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Christmas Bound


I think I let you off to easy last Christmas. Instead of just giving you a Christmas present, I think this Christmas it might be more fun to have you work a little bit first in order to get it. So I invented a little game that you must endure in order to get your present.

We begin the game with me slowly striping you naked in the bedroom. As I do this I begin to tell you how this little game will work and you begin to get a little excited. It’s called the Houdini game. I get to put various layers of clothing etc. on you, each of which are held in place with little padlocks. The idea of the game is the key to the next padlock is placed sequentially under each piece of clothing as the layers of clothes are put on. You have to work backwards to release yourself from the Houdini bounds to get to the last key placed on your person. This key alone opens the box with your Christmas present inside. It might go something like this….

When I get you completely naked, I ask you to put your hands on top of your head so we can begin the proceedings. You notice I have the very first piece of “clothing” to put on you; a modified chastity belt that has 3 self-contained vibrators fastened to its inner surface! The belt had one vibrator for your clit, one which slides into your sex and one that fits tightly between those cute little cheeks of your ass. The whole belt can be operated by remote control and has ten separate levels which can operate independently or in tandem. I apply it to you, locking the waistband and crotch strap in place. You see, my dear, since this is the first piece of clothing to go on, it will be the last to come off. The fun part of this game is that those 3 little vibrating stimulators will be doing their dirty work while you’re trying to get out of the rest of your outfit. The trick for you is to see if you can get out of the costume before you succumb to their ever increasing level of stimulation! You see there are 10 levels, and every 10 minutes, the vibrators increase one level. You have to get out of your Houdini gear before your orgasms overtake you!

I turn the vibrators on level 1 just enough to show you how they work and get you started. The vibrators begin to do their work, so while you are distracted, I tape the key to your present box and chastity belt to the inside of the waistband.

I then begin to attach a very sexy corset around your entire mid section. True tight-lacers know that you can't just squeeze in a corset all at once, but rather you must do it in easy stages. Thus, this phase takes about 20 minutes, as I reduce your waist from its normal 25" to 20" or so over the corset. With each tightening you feel the vibrator inside your sex imparting a more concentrated stimulation to you. You wonder how much of this you can take even at a low level!. I then fasten some stocking tops to the garters on the corset, which isn't strictly necessary since they are so tight that they'll stay up by themselves- but you begin to enjoy the added pressure. The corset itself is very heavily boned, and making you lean forward about 20 degrees at the waist with a most beautiful S-curve in your back .

I then apply a nice gag around your mouth (so you can’t keep asking what your present is!) which buckles in the back, and I fasten it in place with a padlock. The key to this padlock I tape into the palm of your right hand. I then put one calf glove on (these extend almost up to the shoulder, and fasten at the wrist very tightly with four buttons) which nicely secures the key into your hand. I then place a 3" locking wrist cuff on over the glove, which nicely covers the buttons, making it impossible to remove without first getting the cuff off. The key to this cuff I tape into the palm of your left hand, followed by the other glove and cuff. At this point you are beginning to show some signs of immense anticipation.

One wonderful thing about the gloves (that will come into play most frustratingly later) is that they make it very difficult indeed to handle the keys to these padlocks (none of the keys is over 1 inch long, and some are only half that). This combined with the fact that one of those vibrators is sweetly stroking your clit CONSTANTLY might make it a little difficult to concentrate on those keys!

The key to your left cuff I tape then to the inside of a leather collar, which is about 4" wide at the front and tapers down to 2 1/2" at the rear. I fasten this on your neck, which makes you hold your head up very straight. I fasten this in place with another padlock.

The collar key I then tape to the bottom of your right foot, right under the heel. I then put one of your stockings on, smoothing it up your leg as I go. On your foot, I place one of my favorite items…..a 6" heel pump with a 2" wide locking ankle strap. This I lock on, and tape the key to the bottom of your left foot, followed by the stocking and the other matching shoe.

The 6" heels are very high for you and you have to stand even further up on your toes to keep the keys from pressing into your heels. Needless to say, with the shoes locked on, you can't get to the keys under your heels. In addition to the forward lean that the heels induce, makes your balance somewhat precarious, and walking becomes somewhat difficult. You find this to be quite a turn-on, combined with all the pressures.

I then lock your wrist cuffs together behind you with a padlock. This key is threaded onto the hasp of another padlock, which is then used to lock an 8 inch or so loop of chain between your ankles. With this chain, you are limited to taking steps about four inches long. The key to the ankle chain is attached to the middle of a chain about 15 inches long with a nipple clamp at each end, which I then attach to your nipples. The lean induced by your corset and heels causes the key to hang well in front of you. You try to take the weight off your heels so that the keys stop pressing in, but the corset keeps you leaning forward so that the weight of the chain and key dangling from your nipple clips is borne entirely by your poor nipples. And wouldn’t you know it, this key was the heaviest of the bunch!

And to finish, I attach your wrist cuffs to your collar by looping a two foot chain and locking it with the last padlock. This pulls your wrists up to just below your shoulder blades- not high enough to cause much tension on the collar, but enough to keep you from reaching any of the keys, or stretching around to the nipple clamps in front. Also, in this position your fingers lose some of their dexterity, and the gloves certainly don't help much either.

At this point, you are approaching a high level of excitement from sheer sensory overload. Under the right circumstances, you could cum simply from the pressure of the corset, but having to balance in the heels and the vibrators working almost puts you right up to the edge. If I make you walk any distance at all, you might just overload and come too soon! So it's time to keep you very still and finish the job.

The last key is truly the key to the puzzle- without it, you have absolutely no way to get out of all these marvelous decorations, despite having all the other keys on your person. You also have to worry about not moving in such a way that sends you into orgasm overload. Somewhere along the way you run the risk of having an isolated orgasm to having a continuous string of them! You realize that you will never get out of the Houdini’s maze if you were constantly cuming uncontrollably. You have to maintain your cool while coaxing your bound fingers into manipulating the locks in sequence. You have to take tiny steps, that are all you can manage, over to wherever it is, unlock the lock holding your wrists up high, then get the nipple clamps off somehow so that she can get her ankles unlocked to get the key that holds your wrists behind you and so on….and so on.

At this point I tell you the last key is on the end table in the living room. You have to walk in little steps from the bed room to the living room without loosing it…and remember ..every 10 minutes the vibration level increases one level! Quite a challenge don’t you think!

Actually I think the real story would be writing down what happens as you try to get out of your outfit! Mmmmmmmmmm wonder how many orgasms that would take!

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