tagAnalChristmas at the Cottage Ch. 04

Christmas at the Cottage Ch. 04


It's our fourth Christmas as a married couple, and, my wife Randee, and, I arrive at our cottage on the lake on Christmas Eve.

Our lives have sure changed since we first got married, we now have three kids, a daughter, and, twin boys, this is my daughter's 2nd Christmas, and, my twin son's 1st Christmas.

Randee puts the kids down for a nap, and, comes and joins me on the screened in porch.

"What are you thinking about, Mr. Steve?" She asks, as she sits on my lap.

I just lean in, and, kiss her mouth softly.

"I'm thinking about you, baby girl." I say, smiling.

We start kissing again, deep, passionate kisses.

Randee stands up, and, lifts her sweater over her head, showing me her emerald green c-cup maternity bra.

"Like what you see, Mr. Steve?" She says with a giggle.

I pull her in close to me, and, unclasp her bra, letting her breasts pop free, and, I begin kissing her breasts, flicking her nipples with my tongue.

"Please don't bite my nipples, they're so sensitive." Randee says, blushing.

"I won't, baby girl."

I reach down, and, unzip her skirt, letting it drop to the floor, showing off her red satin panties, which are slightly wet.

"See how much you're turning me on, Mr. Steve?" She says, leaning down to kiss me.

I pick her up in my arms, and, carry her from the screened in porch to our bedroom, and, gently lay her down on the bed.

"Make love to me, Steve!" She says, lust growing in her eyes.

I slide her panties down, and toss them on the floor, and, I start to gently rub my hand over her pink pussy, which now has a thin strip of blonde pubic hair, just above her clit.

I lean in, and, softly kiss her clit, flicking it with my tongue, taking her clit in my mouth, and, gently sucking on it.

"Oooh, you know how to turn me on, Mr. Steve." Randee moans out.

I slide my middle finger inside her pussy, as I continue to worship her clit, licking, sucking, and, biting on it.

"You're gonna make me cum! I'm gonna cum! OH GOD!" Randee yells, as she arches her back, and has a very loud, and, hard orgasm.

She lays there for a moment to catch her breath.

After a minute, Randee breaks the silence.

"I want to suck that nice hard cock!" She says, helping me lift my shirt over my head, and, helping me out of my jeans, then, she practically rips my boxer shorts down, letting my cock pop free, she grabs it, and, slowmy begins stroking me.

"I want you in my mouth!" She says, taking me all the way to the back of her throat, and, she slowly begins bobbing her head up and down.

I grab the back of her head, and, begin fucking her face, fast, and, hard, bouncing my balls off of her chin.

I let go of her head when I notice tears welling up in her eyes, I let go so she can catch her breath.

"Continue fucking my face, Mr. Steve!" Randee says with a smile.

I grab the back of her head again, and, shove her face down onto my cock, and, begin fucking her face again.

I let out a loud moan as I cum in her mouth, shooting my load all the way down her throat, Randee gags as she tries to swallow my load.

"That was hot!" She says, trying to catch her breath.

I shove Randee back onto her back, and, get back between her legs, gently licking at her clit, flicking it with my tongue.

"You really love to eat my pussy, don't you, Mr. Steve?" Randee says, giggling.

I move up, and, kiss her, letting her taste her juices on my lips, and, I taste my cum on her lips, then, I move back down, and, start slowly running my tongue up, and, down her moist pussy lips.

"God! That feels incredible when you tease me with your tongue." Randee moans out.

I raise her legs, and, push her knees toward her chest, and, run my tongue all the way down to rim of her dirty asshole.

"Oooh! You've never taken me anal, Mr. Steve, take me anal, baby, please, take me anal." Randee says, almost pleading with me.

I start running my tongue around her brown, puckered asshole, pushing my middle finger inside, trying to loosen it up.

After a few minutes of licking and fingering, I'm ready to put my cock in her tight asshole.

"Are you sure that you want this, baby girl?" I ask.

"I'm sure, Steve, just, be gentle." She says, lust growing in her eyes.

I place the head of my cock right on the rim of her ass, and, slowly push it in, slowly at first, watching her ass devour my cock inch by inch.

Her ass is so tight, it takes me a while to fully enter her ass.

"I love you, Steve!"

"I love you, Randee!"

I lean down, and, kiss her once I'm al the way in, and, start pounding her ass, slowly at first, but, quickly picking up the pace.

As I start fucking her, Randee reaches down, and, begins rubbing her clit.

"I wanna cum too!" She moans, as she spanks her clit.

I start picking up the pace, fucking her ass faster, and, faster, making her moan, and, squeal.

"Cum in my ass, baby, I can feel your close, cum in my ass, Mr. Steve."

With those words, I explode deep in her ass, I collapse on top of her, trying to catch my breath.

"Get out of my ass, Steve, please." Rande whispers in my ear.

I pull out of her ass, and, watch in amazement as Randee continues to rub her clit.

"I wanna cum, too!" She yells, cumming really hard.

I lay down next to her, we're both spent, and, exhausted, we just lay there kissing.

"Merry Christmas, Steve."

"Merry Christmas, Randee."

We kiss once more, and, we both drift off to sleep.

To be continued...

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