tagErotic CouplingsChristmas Eve

Christmas Eve


Not a creature was stirring, as Haley sat quietly by the fireplace. It was dark in the house with only the lights on the Christmas tree twinkling. The hands on Haley's watch said 1:15AM. It wasn't supposed to be taking this long. Santa was supposed to have been there an hour ago.

Actually Santa was being played by a friend of her brother, dressed up as Santa. Haley had a fantasy of having sex with Santa since she was sixteen. She knew that Santa wasn't real, but the idea of having sex with someone dressed as Santa really excited her. So this year Haley's brother had arranged for a friend to play Santa. However the friend had no idea what was in store for him when he arrived at Haley's house to deliver her presents. Haley had been very specific in her wishes for Santa. Besides being dressed like Santa, he had to sound like Santa and have a beard that wouldn't pull off in the heat of passion.

Haley was dressed in her very best green thong bikini bottom and her best Frederick's of Hollywood red half-cup bra. Behind her green thong she was shaved bare as an extra treat for Santa. Her Frederick's bra was so very full that her nipples and three quarters of her breasts spilled over the sides. What better way to show off her breasts than to put her EE's into a C cup. Haley paced the room as she waited for her Santa to arrive. She hoped that the wait would really be worth the $100 she had paid her brother.

Haley heard a sound in the kitchen and went to investigate. Surely Santa wouldn't have arrived through the back door. She had left the front door unlocked and told her brother to make sure Santa knew this. False alarm. There was no one there and there were no footprints in the snow by the back porch. As Haley walked back to the living room, something rustled beside the tree. Haley peered into the darkness and saw the outline of someone putting presents under the Christmas tree. He's here! I never heard him arrive through the front door. This guy knew how to be quiet.

"Santa, is that really you?" Haley said in her sexiest voice.

"Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas Haley," Santa replied. "You're supposed to be in bed like everyone else."

" But you see Santa, I had to stay up just to see you this year," said Haley as she tip toed closer to Santa.

"I had to thank you personally for all the wonderful presents you left me."

"There's no need for that," said Santa. "Now you run along like a good little girl so Santa can finish his...."

Santa never finished his sentence. Just as he was about to say the word `work', Haley stepped beside him and into the light from the tree. Santa's eyes bugged as he saw this gorgeous creature standing half naked in front of him. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, luscious red lips, and an absolutely killer figure, topped off by the biggest roundest pair of breasts he had ever seen. Santa was silent. He couldn't say a word. He could only stare at this beautiful young lady's breasts whose nipples were jutting over the front of her bra.

"Does Santa like what he sees?" said Haley.

"Why....y....y...yes!" he replied licking his lips.

"Why don't you touch them and feel how soft they are."

As Santa slowly raised his hand to touch Haley's breasts, she could see a tremor in his fingertips. She closed the distance between them and met Santa's hand as it came slowly toward her nipple. Just as Santa touched her nipple a spark of static electricity jumped across and startled them both.

"Why Santa, look what happened to my nipple. It's gotten even harder."

That was not the only thing that had gotten hard. As Haley looked at her very erect nipple she saw that Santa had a nice erection started in his pants. Haley reached up and unclasped her bra and let her huge melons fall free. As Santa fondled her boobs and pinched her nipples, Haley ran her hands down the front of Santa's pants to his erection. She grabbed him and started feeling just how big he was inside his huge red pants. She heard him moan softly as he felt her hands on him as he played with her breasts.

Haley knelt down and quickly unfastened Santa's pants. She pulled them down and exposed his stiff cock. The head of his penis was fat and a light purple in colour. His balls were rather large and hung loosely several inches below his cock. Haley picked them up in both hands and started kneeding them as she sucked on the head of Santa's cock. As she worked on the head she began to take him deeper into her throat. Finally Haley was taking his full 8 inches to the back of her throat.

Santa could only say a weak, "Ho....ooh, Ho....ooh, Ho....ooh," several times.

Haley knew she had to be fast before Santa left, so she quickly stood up and removed her thong and led Santa to the couch. She sat him down and climbed onto Santa's lap facing him. She straddled his legs with her pussy poised over his hard-on.

"Oh Santa, I guess I've been very naughty this year but in such a nice way. I guess I'll have to be the one giving Santa a gift. Don't you agree?"

With that said Haley then impaled herself on Santa's erection, and started to ride him like a bucking bronco. Santa grabbed her hips and gave her the ride she was looking for as he leaned forward and sucked on Haley's erect nipples.

Within a few minutes Santa started to get even harder deep inside her. His breathing became more labored. Haley was on the verge of cumming herself. In one huge thrust Santa shot a hot load of sperm deep into Haley as she felt herself climaxing along with him. She continued to ride up and down on his hard cock draining as much cum from his balls as possible.

"Merry Christmas Haley, Merry Christmas," was all Santa repeated as he continued to caress her breasts and suck her nipples as he finished his orgasm. When Haley felt Santa start to lose his erection and slip out of her vagina, she climbed off his lap, leaned forward and gave him a long deep kiss with lots of tongue.

Just at that moment Haley heard the front door bell.

"Who could be ringing at this time of night, on Christmas morning?" she said angrily.

Haley ran to the door and peeked out the spy hole.

It was her brother Jeff. What did he want. Things were going very well with her Santa and she really didn't want to be interrupted.

"Haley, open up, I've got some bad news," said Jeff.

"Come on Haley! Don't keep me out in the cold, let me come in and tell you what happened to your Santa."

Haley opened the door and let her brother in.

"Can't you see I'm right in the middle of my Santa Claus," Haley said as she stood naked before her brother.

"That's what I'm here to tell you. He won't be coming. I've just come from the hospital. I've been with him all night. He fell earlier on his way over here and has a broken leg."

"What do you mean he's not coming here and has a broken leg?" Haley fumed.

"Just what I said. He broke his leg when he slipped and fell on some ice on his way to the car around 11PM. I was with him and took him to the hospital."

"Well then who did I just fuck not two minutes ago? I just had sex with a guy in a red suit who looked and sounded like Santa. He's right in the living room on the sofa with his pants down around his ankles dripping cum from his cock. Let's go see who it was if it wasn't the guy you hired."

Jeff and Haley made their way to an empty living room to discover a note on the coffee table.

It said, "Thank you for the wonderful Christmas gift Haley. I usually don't get presents like that for Christmas. You've been very very nice this year."

It was signed, "Santa!"

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