tagToys & MasturbationChristmas Eve At Work

Christmas Eve At Work


A van trundled down the wet road, it's driver searching for the landmarks that would help him find his next drop. Thankfully he was ahead of schedule today, even with the rain. He was looking forward to getting home and changing out of his rain soaked clothing. It didn't feel right to be working on Christmas Eve, but he had no choice. The brake lights came on and the van stopped briefly. The lights went out and the van turned down the unmade road, stopping in front of the small block of flats.

Putting his Santa hat on Darren stepped from his vehicle and walked round the corner to the door. The boss insisted that all staff wore a red fur edged hat during the build up to Christmas. Darren personally thought it made him look silly. The only good thing about the hat was the way the fur soaked up water, keeping it out of his eyes. He rang the bell for flat 2, Mrs. Smith, and waited, glancing up at the sky to see more clouds. Just as he was about to check the paperwork to make sure he had the right flat, the door opened. A woman stood in the doorway wearing a kimono style bathrobe, a pair of fluffy slippers and a big smile.

"Hello Santa. Have you brought my Christmas present?" Her voice was slightly accented, but he was more aware of her pretty face than her words. Darren was silent for a moment while his brain caught up.

"Uh, yeah. I've got a washing machine for flat 2. Are you Mrs. Smith" As soon as he said it he realised how stupid it sounded, but he was slightly dazed by the vision of loveliness in front of him. "Where do you want it?" It took him a few seconds to realise the double entendre implicit in his words. "Err, the washing machine I mean." That made it worse. He blushed.

"Well I can't say round the back because this is the only way in." She laughed as he blushed even more.

Before he could put his other foot in his mouth, he turned away and went to the van. When he was out of sight of the customer he took a deep breath and muttered to himself. "Pull yourself together, you have a job to do, be professional."

The washing machine was on the back of the van, and Darren easily slid it to the ground. Using a sack truck he wheeled it round to the doorway and followed the woman to her flat. He reversed over the threshold, and into the kitchen of the small flat, taking note of the mistletoe hanging over the kitchen door. Unluckily, it was frowned on to flirt with customers, so he wouldn't be able to claim a kiss.

She pointed at the gap next to the worktop, where the washing machine was to be installed. "It goes just there on the end. I'll get this mess cleared up while you do your thing. Don't mind me."

Unscrewing the transit bolts took a couple of minutes. Whilst he was crouched behind the machine, Darren was watching the woman clearing up some vegetables that were strewn over the worktop opposite. He could see her legs below the robe, and twice dropped his spanner when she bent down to pick up a fallen carrot. Darren thought she might have dropped the veg on purpose. He shook his head to clear his thoughts and forced himself to look back at the washing machine. He pulled the water hoses from the drum of the washing machine and looked round for the water taps. Not only could he see no taps, he couldn't even see water pipes. He checked inside the cupboard next to the washer, it was empty, definitely no water supply. Mystified he turned to speak to the customer, but didn't talk immediately because she was bent over again, looking in a cupboard, and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. He was transfixed by the view of her legs. He started at the ankles and slid his eyes over her trim calves and firm thighs to her partially visible bottom. It took him a while to notice her face smiling at him from between her legs, and he blushed again and coughed before speaking.

"Um, I can't install this because you don't have any water connections. You'll need a plumber. I don't think you'll get one this side of Christmas though."

She stood up and adjusted the front of her robe before answering. "Don't worry, I never use it to wash things anyway. Just plug it in and show me how to select the spin cycle."

Darren realised his mouth was open, so he closed it, before opening it again to speak. "Huh? I mean, I don't understand."

"Don't worry dear, I'll explain when you've finished. Oh, and make sure it is not quite level please. I want it to rock when it spins." She smiled again and he grinned back at her blushing almost to the colou of his hat. Darren had figured out what she was talking about suddenly and quickly finished the limited installation. When he had the washing machine in place, he gave one of the feet a half turn, to make it slightly off balance.

"Usually I have to test the machine to make sure it works. I can only test the spin though," as he spoke he was turning the dial to the fast spin setting, "the fast spin is number seven. To start the machine you push this button." He pushed the button, and turned to look at his customer.

She had crossed the kitchen while he spoke and was standing close to him, watching as he gave his demonstration. The pump started trying to empty the non existent water and the drum began to turn. Slowly at first as it distributed the load and then faster as the spin built up. When the machine began to shake on it's uneven feet she put her hand on it to feel the vibration.

"That seems to be working fine. Let me just test it properly."

Without hesitation Mrs. Smith undid her robe and dropped it to the floor, then lifted herself to sit on the new machine. She straddled a corner of the machine, and tilted her hips forward.

"Mmmmm, that seems to do the job. I think I'm going to enjoy this." Her left hand was pushed against her panties where they covered her pussy.

Darren could not believe his eyes. His jaw dropped again as he watched what the woman obviously getting sexual stimulation from her washing machine. He had read stories about this kind of thing, but thought they were just stories. Now he knew different. A woman he had never even seen before was sitting on a machine he had just installed, wearing only black lace underwear, and smiling at him as she masturbated. His trousers suddenly felt very tight. He had a raging hard on that was very obvious to the woman.

"Why don't you let that out darling, it looks uncomfortable." Darren didn't wait to be persuaded, he dropped his trousers, and his underpants quickly followed them to the floor. His dick sprang up and he grabbed hold of it, bring it to full erection with a few strokes along the shaft. Mrs. Smith licked her lips when she saw it and slid off of the washing machine, and knelt on all fours at his feet. "Allow me." Pushing her crotch against the still spinning appliance to maintain her stimulation, the petite beauty started to lick his cock. Her tongue brushed against him leaving her spit where she touched him. She changed to long strokes of the shaft, from balls to glans. Soon her saliva was dripping from it to pool in his rain drenched trousers. He could feel the drool running down his scrotum as she slurped her way up and down his hard penis. Mrs. Smith stopped licking him and blew on the wet shaft in front of her, sending ripples of pleasure into his loins. She closed her eyes and Darren watched as she had an obvious orgasm. Her whole body tensed and relaxed twice, before shuddering violently. She let out a scream of joy as she came, pushing her pulsing genitals against the corner of the fast spinning appliance.

"Oh yeah, oh, yeah, that really hits the spot." Mrs. Smith was rubbing her crotch up and down the metal corner of the new appliance. She left a glistening trail on the paint work, where her pussy touched it. A totally irrelevant thought passed through Darrens sex addled brain. He wondered if the paint would be damaged by the secretions dripping from it. She sighed as she relaxed in the aftermath of her orgasmic high.

Darren nearly blew his load right then as she caught her breath. He watched her breasts rising and falling, as her breathing calmed. He only just managed to control himself, but a small amount of precum squirted from the end of his painfully erect manhood. He was glad she didn't decide to lick it off, he wouldn't have been able to stop his ejaculation if she had and he wasn't sure she wanted that. Yet.

"Oh boy, I don't believe you just did that."

"Want me to repeat it, so you can be sure it happened?"

Darren's mouth seemed to be stuck. He knew it was open but couldn't make a coherent sentence come out of it. It didn't seem to matter, the kneeling woman took his gaping mouth and stupid look to mean he wanted to see her use the washing machine to masturbate again.

"Tell you what, I'll sit on the machine again if you let me suck you at the same time." Darren nearly collapsed when he heard this. I just need to get something from the bedroom." Mrs. Smith walked out of the kitchen, leaving Darren to stand there with a dumb look on his face. His brain finally kicked in again, and he leant over to examine the trail of sticky liquid on the corner of the machine. His finger reached out and he scooped some up. Slowly, and with deliberate concentration, Darren put the finger in his mouth, closed his eyes, and closed his lips. He could taste her sweet pussy juice on his finger. Wanting more, he bent down and licked the paint work where her sex had touched it, guiding more of the secretions into his mouth.

"God, that tastes good!" Darren exclaimed. He was not expecting a reply.

"Plenty more where that came from. Care to taste it from the source?"

Darren jumped and turned to see his customer standing in the doorway, tapping a dildo against her cheek. She didn't wait for an answer, merely walked up to him and kissed him. Her lips made contact with his, and parted to allow her tongue to push against his mouth. Darren reciprocated by opening his mouth enough to suck her tongue in. They swapped tongues for a while, lips mashed together, their saliva mixing. It seemed like hours later, to Darren, when they stopped. His vision was blurred and he felt quite weak. The thought that they weren't even under the mistletoe passed through his mind.

Mrs. Smith perched herself on the washing machine again and turned the dial back round to spin. When Darren caught his breath, he could see that the dildo she had fetched had a suction cup on the bottom end. She slid her tongue between her lips, eyes fixed to his, and slowly licked the rim of the suction cup, flexing her tongue as she did. Still gazing into his eyes, Mrs. Smith lowered the dildo but kept her tongue out. Darren nearly tripped over his trousers in his rush to kiss her again. He attacked her mouth as if it was his only supply of oxygen, his mouth sealed over hers, and they kissed hard. Eventually she pushed him away breathlessly, and whispered, "get your clothes off, before you hurt yourself."

He had trouble with one shoelace, but was soon undressed. He looked up in time to see Mrs. Smith lowering her pussy on to the dildo that was now stuck to the washing machine lid. She had removed her panties and he could see her glistening pussy lips stretch to accept the dildo.

"Start the spin for me baby." Her wish was his command. On his knees, Darren took a position in reach of her pussy and pushed start. She sighed when the drum started to rotate, moving the dildo inside her. Darren watched for a while, then gave in to temptation, licking the engorged pussy in front of him. He didn't hear her gasp, because her thighs closed round his ears, trapping him in licking range of her genitals. He was happy to oblige. His tongue lapped at her slit, round the dildo that was sending mechanical tremors to her core. When the machine began to spin continuously, Darren concentrated on the swollen bud if her clitoris. He flicked his tongue quickly around the edge of the organ, stopping occasionally to blow on the wetness his saliva left. Every time his breath wafted over her, she jumped. It wasn't long before the combined sensations sent her into an orgasm.

Her sexy young body thrashed wildly, releasing his head, and almost jumping off of the dildo. Darren watched as she came. He saw the juices from her cunt running down the dildo, onto the washing machine. He heard Mrs. Smith scream like a baby as her body was overwhelmed by the powerful feelings in her groin. He felt his cock expand to it's full size. Never had Darren seen such a display of sexual gratification.

He was so aroused now that his penis took over and before his customer had recovered, he was kissing her. His tongue sought to live in her mouth, as his hands were lifting her from the dildo. When he heard it pop free, Darren tried to replace the sex toy with his painfully erect manhood. For a few seconds, Mrs. Smith seemed unsure what to do, but then she seemed to reach a decision. Her tongue fought back, her legs parted and she wrapped her arms over his strong shoulders.

They both let out sighs as his dick slid into her well lubricated pussy. Darren could feel the heat of her arousal, which only made him want more of her. Again they kissed, swapping tongues and saliva. With her arms around his neck, Mrs. Smith could move her body up and down. She rubbed the mound of her pussy against his stomach and slid as much of him in and out as she could with her limited leverage. Breaking the kiss Mrs. Smith breathlessly grunted, "bedroom, now!"

Not waiting for an answer, she buried her tongue back in Darrens mouth. He got the message, and waddled out of the kitchen to find a bedroom. Being such a small flat made it an easy job, so they were soon standing next to a large bed.

More orders were given, "put me down and fuck me. Hard!"

"Yes Ma'am." Just what he was going to do. Darren dropped Mrs. Smith on her back on the bed and stood between her legs. He grabbed her knees and pulled her towards him until her butt cheeks were at the edge of the mattress. Instinctively, she grabbed the edges of the bed and readied herself. The first thrust went all the way. His balls slapped against her thighs and he held himself there, again he could feel her heat.

"I said FUCK ME!" She screamed with teeth clenched.

The backstroke ended with his glans just inside her pussy lips, and then he thrust forward until he felt his scrotum hit her body. Each time he rammed himself home, Darren gasped at the feeling. Her hot cunt gripped him like a glove, and he had to slow down to keep control of his orgasm. Every time he slowed down though, Mrs. Smith would use her heels to speed him up. It didn't take long for Darren to finally succumb to the afternoons stimulation. His legs began to shake and he shouted "Happy Christmas, here it comes!"

Sperm erupted from him, spraying into her tight cunt. His jerking body pulled itself free of her pussy and the next squirt of semen landed on her belly. His remaining ejaculate, dribbled out of his cock, landing on her legs and groin.

"Oh man, ... that was ... the best ... Christmas ... Present ... yet." His ragged breathing made it difficult to speak. Not that he needed to say much, his grin was enough.

"I think I like your shop. I'll tell all my friends to buy their washing machines from you." She was watching his reaction, while rubbing the sperm on her body into her skin. She smiled as she saw the understanding of her words seep in to Darrens mind.

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