tagMatureChristine the Sexy Beast

Christine the Sexy Beast


Christine is the executive assistant where I work. Sixty, divorced and a grandmother. Not exactly a sexy beast on the surface, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Christine and I have a lot in common even though she is 15 years my senior. We've had many conversations over just about everything. She has always been easy to talk to and we make each other laugh.

Christine started a weight loss program about eight months ago, and the pounds began to melt off her body. I always enjoyed her company, and would have jumped at the chance to spend the night with her before the weight loss. Even though she was no longer plump, my desire was still there. One of the office ladies who was away on maturity leave had not seen the new Christine and was amazed at the weight she had lost. She was so impressed that she called Christine a sexy beast. This became my new nickname for her and I would tease her about it whenever I would go by her desk.

One afternoon, Christine was heading out on her daily walk after lunch and invited me to come with her. I accepted and off we went. We were walking at an easy pace, just making idle talk, when a long pause occurred in our conversation.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"What's on you mind, sexy beast!" I said.

"No kidding around. I need an honest answer."

"Okay. What's on your mind?"

"Do you?"

"Do I what?"

"Do you think I'm sexy? You're always teasing me with that sexy beast name. Do you like the way I look?"

"What do you think?"

"I don't know. My ex-husband never called me sexy. No one has before and with all the weight I've lost, I don't know if you're serious or if you're just kidding an old woman."

"First of all, I don't think of you as "old". Second, you ex was an idiot for walking out on you. I'm sure you turned some heads when you were younger. And last but not least, I always thought of you as a sexy, mature, woman, even before you lost the weight. If the opportunity presented it self for me to spend a night with you, I would make it a night to remember."

The look on her face said everything. I overstepped my bounds with that last remark, but it didn't mean it wasn't true. She was a sexy woman and I would jump at the chance to make love to her 'til we couldn't move.

Christine quickly turned her head and simply said we should head back to the office. We walked in silence for a few moments, when Christine asked me about the lounge for the park entertainers, the "green room".

"So what's in the green room?"

"Oh, it's just a dressing room some of the performers used to change clothes or relax between shows. There's nothing really special about it."

"Can I see it? Maintenance has requested a new sofa for the room and we just bought a sofa eight months ago."

"Sure. We can stop by on our way back to the office."

We made our way back to the office, then down to the green room which was inside the park. I used my key to open the door and we walked in.

"Looks like the power's off, but there's enough light coming in from the top windows to see." I moved towards the sofa to get a closer look. "Hey, this sofa's a futon. It's folded down and looks in good shape. You don't need to buy another one."

Suddenly, two arms snaked their way around my waist and I felt Christine's body press into my back.

"Opportunity's knocking. I hope you'll answer the door."

I turned and looked into her eyes.

"Are you sure? I thought I scared you off earlier."

"I asked for an honest answer. I just wasn't expecting the answer you gave me."

With that, Christine took my head in her hands and gently kissed me. I returned her kiss and pulled her close to me. Christine responded by flicking her tongue against my lips and then plunging it deep in my mouth. Our tongues danced back and forth in our mouths as we continued to kiss.

We moved as one to the futon and Christine pushed me down to sit. She began to do a strip tease dance in front of me. She hummed a little tune while shaking her hips back and forth. Her blouse dropped quickly to the floor, revealing a lacey white bra that pushed up her soft-looking tits.

"You like what you see?"

"Why don't you come closer and I'll show you."

Christine continued her dance, slowly removing her pants, gyrating her hips in front of me. Once she had her pants off, I reached out and pulled her close to me, nibbling on her exposed navel, planting kisses on her tummy.

"So you do like what you see!"

I let my mouth and fingers do the talking as I stood up. My lips continued to planted soft kisses on her belly, moving up to her tits. My hands grab both of her cheeks, squeezing her ass as I pulled her into me.

Turning, Christine faced away from me, but grinded her ass into my crotch. That caused a quick rise to my dick that she had to noticed. I moved my hands to her breasts and began to knead and squeeze them through her bra. Christine moaned as I continued to squeeze her breasts. Her nipples became hard as I gave them more attention. Moving my hands to her back, I unhooked her bra, and let her breasts fall free.

I continued to squeeze her breasts while I kissed the back of her neck. Christine continued to rub her ass into my crotch, and moved her hands to my pants. She turned around, and unbuttoned my shirt. Once my shirt was off, she quickly unbuckled my pants and had them down around my ankles. I stepped out of them and pulled Christine to me.

We began kissing as we sat down on the futon. Both of us were down to our underwear, me to my boxers and her in panties. Our hands roamed all over each other's body as our lust increased. My hands landed on the outside of her panties, rubbing and squeezing her mature pussy. Christine moaned her approval as she rubbed my hard member.

"Oh yeah. Please touch me there again."

Moving in front of her, I hooked my fingers on either side of her panties and pulled them down to her ankles. Christine faked a surprised look and covered her bush and her tits with her hands. I parted her legs at the knees and slowly licked and kissed my way up to her love hole.

Christine moaned with pleasure, but began to tense up as I got closer to her pussy.

"You're not going to kiss me down there are you?!"

"That's my plan! Don't tell me you've never been kissed there before."

"My ex barely touched me and I was raised that good girls never do that."

"Christine, lots of good girls and women do this, give and receive. I'm sure you'll like it."

"Okay. I'm willing to give it a try if you take it slow. This is new to me."

"Lay back you sexy beast. I'm going to show you what you've been missing."

Again, I started kissing her inner thigh, working my way up her leg. I stopped about mid-way and nibbled on her thigh. Christine began to relax a bit and I took a moment to take in the beauty of her mature pussy. Her bush was neatly trimmed with grey and blond hairs. Her outer lips were big, puffy, and just begging for me lick them.

I returned to nibbling and kissing my way up her thigh. Christine relaxed even more as a soft moan escaped her lips. I reached my goal, and began to lick her outer lips. This brought another moan from Christine, and she opened her legs wider to give me more access to her pussy.

I could smell Christine's sex as I licked and kissed her outer lips. Her inner lips began to open up and I could see the hood covering her clit at the top. Christine's moans increased as her hands moved to the back of my head.

"Oh yes! Lick me, suck me, suck this sexy beast!"

I increased my oral attack on her outer lips and began to probe her vagina with my fingers. Her pussy was wet and the juices started to trickle down my fingers.

Christine pushed my head into her pussy as I continued to lick and suck her inner and outer lips. I could feel her excitement building as I circled my tongue around her swollen clit. I swirled my tongue faster and faster around her clit, up and down her lips until she was almost over the edge.

"Oh, my... lick me! Lick my clit! I'm so close, I'm gonna, I'm gonna explode!"

Just as she couldn't take any more, I lightly bit down on her clit as I pumped two fingers in and out of her slit. Over the edge the sexy beast fell. Christine's body tensed up as her orgasm hit. Her legs clamped around my head and her hips bucked in pleasure. Her juices flowed all over my face and I lapped up every bit I could get. I wasn't sure she was going to release my head from her grip, but she relaxed her legs enough for me to breathe.

"That was great! I never knew it would feel so good!"

I moved up her body, licking and lightly kissing her along the way. I kissed her full on the lips so she could taste her sex on my lips. Christine pulled me close as soon as she got a taste.

"Lover, that was incredible, but I want more." Christine said as she began to stroke my dick thru my boxers. "I want you inside me. I want to feel you deep inside me!"

My boxers were off in no time, and I guided my rock hard manhood to her hot honey-hole. Christine's pussy seemed to fit my dick like a velvet glove. It was amazing how tight she felt as I slowly inched my dick into her wet, hot sex. A sigh escaped Christine's lips as I sunk myself in to the hilt. We laid there for a moment as our bodies adjusted, and I slowly pulled out and slowly entered her again.

We moved at this pace as we kissed and caressed each other. I picked up the pace and Christine matched me stroke for stroke. Our breathing became ragged as Christine increased the pace.

"Yes! Oh my, yes! Deeper baby, deeper!..... This sexy beast wants more! Give it to the beast! Give it to me!"

Christine wrapped her legs around my waist as her second orgasm washed over her. Her vagina tightening around my dick sent me over the edge as well. I came deep inside Christine as our love juices mixed and spilled out of her love hole.

As we rested in the afterglow of our love making, I softly caressed her cheek with my fingers. Christine hugged me as we laid on the futon.

"As much as I wish this could go on, we need to get back to work before we're missed." Christine said.

I reluctantly pulled out of her as I kissed her cheek.

"I think we should get together after work, and continue where we left off. This sexy beast wants to catch up on what she's been missing."

"You must be reading my mind. I was going to suggest we continue this later tonight. I said.

"I'll fix us a nice diner, and you can show me more about the giving and receiving. I want to return the favor."

We quickly dressed, and went back to work. Later that evening, Christine did fix a nice diner and I did show her about giving and receiving. Since it was Friday night, I stayed the weekend and by Sunday we had screwed so much in every room of her home, we couldn't move. This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship and the birth of Christine the sexy beast.

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