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Christmas at the B&B


This story is dedicated to a couple of good friends of mine. They know who they are. Any and all feedback is appreciated, good or bad. Please vote as voting is one of the ways us writers know if our stories are any good or not. Thank You, Carrie

* * * * *

It is the day before Christmas Eve and I am looking forward to our holiday visit with Taylor and Sonny. We met them about a year ago and we have become close friends. The four of us are spending the Christmas holiday together at a Bed and Breakfast in the North Country, where there is lots of snow and Christmas will really seem like Christmas. We brought our snowmobiles so we should have lots to do to keep us occupied.

Jim and I arrive before our friends and we have plenty of time to put our things away and check out the B&B and its grounds. It is a beautiful big house overlooking a lake and the evergreens look as if someone dumped icing all over the branches and let it drip down. It was beautiful!!

Lu is the elderly owner and I have known her for several years because she is a friend of my Mother's. The house is decorated for Christmas, trees in every room and boughs of green wrapped around the bannister leading to the upstairs. Red bows placed every so often along the way make it look very festive. It smells like Christmas in here. Between the evergreens and the cookies that Lu has been baking, it smelled wonderful. When we came into the kitchen, Lu told us that there was a big snowstorm due in that night and that she would be leaving this afternoon, instead of in the morning, for her visit to her daughter's house for the holidays. She would not be back until late in the evening on the day after Christmas. Jim and I looked at each other and smiled.

"Oh Lu, I think we will be okay, don't worry about us. " Jim told her. "We have been here lots of times and we know where everything is, so go get your things together and I will help you carry everything to the car when you are ready. " She smiled at him and said that she would do just that and then left the room. We had planned on going to the store to get the mixings for some daiquiris and also some crackers, cheese and fresh fruit and thought this would be a good time to do so. While Jim was unhooking the trailer from the truck, I went upstairs to tell Lu where we were going and ask if she needed anything. She said she had everything under control and that she would finish her wrapping while waiting for us to get back from town.

We were gone about an hour and when we returned, I was excited to see that Taylor and Sonny had arrived. It had been a couple of months since we had seen each other, though we talked daily, either by phone or on the computer. When we walked in, Sonny was helping Lu carry down a couple of bags of Christmas presents and Taylor was carrying a large suitcase. She put it down as she reached the bottom of the stairs and I hugged her. "How was your trip? You had a longer drive than we did and besides, we knew where we were going and you didn't. " She laughed and said "We had a beautiful drive, it was sunny and the roads were in good shape. Lu told us that there is a big snowstorm coming in and that she is leaving tonight to visit her kids. I'm sorry that we won't have a chance to get to know her better. " The twinkle in her eyes told me that she was thinking something else.

Our husbands took over from there and carried Lu's things out to her car, and started it for her so that it had time to warm up. She fussed over Taylor and I, telling us that there was a big pot of Chili on the stove and cornbread in the oven so supper tonight was taken care of and we shouldn't have to go anywhere. "Oh yes, there will be no other guests here this weekend, the other couple that was going to be here tonight cancelled out because they heard the weather report on the TV", Lu told us, as we walked her to the door. She was putting her gloves on as she reached for the doorknob when she stopped and turned to us. "You two are very beautiful women and those men of yours will be very glad they were snowed in with you. " She smiled and waved as she went out the door. Little did she know that I was thinking the same thing.

"Be careful, Lu!Merry Christmas to you and your family" I said as she went down the steps. She got into her car and drove off, tapping the horn goodbye.

It had started snowing and Taylor expressed concern for Lu since she was going to be driving in it. I said "Lu has lived here for the last 50 yrs. She knows how to drive in the snow, so don't worry about her. It is only a 40 mile trip. "

Jim and Sonny came in after making sure that all was well outside and everything was carried inside from our trucks. Taylor and I took the Christmas packages and laid them under the Christmas tree in the living room. Mine and Jim's room was on the opposite side of the living room from Taylor and Sonny's, so we decided this would be the best place for us to spend most of our time.

We went to the kitchen to check on dinner and found the guys there already, setting the table and making daiquiris. Jim was crushing the ice and as I walked past him to the stove, he reached over and dropped a piece of ice down the back of my sweater. I squealed and jumped to make the ice fall out, then leaned over to pick it up, fully intending to throw it at him. Instead, I pulled my sweater over my head, showing off the top half of the teddy I was wearing underneath. I loosened the strings in front and bared my left breast, running the ice over my nipple and then did the same thing to my right one. I was lost in my feelings when I heard Jim say, "What else do you have on under there, Baby?" I looked up to see all three of them watching me, and I blushed. I turned and quickly took my jeans off, showing them that I had stockings fastened to the blue and black teddy I was wearing. I kicked off my boots as I sat down to take my jeans the rest of the way off and then put my knee high boots back on, showing off my legs to best effect.

"You look beautiful when you blush, but so you won't be embarrassed, " Taylor said as she pulled off her sweater, "I will wear only my undies for dinner too. " She was wearing a white corset and as she peeled off her jeans, we could see she only had stockings on with it. She was not wearing panties and her shaven mound was glistening in the light. Taylor had kicked off her ankle high boots so she could finish taking her pants off and when she put them back on the effect was great. She is a tall woman with long gorgeous legs and the white corset and stockings really looked good on her. My mouth watered just looking at her and could hardly wait to taste her.

We looked at each other and grinned, then I said, "Hey, you guys! Fair is fair here, why don't you strip down and let us see what you are wearing under your clothes?" They started to protest, but Taylor walked over to Sonny and began unbuttoninng his fly. "OK, OK, I will do it. " He finished unzipping his jeans and when he pulled them down we had to laugh. He was wearing a pair of boxers that had little tiny Santa Claus' on them. He mumbled, "If I had known I was going to be doing a striptease tonight I would have worn something a little sexier than these. " He pulled his sweatshirt over his head and he was wearing a black and white tuxedo t-shirt. The sight made us all crack up again, and then I turned my attention to Jim. As I started walking towards him, he hurriedly pulled his shirt over his head, revealing a navy blue t-shirt with the name of a local band from home. When he took his denims off we could see that he had on pair of navy blue briefs as well. I could see the bulge in the front of his pants and I ran my hand across it. "Hmm, looks like Jim thinks we look pretty hot, Taylor. What do you think we should do about this?" I looked over at her and she was standing in front of Sonny doing the same thing to him. She grinned, got to her knees in front of him and I mimicked her every move. From pulling their pants down to taking the tips of their cocks into our mouths, I did the same thing she did. Jim had leaned against the wall and I looked up to see him sneaking a peek at our friends. When he saw Sonny's cock in Taylor's lips, his cock twitched and it seemed to grow bigger than ever before. I sucked him deeper into my mouth and listened to him groan as he felt his cockhead hit the back of my throat. I continued bobbing my head up and down for about 10 minutes until I felt him tense up and release his load of cum into my mouth. I leaned back and licked my lips afterwards and Jim reached down to help me up. He pulled me into his arms and ran his hand down my back and across my ass, knowing that I loved to feel his hands there.

"Mmmm, you looked so sexy sucking my cock. Why don't you see if Taylor needs any help finishing up Sonny?" I turned to see Sonny's cock still in Taylor's mouth and I walked over and put my hands in her hair, holding her head while Sonny and I kissed over her. I knelt down and asked her if I could have a taste. "Only if you kiss me and let me have a sample of Jim's cum. " She winked as she said it. I kissed her, our tongues wrestling, then she moved to the side a little. I leaned forward and tentatively swiped my tongue across the top of Sonny's cock, pausing long enough to flick the tip of my tongue into the tiny hole in the tip. He shuddered and Taylor said "Carrie, I think he loves having two mouths on his big dick, sucking him off. " I agreed and wrapped my lips around his head, sucking gently as Taylor licked the underside of his cock. The pleasure he was feeling must have been very intense, because soon he erupted into my mouth. Taylor pulled me back so she could lean in and have some cum too. Then we cleaned each others faces and purred like satisfied kittens after a bowl of cream.

The men helped us to our feet and Jim said "I smell something burning. " "Oh no, "Taylor cried. "The cornbread is in the oven", and she ran for the stove.

We all began getting the rest of supper finished and sat down to eat. The dining table was a large one but we all sat at one end so we could be close and touch each other while talking. The chili was delicious and though the cornbread was dark, it still tasted good. We laughed and flirted with each other while eating.

After dinner the men started clearing the table and as I got up to help, Taylor stopped me by standing and giving me a kiss. Making sure there was nothing in the way, she leaned me back against the table and pushed me back until I was lying on top of it. She lifted my feet to the table until my heels were by my ass and then reached forward to unsnap the crotch of my teddy. She inhaled and smiled at me, "Oh, Carrie, you smell wonderful, so aroused. " and leaned forward to run her tongue along my slit. "MMMMMM. . . you taste so delicious, I have missed your taste and I have been wanting to do that since I saw you this afternon. " I quivered in response because her mouth felt so good. I grabbed her head and held her to my cunt while I arched my hips to her mouth. The heat from her breath blew across my clit and it stiffened like a little soldier at attention, poking out of its covering. Her tongue flicked it and I immediately orgasmed, shaking, shivering and quivering under her spell. I felt hands on my tits and opened my eyes to see Jim and Sonny on either side of the table stroking their cocks while pulling my nipples. I pulled Taylor on top of me and kissed her. "Sit on my face, Baby", I told her and she moved up and squatted over me. I lifted my head and buried my tongue in her wet pussy. When I flicked her clit with my tongue, she quivered. I looked up to see Jim place his mouth over her nipple and pull on it with his teeth. It was so sexy seeing my husband do this and I licked her pussy harder, over and over until she flooded my face with her juices. Almost as soon as she came, I felt something splatter on my stomach and I could see Sonny with his cock in hand behind Taylor. He had also cum all over me when he saw his wife shudder with her orgasm.

Very soon after that, Jim came all over Taylor's stomach and it dripped from there to my face and hair. It was so erotic.

Sonny helped Taylor down from the table and Jim helped me up. I kissed him, my face all shiny with Taylor's juices and he smiled, "Did you like that?" "MMM HMMM" was all I could say.

We went to the living room where Jim put wood on the fire, and I went to the linen closet and brought out several quilts to spread on the floor in front of the fireplace. We pulled the cushions and the pillows from the couches and just laid around talking and flirting, with occasional touches here and there.

I found myself dozing and when I looked around everyone else was too. I nudged Jim and told him that I was going to bed. He got up and together we covered Sonny and Taylor with quilts and went to our room. We undressed and quietly made love, before snuggling and going to sleep.

Christmas Eve! It is one of my favorite days of the year. The anticipation of getting and receiving gifts always has been wonderful, and this year it was no different. Well. . . Maybe a little different.

I went to the kitchen to find Sonny and Taylor already there fixing breakfast. "Good Morning, you two", I said when I saw them. Sonny, standing at the stove, turned and winked, "Hi, Carrie. Did you sleep alright?" "Yes, like a baby", I said as I turned to pour myself a cup of coffee. Jim came in, reached for a mug and held it out. I poured his too and asked the others if they wanted some before I set the pot back down. "No, thanks. " said Sonny, "We have some. " and he nodded toward their cups on the counter. We sat down to eat breakfast and we talked about what we were going to be doing that day. It had snowed almost 14 inches overnight and we didn't know if the snowmobile groomers had been out on the trails. We decided to spend the morning getting the snowmobiles off of the trailers and checked the gas and oil in them before driving them around the property. God only knows how anyone can look sexy in a snowmobile suit, but Taylor sure managed it. Hers was bright blue, and she was wearing a red turtleneck under the overalls. when she put on the black balaclava and her helmet and then the heavy coat and gloves, it was hard to tell whether she was a man or woman. Until you watch her walk. She has the sexiest walk I have ever seen and I would know it anywhere. She exuded sex. I thought I looked good in my turquoise suit, but she made me look like a little girl next to her. I watched her climb on the snowmobile, put on my helmet and climbed on my own machine, making sure that the microphone inside my helmet was plugged into the receiver in my pocket. "I love to watch you walk, Taylor. " I heard her laugh into my headset and I knew she heard me. We all went to the trails and rode them for miles and miles, then stopped at a restaurant for lunch. After we finished eating, we got on our snowmobiles again and took our time riding back to the B&B, enjoying the views of the trees all covered with new snow. We got back and went into the house, took showers and met back in the living room.

"I would like to give you a present early, Carrie. " Taylor said as she bent over and pulled a package from under the tree. I opened it and almost laughed out loud when I saw the beautiful black lace peignior set. I turned and picked up the present I had been dying to give her and when she opened it, she giggled. It was the exact same set she had gotten for me, only in white. We hugged each other. "Great minds think alike" we said at the same time and all of us laughed.

We had decided that for dinner we would make up a tray of cheeses, crackers and meats and also make some more daiquiris and just hang out, listening to Christmas music and enjoying the company. After awhile, some jazzy type Christmas music began playing and Taylor jumped up and pulled me to my feet. "Come on, let's dance, Carrie!" We started dancing and before I knew it, she was behind me with her arms wrapped around my waist. She started unbuttoning my shirt from the bottom and pulling it open to show the men that I had not put a bra on after my shower earlier. Her fingers tweaked my nipples and pulled on them, making my knees weak. She whispered in my ear that she loved the way I moved against her and that she wanted me to follow her lead. I would have followed her out into the snow if she had asked me to right then. I was like putty in her hands.

We swayed to the music as she finished pulling my shirt off of my shouders but left it on my wrists so that they were trapped behind me, while she ran her fingers up and down my arms, causing goosebumps and making my nipples harden. Her hands brushed them lightly as she ran her palms across my chest and down my stomach to the waistband of the stretch pants I was wearing. I had my eyes closed as I was leaning back into her, and I heard Jim say to Sonny, "They look very sexy up there, don't they? Why don't we join them?" They moved to us and stood on either side of us so that each of them was touching both of us. Taylor's hands were joined by Sonny's and Jim's as they moved to pull my slacks down. I could feel Taylor kneel behind me as she pulled them down over my buttocks and was surprised to feel her tongue licking my cheeks. I moaned and Jim kissed me, smothering my noises while his tongue wrestled with mine. Sonny's hand was rubbing my mound and when he pushed his finger in my slit, I could feel Taylor's tongue brush it as they bent me at the waist and had me put my hands flat on a nearby table. Both men then began playing with my pussy, while Taylor continued to alternately lick my wet hole and suck their fingers. It felt so hot that I began to gush fluids out and down my legs. Coating Taylor's face and Sonny and Jim's hands. My legs were so wobbly, I couldn't stand any longer and I collapsed onto the closest couch. I lay there quivering and shaking for awhile. When I got my composure together, I opened my eyes and lay there watching Taylor sucking my husband's hard member, while Sonny fucked her from behind. She looked so hot and I know they were enjoying themselves as much as I did. "OHHH, Taylor, you look so sexy. " She looked at me and winked without removing her red lips from Jim's cock. She continued sucking him while looking me in the eyes and soon I could see Jim's balls tighten and knew he was going to cum very soon. I quickly moved to join her as she puuled her mouth away and he came in several spurts all over our tongues and faces. Seeing this set Sonny off and I moved down under Taylor so I could watch him cumm in her hole. When he was through, I moved in and sucked his cum out of her. This caused her to explode and I got a face full of hers and Sonny's cum mixed together. We all collapsed into a heap and just caressed each other until we had caught our breaths and our heart rates returned to normal. What a wonderful experience.

I went to my room to take another shower, and when I stepped out of it into the bathroom, Taylor was there wearing the gown and robe I had given her for Christmas and holding the one she had gotten for me. I dried off, reached for it and put it on, smoothing it down over my breasts and stomach and she reached over to settle it down over my hips, rubbing my asscheeks very softly. We walked out into the living room hand in hand, and both of the men whistled very loudly. We slinked around sexily and modeled the peignoirs for them and of course we let them touch us to get the full feel of the texture of the lace. The sensation of the fabric on my skin was very sensuous, and their hands running over my body was making me very horny again. Taylor walked over to the stereo and put some slow sexy music on and pulled Jim to his feet to dance with her. I sat on the couch next to Sonny and snuggled into his arms as we watched his wife and my husband dance. His hands were rubbing her back and buttocks pulling her closer to him and she was rubbing her breasts on his chest. Sooo sexy to watch.

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