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Christmas Control


The month was December and my mistress Amy is very giving person. I found her online and I know that 98% of the mistresses found online are all fake, but this one was VERY real. Let me tell you about her, she is 5'9 and very slim. What is so appealing about her is her attitude, her walk, talk, and how she dominates. She is the most confident women i have ever met in my life.

I have been thinking of the idea of a relationship with a Female who is dominate for some time now and it just so happens that she came back from Europe, and was home for a year thank god when our paths crossed.

The time was November when we started talking. She started off by getting to know my boundaries, which aren't very many. She was interested in me because she saw that i enjoy giving control. She lived in a nearby town and I gave her my address I told her every single thing about me. She told me to expect something in the mail in the next coming days. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was thinking in my mind what will she be doing.

So two weeks before Christmas she sent me a chastity cock cage. I asked her what i was supposed to do with this and she replied to put this on my pathetic cock and said to do it immediately or else she would punish me. I put the harness on and had problems getting out of it. She send me a lock with it and said she had the only key around a anklet on her foot. I thought that was so hot. She wanted to control my cock with only her foot while she was not here. I was instantly hard as I put it on. She told me that i was NOT ALLOWED to take it off for any reason. How was i supposed to take it off any way? The feeling of it on touching my cock was exciting and there was constant precum dripping down my leg which she told me to gather from my leg and to massage it around my lips tongue and under my nose. She said she wanted me to be familiar with the scent of cum in my mouth and face. I obliged and did as directed.

One week before Christmas she sent me anklets, and told me to put them on and to keep them on until she told me to do otherwise. It felt weird at first but then i got used to it. Keeping them on while i was working not trying to show that i had them on. i had to wear socks around them to hide them every time.

A few days before Christmas she sent me wrist restraints, and told me to put them on not take them off. I had a feeling i knew where this was going. She wanted me bound and helpless, and i was going to obey my mistress. I wanted to please her so badly at this point and she knew she had complete and utter control of me. I would have done ANYTHING she said. If she told me to go jump off a bridge i would have. She owned my mind and body.

She then sent me a small restraint that went around my balls. It felt very interesting, it separated my balls from my cock. If you can imagine i was hard most of the day thinking of her and I had the most massive case of blue balls imaginable. Then the next day I received a collar. She told me to keep it on even under my clothes when i went to work no matter what. It was kind of hard to hide that but i did wearing turtle necks and trying to hard to hide it. Then she sent me a device which attached to my collar like a chain and went down my back and had a little ball at the end. I was supposed to stick this little anal ball in my ass which was so interesting because it had a vibe function which was remote based and everywhere there was wifi she could have access to it.

She use it all the time! She buzzed that thing at the most odd times and i would be buzzing in my ass while at work. The feeling of her having utter control of me just kept making me more obedient to her.

She then sent me a paddle made of leather, rope, and a cross harness which looked like a hog tie device. I was starting to get nervous. Even though she was not here she was starting to make me nervous and I did not know what was next. This was no 50 shades of grey, this was hardcore obedient submissive slut/mistress relationship. Every time she spoke to me or referred to me she would say slave/bitch/cock sucker and other degrading words but i was ok with it because she was my mistress and master.

I was home the next day after work she buzzed the anal plug for so long that when i told her i was at home, I was not bale to resist and cum came out of my cock through the harness and dripped down my leg to my feet. She told me that i had no right to do that and was not allowed to cum without her permission. She told me to scrape up every piece of cum and put it in my mouth and i had a video feed showing her. She made me do it very very slow from my left leg into my mouth with my index and middle finger, then my right leg, and then my feet. It was very hard to clean up the cum on my cock i had to use the shower to clean it up. She made sure that the cum was in my mouth. She said to rub it on my lips, under my nose and to keep it there and the only way i could get it off is to use my tongue to clean it up from my lips. She said that was a huge turn off. She loved the fact that i was her obedient little bitch and took cum just because she said so.

She also knew that I loved feet and I would idolize her feet if she was ever infant of me. She told me that i would have to please her in ways that even she had not done before because she demanded i do it.

It was finally Christmas day and i thought i wouldn't be receiving any more gifts from her because it was a holiday. I thought wrong! The buzzing in my ass started going off, and i thought the mistress would be on the phone wanting me to do something, but then all of a sudden the door bell rang, i had all the restraints on the anal plug in buzzing and the collar, i thought no one would notice the collar in my robe so i walked down to the door and there was the most beautiful women i had ever seen and she had another guy with her who seemed very assertive also. He was over 6' dark hair and very rugged looking. I thought "oh oh" what is going on here who is he. It was my mistress and some guy.

Without saying a single word, she unrobed me with the door open pushed my head down to the ground, put a leash on my collar walked in and said "come here you pathetic slave i have more gifts for you" i was on my knees immediately with my heart racing, i knew something was about to happen that would change me forever. The other guy walked in also and i thought i was about to get robbed just because of how built he was and agressive looking. She was happy that i had everything on that she wanted and said she was here to give me my Christmas gift.

She took off her jacket which was leather and had fishnet stalkings on, with tall heels, a short skirt with a huge protruding dildo hanging out of it and a short top. I was in absolute awe. The guy was wearing a suit and started to take his jacket off while she dragged me to my room, i live in a condo downtown where there are many buildings that are beside each other and when you open up the curtains people can see you, she opened up all the curtains and made sure people could have a view of what was about to happen. I felt embarrassed and excited at the same time because The buildings are pretty high up and I have never met these people but seen some naked people here and there. I am sure if someone was watching they would be in for a treat!

She told me that this was Tim, and he helps her out from time to time with certain issues and problems that she has. Today he was there to help her with me. I thought i was not going to cause only problems at all for her so why would she need him? She said it was not enough. She needed me to know that i am her property and that i will do ANYTHING that she wanted. I had never been with a guy before and thought "what was about to happen"

She asked me if I had ever been with a guy before and i told her NO, and had no interest in it. She said GOOD! with a evil grin on her face, because today you are going to prove to me how much of a slave you are to me and my slut. Tim by this point was wearing a collar also, but it was interesting because his harness had a chain that went down to his cock, anytime he move his neck it would move his cock and it buzzed when she wanted him too. He was wearing very tight jock strap and his body was perfect. It was very admirable i was confused as to what to expect and do.

She grabbed him and he sat on the couch wearing just the jock and collar. She grabbed me by the collar brought me over there and told me to suck on his toe. i was a bit confused and resisted a little but did that. I loved feet and his feet looked very nice, but it was her feet i wanted to lick. She said to close my eyes and pretend that it is a lollypop. Even though i thought it was really weird i did as i was told and it felt and tasted so weird a little bit like sweat. She told me that i had to be on my knees and hands with my back arched so my ass stuck up for her to see my asshole

She put a small cup under my cock and was collecting my precum as I did this. I sucked on his big toe for about 5 minutes and she told me to suck on his other toe. I had sucked on each one of his toes by the end of 30 minutes and started to enjoy the feeling of sucking as it strangely gave me some pleasure and my ass started to have a strange tingling feeling. I didn't understand it, she told me this sucking is in the appetizer and the meal is coming. She then told me to lick all the way up his legs to his jock strap and use my teeth to move the jock so his cock is sticking out.

It was weird to do this, but i did as I was told, and she led me with the collar all the way up his leg to his jock. The same time she kept taking my precum and poured it in the arch of my back as it dripped down to my asshole with the anal plug still in. She finally took the anal plug out and poured some of the precum directly on it. Then she stuck the dildo touching my ass then in my drooling mouth and i tasted my preum, she told me she was just getting started!

She then poured up precum on the dildo and just kept it on the outside of my asshole. up and down and kept tapping it on my ass without sticking it in. Meanwhile i was at his jock using my teeth to move his bulging cock. I told her that it is not working, and she said i can try using other entry points and did not have to use the front. I wasn't sure what she meant but if you know what a jock looks like you know the backside is open. He did not say anything at all, it was only her that spoke. She told him to lift himself a little and let me try to get in other ways, so he was now in a squatting position.

He lifted himself up and i tried to use my teeth to move it down, but it was not working that well. It was when he lifted that i saw his ass and his HUGE cock was sticking out of the jock basically was touching his ass hole. She told me that this was my best was to get to it out, and to use what i had because i had to complete the task. I felt very uncomfortable but aroused and controlled all at the same time. My job was to get his cock out of that jock. So i tried to use my nose to move it out but it did not work, and my nose basically caressed his asshole, she said use my tongue to slide it around and into your mouth then suck it hard until it is all out of there. I was so embarrassed and kept saying i cant mistress, then i felt a very hard smack on my ass with a paddle each time i resisted and a pull on my chain around my neck, then I just decided to just go for it.

His cock was hard but in some type of harness keeping it in that position where his head was basically touching his asshole, I had to to move it out with my mouth so if i did all of his precum would be in my mouth and my tongue would be in his ass and there was no way around it. So i decided to just do as my mistress told me to, I stuck my tongue out as much as i could and maneuvered his cock around with my tongue and lips and as i did that; his cock popped all the way out. He kind of leg of of the squatting position and his cock basically fell in my mouth and i basically swallowed his cock and my tongue grazed his asshole. He let out a huge sigh and i was chocking on his cock. It must have been at least 8.5-9 inches. My tongue is very long so it worked out like that. i was on now on my back he was squatting on my face and his cock went in my mouth and i was powerless.

I think the mistress knew that would happen. She saw as i was chocking and i pulled his cock out of my mouth. She told me I was not to use my hands, only mouth and I said YES mistress! She opened up my mouth and put some spray in there and said this will help you fucking slut i know you love his cock in your mouth. You need it in there to obey me. The spray did help. His cock slid in my mouth right down my throat after some adjusting. I had never experienced anything like this before. and the precum and drool where coming down my chin and going on my tongue, and my tongue was basically in his ass. He was loving it.

Meanwhile the mistress is teasing my ass, priming me before she sticks it in. She wont stick it in just yet, and at this point my ass is tight but aching for her to put it in and she tells me until i beg her for it she wont put it in me. I need to beg and show her how much i want it in my ass. I have a huge cock in my mouth with my tongue licking his ass and my ass being played with. I keep thrusting my pelvis trying to get her to put it in, but she wont do it.

She sticks in just the tip of the dildo in my ass and my mouth opens up wider, and she pulls Tim out and turns me around and sticks this dildo which has been toying my ass into my mouth making me swallow the dildo and my precum mixed with the taste of my ass. She takes it out and says suck on his balls. He goes back down to the couch and she sticks the dildo in my ass just the tip again not allowing me to feel it. His cock is glistening with precum my saliva and is dripping on my face down my forward cheek in my mouth.

I start to suck on his balls like i am going to eat them and he is moaning in ecstasy but did not cum. He was very controlled and it was impressive how much control there was. Clearly with lots of practice from the mistress who enjoys control over others.

By now i am moaning for her cock/dildo to be put in my ass so bad. I cant stand it any more and i slide my ass back so the dildo slides in me, and it went in about 4 inches when she took it out and got very angry. "you stupid fucking slave, who said you could use my dildo without my permission. You will only do as i say." She spit on the dildo several time sticking just the head in my ass, and then out again for more spit. She then stuck the dildo in my mouth and back in my ass and spit on it.

Then she saw that Tim was about to Cum and he was holding it in. She took the dildo out and as both of his balls are in my mouth she took his cock and put the dildo in front of it and my face was behind and she told him to erupt! He came hard, all over the dildo, and the reminisce on my face. She told me to suck on his balls harder and i did and the cum only came on the dildo a little bit.

She told me that you are going to let go of his balls and she is going to stick his cock in your mouth and if any cum comes outside it was going in my ass. So i let go of his balls and he groaned and stuck his cock deep in my mouth and i felt all of his cum in my mouth and it was way too much. Because i was sucking on his balls the cum was not all out, it only came out after i let go of the suction. It started to come out and down my chin down on Tims foot, and also the Mistresses foot. I thought oh oh. She is going to punish me.

She slapped me and pulled on my collar and said you bitch now you will have to have this in your ass. He spit on my face, and in my mouth. His cock was pulled out of my mouth and rubbed more on the dildo and put back in my mouth until he was limp and your cock was dry but my face, and mouth, were dripping of cum.

The mistress spit on Tims foot, and her foot where the cum was and i spread my ass for them, he stuck his toe in my ass until the cum was in the outside of my ass and in my ass. She did the same thing also and said this was going to be the lube to fuck my ass. There was of course cum on more parts not just the toes and she said stick his toes in my mouth. I licked all of his cum off his foot and his toes, now after some time i sucked on his toe and i got harder. I think the mistress was training me that when i suck i get aroused. It worked, anytime i put anything in my mouth i would get hard instantly.

Then she actually left me lick her feet and heels. I was in ecstasy being able to touch her at all and she yanked on my collar until it was all clean and i made sure i used my tongue to please her in any way possible. She told I was a fuckin pathetic bitch. She would spit on her foot and i would lick it clean.

She then took the cum filled dildo and spit on it, told me to spit on it and put the head in my ass, it felt like heaven but hurt because it was so big. She then took her heels off and her fish net stalkings where in between her toes. I was weak in the knees.

She had me in doggy style with a collar on, and now restrained my legs and arms together in a hog tie position. My feet, and hands where facing her as I was on the ground and my legs where on my chest. kind of like a reverse hog tie doggy style position with a collar on and her with a leash.

She was sitting on the edge of a chair and had that cock in my ass just the tip, and both feet in front of me. Her toes are in front of me and she made me smell her feet and then lick each and every curve of her feet with the tip in my ass. She then said suck on my big toe and i sucked on her toe like it was Tim's cock and i was harder then before. She finally stuck her cock deep into my ass and I moaned very loud and she yanked on my leash pulling my neck and it was a tight leash. It was kind of sexy it felt like being choked a little. If you understand what i mean. It was not in a violent way but sexy.

I sucked on her feet like they were the only thing left in this world. She looked like she was liking it. She told Tim to come back and stick his cock in my mouth again with her feet. I was sucking on 2 toes and a cock in my mouth. She was stretching my mouth with her toes and he had his cock there. She told him not to move and that my head had to cause the friction to make him hard in my mouth again.

His cock got hard quick and was touching the back of my throat again. At this time my precum was almost at half a cup and she took off the chastity before continuing. Now my cock was out i had this cum filled dildo in my ass, Tim's cock in my mouth and her toes.

She wanted me to taste myself and took out the dildo and told Tim to trade, and Tim went around and stuck his massive cock in my ass and she told him to grab my ass cheeks with both hands and keep slapping them. He spit on the dildo and so did she and told me to spit on the dildo also before it went back in my mouth and it had his cum on it also.

She told him to turn me around and now i was on my back hog tied and my shoulders were up with a dildo in my mouth his cock in my ass and my cock freely all over the place and then she yanked on my collar some more and i think Tiim touched my prostate or g spot because cum erupted on my face, the dildo, her feet, and his feet. I was moaning so hard. She was angry because i came so quick. She made me slowly lick it off everywhere from her toes in-between her feet, and then her legs, the dildo, and his toes. He was still very hard and they traded again and his cock was in my mouth again and her dildo deep in my ass.

It was very hard to let that go because i had already came and the feeling was overwhelming. But i had to let it go and and then she put her feet in front of my face and dildo. He came all over her feet and dildo. I had to first lick off each drop from her feet, then the dildo and she made me deep throat the dildo. Then after that Tim was waiting for his turn. She put a leash around my balls and made me suck Tim dry. He was happy i was sucking his massive cock dry again and i was all bondage up with a leash around my neck powerless.

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