tagRomanceChristmas at the Cottage Ch. 02

Christmas at the Cottage Ch. 02


It's Christmas eve, and I'm finally able to head home and be with my wife, Randee.

I've been away for almost a month, and the time away has been killing me.

See this year has been this worst, for me, I almost lost my job, and Randee and I have had some "personal" problems, but we've been able to work through them, but now, it's Christmas eve, and I for one can't be happier.

My plane touches down, and I'm finally heading home, the entire ride home, all I can think about is my beautiful wife, her thin 5'3 frame, her beautiful shoulder length blonde hair, and her crystal clear blue eyes, and her very nice b cup chest, which fits her frame perfectly.

Before I know it, I'm pulling up to our home, but it seems empty, there are no decorations, no nothing, I don't even see her car in the driveway.

I go inside and she's not there, all I find is a note on the dining room table:


Welcome home, baby .....

As you can see, I'm not home......

I packed up everything, all the decorations, and all the presents, and went up to the cottage, by the time you get here, the house will be all decorated, so get on up here, Mr. Steve.

Stop reading this and get up here!"

I quick pack a few days of clothes, and quick head for the cottage, my favorite place to spend the holidays.

A few minutes later I arrive at the cottage, and when I walk inside, I realize that I'm walking into a Christmas village.

The house is completely decorated, inside and out, two trees, one inside and one out on the screened in porch.

I walk inside to find my wife, Randee sitting in front of the fire place, dressed in a green satin with white fur trim elf costume.

"Welcome home, Mr. Steve." She says, walking towards me and giving me a deep kiss.

"I've missed you!" She says with a grin.

"I've missed you, too." I say, pulling her in close, and firmly grabbing her ass.

"Do you like how my ass feels, Mr. Steve?"

"Randee, look, I just want to say....."

"Steve, forget it, it's Christmas, let's move past it, and enjoy each other these next two days, deal?"

"Deal!" I shout.

"How about we go sit in your favorite overstuft chair, and I show you what a naughty little elf I can be, sound like fun, Mr. Steve?" She says, in her sexiest voice.

She takes me by the hand and leads me out to our screened in porch and finally to the overstuft chair, which is right in front of the Christmas tree.

She pushes me down in the chair and begins giving me a seductive lap dance, slowly removing her litle elf outfit, showing me her red satin and lace bra and panty set.

"Like what you see, Mr. Steve?"

I nod my head yes, and she begins grinding against me, and I can already feel how wet she is for me.

"Am I turning me on as much as you're turning me on, Mr. Steve?"

I nod my head yes, and she quickly moves her hand to my crotch, feeling the huge bulge.

"Let me see that nice, hard cock, Mr. Steve." She says, playfully opening my pants, until my cock just pops out.

"There he is!" She giggles, as she slowly strokes me, until the first drops of precum starts oozing out.

"Do you want your naughty elf to suck your nice hard cock?" She shyly asks.

"Yes, Miss Randee, I do."

I watch in amazement as she slowly takes my cock deep into her mouth, all the way to the back of her throat, slowly bobbing her head up and down.

I take my hands and put them in her hair, holding her head there.

I begin moving my hips, slowly fucking her face, before too long, I'm ready to cum.

"Want me to cum in your mouth, Miss Randee?"

She nods her head yes, and I just explode in her mouth, I cum so hard, Randee has a hard time swallowing it all, and some runs out from the corners of he mouth and down her chin.

"Oh my, you did need to cum, didn't you, Mr. Steve?"

"Yes I did, Miss Randee."

"Mr. Steve? Take me inside, take me to the tree inside, lay me down and fuck me, fuck like the naughty elf that I am!" She says, the lust growing in her eyes.

I pick her up in my arms and carry her inside, kissing her the entire way, gently laying her down by the tree, and I lay down beside her.

"Make love to me, Mr. Steve, don't even put on a condom, just make love to me, can you handle that, Mr. Steve?"

"Yes, Miss Randee, I can handle that." I say, wrapping my arms around her, kissing her deeply, rolling her on to her back, and looking deep into her beautiful blue eyes.

"I love you, Randee, I love you so much, I have something to tell you, but I'm just not sure how to tell you."

"Just come out and say it."

"I want to have a baby with you, Randee."

"Then stop talking and get me pregnant already, Mr. Steve."

I begin kissing her, softly at first, then deeper, sucking on her bottom lip, reaching behind her, and unclasping her bra, finally freeing her breasts, slowly kissing down to her breasts, her nipples are already erect, so I just give them a little bite, pulling them with my teeth.

"Oh, bite them harder, Mr. Steve!"

I continue sucking on her nipples, then I continue kissing my way down to her belly, licking little cricles around her belly button, gently pushing my tongue inside her belly button.

"What are you doing to me?" She asks.

"I'm trying to make that pussy dripping we is it working?"

"Oh yes, Mr. Steve, I'm so wet for you!"

I get down between her legs, gently spreading them, slowly rubbing my hand over her damp panties.

"Please stop teasing me, Mr. Steve, kiss my pussy, please!"

I pull her panties to the side, and begin slowly flicking my tongue over her swollen clit, making her gasp, and get even wetter, then I make her squirm by slowly pushing my middle finger deep inside her.

"Oh my God, that's it, oh fuck!" Randee moans out, squirming.

I pump my finger for a few minutes, until she can no longer stand it, then I tear her panties away from her body, and I bury my tongue as deep as it'll go inside her warm, wet pussy.

"Oh, oh, oh, Steve, I'm gonna cum, oh God, oh FUCK!!!" Randee screams, squirting all over my face.

"Oh, Mr. Steve, I'm sorry!"

"It's ok, baby!" I say, putting my mouth back on her pussy, licking faster, harder, with more passion.

"Stop eating me and fuck, Mr. Steve, just fuck me!"

I once again get between her legs, and begin pressing the head of my cock right at her opening, and slowly push my way inside her.

"That's it Mr. Steve, take your time, be gentle with me."

I give her a long, deep, wet kiss once I'm all the way in, and I slowly begin fucking her.

"Wrap your legs around me, Randee, pull me all the way in!" I shout, picking up the pace.

I keep up the pace for a few minutes, when I notice the lust growing in her eyes.

"Fuck me hard, Steve, fuck me HARD!!"

I fuck her as hard as I can, and before too long, we both cum at the same time, we both slump to the floor, holding each other and kissing.

"Merry Christmas, Mr. Steve!"

"Merry Christmas, Miss Randee."

"Take me to our bed, Mr. Steve."

I once again cradle her in my arms and carry her to the bedroom, gently laying her down on the bed.

"Look, it's snowing!" She says.

I gaze out the window and watch the snow fall, then I gaze back down at my beautiful wife, who's now asleep, I lean down and kiss her forehead, then lay down next to her, and turn off the light, and before too long, I fall asleep.

The next morning, I wake up, and see Randee putting something in my stocking.

"Wake up, Mr. Steve, Santa's already been here for you."

I get up and check my stocking, and found a round trip, first class airline ticket for Jamaica, my jaw just drops.

"It's not just Christmas, it's also our anniversary, we've made it one year, Steve." She says smiling.

I hold her in my arms, kissing her, I can't believe it's been a year.

The End.

*Author's note: For more on this story, please read An Island Getaway With Randee*

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