tagMind ControlChristmas for Cyber Slaves

Christmas for Cyber Slaves


This is a different kind of story. For those men who want lots of in and out - read another story. There is NONE. This is a story about erotic hypnosis and how it was used to make three women very fulfilled. There is LOTS of imagined sex with well endowed men and sex between the women. Mike was the implementer. I will post a companion audio that is entered separately in the Holiday Contest.


The audios were working better then I ever dreamed. I am Mike Lawrence, a master hypnotist. It was now just before Thanksgiving and I had three women totally under my control and loving it. Sandra, Beth and Joeleen. Sandra was a twenty two year old junior executive and Beth was a nineteen year old student. Joeleen was a thirty nine year old teacher. I met each of them on AIM.

They had each responded that they had wonderful orgasms while listening to my induction. On the instant message I was able to direct each of them to even greater orgasms. That was last April. Since then I had worked at developing their trust in me. Too many internet horror stories. I sent them my business web page to show them I was real and continued the daily IM sessions.

The sessions were getting increasingly torrid. The women, each of them, were demanding more and more creativity from me. It was the same for each of them. They wanted to be completely controlled. They truly wanted to feel like sex slaves. I was more than happy to accommodate them. To get the relationship going, I asked them for pictures. Sandra and Beth sent nice pictures in street clothes. They were both attractive in an average way. Slightly plump. I would help them lose weight and exercise more. Joeleen sent pictures of herself naked from the waist, up. She had lovely breasts and a wonderful shape - at least from the waist up.

There was just so much I could do from long distance. I continued the routine and waited for more developments. My cyber harem was growing, but the first three were my focus. Things started to get more active just before the holidays. First, Beth sent me a message that she wanted to visit me over the Thanksgiving holiday! I still didn't know her last name. She wanted to visit me in California. Beth lived in Kansas.

"How are we to do this?" I wrote.

"I will fly into LAX and we will meet at a hotel there."

"When are you coming?"

"Is that a double entendre?"

"I hadn't thought of it, but, yes."

"The Tuesday before Thanksgiving."

"Shouldn't I know your name if we are going to meet in person?"

"I'll tell you when we meet. I will email you my travel plans and we can meet in the lobby of an hotel. We have pictures of each other so that will work."

The next day I received an IM from Joeleen.

"Could you please, please, visit me and do me in person. I am SO horny." Joeleen lived in New York City.

I responded, "as luck would have it, I will be in New York soon after Thanksgiving."

"Darn, I wanted to be with you for Thanksgiving. I wanted to give myself to you for Thanksgiving."

I pictured her doing just that. She had already shared with me, her fantasy of being a captured slave girl forced to do everything possible of a sexual nature. The woman had a vivid imagination. She imagined herself being tied, whipped, raped and even strangled. She also got into scatology which I abhor. In all her fantasies she was controlled totally.

"Joeleen, do you survive in your fantasies?"

"Of course, Master, (all my Cyber Sex Slaves called me Master) I don't want to die."

Definitely not suicidal, and in fact she had not acted out ANY of her fantasies except with me through online "talk" and my audios. She wanted to be hurt, but just enough to be erotic, not enough to injure her. She thought about breath control, again she wanted to be totally controlled but not terrified. It would be an interesting post Thanksgiving meeting. We agreed to meet late Saturday after Thanksgiving. I was set to arrive in New York on Sunday. I would advance it a day to have fun.

Sandra lived in San Francisco. She called my office. She introduced herself to my receptionist as Sandra Hypnotic. My receptionist didn't have a clue.

"Mike, Ms. Hypnotic is on the 'phone."

I didn't know a Ms. Hypnotic, but the coincidence with my hobby was too great to ignore. I knew I had shared my web page with several of my cyber slaves. Any one of them could easily be calling me.

"Hello, Master, this is Sandra. I am sitting here wanting to do something special for Thanksgiving. I want to actually meet you. I want you to control me in person - I want to see you and feel your control. I want to be your sex slave and do everything you command."

She was speaking very fast. "Well, Sandra, I can't see you Thanksgiving, but I could see you the Friday."

"Can I come to your office?" Her use of the word "come" was probably accidental, and I didn't make the same joke.

"Yes, you can come to my office."

She laughed, a throaty laugh. "Do you think I can come in your office?" She emphasized the word come.

We agreed that she would visit my office Friday morning at ten, after Thanksgiving. The office is closed, so we would have it to ourselves. Well, my Thanksgiving week was looking very interesting.

I received an email from Beth suggesting we meet at the Quality Inn at the airport. She was getting in at 9AM, when did I want to meet her? I told her I could get away at eleven and I would meet her in the lobby as we discussed.

She was wearing a pants outfit that clung to her hips and buttocks. The kind I loved to look at. She came up to me first. "Master, I am Beth."

"Hello Beth. Take us to your room."

It was a typical Quality Inn room. Small. It would do. I had sent the three women an audio giving them the suggestion that when we met and I snapped my fingers, they would go into a deep trance. This was a new area for me. I had never done long distance and in person hypnosis. It was usually one or the other. I had told them in the induction that she would not remember what I said. Beth seemed not to remember. Now we would see how well it worked. I snapped my fingers.

She was walking toward the bathroom. She froze. She just stood there and said nothing. "Beth, you are in a trance. I will count to ten and you will go deeper." I counted to ten. She continued to stand there. "Now, strip naked and hand me your clothes."

She slowly unbuttoned her black blouse, revealing a wispy black bra. She shrugged out of the blouse and handed it to me. Her motions were slow and labored. She reached behind her back and unveiled her soft, firm breasts. She had erect nipples. Her breathing was becoming labored. She handed me her bra.

She then unzipped her nylon pants and stepped out of them as they crumbled to the floor. She was wearing black, nylon panties. She reached down and handed me the slacks. She was not wearing stockings and she slowly lowered her panties. She handed them to me. Without trying I could smell the musky scent emanating from the panties. She was now stark naked. Her bush was completely shaved. Smooth. Dripping. She was about five feet tall. I am six feet four inches tall. I would estimate she weighed about one hundred five with very pleasant curves. I couldn't resist, I reached down and felt her naked pussy. As I said, dripping. She moaned.

"Beth, when I count to three you will wake. You will not remember being hypnotized or anything I said. You will feel fine. You will continue to treat me as your master. You will call me Master when addressing me. When ever I snap my fingers, you will immediately go into a deep trance. One, two, three."

Beth was standing passive, when I counted. Now she became animated. She looked down at her nakedness. "Oh my God what did you do?"

She attempted to cover her pubic area and her breasts. "What happened to my clothes?"

She was sounding hysterical. I snapped my fingers. She immediately stopped talking and stood quietly with her arms at her side.

Beth immediately became passive. Naked and passive. "Beth, what is bothering you?"

" I was naked and I didn't know how that happened. I was scared."

"Did you not want to be naked in front of me?"

"No, that wasn't it. I was afraid about how it happened."

"Do you find it erotic to be suddenly naked in front of me?"

"Yes, scary and erotic."

I felt her pussy. It was still sopping. "I am going to wake you and you will still be concerned, but you will not be hysterical. When I count to three you will waken."

I counted to three and she again became animated. She was waiving her arms and speaking.

"Master, what happened to my clothes?"

"Are you wet?"

"Very, what happened to my clothes?"

"I made them disappear. To get you excited. Apparently it worked."

She started to smile. "Oh, it worked. How did you do that?"

"Beth, I never answer questions like that. You put your mind and body under my control and I will control you in any way I see fit. That's why you came to me, right?"

She looked chagrined. "Master, you are right. I want to do your bidding. I will do whatever you want."

I again reached out and put my finger in her very wet pussy. "You will cum, right now."

Her knees started to buckle as my fingers rubbed her sweet spot and her clit. She opened her mouth and made a croaking noise. Perspiration appeared on her forehead and under her lovely breasts. I kept my hand inserted as she bucked her hips against my hand. Her noises were getting louder. I was afraid she would fall over.

I snapped my fingers and she collapsed into my arms. Her cunt continued to spasm. "Beth, your orgasm is winding down. You are feeling erotic and refreshed. You are eager for more." Her pussy closed its moist flesh onto my finger and she fell against my chest, her tits descending onto my chest. Her nipples were like pebbles. I eased her into a chair in the room.

"Beth, I want you to slowly wake up." She slowly straightened up and opened her eyes.

"You wanted to come to me. Why?" This was the question I planned on asking all three women. My plan was to get them all together.

"I got so horny thinking about your voice I had to have more in person. I love your voice. I want you to enslave me. To completely dominate and control me. Please?"

The last statement was said in a very imploring way. "What did you want me to do to you?"

"Fuck me, make me service you, degrade me. Subjugate me. I want to be your slut." Ever since I had posted "An Induction for a Female Sex Slave" I had received that request often. I did not take it seriously. I was reevaluating.

"Beth, I have no interest in anybody being a slut. My focus is pleasure, not pain. I do understand that a certain amount of pain causes pleasure. Like when I twist your nipples you have an orgasm." I reached out and strongly twisted her nipples. She gasped and moaned and then cried out. She had another orgasm.

"Oh, Master, that was wonderful. Why won't you let me be your slut?"

"Because, like I said, I am not into having a private slut. I am into giving you pleasure. Yes, I want the control, but just so I can use it to create more pleasure for you and other women. I love the feeling it gives me to create orgasms and new experiences for you. I love the power that comes with the control. If you were my slut I would feel obligated to check on you and take care of you. As my hypnotic sex slave I don't worry about you doing something stupid. If you were a slut I would be worrying about you."

"Why would you worry about me? I can worry about myself."

"If you became a slut because I loosened your internal moral controls, that would be my fault. If you only do what I direct, that would make you my hypnotic sex slave and I wouldn't have to worry. I'm not going to have you do anything crazy, except have many different orgasms. No drugs or people I don't know about."

"Beth, I have two other women who want to meet me in person. I want to get the three of you together. Can you come back during the Christmas holiday?"

"Master, I will do anything for you. When do you want me back?"

"I will call you and work out the dates and places, okay?"

"Of course."

I snapped my fingers. She collapsed in the chair. "Beth, I have a very large friend with me in the room. He has a nine inch cock that is very thick. He has tied your hands behind you and your ankles to your arms. You are hogtied and can't move. You are on your back and your cunt is wide open to him. He is slowly entering your sopping pussy."

I felt her pussy, it was sopping.

"Now he is pumping you hard. You can feel him the entire length of your cunt. All the way up to your cervix and especially your sensitive spot and your clit. The feeling is growing in your pussy and spreading throughout your body."

She was now panting and starting to moan. She was dry humping the air and holding an imaginary man. Her pumping increased in effort and frequency. She was pumping hard now and moaning and panting loudly. "Beth, you are having a monstrous orgasm, now!"

"She screamed out."

"Beth, the orgasm is radiating through your entire body. You are feeling it every where on your body. The feeling is so intense you feel like you are passing out. Now, Beth, you have hit the height of the orgasm."

She screamed, really loud!

I spent the rest of the day with her giving her a variety of orgasms, anal, vaginal, and breasts. We parted with an agreement that I would contact her and set up our next meeting.

The Friday after Thanksgiving I went into the office. The office was supposed to be closed, so I was alone. Sandra showed up promptly at ten. She was wearing a sweater and jeans. Tight jeans. She looked scrumptious. In her picture she had looked plump, but in tight jeans she just looked sexy. The sweater was bulky, so I had no idea about her upper body.

Sandra had been a good cyber subject. She had made all the right responses to my instructions. The fact she and Beth actually showed up was probably an indication that she was, indeed, a very good subject. Only time would tell.

I led her to my private office and locked the door. The main door was locked but the cleaning crew sometimes worked weekends and I certainly didn't want to be disturbed. When I locked the door I moved behind Sandra and snapped my finger. She collapsed into my arms. She may be an even better subject than Beth. I carried her to my office couch.

Sandra was about five feet four inches tall. She probably didn't weigh more than one hundred twenty pounds. She seemed to have an ample chest and I already mentioned her hips.

"Sandra, you are in an elevator that is slowly descending. As the elevator descends you feel your trance deepening. As I speak the elevator goes deeper and so do you. Every word I speak deepens your trance."

Her breathing was becoming shallow and her features relaxed completely, in a way that only happens in very deep trances and coma. "Sandra, when you wake you will be under my absolute control, which I will only exercise to give you enjoyment. If something disturbs you, you will tell me. You will say 'Master, I am disturbed.' You will now remain in a deep trance and remove all of your clothing. You will get more aroused with each piece of clothing you remove."

She stood up and pulled her sweater over her head. Much to my surprise, she did not have a bra on. Her breasts were large and firm, jutting out, with very turgid nipples and small areolas. She then proceeded to open her very tight jeans and wiggle out of them. Again, no underwear. She too, was shaved. Clean. I guess the younger generation believed in keeping their pussy bare. When she was naked she stood still, waiting for further instructions.

I did to her what I did with Beth. I put her through her paces and gave her five thrashing orgasms. We spent about five hours playing with her mind. Next, I set up a meeting with the three women. She was in a trance as I spoke.

"Sandra, I want you to come back here during the Christmas break. You will call me to confirm a time and place. When I count to three, you will wake and remember the orgasms, but you will have no conscious memory of the instructions. Your unconscious will remember, but your waking mind will not. When you wake up you will be naked. You will not be startled by that. One, two, three."

There was an immediate change in her demeanor. She was flushed. She looked around like she was seeing my office for the first time. "You have a lovely office. Oh, I feel totally funny."

For the first time she realized she was naked and dripping. She started to giggle. "Wow, I really feel like I came and came. I'm dripping. What did you do to me?"

"Nothing bad."

She laughed. She had a wonderful laugh. "I certainly didn't think it was bad. Where are my clothes, I can't go out of your office looking like this?"

"You could make yourself stiff and I could tell everybody that you were a manikin."

She laughed again. I could get to like that. "I have never seen a manikin drip from its pussy."

Sandra was putting off a delightful musky scent. Very erotic. "What do you want to do about your wetness?"

"Put your big cock in it."

"You don't know how big it is."

"I am sure its big."

"Well, that won't happen right now. Sandra, I will walk you to your car. We will get together, again, in December."

Sandra, reluctantly, drove away.

The next day, I went to New York. I was staying at the Hilton in Manhattan and Joeleen had agreed to meet me at the hotel at five in the afternoon.

At five, sharp, Joeleen arrived. She was wearing a low cut pullover sweater that showed her wonderful cleavage very well. She had loose fitting pants on that hid her lower body shape. Her face was like an angel with blonde hair and soft skin. She stood at the door and looked at me.

"Oh my, you are taller than I imagined. I like tall men."

She was five feet, eight inches tall. Her hair fell to her shoulders. She looked younger than her thirty nine years. I couldn't see any wrinkles. I had decided to take a different approach with Joeleen for two reasons. First, I couldn't be sure how good a subject she was from her IM replies and second, variety seemed like more fun for me. I held my hand out and led her into my suite.

I had a two room suite with a large couch in the sitting room. She sat on the couch. I was trying to decide how big she was in the hips and I decided I couldn't tell. This woman did a swell job of dressing her body if she was hippy. I decided it was show and tell time.

"Joeleen, It is a pleasure to meet you in person. Has anyone ever hypnotized you in person, before?"

She smiled, shyly, "no, this will be the first time."

"Have you ever been married?" I knew she was presently single, but I didn't know her marital history.

"Yes, I was married for ten years."

"Why did the marriage end?"

"Tom, did not enjoy sex and I finally said, 'enough is enough' and divorced him. I was starting to eat myself into oblivion and that was not acceptable, either."

"How long have you been divorced?"

"Almost two years. The only regret I have is I don't have children."

I found the information useful, but I was really just trying to get her comfortable with the surroundings. She seemed more skittish than the other two women. "Joeleen, I want you to relax and listen to my voice. The more you listen the better you feel and the deeper your trance."

I could see her body become more limp. "You are sliding down a slippery slope and as you slide down your trance is getting deeper, much deeper. You are becoming aroused as your trance goes deeper while you slide further down. You can feel your cunt getting very wet. Take your sweater off."

She pulled her sweater over her head. She had a cream colored bra on. "Take your bra off."

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