tagGroup SexChristmas Break

Christmas Break


I was poor, broke and horny and headed home from college for Christmas break. I spent my time at college studying and did little to further my sexual experiences. I knew my perpetually horny brother would be at home anxiously waiting for me to arrive so he could spy on me some more while I was taking a bath.

We had a Jack and Jill bathroom arrangement. Kevin (my brother) would spy on me through the warped top of the door. This eventually led to my being blackmailed into having sex with him. (See Forced to Strip chapters 1 and 2).

When I got home I greeted my long lost family and even gave Kevin a hug. I told everyone I was a bit tired from the trip room (a whole 3 hour drive) and I was going to take a bath. I winked at Kevin as I headed up the stairs. Kevin made an excuse about being tired and retreated to his room. I knew he was lying. He just wanted to spy on me.

After I had initially discovered Kevin was spying on me some time ago, I would pull the curtain around the tub. However today I felt a bit like a tease. I made sure the curtain would remain open and Kevin would get a full bird's eye view.

I slowly undressed knowing Kevin was looking at me from the top of the door ledge. I deliberately faced him as I drew the water in the tub. I unbuttoned my blouse in a slow and deliberate manner. When the blouse was undone, I let it drop off my shoulders to the floor. While at college I had gained a cup size going from 36 DD to 38 DDD. The food there was actually better than mom's bland cooking. To her salt and pepper were seasoning. I didn't think Kevin would mind that his baby sister grew up some more.

I next reached behind my back and unhooked my bra. I slid it forward, letting it drop, exposing my breasts to my lecher of a brother. I rubbed my breasts a little along the bra lines. I lifted each tit up and rubbed underneath.

I then unbuckled my jeans. They fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. I was completely naked as this was a "no panties" day. My bush was in plain sight of my brother's leering eyes.

I bent over the tub to test the water, giving Kevin a full rear view. I was sure he could see pussy lips from behind. I got in the tub and spread my legs by the faucet as I ran water onto my pussy and masturbated like hell. My fingers were going wild when I remembered Kevin. I bet he could do something. I motioned to Kevin with my finger. When he didn't budge I whispered loudly, "Come here" as I kept motioning toward the door. I hadn't locked the door this time.

Kevin opened the door slightly, not sure if I really meant it.

"Come over here," I repeated. Kevin walked over and knelt by me.

"Here," I said as I pushed his face into my gash. "Eat me."

Kevin was on his knees eating my pussy. It had been such a long time that anyone had licked me; I was almost having an orgasm with every stroke of Kevin's amateur attempt to please me. I was splashing around in the water as Kevin struggled to keep his face aligned with my wet spot. I came several times in my brother's face. It was now my turn to repay him.

I had Kevin come over to my face. I reached out and unzipped his fly. I reached into his pants and fumbled around in an effort to spring free his huge dick. Once I had successfully removed my brother's cock, it was my turn to go to work on it.

I licked his cock hard, then took a couple of sucks when I heard loud footsteps. Mom was coming up the stairs. I let go of Kevin, whispered, "Get lost" as Kevin exited the room hastily zipping up his fly to the word, "ouch!"

Kevin got back just in time to close the bathroom door quietly right before mom knock on his door. I was wondering if mom was going to appreciate the boner Kevin was sporting.

Mom walked over to the bathroom door and talked through the door, "This is for both of you, Tammy can you hear me?"

"Yes Mother!" I shouted back to the door. I pulled the plug in the tub and began to dry myself off. I was expecting the worse. Mom and dad had found out about me and Kevin having sex. I was getting ready to confess it was all Kevin's fault when she started to talk about her sister Sarah in Kirkland.

"My sister isn't doing so well," Mom yelled. "I have to go see her and help out with her children. Dad is going to drive me to Kirkland and he'll drop me off and come back."

By this time I had dried off and wrapped a towel around me. I opened the door to Kevin's room so mom wouldn't have to yell. Mom spoke in her "indoor voice" as she would tell us kids.

"You kids are going to be alone for Christmas, but dad should be back the next day. I will be staying there for awhile. We will be leaving tomorrow morning."

WOW! They were going to drive from Indiana to Kirkland on Christmas Eve. That would leave me and Kevin alone for two days.

I nodded, gave mom a hug, and told her to "Say hello to Aunt Sarah for us."

Mom said she would. I told her I was sleepy and headed off to bed. I slipped Kevin a wink when mom wasn't looking.

I lay in bed and had actually dosed off for a bit. I left my door to the adjoining bathroom, not only unlocked, but wide open as an invitation to Kevin.

Later that night Kevin took the hint. He snuck over into my room and pulled the covers back off my body. I was sleeping in an oversized t-shirt and nothing more. I pretended to remain asleep while Kevin lifted up my t-shirt to inspect my body by the lights coming from the bathroom door. My nipples became instantly hard when the cool air hit them.

Kevin took his hand and rubbed it over my tits. He then went down over my stomach to my pussy. He pushed my legs apart (they were headed that way anyway) and fingered my pussy lips. As they became wet, he dropped his pajama bottoms and began to rub his cock against my rock hard nipples.

After he polished his monstrous cock hard against my tits, he rubbed it across my face. My mouth opened to lick it as he moved it back and forth. He then stuck his dick in my mouth so I could polish it some more.

It had been a long time since I sucked a cock, but believe me it is just like riding a bicycle, once you learn, you never forget. I turned my head so as to lean it off the side of the bed. Kevin deep-throated me as he played with my tits. My brother's cock felt great in the mouth and throat. The titty rub was a wonderful extra. Kevin shot his load down my throat and said, "Merry Christmas" as he put his pajamas back on and headed back to his room.

The next day my parents headed out for Kirkland. Kevin suggested we go to a Christmas party on Christmas Eve with a few of the single college guys who were alone and not at home this Christmas. "They are going to have a Chinese Christmas party," Kevin coaxed.

"What is a Chinese Christmas party?" I asked. I thought I had known everything, being from Indiana.

Kevin explained it was a southern tradition that Bo had mentioned. People would swap gifts by drawing numbers from a hat. You could either choose an unopened gift or one that someone else had opened.

It seemed kind of simple. "So we need to buy a Christmas gift?" I asked, as that would be the next logical step.

"No", Kevin replied. "You are going to be the Christmas gift.

"I am not screwing your drunken buddies as a fucking Christmas present," I said.

"No! No!" Kevin retorted. "I was thinking more of a lap dance. It would open up the party a bit. Besides these are all guys like me that don't have girlfriends. It would mean a lot to some lucky fellow."

I agreed, but with terms, "But I keep my clothes on and no touching unless I do the touching."

Kevin nodded. That night I put on my infamous green elf costume. I also had to wear a pair of corduroy pants under it to keep my ass from freezing on the way to the party. If the boys wanted to see some leg, they would have to pay for the heating.

We got to the house and as it turned out there were only a handful of people there. Bo, the southern boy, was by far the largest in the group. He sported quite the gut on him. He was wearing an old faded t-shirt with the words "F.B.I. Female Body Inspector" right smack in the middle of it. It sent shivers down my spine just thinking about that huge creepy guy touching me. No way was he getting a lap dance.

There was one jock at the party. He played football, or almost. He was the third string QB at Notre Dame. A lot of people had to die before he became famous. His name was Dan.

There were two geeky looking kids there. They looked as if they could have passed for 16, although clearly they were older being in college. Still, they could have used some Clearasil. There names were Stanley and Russell.

There was one black person there. He was too well dressed and behaved for this crowd. He was an upper classman. His name was Ron.

I was the only woman in the group, which was fine by me. I prefer to be around men anyway. The latest fad was drinking high priced vodka chilled and on the rocks. They didn't offer me a choice. I ended up watering down my drink a little to take the edge off of it, but I think the results were just the same.

The group chatted and mingled for a little bit, and then it was decided to swap gifts. The guys all pulled numbers out of a hat and Kevin got the first choice. With that he announced he was going to take the gift he had brought which was a "sexy lap dance from my sister."

Bo popped up, "You're shittin' us." The room started to buzz.

Kevin responded to the buzz that was going on, "No, I am not. You can get a lap dance from my sister or take your chances with a coffee mug set."

After they realized Kevin was serious, the fun began. Every guy opted for the lap dance over what was in the box. When it was all said and done, Bo had won the lap dance.

Just my luck. The guys were quick to place a chair in the middle of the floor for Bo to sit on. They hit upon "Girls! Girls! Girls!" to be the lap dance song of all time. I instructed Bo to sit on his hands at all times or else the dance would end. Bo agreed.

As the music played I began my dance. I moved around Bo's chair allowing my boobs to brush up against him. I danced and held up my skirt showing off my green elf panties and hose. I kicked off my shoes and had Bo part his legs so I could put my stocking clad foot on the chair. I moved my ass a bit then slid my foot up to the point where my toes were touching his crotch. I could feel the guy get a hard on while I wiggled my toes against his pants.

With his cock nice and hard, now was the time for the lap part of the lap dance. I sat gently down on his lap, rubbing my ass slowly up and down along his cock with the music. With the guys cheering and Bo breathing heavy, I spun around and sat abruptly down upon what was Bo's hard-on. Bo let out a slight yelp of pain, which I eased by leaning forward and rubbing my breasts in his face.

I ended up the number with a good old fashion dry hump on his dick. The boys applauded. We mingled around a little, and then I noticed Stanley had gotten a nice set of wind chimes. He remarked, "I wish I had gotten a lap dance instead of these crummy wind chimes."

I told Stanley, "That's not a problem. Want to swap?" I then gave Stanley the same lap dance I had given Bo in exchange for his wind chimes.

After that lap dance Russell spoke up, "I have a coffee mug set I would swap for a lap dance." Eventually I ended up with all the gifts. I had Kevin take them out to the car as it involved a couple of trips. After the gifts had been spent, I told the guys, "I also take cash."

I was now doing "$10 and $20 lap dances. On $20 lap dances I would allow the boys the slight use of their hands.

Things actually wound down a bit. I would get caught under the mistletoe every time I went to the bathroom. The mistletoe was hanging on the doorway to the hall leading to the bathroom. There was no avoiding it or them. As the night progressed and I got more drunk, the longer and deeper the kisses had become.

I was sitting on the sofa with my brother Kevin and Russell and we were discussing using hypnotism to lose weight and stop smoking. I thought it was a great idea; I could lose a couple of pounds, although all the boys said I looked just right.

Russell said he was almost a certified hypnotist and that if I wanted he could hypnotize me so I could dislike french fries and lose a few pounds.

I said, "Right, let you hypnotize me in a room full of men. I don't think so."

Russell explained, "It is safe. I can't make you do anything you don't want to. Besides your brother is here. What could go wrong?"

"Okay," I said. This could be fun. Russell brought out a watch and swung it in my face. I was told to concentrate on the watch and was told I was getting sleepy. It sounded corny and I wasn't the least bit sleepy. If fact I was wide awake trying to hold back the laughter.

I thought it would be fun to pretend I was asleep, just to see what would happen and if my brother would protect me. I laid back on the sofa and shut my eyes and made my head go limp. Should I snore? I opted not to snore.

Russell said he would awaken me, but I would still be under his spell and I would do anything that anyone ordered me to do. I could see where this was going.

As I awoke, Russell gave me a few quick commands, "Tammy stand up, Tammy sit down, Tammy stand up, Tammy sit down."

I felt like a yo-yo. I wish he would get on with it.

Then it was "Tammy you will allow Russell to remove your pants."

I had on my green elf pants over my elf panty hose. Russell reached up under my short skirt and pulled down my pants.

The room let out a gasp. Bo was saying, "Let me do something next."

Russell cautioned Bo not to go to fast as I might balk or come out of the trance. We needed to proceed slowly and that we had all night.

"Tammy" Russell continued. "It is warm in here. You would be more comfortable without your panty hose. Why don't you take them off and hand them to Bo?"

I stood up and removed my hose. I walked over to Bo and handed them to him. My brother did nothing. Bo sniffed the crotch of my hose-- the ones that looks like I am now going to throw away, then he lifted up the front of my skirt and took a look at my pussy.

Russell then took me by the hand and paraded me around the room to the various boys who took turns lifting my skirt and looking at my naked pussy and ass. Some of the more daring ones copped a feel.

Russell continued with his suggestions, "Tammy it is real hot in here. You would be more comfortable without any clothes. All of us are blind and can't see you, so it is okay." At this point Kevin broke in, "This has gone far enough. I think it is time to stop this before it goes too far."

The guys felt bad. There wasn't a single person who protested. Some of the guys got up from their chairs and pretended nothing had happened, leaving me and Kevin alone.

I looked at Kevin and winked. I mouthed to him, "It's alright, I am just playing."

Kevin looked a little shocked. He winked back at me and then said, "It is hot in here Tammy, take off the rest of your clothes."

The guys gave out a group, "Huh?" and scurried back to their positions. I unzipped the back of the garment and let it drop. Then I unhooked the bra so I was completely naked.

I got up and went to the bathroom. No hypnotism was going to stop that. On my return trip all the boys were lined up under the mistletoe. I gave them all deep kisses as they took turns feeling up my tits and pussy.

I sat down on the sofa to catch my breath. Stanley and Russell sat on each side of me "weighing" my breast with their hands. I sat with my legs spread open so the boys across the room wouldn't feel left out.

Then Ron suggested, "You know, now would be the time to get some free lap dances."

The guys agreed. I was instructed to dance around the room naked giving everyone free nude lap dances.

The guys moved the chairs around in a circle with me in the middle of it. They turned up the stereo and they all took their places. I danced naked in front of them, allowing all the boys a good look at my naked body. I then started out with Dan, the quiet jock. I rubbed my naked body against him. His hands freely explored me as I made no effort to discourage him.

Dan squeezed my tits as my naked ass rubbed up and down on his crotch. I turned around to face Dan and allowed to suck my tits as my pussy massaged his cock through his pants.

I then moved onto the next lucky guy, which was Ron, the only black guy in the room. I repeated my dance moves for Ron. Ron seemed less excited about breasts as he was about my ass and pussy, which he had his hands all over.

I moved to Stanley next. During the lap dance Stanley unzipped his pants and exposed his cock. "Lap dance on this," he ordered.

As the "hypnotized" love slave of this group, I obeyed Stanley and placed Stanley's dick inside my pussy as I wiggled on his lap to the music. His cock felt good inside of me. I got off his lap and turned around to face Stanley, mashing my tits into his chest. While fucking Stanley, Russell walked over and pulled out his cock and stuck it in my face. He gave me a simple one word command, "Suck."

I knew what to do with a cock. I didn't have to be told twice. I took his cock in my mouth and put a vacuum on it.

"WOW!" Russell exclaimed as he looked over at Kevin. "Your sister could suck the chrome off a bumper!"

"You mean a bowling ball through a garden hose," Dan said.

The guys had a good time creating metaphors for my cock sucking ability.

It didn't take to long for Russell to cum in my mouth. It was a welcomed mouth wash for all that vodka. Stanley was right behind him with his load, filling my hot wet pussy.

It was now Bo's turn for a lap dance. He already had his cock out. Instead of the usual routine, I placed my hands on Bo's knees and flung my hair about his rigid pole.

Bo gently took me by the head and directed my mouth towards his cock. Apparently he didn't want the whole lap dance routine. I sucked on Bo's dick as he undid this trousers the rest of the way. While I was giving Bo a blow job of a lifetime, I wiggled my ass the boys as if to say, "I have a hole open, come fill me up."

Dan knew what to do. He got behind me and dropped his trousers. I felt his cock enter my pussy from behind. He reached around and found my clit. His finger played with me as his cock pounded me from behind. Meanwhile Bo reached down and grabbed a hand full of tit. He came in my mouth in what seemed about 3 seconds.

While Dan was plowing me from behind, Bo vacated his seat and Ron took his spot.

I quickly unzipped Ron's pants to get at his big black cock. I wasn't disappointed. He let me lick and suck his dick and balls till my heart's content.

Dan moved his hands up to grab my tits as he came in my pussy. With gobs of cum running down my leg, I continued to suck off Ron. I licked up and down his shaft, then would suck on his balls while I gave his cock a gentle tug. I then placed his cock fully in my mouth and bobbed up and down on his hard dark meat.

Ron reached down and pinched my nipples which made me orgasm. I wanted more cock. I got up off the floor and mounted myself on Ron's rigid organ. He didn't seem to mind the pre-lubrication provided by his buddies. I rode Ron as he fucked the hell out me. I must have cum a dozen times. I looked over at Kevin to see if he was taking notes about how a good fucking should go.

I fucked Ron for a good long time, clearly more than his fair share, but then again I really love Affirmative Action where long hard dicks are concerned.

After Ron came, I had gotten all the boys off except for Kevin, who was now smart enough NOT to fuck his sister in front of his friends. I would reward him later.

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