tagGroup SexChristmas Eve

Christmas Eve


"Eve, are you ready to go?" Christian asked his girlfriend of two years.

"Almost" she replied from the bathroom. Christian walked in and looked at her. Her five feet eleven inch tall, slender frame was dressed in a short, red velvet dress, thigh high stockings and high heels. The bodice of her dress pushed her perfectly shaped tits up until they practically spilled over the top of it. She looked like a Christmas present ready to be opened.

"My God you look amazing he said as he slipped his arms around her waist and nuzzled her neck.

"You don't look to bad yourself," she said checking out his perfectly tailored Armani suit in the mirror. "Now get off me so I can get these damn earrings on" she said as she wiggled out of his grasp. Christian did as she said but not without grabbing a handful of her gorgeous, firm and perfectly shaped ass first.

They drove to his bosses Holiday party across town. Christian had assured Eve that it was just a few of his coworkers and that they wouldn't stay long. Eve was really glad that she had gotten a head start on her buzz at home as she was sure this was going to be yet another boring Christmas party. They never did seem to attend any really good parties. When they arrived they were greeted at the door by a gorgeous woman dressed in a little black dress.

"Hi Chris," the woman said. "You must be Eve" she said as she placed her hand around Eve's waist and guided her into the room. Eve could have swore that the woman slipped her hand over her ass at one point but dismissed it as having had one too many glasses of wine before leaving the house.

"I'm Ellen, Don's wife. It's so nice to finally meet you," she purred "You are even prettier than Chris said you were" she continued. "Everyone, this is Eve, Chris' girlfriend," she said as she introduced the woman to the other people in the room.

"Eve, this is Dave and Donna, Mark and Marion and you know my husband, Don" she said as she conclude the introductions. "Can I get you a drink?" she asked as she released Eve and walked toward Christian.

"White wine if you have it thanks" Eve said.

"White wine it is. Christian?" she asked as she walked over to him and planted her hand in the middle of his chest.

"Seven and Seven please" he replied.

"You got it" she said with a wink as she walked away to get their drinks. Eve started over towards Christian and was intercepted by Donna and Marion.

"It's so nice to finally meet you" Donna stated, almost drooling it seemed "and Chris was right, you are drop dead gorgeous" Donna finished as she ran her hand down Eve's arm.

"An absolute stunner" Marion agreed.

"Thank you" Eve stammered feeling the blood rush to her face. She was used to compliments but not the blatantly obvious affections of pretty women at parties.

"If you'll excuse me for a moment ladies" Eve said as she politely walked around them and made her way across the room to where Christian was standing with his boss and Dave.

"Gentleman," she began. "If I could just steal Chris for a minute" she said as she took Chris by the elbow and led him away. "Would you mind telling me why the fuck those women are all over me darling" she hissed at him when she got him out of ear shot of his friends.

"Okay, look," he started. "I knew if I told you before we got here, you'd never have agreed to come and well, I think that if you'd just have a few drinks and take one of these" he said producing a little green pill, "you'd have a blast" Chris said holding the pill out towards her.

"What the hell is that and what are you talking about?" Eve said with a bewildered look on her face.

"This is a 'girl's night' party and it's all about the women" he said" and from what Don said, he and Ellen have been having these parties for years. They're swingers and so are some of the guys at work. They get together from time to time and have theme parties. Tonight is 'girl's night'. Don said that the women are the only ones that derive any pleasure. The guys have to just sit and watch. We can't touch anything" Chris finished with a slight smile.

"Are you telling me that you want me to participate in a fuck fest with these women Chris? Jesus!" Eve exclaimed. "I think you're the one on drugs" she said as she headed to the front door.

"Hold these, I've got this" Ellen said as she handed Chris the drinks she had poured for them, walked past him and followed Eve out the front door and onto the porch.

"Eve, sweetie, wait," Ellen cooed. " You've got it all wrong. Men can be so stupid. They let their dicks get in the way of their mouths sometimes," she said smiling sweetly at Eve. "We don't want you to do anything you're not completely comfortable with. We enjoy what we do and we just thought that you might like it as well" she continued. "Look, it's not everyone's cup of tea, hell, I didn't really like the idea at first but now, I don't really enjoy sex with just Don anymore, just don't tell him that" she laughed as she continued. "Why don't you just give it a try? We are all very good at it and the ecstasy makes it even better, if that's possible" she finished cocking her head to the side and smiling almost hypnotically at Eve.

"It's not that I'm a prude," Eve began. "I mean, I've thought about it before. I'm sure most women have but I've never even kissed a woman before. I'm not sure I'd even know where to start" Eve said laughing nervously.

"Well darling," Ellen said stepping in closer to Eve and taking her by the hand. "You begin at the beginning" she said as she leaned in and gently pressed her lips against Eve's. Eve didn't know if it was the night air, the wine, the taste of Ellen's lip gloss or the combination of all of those things, but something stirred deep inside her. Eve stepped in closer to Ellen and her arms went around the woman's neck. Her lips parted and her tongue found the warm depths of Ellen's mouth. A slight moan escaped Eve. Ellen seized the opportunity to run her perfectly manicured hand up the front of Eve's dress to her half exposed breast. Eve sucked in her breath as Ellen gave Eve's nipple a light squeeze. Ellen was now returning Eve's kiss as passionately as she was getting it. Ellen released Eve's tit and slowly did the same to her lips.

"Mmmm" Ellen said as she stepped back to look Eve in the eyes. "That was one of the sweetest first kisses I've ever had" she said slowly licking her lips.

"Me too" Eve admitted.

"Come on, you'll have a blast, I swear!" Ellen said as she took Eve by the hand. Eve followed Ellen into the house. Ellen headed to where Marion and Donna were standing and Eve told her she'd be right there as she walked over to Chris.

"Okay, you want it, you got it" she said "Give me the pill" she demanded as she put her hand out. "Just remember, don't touch a thing and that includes your dick or we're out of her" she warned him as she took the pill, swallowed it down with a sip of her wine and walked off to his amazement. He didn't know what the hell Ellen had said to her but he sure was glad she'd said it.

Eve walked over to where the other women were standing. She suddenly felt she was going to fit right into their little circle. Donna slipped her arm around Eve's waist as Marion reached over and stroked her cheek. Eve could see that Christian was watching her every move and that's when she decided to give him something to watch. She slipped her arm around Marion's waist and pulled her close. Eve looked into the woman's eyes and placed her lips at the base of her neck. Donna caressed Eve's lower back, sliding her hand across her perfect ass as Eve kissed the hollow of Marion's neck.

Marion leaned her head back as Eve made her way slowly upwards. A moan escaped her lips as Eve used her tongue to trace a path up her neck to her ear. Marion couldn't help herself and claimed Eve's lips in a fevered kiss. Donnas' hand left Eve's ass and went around to one of her tits. She found Eve's nipple and gently squeezed it as she used her free hand to slide up the inside of Eve's dress. She found Eve's pantie covered mound and gently applied pressure to it with two of her fingers. Eve left Marion's lips and went to Donna. Ellen stood up from the couch where she'd been enjoying the show.

"Ladies, please, follow me" she said as she turned and headed to the bedroom. "Gentlemen, please allow us a few minutes to get our bearings" she finished as she walked passed them and winked at Chris. The women followed Ellen into the bedroom and proceeded to help each other out of their clothes. Once down to their bras and panties, the women piled into the middle of the bed laughing like school girls. Eve was beginning to feel the effects of the pill she had taken.

Eve felt an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility. She had no feelings of insecurity whatsoever. She didn't necessarily feel high but she did feel euphoric. She felt all of her senses heighten. She felt love, desire and she felt horny as hell!

"Ladies, you two already know the rules for tonight so I'll briefly go over them for Eve's sake," she began. "It's all about us tonight Eve, especially you. The men can watch, but not touch anything, not even themselves" she continued to the other women's giggles. "We can however, touch them if we choose.

Chris is off limits, unless, it's alright with you," she said looking directly at Eve. Eve nodded her head in agreement. She figured she was in this far, why not go all the way. "Good," Ellen continued "but I think we should just leave them to suffer" she said with a smile "and as far as we're concerned, anything goes as long as no one says the word 'pumpernickel'. You got that Eve? The safe word is 'pumpernickel' Ellen repeated.

"Got it" Eve said. As soon as the words left her mouth, Marion leaned down and lightly kissed Eve's lips while Donna stretched out on the bed on the other side of her. Ellen got up and got a huge black strap on dildo out of the dresser drawer. She laid the toy on the nightstand and took her place between Eve's legs as the men filed silently into the room and took their places in the chairs that had been strategically placed around the bed.

Donna was busy working to undo the bra that held the masterpieces that were her tits. Ellen had hers removed and was working to remove Marion's as Marion moved her lips from Eve's mouth down her throat, hungrily seeking her perfectly shaped nipples. Donna reached around and unhooked Eve's bra making access to Eve's tit's easier for Marion.

From the other side of Eve, Donna reached down and slowly removed Eve's panties. Wet and damp, she tossed them to the floor in front of the men as she watched the look of frustration that was beginning to cross each their faces. She looked back at the women and smiled. Donna ran her hand down Eve's silky, smooth skin and to that perfectly shaped mound of hers. She slid two of her fingers across her clit making Eve cum at her touch. Donna smiled at the young woman and removed her fingers. Donna took her two fingers and slipped them past Ellen's lips. Ellen licked Eve's juices from Donnas' fingers. She tasted so sweet.

Ellen reached behind Marion and slipped her fingers deep inside of her. Marion's lips came off of Eve's nipple and she moaned as she came. Eve looked over at Chris; the look of torture on his face was priceless. Eve smiled at that fact. Ellen reached over and picked up the strap on from the nightstand. Donna took her cue and helped Ellen put the device on taking every opportunity to steal a kiss from her and stoke her wet and aching clit.

Once the apparatus was securely in place, Marion left Eve's tit and used her tongue to moisten the toy. She used long strokes to make it good and wet. When she was finished, Ellen slid the member against Eve's clit as Marion took one of Ellen's nipples into her mouth and Donna took the other.

Marion reached around behind Ellen and slipped two of her fingers deep inside of her while Donna stroked her clit. Ellen proceeded to fuck Eve's clit. Eve came with every other stroke. Eve bent her knees and took that huge cock deep inside. She fucked it as Ellen stroked her. She came repeatedly. When Ellen had her squirming and Donna and Marion were sure that Ellen was good and wet, they left the warm depths of her sweet spot, Donna took Ellen's place between Eve's legs.

Marion got up onto her hands and knees and Ellen took the huge black dildo and went to work fucking Marion hard and deep. With each stoke of the big, black cock, near screams escaped Marion's nearly pillow gagged mouth. Each of the four men were on the edge of their seats, their cocks begging to be released from the constraints of their expensive suits.

Donna left the warm wetness of Eve's sweetness and made her way to Eve's lips. Eve tasted herself on Donnas' lips. Eve slowly reached her arm around Donnas' shoulder and guided her onto her back.

"Be patient with me" Eve said as she gently kissed Donna on the lips. Donna smiled at her. Eve left Donnas' lips and began at her neck licking her softly and deliberately southward. Eve made her way to the woman's soft, full breasts and sucked each nipple hungrily. Donna arched her back and moaned in delight. Eve took her cue and continued on her Southward trek to Donnas' neatly trimmed mound. Eve parted her lips with her fingers and gently applied pressure to her clit with her tongue. Donna moaned again.

As Eve continued to stroke Donnas' clit with her tongue, Ellen helped Marion on with the big black appendage. Marion lifted Ellen's legs up and onto her shoulders and fucked her hard, fast and deep. Ellen, lost in the moment came with the force of a hurricane and shuddered as she squirted all over the member as Marion slowed her pace. A moan escaped one of the men seated to the left of the bed. Marion could have sworn it was her husband.

Eve continued to work magic on Donna with her tongue. She licked her in long, slow strokes. She was positioned just right so that Marion seized her chance to slip in behind her and entered her from behind with the huge dildo. Marion gently fucked her from behind as Eve continued to lick and suck Donna into a complete frenzy. Ellen seized her opportunity to finger fuck Marion as she steadily fucked Eve. More moans came from the gallery, this time, the girls didn't care who they were coming from as they were lost in their own moaning.

As if on cue, all four women came. It was rapture, pure euphoria. Eve lapped up Donnas' juices as Donna petted her hair. All four women laid in a tangle of arms and legs, kissing and caressing each other as the men rose and left the room. The girls laughed as they were sure the smokers in the group were taking their cue to step outside and light up.

"So Evie" Ellen began "what do you think, think you'll join us again?" she asked.

"It depends, are we doing another 'girls night' for New Year's?" Eve asked as the other women broke out into an uproar of laughter.

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