tagInterracial LoveChristmas Eve

Christmas Eve


Merry Christmas Eve.

I toasted myself by the roaring fire as I hoisted my glass of merlot in a solo tribute to holiday cheer.

I glanced at the clock on the mantle. 6:19 PM. My two-year-old black lab, Colby, nestled himself further into my lap, forgetting as always that he weighed ninety-nine pounds and was far from a cuddle dog.

My teenage son was at his mom's house in Virginia for the next week, and it was just me and Colby until New Year's Day.

This is precisely why adult dating sites were invented, for times like these.

I clicked on the laptop and began to click on the menu choices. Let's see...ages 45 to 54, within a twenty-five mile radius of my zip code. Oh, and only those profiles that are currently online, of course. That was my favorite feature of this particular web site. You could see which curious women were simultaneously online with you.

And on Christmas Eve, let's face it, the chances were fairly good that those peeking back at me were similarly alone and, if the fates allow, horny.

I was on my third page of profiles when the first instant message came across the screen. That didn't take long, I mused, glancing at my watch. Less than ten minutes for the first communication. This was the best $39.99 per month I ever invested, I thought to myself for the umpteenth time.

The profile name, which shall remain anonymous for purposes of this saga, was enticing enough in and of itself itself. I recognized it from one of the profiles I had just perused.

A light-skinned, green-eyed African-American nurse from Norristown whose prose said something about knowing just how to prescribe treatments. She certainly had the brick house body to back up that pseudo-medical pronouncement, especially a set of tits that she wasn't shy to emphasize on her photos.

I confess to having closely scrutinized her assets on my initial browsing, but declined to say hello under the premise that half of the brothers in Montgomery County had probably sniffed after this mocha MILF. Besides, I had a time-tested theory, which albeit was a little short-sighted at times, that the best way of enhancing your chances for a "match" (i.e. 'spontaneous fuck') was letting the woman initiate the contact.

That was my second favorite feature of this gold mine of a mating site. You could instantly see who had viewed your own profile. It was simplistically genius cyber voyeurism, early twenty-first century style.

And so I read her IM, a happy holiday greeting if ever there was one.

"Merry Christmas Eve, handsome. I saw you peeking at me, naughty boy."

There IS a Santa Claus, I thought, as Colby nestled his nose under my arm, vying for my attention. I typed my reply.

"Guilty as charged, gorgeous. And we're practically neighbors, too. We should go caroling together. Or something." Her address was the next town down, no more than ten minutes away.

She got right to the heart of the matter in her next message. Anyone who tells you that race isn't a deal-breaking topic to most is either naive or lives in Iowa. Which is sort of redundant.

"And here I thought you passed me by because I'm black. If so, your loss, sugar."

I took the bait and decided to raise the ante. If you've read some of my other stories, you'd know that race wasn't an issue for me when it comes to good-lookin' women. As a wise man once said, "They're all pink in there somewhere." Not exactly classy, yet not inaccurate, either.

I hit the keyboard. "Wait. You're black!?!? I hadn't even gotten above those beautiful tits yet to notice. Wow, you're right, you ARE black! Even better!"

I held my breath as I waited for her response, hoping that my brazenness didn't scare her away already. If I learned one thing about these electronic back-and-forth banters, it's better to find out right away if you're dealing with a player.

She was a player.

"LOL! Handsome and witty. And you have good taste, too. My name is Evette, by the way. Friends call me Eve. Let's chat."

And so we did, carrying on a prolonged IM that escalated in flirtatiousness with every blip on the screen. Eve was an empty-nester, having two daughters. One was twenty-five and had just had Eve's first grandchild, and the other in college who was spending Christmas Eve at her boyfriend's family's house. So, Eve let it be known that she had no plans for this frigid holy night until around 10 AM the next morning, when her daughters would come to visit on Christmas morning.

That sounded like an invitation of sorts to me, as well as an opportunity. So, I asked. What the hell? That's what Internet sites were for on Christmas Eve, right?

"Well, Eve, since you're so close, why don't you come over and we can give each other a present or two?"

"Well, Johnnie, what did you have in mind? Do you have any stocking stuffers for me?"

"I think I can scrape up something that will fit just right, Eve. Depends what type of stockings you have. Do tell."

There was a delay that was longer than usual. Eve typed a lot faster than I did, so I was a bit apprehensive when I didn't get a reply for about two long minutes. Every other response came almost instantaneously.

"Sorry, I had to go look at the selection. Since 'tis the season, how about red fishnet with lacy garters?"

As if I wasn't hard enough already conversing with this sexy chocolate vixen, my dick took on the texture of an oversized candy cane. Just craving to be licked.

"That's a very festive color, Eve. And since 'tis this is also the season for giving, I think I'd place the mistletoe in all the right places. See, I have sort of an oral fetish, if you're into that. Waddya say? Coming over for a holiday party?"

Her reply sort of startled me, I admit. It sounded ominous for my chances of holiday pussy cheer tonight. Had I fucked it up again, unwittingly?

"Is that all you want, Johnnie? Just a one-night fuck and suck session? Is that what you're looking for?"

Again, Eve typed much faster than I did. Before I could reply, she added (thank goodness), "Because that sounds just about perfect. I'm not into anything beyond the morning, but I am incredibly horny tonight. Give me your address. I'm going to shower, accessorize appropriately, and I'll be there in an hour."


Colby barked when the doorbell rang at precisely eight o'clock, his canine instincts telling him that his cozy evening plan as a lapdog with daddy was a moot point. We had company, pup. Less than two hours from logging on, there was an order of steaming hot caramel pussy delivered right to the door.

(By the way, in the electronic 'dating' world, yes, sometimes "it" really does happen as easily as this. Not always mind you, not by any means. But if you don't mind being rejected many more times than not, well, you never know until you ask, thanks to the wonders of the web, a gift that must have been arranged through Santa's network. He IS connected, ya know.)

Eve was as advertised, a bit thicker than anticipated perhaps, but not heavy, not by a long shot. She was all woman, a mature hard-body, adorned in a candy-apple-red low-cut button down silk blouse that peered out between the open leather overcoat she was wearing and accentuated a pair of tits that looked like they were footballs smuggled in two of Santa's extra-large sacks.

Her light greenish brown eyes twinkled in the darkness, her dark curly hair was tied back in a loose ponytail, and her smile was as bright as the Northern Lights. It was the smile of a woman who wasn't disappointed at the sight of the man greeting her in his doorway. The man with the appreciative bulge in his pocket. Me.

"Merry Christmas, baby," she said, adjusting the straps of her pearls that hung between her ample cleavage. "Are you going to be a wise man and invite me in, or should I just go look for room at another inn?"

I took her by the hand, closed the door behind us, and gently pinned her torso against the door, pulling the coat from her shoulders as I did so. Our lips locked in a gentle, soft kiss at first, exploring tentatively. Her full lips were soft and coated with almost a cinnamon-flavored lip gloss. I opened my eyes as our tongues danced to see the small glitter of sparkles on her sepia-hued cheeks, now flushed with desire as she pressed her firm, full tits into my chest as our kiss escalated in intensity.

Eve grabbed the back of my head with her hand as my one hand climbed up to her chest and began to softly touch the mound between her orbs. My other darted down to her waist, which I noticed for the first time was covered in a tight black mini skirt. I caressed her lower thigh below the skirt and felt the unmistakable texture of silky lace. Yes, those were fishnet stockings, all right.

I lifted her skirt so that it was inching up towards her navel and began to knead my hand along her bare buttocks. She groaned into my ear as I felt her hand release from my skull and lower down my own body, separating it from her own for just a few seconds, until she found her target.

She traced the outline of my cock over my pants and panted into my ear, "I had a feeling you'd be endowed, sugar. You're a confident bastard. And you can use that mouth, too. You're a great kisser. That tells me a lot."

She gave my balls a firm squeeze and growled in delight. My own hand felt the snap on her garter on her inner left thigh, which was now curling around my own leg, effectively dry humping me.

I murmured into her mouth as my lips explored the skin of her long, brown neck, "I was hoping you weren't prejudiced against hung white boys, Eve." I placed a finger onto the warm, sopping honey pot of her pussy to discover there was no material covering the promised land.

She nibbled on my ear. "Hung is my favorite color in a man, baby. The only one that matters." She paused. "Well, that, and a good tongue, too. You seem to qualify for the combo."

"Mmmph," I moaned back into her mouth in consent. "No panties, my favorite color." I started to plunge another digit into her tropical rain forest when I felt an invited cold nose nuzzle between my hand and Eve's sizzling twat.

We both looked down at once at the unexpected intrusion to see Colby sniffing curiously with his snout fighting for room with my fingers up Eve's skirt. Colby instinctively knew the distinct and unique aroma of a female in heat, and he was now competing for a clear path to Eve's treat.

Eve wriggled out of the grasp of my hand and Colby's nose, extracting her self from the doorway while giggling. "Well, you didn't tell me you'd have a horny black male waiting for me, too." She patted Colby's head as he panted and drooled at me with a "Gotcha, Dad" kind of canine grin. He was no dummy, he wanted some amorous attention, too.

"No," I ordered sternly. "Cage. Go to your cage, Colby." He hesitated, but obeyed after a few seconds, his tail between his legs. He sauntered slowly into the living room and slunk into his open metal cage, where he could still have a view of the activities, but no longer as a participant.

"He'll have to be happy with that," I said to Eve as we watched him forlornly glare back at us. "Now, how about some wine? Merlot OK, sexy?"

I led Eve by the hand into the kitchen and poured the already open bottle of Clos Du Bois into two large goblets. Eve leaned against the counter top and turned her back to me, raising the hem of her skirt. She dipped a finger into the glass and brought it to her round backside.

She spread her stiletto-clad legs wide as I watched mesmerized, the folds of a glistening dark pink pussy opening up like a blossoming rose between her chocolate ass cheeks. She bent over the counter, which caused her skirt to ride further up her ass. She ran her manicured middle finger along her left labia, then dipped into the glass wine glass again, and repeated the motion with her other labia.

"Let's do a wine tasting, handsome," she said in her sultry, Tina Turner voice. Yes, that's who she reminded me of, now that I thought about it. She took both of her hands and pulled her full, round buttocks apart, exposing both her beautiful pink cunt and her dark brown puckered anus.

"You first." She tapped her gash expectantly with her fingertips. "Momma needs a good licking."

I needed no further encouragement to savor this holiday nectar, and as the song goes, I fell to my knees. "O Holy Night, O night divine," I hummed on her gash as I lapped at her puffy flaps.

She was shaved, completely smooth. My mouth started to water as soon as I saw her lust-swollen lips. She was wet, and it could be seen glistening on the lips of her sex. I reached up to unzip her skirt and it fell willingly to the kitchen floor, leaving unfettered access to her steaming cunt.

I knelt down again, this time positioning my nose squarely between her ass cheeks. I leaned in close and inhaled her scent. Her aroma was mildly pungent, but fortunately wasn't too strong, yet it permeated my senses and caused me to become rock hard.

Using my hands this time, I spread her lips, revealing the pink insides. Her opening was slightly gaping, her muscles already clinching and releasing, over and over. I pushed my experienced and yet hungry tongue in and slowly licked from her opening up to her hard little clit.

Her reaction was quick and borderline violent. She thrashed on my face, the pleasure obviously intense as my tongue touched her clit. This time I licked from her clit back down to her opening and beyond to her puckered little ass hole. She must not have been expecting this, because she gasped and reached back and put her hand on my head.

I thought she was going to push me away, but she held my head in place, I started licking and teasing her ass hole and her opening. My fingers massaging her lips and my thumb circling her clit. Her breathing kept getting faster, and in between each gasp she kept repeating three words over and over.

"Oh Jesus, YES!" Christ was indeed born, it seemed.

I moved my free hand up and over her body, finally ending up on her right breast, as she had somehow removed her blouse without me even realizing it while I was enjoying my gooey chocolate cookie. She was adorned in a bright cherry bustier which was attached to the garters below and stopped just below her massive mounds on top. Of course, I was orally concentrating on her epicenter for the time being. There would be ample time for those yummy-looking tits in my immediate future.

Kneading her fleshy tit and pinching the puffy nipple. I moved my head up slightly and lock my lips over her sensitive clit my tongue flicking over it continuously. My fingers, not working her clit anymore, moved down and I pushed two fingers deep into her pussy. Her ass shot straight out, nearly bashing my face, and she groaned. "Fuck, YES, baby, eat it, eat my brown sugar, lover!"

This encouraged and motivated me further. I plunged my fingers in and out of her, getting deeper and faster with each thrust. A sheen of sweat formed on her skin, mingling with the wetness from her excited pussy. Her breathing was becoming ragged and hoarse.

"I'm so close, you're gonna make me cum!" she almost yelled.

Oh, I wasn't going to stop. Santa himself would not have coerced me to stop at that point. I wanted more than anything to make her cum for me. I could feel the walls of her pussy clinching as I fingered her. Her juices were flowing thicker, lubricating her opening for me. She tasted delicious, sweet almost, caramel pussy nectar mixed with coffee.

Eve's back arched and she let out a guttural scream, followed by those two always festive words: "I'M CUMMING!!!"

Her juices flowed down from her gaping slit and all over my mouth and chin, coating me in cum. I was in heaven, her stance now narrowing to brace herself, serving to clamp around my head and I was trapped between her thick luscious thighs as the orgasm I caused ripped through her body.

The orgasm took its time leaving, her body still slightly shuddering from its effect. She looked down at me, her face showing utter content. She reached down and pulled me up to her, drawing me into a kiss.

"My turn," she said, a big smile on her now-glowing face. "Let's find a more cozy setting. Did I see a fireplace in the living room?"

I followed her as she led the way, watching her big firm brown butt wiggle in front of me. I was determined to have me a piece of that chocolate ass real soon. But first, some preliminaries. She took me to the foot of the couch and knelt down herself. At least she had carpet for her knees rather than the tile flooring I endured.

Eve reached down and unbuckled my belt, extracting my cock from my boxers, unwrapping her present.

"Oh, fuck, what a lovely piece of white meat THIS is," she said, looking legitimately impressed. "Sit down and enjoy," she ordered, squirming between my legs.

Obediently I sat down on the couch. She leaned in for a kiss, licking her own juices from my still-coated lips, then slowly she kissed her way down my chest and stomach, raising my shirt at first and then pulling it over my shoulders.

When she got to the top of my jeans, she slid them down my legs and over my ankles, boxers with them. My dick sprang completely free, pointing at the ceiling. I hadn't been this hard in far too long. What a wonderful Christmas this was turning out to be.

My balls felt tight below my dick, there was quite a back-up of seed, and I knew that I had to hold on and not cum within the first few minutes. I wanted the sensation of her sucking me to last.

She took my dick tenderly in her palm and slowly stroked me from base to head, causing a drop of pre cum to squeeze its way out. She looked up at me and lowered her head while never breaking eye contact, gently licking it off. Her eyes never left mine as she did this. The feeling was a jolly one as her tongue slid over the head of my dick.

Without saying a word, Eve took my swollen dick in her mouth. This caused me to groan from deep within, it shuddered out of me. The feeling of her warm, talented mouth on me was indescribable. She took my eight inches of stiff, thick white dick as far as she could into her mouth and licked almost from the base of my shaft up to the head, then slowly swirled her tongue around the tip.

She started to suck in earnest now, her head bobbing up and down on my dick. I heard the angels singing, this was heaven. She let one hand roam over my body, while the other gently played with my balls. Never too firm, but gently rolling them around in her hand.

My breathing was coming faster and faster as the pleasure rose in me. I felt the tell tale signs of my impending orgasm start. Much as I tried to maintain self-restraint, there was no way to stop this orgasm, I was going to cum very soon, and there was no way to stop it. She was too good. Dame, this black girl could suck cock.

"Eve, baby, I'm gonna cum, I'm so close!" I gasped.

She didn't stop, she actually sped up. Her tongue was now moving all over my shaft as she moved her head up and down on me. She looked up at me and the sight of her, my dick in her mouth, was the final straw. I felt my balls tighten almost painfully, and my orgasm washed over me.

It was the most intense orgasm I had in years. It felt like I shot a gallon into her mouth. She was ready for it, never missing a beat. She sucked me deep just as I started spraying inside her mouth. And each time I sprayed a stream of cum, she swallowed it.

Finally my orgasm subsided, my body trying to relax. My breathing was still erratic and fast, but I was happy. She didn't stop sucking me after my orgasm. It almost hurt, but not quite. I could feel my dick start to soften, but her attention got it back to rock hard in less than a minute. A Christmas miracle.

I had always been like that when I was younger, I could get hard right after having an orgasm pretty quick. It would just take me a longer to cum the second time. But that was at least a decade ago, yet Eve had successfully discovered my fountain of youth, resuscitating me pretty much instantly.

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