tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChristmas Abduction

Christmas Abduction


**I wrote this story from my point of view and had planed on sending it to my friend for grammar and punctuation but I decided not to. I wanted it to be read the way I would have told it to you out loud. P.S. This is a fantasy please do not come abduct me or anyone else. **

* * * * *

"Damn it." I said as cut my finger yet again on another stupid cardboard box.

~I don't see why I have to stock the damn shelves there are dozens of strong men around here that could lift 10 of these damn things at a time. ~ I thought to myself sticking my finger in my mouth and pressing the cut to my tongue out of habit when suddenly I felt a slight touch on my shoulder.

"Excuse me." I head a male voice say.

Turning around still kneeling down from opening another crate my eyes were just at the level of his crotch. I Am quite sure that my face was bright red by the time I stammers to my feet blushing up at the nearly 6' tall man with dark hair. His eyes blue green almost teal, stared into mine nearly through me I felt myself tremble under his gaze and my eyes quickly moved away from his as he continued his question.

"Could you tell me where I can find travel size shampoo, conditioner that kind of thing?" His voice was deep he sounded just like he looked tall mysterious dominant sexy. It was all I could do to not lean right in and smell his cologne. The mixture of his Cologne and his black leather coat was overwhelming I could feel that twitch of my pussy that signaled it wanted attention pushing the idea down in my mind I muttered out.

"Yes sir um it's up 10 aisles then left and walk down 4 more. But we have that kind of thing on sale in big bottles for nearly the same prices that is 2 more aisles down."

"Oh no I have all that stuff at home I just forgot to pack it." He smiled down at me.

"Oh on a trip?" I asked, "If your staying at a hotel you can um call the desk and they have all that stuff there you know for um free." I blush then kneel back down and started opening my crate.

"Oh. That slipped my mind." He grinned "Well thank you Miss."

I shot him one of my ~Damn baby your so sexy I'd love to wrap these lips around that cock right here right now~ smiles then went back to my work. The damn shelves took me 2 hours to complete by the time I was finished it was 32 minutes past closing time. GOD I hate Christmas shoppers. Half of them are in such a rush they bitch at me for the long lines the others are so excited about Christmas they gush on and on causing my line to back up. A never-ending cycle. I love my job the people I work for but I would be very happy not to sell one more Christmas bow or light.

Between all the holiday stuff that I have had to do lately and the extra hours at work I rarely have had a chance to get on and read my naughty stories. Down to only 1 good webcam peepshow a week. I used to love Christmas but this year just didn't seem to have anything surprising in store. Our family wasn't planing on a lot of presents and most of the holiday things I usually do seemed to lack something. Maybe it was the fact that it was nearly Christmas and I still could come to work without a coat on. ~Last year we had a foot of snow by this time.~ I thought to myself.

~I had always enjoyed Christmas as a child. I just couldn't get into it this year. There was nothing really run planed. Nothing had me counting the days on a calendar or anything of that nature. I miss that feeling you get inside on Christmas morning. Perhaps I should have just gone someplace with that man. That would have been a lovely Christmas gift to myself.~

My fingers pushed the punch clock absentmindedly and I walked down the stairs toward the exit. My five feet of self-trotting down the steps causing my 36DDD breasts and dark brown red hair to bounce up and down. I realized my manager was standing at the bottom of the steps watching me his eyes trailing down from my breasts to my 32-inch waist and nicely rounded 36-inch hips. My nipples instantly hardened and I felt a blush across my face.

"Goodnight April." He blurted out realizing I was watching him watching me. "Night Collen." I grinned at him and pinched his arm playfully. "Be sure not to walk out alone." He said just as he always did every night I closed. "Yeah yeah I got my car key if anyone tries to take me on they deserve what they get." I giggled. And walked away with an eye roll.

Walking out the main door I saw him standing there the stranger from the store. For a second my heart fluttered with that feeling like you get when you're in high school and a boy touches your hand for the first time. Then something new filled my mind glancing around the parking lot I noted the lack of people and cars left in it. I stared straight at the ground and headed for my car hoping beyond hope he'd get the picture that I didn't want to talk to him right then. No he didn't get the idea I still felt him behind me following me my keys securely in my hand ready to strike him with the sharp part of my car key. Just as my finger slide up the key ring to the panic button I felt it! I was slammed against the car all the breath knocked out of me.

After moments I was thrown into the back seat of my own car he pulled away from the parking lot. I knew I couldn't do anything to stop him now if I tried the car would crash and it would kill us both. I thought to myself. ~What the hell is he going to do to me where is he taking me how far will I ever see my family again, if I am late to Christmas eve morning at work they will fire my ass. OH god Please just let this be a horrible joke. ~

After what felt like a lifetime but in reality was only a few moments I felt myself being pulled out of the car and taken by the wrist. Standing outside the motel I gulped. He walked me in whispering in my ear.

"If you say one word to the clerk I'll invite him to have you as well." He spoke softly but with a firm determination.

After taking a look at the extremely overweight sweaty dirty man behind the counter I decided to take my chances maybe I could talk him out of what he planed on. I was thrown into the motel room the thoughts cut short.

"Keep yourself calm and quiet and I won't hurt you." He said walking me into the motel gripping my wrist tighter I winced under the pain and kept my mouth shut. You opened your motel door and pushed me in latching and dead bolting the door only after he placed the do not disturb sign on the front of it. :: I sat on the chair staring at him watching him pull off his jacket throwing my keys on the table and then his shirt. He glared up at me a hot passion in his eyes.

"Hi um how are you?" I asked trying desperately to get a hold of the situation playing it off as if nothing was wrong.

"Good very good. Your such a tease you know stocking those shelves flirting with me I never did get your number.' He said moving toward me a hand sliding across my face then down my chest pawing at my breast then wrapping his arm around me he lifted me up and tossed me to the bed before I could protest he was on top of me ripping off my work slacks and then my sweater leaving only a bra.

"Where are your panties?" He asked.

"I um er ah do don't w w where panties." I stumbled out "See you are a tease." He said my legs violently spread apart and his mouth deep into my shaven lips licking and sucking eating my cunt. My thighs clench tight around him cumming almost instantly. My body was so hot I couldn't let him know that he had the power.

"Damn baby your wet do you always cum this much or just when you're taken by a stranger?" He grinned up at me slurping my pussy again his hot mouth and tongue massaging me to orgasm after orgasm not more then 10 seconds between them.

"I UH UHHH um I OHH uhhh I c cum alo alot of UHH SHIT UHHHHHHHH times." I moaned out

"OH that's my hot little girl." He said with a grin on his face. It caused me to stop staring at him not speaking or moving for a few moments.

"W what did you caall me." I asked

"MY HOTLITTLE Girl." He stated now sliding his exposed prick into my cunt hard one swift movement.

"UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." I screamed instantly having another orgasm around his cock my pussy so tight squeezing twitching pumping his cock.

"MMM you're so tight how can you be so tight." he moaned out.

"I UHH ." Squeezing him again not knowing what to my cunt so tight squeezing him as I came again. He pushed his man meat inside over and over and over squeezing my ass, pumping my pussy hard.

"I'M going to cum inside of you My hot little girl you like that don't you you want my cum to ooze all inside out then slide out of your fuck hole don't you." He said.

"OH PLEASE NO PLEASE DON"T DO THAT PLEASE." I cried pushing him away but not really trying that hard then he slammed inside of me holding me tight cumming hard I felt it and moaned out giving myself another orgasm giving it right back to him slam inside of me holding me tight cumming hard I feel it and moan out giving myself another orgasm I moaned out again milking his cock until he pulled it out of my cunt and pressed it to my lips. I cleaned it fully licking his cum and mine off his cock.

"OH that was nice hotgirl nice clean cock all ready for the next round." He pulled out a camera and put a pillow over my face I could feel the flash hitting my thighs knowing he was taking pictures of his cum oozing out my fuck hole.

I laid there knowing I can do nothing but wait secretly hoping for more.

:: He ran some water taking a long hot shower my mind was reeling now I have to get home soon Christmas eve was tomorrow and I had lots of family things to do. Including 8 hours of happy happy Holliday shoppers bothering me all day.::

~What is he going to do with those pictures.~ I thought to myself. Suddenly I am pulled off the bed by my legs ending up on my knees. His hard prick inches from my lips . I stare up at him as a soft smile fills his face he rubs his fingers down my face and across my lips causing me to involuntarily lick my lips to moisten them then slide my tongue across his prick. Just the head first teasing that part just underneath with my tongue. I licked it a bit then slide my tongue up his cock lapping the tiny droplets of precum off the tip teasing it more. I swirled my tongue all the way down his cock to the base them back up sucking just the head again then slid my tongue back to the base repeating this over and over then sliding his whole cock in my mouth. My dark olive green eyes slide up his body then to his own eyes as I began pumping his cock fast and hard with my mouth. Knowing no man not even this one could hold back what she wanted now. I wanted his cum inside my mouth down my throat. My hands jacked his cock as my mouth licked and sucked the head and his balls over and over until finally I felt his cock twitch and he slammed my mouth down on his cock splooging his cock all in my mouth some sliding down my chin on the corners of my lips a tad on my breasts.

"Don't move!" He commanded and warped a belt or necktie around my eyes. I heard his camera snap again taking pictures of the cum sliding down my lips and breasts realizing the blindfold was to somewhat hide my identity on the pictures.

"I have to go." I said to him

"Not yet you have plenty of time Hotlittlegirl plenty of it we still have one more place I'd like to cover." He smiled brightly at me and I blushed back at him cum dripping down my mouth still.

I could tell my face fell when he laughed flipping me over. He must have been really turned on cause it had only been 5 minutes since I licked his cock and sucked it try but now I felt warm liquid being squirted all over my ass crack then a pain I had felt once before in my life. A horrible griping pain in my ass it hurt so bad I knew what it was. My ass fought back trying to purge the intruder out but he did not stop or let it come out just sat there fully inside my ass his body was warm and long agents my own pressing me down into the bed. My ass gave up its struggle and he started to move.

Pressing his cock in and out of my ass I felt so full my ass still trying to push him away. I moaned out not realizing even that I had done so. He thrust his cock in and out over and over faster and faster. One of his hands squeezing my hips then sliding around and rubbing my clit the other on my throat choking me until my head was fuzzy. I felt myself being smashed into the bed one final time before his cum began filling my ass his grip on my throat gripping my neck suddenly everything went black.

When I awoke I was in the parking lot of my work dressed smelling clean feeling as if I had been bathed. I started my car and drove home. That next day I went into work every customer made me nervous my eyes constantly wandering the store. Christmas card after Christmas card across my scanner. One more box of those cherry chocolate things and I was going to scream. Just when I thought I could take no more it was time for the store to close. This time I let Collen walk me out to my car feeling the ordeal was over I relaxed at the Christmas eve church service. I even relaxed through Christmas eve dinner.

Christmas morning was wonderful I watched my husband help my son open his gifts sighing softly wondering what I would tell my husband if he wanted me to service him that night. My body hurt my ass was violated my cunt still bruised inside and my jaw incredibly sore. My mind drifted over two nights before it played in my mind over and over. Perhaps I was to hasty to write off Christmas. Maybe this was my punishment or a sick way to make me realize that a less exciting Christmas wasn't always a bad thing. As I glanced out the window I saw that it had snowed the night before just as it should on Christmas Eve night.

"Here honey this came for you it was on the porch this morning." He said handing me an envelope. As I opened it my heart skipped beats there were 3 pictures inside a Christmas card. There was no writing on the card but the pictures were definitely familiar a note fell out of the envelope on my lap it read.


A present for all your Literotica friends!

Quickly I stuffed the note and pictures into my robe pocket my husband hadn't noticed he was busy playing with one of my son's loud toys.

"Who was the card from honey?" he asked

"Not sure it's not signed probably my great grandmother she always forgets to sign cards.

"Well I'll put it on the stand with the others." He said placing the card with our other Christmas cards. Every time I looked at it I knew who it was from and how it came to be. I still have that card in the box with all the others that I keep every year.

That night I got online and checked the message boards finding one that said. MYHOTLITLEGIRL I opened the post to find the pictures fixed up with the paint program. The one of my cunt had a little Christmas holly around it framing my dripping box. The one of my mouth had me in a Christmas hat pulled all the way down past my eyes. And then I saw the last one. It was a picture of my ass it had red hand prints on it and cum dripping out of the stretched and abused hole. I quickly scanned his post it read.

MY hotlittlegirls Christmas wish come true!

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