris looked at her with a severe gaze that momentarily frightened Susan, but then eased up and described the appearance of Dorothy's most intimate garment.

"She clearly does not bother that much—and of course, I intend to change that—about her intimate hygiene," Chris said rather bluntly, "so yes, there were actual skidmarks and little spots from unwiped pee."

Then she smiled at them both and added, in a very conspiratorial tone, "Susie, I also could tell that she doesn't change her tampon as often as she should."

At that, Susie giggled and Jim turned totally red in the face.

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