tagLesbian SexChristmas Day at the Office

Christmas Day at the Office


It was Christmas Eve and I was behind my desk finishing a last minute report that was due Monday. I hated it. It sucked but it was my own fault for not taking care of the stupid thing before the holiday season started.

"Ma'am...what are you doing here?"

It was the office janitor coming in to start cleaning the top floor.

"Just finishing up. You're welcome to clean," I said as I looked her over. She was nothing like the person you expected to see cleaning bathrooms or offices.

"I don't look like a janitor do I?" she said as she caught my eyes looking at her firm breasts, great ass and legs. The kind of legs that should be shown off at all times.

"Honestly, no you don't," I admitted.

I found myself smiling for the first time that whole day.

"Why do you have this kind of job anyway?" I asked.

"I just like to clean," she said and shrugged. "It's quiet here and there's no one bossy to deal with when I'm working...I tried doing homes before and the women were crazy," she said and laughed.

She had a great laugh.

"I'm Lynn," I said as I extended my hand. She quickly removed her yellow glove and shook my hand.

"I'm Gabriela," she said in a low, sexy voice.

Instead of letting go of my hand she pulled me closer to her.

"You like my body?" she asked, now using an innocent tone.

I somehow managed to say a quick yes and she began to kiss me. Even with the soft smell of cleaning supplies all over her body she felt good on my skin.

We leaned back onto the desk as we began to kiss deeper. Soon she was undressing me and I was undressing her. The last thing on our minds was someone catching us or security coming by and stopping our fun. Why stop it when they could just watch the security footage from the office? I assumed they were all watching with their cocks already out.

She licked me like a piece of cotton candy. Her tongue found my clit and her finger found my entrance. She licked and ate me until I couldn't hold onto my orgasm and came into her mouth.

"Tastes better than pumpkin pie," she whispered before my lips found hers and I began to overpower her.

As I kissed her deeply my fingers found their way to her clit and her wet hole. She whimpered with every touch. My mouth found its way down to her breasts and I began to toy with each of her hard nipples. I licked and hummed over them while my finger continued to move deeper into her body.

I wondered if she was a women that liked toys because I had plenty at home for us to play with.

For now, however, my focus was on making her cum. I wanted to taste her sweetness and feel her body tremble inside of my mouth. I kissed soft pecks on her bare stomach before finally getting to the small bush above her juicy V. Her legs opened wide for me and she looked down at me as my finger never stopped rocking back and forth inside of her. She was already close. I knew that once I started licking her, she'd take only seconds to cum.

I flicked my tongue slowly around her outer lips. She loved it. My finger dug deeper into her. I was able to slide another finger into her greatness as she began moaning and begging for more. Her hips were rocking with every push of my fingers inside of her.

I licked around her whole V until she started placing her hand onto my head. She wanted me to suck it and lick it before she came. She wanted it badly I could tell. It was fun for me to tease her and even more fun for her to be teased. I was driving her crazy.

"Lick me," she begged, growing louder and louder.

I finally gave in and poked my tongue from my mouth and let it rest on her clit. With three or four flicks of my thick, long tongue her body was shaking. Her legs were holding onto my face and her pussy didn't let go of my fingers. She was screaming and moaning like a wild person. But it only got better when I noticed that my fingers were coated in her white cum.

She had squirted all over my hand and chest.

The smiles on both of our faces were stuck there for the next few minutes.

She finally got her tired, satisfied body to move and began to dress quickly in the corner. Without a word, she collected all the trash bags from the trashcans and walked out.

That was the best Christmas I ever spent at work!

I sat there, still with a smile on my face, and hoped that after the holiday I could make her cum harder in the privacy of my home.

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