tagFetishChristine Takes Charge Ch. 05

Christine Takes Charge Ch. 05


[Readers of previous chapters will enjoy this story the most because the action is continuous. Those offended by bodily functions, especially relating to menstruation, should read no further. Also, while the chapter focuses mostly on fetishistic behaviors as well as humiliation, there is some caning, and readers need to be prepared for and accepting of that aspect of the story.]

Despite realizing at some level that she would likely have to report to Christine's home for her next intimate inspection, Dorothy was surprised when she received a telephone call from her domme early the next day directing her to report before going to her job teaching in the next classroom from Christine.

The fortyish teacher had sought to brighten her appearance—characterized, alas, by her seeming reliance on deafeningly plain attire—by donning a more festive orange top and a sweet-looking tweed skirt, which was shorter than her usual midis. Dorothy also put on new tights that were a light shade that accentuated the nice shape of her legs. She was planning on getting a better haircut soon, too, to accentuate some natural highlights.

When she appeared at the door, having rung the bell, Susie opened the door and Dorothy was fearful for a moment, until Christine's younger sister and sub welcomed her and asked if she would like some coffee.

"I'd better wait until Miss Christine says I'm acceptable," Dorothy said in a hushed tone that Susie resisted smiling at hearing.

Susie escorted the guest into the breakfast area where her husband Jim and Christine were having a pleasant breakfast.

"Good morning, Dorothy," Christine said warmly. "So nice to see you on time and looking so...well put together."

Dorothy smiled in return and hoped this meant she would be on better footing with her demanding new domme today.

"Now Dorothy, you probably are aware that Susie and Jim here also have asked me to be in charge of them, so you shouldn't be at all shy at our discussing personal matters with them present," Christine stated in a rather bland voice.

"I think we will proceed to your inspection," Chris added, almost as an after-thought. "So please lift that skirt for me and pull your panties down," she ordered, adding, "You should be familiar with this by now."

The submissive teacher still got red in the face but complied with the directions, as all three stared at her pudenda now on view, featuring a very hairy mons veneris that all but obscured Dorothy's thin labia. Dorothy also possessed a somewhat inflated stomach that attested to her entering her 40s.

Christine stood and walked in front of her to examine her panty crotch.

"Oh, good, dear, your panties are still clean," she exulted, "as well they should be this early in the day or at any time, for that matter."

She then placed a small cloth in the crotch of the lowered undies to protect the panties and proceeded to surprise Dorothy once more by reaching for the tampon string dangling from Dorothy's vagina and tugging on it until a somewhat brownish-red tampon emerged.

"Ah, yes, Dorothy, I see that you made sure to keep using Supers. Very good," Christine intoned, as Susie tried to keep a straight face and Jim looked away, although he remained fascinated by this rather blatant display of a woman's most private area and bodily function.

Chris then reached right through Dorothy's legs, spread as they were to keep her panties from falling below her knees, and softly inserted her finger in Dorothy's hidden anal rosebud. Dorothy managed not to cry out, more from the shock than the hurt.

But when Christine withdrew her index finger and brought it to her eyes, she saw another tell-tale brown smudge.

"Dorothy, dear, you do need to clean yourself inside and out, as I told you," she said. "I expect you to give yourself an enema each day for the next week or so until you get used to being clean in there."

Dorothy was distraught at being so humiliated in front of the others but she gritted her teeth and responded that she would do what Christine had directed.

Chris now took a new Super Tampax and again, as she had the day before, skillfully slid it into Dorothy's vagina at just the right place.

Then she told Dorothy that as a minor punishment, she would be "double-Tammed" for the day, meaning that a similar tampon would be inserted into Dorothy's anal opening and the two strings—vaginal and rectal—would be tied together, to be removed when necessary and then new ones re-inserted for the rest of the day.

Dorothy cringed at the punishment and even more at being so further humiliated in front of Susie and Jim. She held her breath when Chris went behind her and told her to bend over and hold her cheeks apart for the anal insertion. Chris capably inserted another Super Tampax and neatly tied the two strings together between Dorothy's spread legs.

Having tied the two white tampon strings beneath Dorothy's crotch, Christine looked her in the eye and added one more condition she knew would likely reduce Dorothy to the level Chris had envisioned: "Dorothy, my dear, I do have one more little rule for girls who are double-tammed, as you will be today. You will go without panties for the day until you come home."

Dorothy cringed but managed to avoid either crying or complaining, much less protesting the humiliating order. She carefully lowered her panties from her knees, where they had been, to her shoes and took them off, placing the white hicuts in her handbag. Finally, she managed to blurt out, "Yes, Miss Christine, I understand your order."

Susie took note not only of Chris's seemingly intense inspection of this submissive teacher, but of that embarrassing order to spend the day without the protection of panties. She worried all the more about what humiliation she was likely to experience in a few days when her menstrual period arrived.

Christine decided that Dorothy deserved to see someone else be a tad embarrassed so she then remarked that it was time for her to complete the "necessary insertions" for Susie and Jim for the day. Both were surprised, as shown by the blank looks on their faces.

"Don't just stand there, you two," Christine declared, becoming slightly annoyed at this early sign of resistance, "I want to see Susie's panties down, and Jim's undershorts, and bend over and spread those cheeks for me, NOW!"

Susie rapidly pulled down her little pink undies and Jim less speedily lowered his boxers. Then both bent forward, leaning on their chairs, and held their bottom cheeks open in the humiliating fashion the dominatrix had required.

Christine then reached into her handbag and extracted two slightly larger buttplugs than the pair had worn the previous day. She applied some lube and softly inserted each into the two anal cavities.

"By the end of the week you two will have completed your initial anal preparation," Chris stated. "Dorothy, don't get too pleased with yourself because this will be on your program soon, too."

Everyone now realized it was time to get ready for work.


It was time for evening inspection and the weekly review—Christine had also directed Dorothy to appear at the house to join Susie and Jim. The three had been instructed that Christine wished them to be waiting for her arrival, with skirts up and panties at the knees for the women, and for Jim to have his trousers down and undershorts at the knees. Then all were to bend over and keep their legs well apart so that Chris would see three bare bottoms greeting her as she arrived.

To her, this posture was a pleasant reminder of the "bare-bottom report" some of her teachers had used when she had been at a rather severe academy for one of her school years. A pupil placed on that report for receiving a failing grade in Conduct had to present her bare bottom at the end of each class to the teacher, who would decide what grade to enter for the pupil's behavior during the class and might also choose to chastise the bare bottom if the grade was a failing one.

Chris arrived, only a few moments after Susie and Jim. Fellow teacher Dorothy, who had been given a key, made sure she was at the house well in advance of her dominatrix. As Jim was lowering trousers and shorts, he suddenly had a sinking feeling.

He had needed to move his bowels that afternoon and taking a minute from the construction job he was on, he had removed the buttplug, washed it, but after doing his business in the portapotty, had neglected to re-insert the plug, which he did find most annoying. Now he would have his bottom staring at Christine with the plug missing.

Chris appeared and took in the three bare bottoms, all showing faint tramlines from the canings she had administered in the previous days.

"No buttplug, Jim," she immediately observed. "Explanation?"

Shamefacedly, Jim said in a low voice that he had forgotten to replace it after using the toilet.

"That earns you three naughty marks, Jim," Christine immediately snapped.

She then stepped behind her younger sister and reached down to run her finger from Susie's cute anal rosebud right through her legs to her aroused clit. Susie was nervous, but also excited. When Chris felt some wetness emanating from Susie's vagina, she commented, "This seems to excite you, sweetie. You do have to learn to remain controlled during inspection. I'll give you only one naughty mark for that."

Finally, Dorothy's more substantial bottom beckoned Christine's attention. She saw that Dorothy still was "double-tammed"—with the two strings from the tampons in her vagina and anus neatly tied beneath her furrow.

"I assume your day was all right, Dorothy," Chris continued, in a light tone, "because I did hear some laughter coming from your classroom next door after lunch."

Dorothy managed to suppress a groan, but did respond in a small voice, "Oh, Miss Christine, I had hoped you wouldn't hear that episode. Yes, the pupils laughed—and it was at me."

It did seem to everyone that Dorothy was about to lose it.

"You see, Miss Christine," Dorothy somehow managed to say, "I dropped my book and bent over to pick it up and the students in the front row got a glimpse of my...privates, since you had made me go without...my panties. They started giggling and whispering to each other. I heard one girl say quite loudly to her friend, 'Can you believe that Miss Drake came to school without panties? And did you see—she had two tampon stringstied under her slit—she must have a plug in her ass?' It was quite shaming for me, Miss Christine."

Chris was somewhat sympathetic to the embarrassment Dorothy had suffered that day. And she did really hope that Dorothy's position as a teacher had not been put in jeopardy.

"Dorothy, you've held up well under very severe discipline, and I'm sorry if this causes you any continuing problems," Christine declared. "I'm taking that into consideration and giving you two merit marks so you will have those there should you earn any naughty marks in future."

"Now all three of you, please hand my your Conduct books for review," Christine ordered in her now-standard dominant voice. Jim, Susie, and Dorothy found the little notebooks in their clothes and handed them over.

Chris examined each and saw that all naughty marks and comments had been duly entered. She proceeded to enter the marks she had just awarded to each in their respective books.

"Now, Jim," she said, "you have a total of five naughty marks this week. I expect you to behave better next time but you have earned a caning. Bend over the end of the couch."

Jim look a bit abashed but did as he was told. Chris stood behind him, retrieved her thin can be from her handbag, and lay it across his lean but muscular bottom. Then she drew it back and flicked it twice on the center of his bottom. He cried out but held position, and Chris paused to let the two strokes sink in. Then she drew the thin cane back again, flicked it to hit the crease where his bottom met his thighs, knowing this was probably the most painful place to cane anyone.

He could not repress a scream this time and Chris smiled, knowing he could not see her face. She felt empowered that she was getting through to her brother-in-law, who although a nice man, did need to be taken down a peg or two. She drew the little cane back once more and delivered two quick strokes that criss-crossed the original two, causing Jim to scream once again from the pain resulting from the strokes crossing the tramlines caused by the first two strokes.

She then told Jim he could recover his shorts and trousers, and that he could rub his bottom if he thought that would help.

Susie was now distraught at the pain her husband had endured and she was worried about what she might get as punishment for her one naughty mark. Christine decided that a modest does of humiliation was in order for her sister, so she told her to take off her panties altogether. Then she told her to get down on her knees in front of Dorothy, remove both of Dorothy's tampons with her teeth, and bring Dorothy to orgasm orally.

The younger woman winced at the humiliating order but slowly pulled her panties down and off. Then she moved to stand in front of Dorothy and knelt between Dorothy's spread legs. She got the tied tampon strings under Dorothy's crotch in her teeth and pulled until both popped out. The one that had been in Dorothy's vagina was quite soaked and dropped on Susie's face, leaving splashes of Dorothy's menstrual blood on her cheeks. The tampon that plopped out of Dorothy's anal opening had some major smudges of shit on the business end, which also was soft enough to smear on Susie's warm face cheeks. Susie kept on licking Dorothy's furrow, from her small but hard little clit right down her labia and through to her somewhat gamy anal area.

Chris then told all three to follow her to the bedroom, in whatever state of dress they remained. Once there she told Susie and Jim that they had her permission to engage in sexual intercourse, but that they needed to get it on right then in front of both Christine and Dorothy.

Susie looked somewhat perturbed about Dorothy's witnessing this intimate act between Susie and her husband but decided it was far better than being spanked or caned by her older sister. She unhooked her bra and unzipped her skirt and lay back on the bed.

Susie had a nice, lean frame and was slightly built in a cute way. She displayed a neatly-trimmed, auburn-haired bush. Jim needed no help from her in attaining a major erection, but he bent between his wife's open legs to lubricate her vulva with his tongue. He licked her intently and teased her rising clit with the end of his tongue until she heard herself pleading with him to "put it in, darling, please put it in now!"

Christine told Jim he had to insert only the head of his cock in Susie's sopping vagina. Both looked crestfallen, especially when Chris reached down and grasped Jim's penis in her hand and gripped it below the glans to make sure only the head pressed into Susie's darling cunt.

Dorothy dared to risk punishment by whispering to Chris that maybe it would be nicer of her to let her sister and brother-in-law fuck without the limited entry restriction.

Christine looked askance at Dorothy's intrusion, told her she had earned a naughty mark, but removed her hand from her brother-in-law's stiff cock and told him he could go ahead and give his wife an honest-to-goodness fucking.

Jim was gleeful at the boon she had granted and smiled over at Dorothy who grinned back when she was sure Christine was not looking at her. The sturdily-built contract construction worker proceeded to piston his nicely-sized eight-incher in and out of Susie's delightful vaginal opening until she showed all the signs of impending orgasm.

With a last plunge into her love channel, Jim felt his cock eject a large load of spunk that soared up Susie's vagina as she began to tremble as she achieved her own massive orgasm just as Jim propelled his cum into her.

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