tagErotic CouplingsChristmas at the Cottage

Christmas at the Cottage


It's Christmas Eve, and my plane is just now touching down at the airport, I grab my bags from the overhead and make my way off the plane, my first thoughts are to call my wife, Randee.

"Hey honey, I just touched down, I'll grab a cab and should be home shortly." I say.

"Actually honey, I'm at the cottage, I have the tree by the fireplace, just like you like it, and, uh, I have a special surprise for you when you get here, so please hurry, sweetie." She replies.

I tell her I Love You, and quickly begin rushing through the airport, I haven't been home in almost a week, and it killed me to by away from my wife for that long, and she knows that Christmas is my favorite time of the year, so I have no doubt that her surprise for me will be very special.

I jump in the first taxi I see, and off we go.The entire ride all I think about is seeing my wife, I can just picture her, her thin 5'4 frame, her long, beautiful, blonde hair, her crystal clear, blue eyes, her perfect b cup breasts, and the sweet smell of her perfume, these thoughts just engulf me, and before I know it, we're pulling up to the cottage, I generously tip the cabbie, and hurry towards the front door.

Once inside, I realize I'm walking into a Christmas village, she really went all out decorating this place, and there are two trees, one is in the screened in porch and the other is by the fireplace, I look around for a moment to take it all in, when I notice a note on the dining room table.


Welcome home sweetie,

I'm in taking a shower, why don't you pour yourself a glass of wine, and go sit in the overstuffed chair on the porch, and I'll bring your surprise out to you."

So I go and get the wine, I can hear her in the bathroom, drying off.

"Steve, is that you?" I hear her call out.

"Yes, baby, it's me."

"I'll be right out, go sit on the porch, ok?"

"Ok, don't keep me waiting."

And I take the wine and two glasses and go sit in my favorite overstuffed chair out in our screened in porch.

After a few minutes, I hear the door open and my jaw almost hits the floor at the vision of beauty I see before me.

Randee looks stunning, her blonde hair still wet from her shower, but then I notice the surprise she was talking about, she's wearing this beautiful white nightie, with thin green straps, and a Christmas tree design on it, and it only comes down to her thighs.

I look at her in utter amazement for a minute, when finally she breaks the silence.

"Merry Christmas, Steve." She says as she slowly walks towards me, takes the glass of wine from my hand, and drinks the last little bit, then leans in and gives me a deep and a very passionate kiss, and I can feel her already unbuttoning my shirt and carressing my chest.

We kiss for a few minutes, when I feel her begin to rock back and forth on my lap, I can already feel myself getting hard, I can't help myself and I let my hands go under her nightie, but she stops me.

"You can have your present later." She says, pushing my hands away, and moving her one hand down to the bulge in my pants, gently rubbing it.

"Let me see that nice, hard cock, Steve." She says as she unzips my pants, and pulls my boxers down just enough, and she takes her hand and begins stroking my cock, nice and slow.

Then she moves up and begins kissing me again, and working her way dow, kissing my chest, my stomach, and again back to my cock, running her tongue around the head, and finally taking me into her mouth, just the head, bobbing her head, slowly up and down.

After a few miuntes of this, she makes her way back up, and kisses my mouth very softly, and whispers in my ear.

"Do you want me to take the straps of my nightie down now?"

I nod my head, and she pulls them down, just enough for me to see her breasts, her nipples are rock hard, and I pull her in close and begin kissing and sucking around her nipples, biting them, making her gasp in pleasure, she then takes my hand and guides it between her legs, and I can already feel that she's wet. She stands up and removes her nightie, then she sits on my lap again and whispers.

"Take me back inside, I laid a blanket down by the fireplace so we can lay down by the tree."

I cradle her in my arms and carry her back inside, kissing her the entire way, and I place her down on the blanket, there are other lights on in the cottage except the Christmas lights, and her skin just seems to look more beautiful from the glow of the lights.

When I lay down beside her, she tells me to roll on to my stomach and that she wants to give me a massage. I roll over and she begins massaging my shoulders, eventually taking some scented body oil and drizzling some down my back and rubbing it it.

She massages me all the down to my butt, I feel so relaxed, I could almost fall asleep, she tells me to roll back over, and the she lays on top of me and we begin kissing, she works her way down my body until she reaches my hard, throbbing cock, and she takes me in her mouth again, but this time all the way to the back of her throat, and she spends a few minutes bobbing her head up and down my shaft.

Then she makes her way again back up my body, and tells me to get on top of her, so I wrap my arms around her and roll her on to her back, and I begin kissing down her body, kissing her mouth, then her neck, then down to her chest, kissing on her tits, sucking her nipples into my mouth and biting them, making her gasp, I kiss down to her belly button, and lick little circles around it, I can hear her breathing getting heavier.

My hand slides between her legs and I begin slowing her pussy, sliding two fingers deep inside, Randee moans and begins moving her hips to match my thrusts.

"Please, Steve, I want that hard cock inside me, please, let me feel that hard cock inside me." She begs.

I get between her legs and place the head of my cock at her opening, and slowly enter her, once all the way in, I give her a long, deep kiss, and slowly begin fucking her.

After a few minutes of this, I can see she's about to explode, at her urging, I pull out and put my mouth on her pussy, sucking and nibbling her already swollen clit, almost instantly she explodes, squirting on my face, soaking me.

"Oh, baby, I'm sorry!" She exclaims.

She sits up and takes my cock in her hands and begins stroking me, her thumb rubbing across the head.

After about five minutes, I'm ready to cum.

"Please, Steve, cover me with your cum!" She exclaims as she lays on her back.

I just shoot my load all over her flat little stomach. We both lay there together for a few minutes, when Randee breaks the silence.

"I could use a shower again, why don't you join me."

And she takes me by my hand and leads me towards the shower, once inside, she turns the warm water on, and we begin kissing again, she takes my favorite body wash and begins washing my chest, and all the way down to my cock, which is once again very hard.

Before too long, she has it in her mouth again, sucking on it harder then ever.

It doesn't take long before I explode in her mouth, she swallows it, and moves back up my body and kisses me again, letting me taste my sweet cum.

As the water runs over us, I wrap my arms around her, and kiss her again and again.

"Let's go to bed, sweetie." I whisper to her.

We towel off and head towards our bedroom. We look at the clock, and it's already Christmas morning.

"Want to open presents?" She asks.

"No, I've already gotten the best present ever." I reply as we both lay down and turn off the lights.

"This is the best Christmas, ever!" I say, just before falling asleep.

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