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Christmas in College Town


Mel swiped the credit card along the terminal, waited for the receipt to print, stuffed it into the restaurant's portfolio along with a couple of Ande's mints, and turned to stroll towards the table. She dropped it off to the table's occupants and hurried off to the kitchen, trying to look busy though probably fooling no one. It was Christmas Eve after all and the bulk of the town's part time residents, university students and staff, had all scattered off to home days ago leaving behind the few full time residents to keep the place from looking like a ghost town.

She was a student at the university too, but had elected to remain behind this year much to the restaurant manager's relief. Not that the money had been very good, with the vast majority of the students gone there were only a few souls that made it into the building each night and sometimes she wondered if it had even been worth it to the management to even turn on the lights. Stepping out to pick up the signed receipt and bus several dessert plates away, a glance was given to the tips section and a bit of a relieved sigh at the decent tip. At least the residents routinely tipped, she smiled a bit to herself.

After taking a look around and finding no one else at any of her tables, Mel leaned up against the entranceway to the kitchen and allowed herself a quiet moment. Another Christmas Eve alone, not that she hadn't gotten used to it during her stint in the Air Force, but they still were never easy to take. She'd gotten out and took the chance to move to the one area she'd dreamed of living ever since she was a little girl, Boise, Idaho. Shortly after arriving, she'd invested most of her savings into a condo figuring that not having a monthly house expense was the best route. From there she had enrolled in the local community college and after graduating moved to Boise University.

Between the part time gig as a waitress, her GI Bill money, and a couple small grants Mel was living a fairly comfortable albeit Spartan lifestyle. Still, it hadn't left a lot of time for romance and it didn't help that she spent most of her time around people who were a few years younger than her. Just finding someone she could sit at the bar with, legally, was a challenge sometimes and often the grad students were either too busy or in a serious relationship already. Fingers played in the curls of her long, dark red hair as she mulled over her current state in life. That is, until the snapping of fingers in front of her face brought her back to reality.

"Hey, you've got one on table six." Sandy smiled to her as she ducked into the kitchen.

Shaking her head a little to clear the daze, frowning for a moment as she realized that Jingle Bells was playing for fourth time tonight, and then putting on her best smile, Mel made her way over towards table six. A quick glance at the clock revealed closing time was drawing near and she said a silent thanks to her shift being over soon. She just hoped this last customer wasn't someone who had gone out to get drunk, then stopped here on the way home.

Phil looked up from the menu as the waitress approached, still mulling between the hickory burger and the spicy chicken sandwich. A moment was spent admiring the waitress' legs, shown off by the green and black plaid skirt she was wearing. Slowly his eyes moved upwards, the thought of the hickory burger fading as he looked over her full chest and the red curls laying upon it. It had been a long day of travel then in the barn tending to the mare and the approaching woman was a welcome sight indeed, both for the eyes and the promise of getting a decent meal at some point today.

She rolled her eyes a bit at the stare she was getting, some days she didn't mind getting ogled but over the years it had grown quite annoying. So annoyed she was that she didn't even notice that he appeared to be familiar. "Good evening and welcome to Terry's. Can I start you out with a drink and perhaps an appetizer?" She put on her best server smile and hoped that perhaps his eyes would move up from her chest to at least her chin.

"Can I get a Miller Light and a half order of mozzarella sticks?" He waited for her to write down the order, "And I'll take a umm...hickory burger, medium rare." Phil put down the menu to fish out his driver's license and passed it to the waitress.

She scribbled down the order and took the license as it was passed to her, glancing down at the date of birth then at the picture and passed it back to him. As Mel made her way back to the order station the nagging thought of the familiar face in the picture bugging her. She hadn't read the name and for once regretted not doing so. A glance over her shoulder as she input the order didn't reveal much as his head was down to play with his phone.

The sound of a skirt swishing as the waitress came up to the table caused him to glance up, just long enough to take the pint glass and take an appreciative sip of the amber liquid. Sure, it was a little watery but after the last two days it felt like heaven. Eyes glanced up to watch the waitress walk away, her red hair swaying behind her. Her shape reminded him a bit of someone else but he wasn't fully sure who and made a note to try to look at her face the next time she came around.

Sandy had taken the mozzarella sticks out to him so Mel stood off to the side, taking note that closing time was coming up in a few minutes. Of course the handful of customers still in the joint would be allowed to finish their meals but not to place any more orders after the doors were locked. Mel was fairly sure she'd figured out who her guest was, but wanted an up close look at his face to be sure. If he was the person she thought he was, it was to be a pleasant surprise, particularly since he'd never paid her figure that sort of attention before even with there seeming to be a mental connection. A cross of her fingers, perhaps Christmas was looking up after all.

Phil sipped at his third beer of the night, glad that the town bus system was still running through the holidays. The redhead hadn't been by him since bringing the latest beer, a little more than he was used to consuming on a normal evening but it did mean she was coming by more often. He still hadn't worked up the courage to look her in the face yet, or maybe he was just enjoying the other views, he wasn't quite sure which one it was. The debate became moot when his head snapped up at the voice behind him and his eyes finally looked at Mel's face.

"Hey Phil, long time." She was finally certain it was Phil Clauser who had been the Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Intro to Equine class she'd taken to minor in equine studies. Mel could still remember how the muscles of his forearms threatened to tear the rolled up cuffs of his flannel shirt when he was teaching them out to do groundwork with a stubborn mare. There had been a couple of jokes among the girls about how they wouldn't mind taking a roll in the hay with him but as far as Mel knew none had done more than chatted about it.

For a moment he regretted having finished three beers already as it seemed they were fogging his brain. The face attached to the tall redhead was vaguely familiar, he thought he could place it in a classroom setting. What seemed like an eternity passed before he imagined her hair tied back, a pair of jeans instead of the skirt, and a sweatshirt finally placed her as a former student of his. "Hey...Melissa. It has been a couple of years hasn't it?"

She let out her breath a bit in relief, sometimes the red hair was nice in that it often helped people to remember her. For once that was playing into her favor. She set down the burger and another beer, "Merry Christmas Eve, I hope it's going well for you."

"It's going good now," he gave her a faint smile and proceeded to tell her about how one of the mares under his charge had come down ill and he'd come back on short notice to oversee her care. He'd only gotten back this morning and had spent most of the day at the barn, only getting enough time to shower the barn smell off, change his clothes, and come in for dinner. "Such of the life of working in agriculture, but it's worth it to me," he offered a smile to her as she stole a fry from his plate. The sound of a lock clicking brought him back to the restaurant, "I guess I should eat up, don't want to keep you late on Christmas Eve of all nights."

"Oh, it's okay," she looked up as the manager called out for the waitresses and slid from the table, "I'll be right back." Off to the backroom she went, leaving him to work on his meal.

He looked up when she rejoined him at the table, sliding herself back into the chair. She placed a glass of eggnog in front of him with a little smile, "On the house. So, what are you doing for Christmas since you're back on short notice?" He watched as she tilted her head and seemed to be anxiously awaiting his answer. "Oh, I'm not sure. I guess just go home for the night, have to spend some time with the mare tomorrow and otherwise maybe I'll just catch a few movies on the tv." He took a sip of the eggnog and noted a hint of Southern Comfort, when he looked up she just gave him a little smile. "You?"

"Probably about the same thing, except for the mare part. Just catch up on some Christmas movies, have a couple of drinks, sleep in, and do the same tomorrow I suppose. Or..." she paused, grinned a bit at him, "...or maybe you could join me and at least we would have some company to enjoy during our movie watching." Mel wagged her eyebrows just a bit in excitement.

He watched her eyebrows in a bit of amusement, and chuckled softly "I think I would be a fool to turn down the offer. I would be glad to join you."

She smiled widely at that, and rose up to go retrieve the check and complete the formalities of shutting down the restaurant for the night. He watched her dart from spot to spot, helping with cleaning up tables and putting away silverware. A bit of wonder got to him, how different she was here than in the classroom where she had always been a bit formal. He wondered briefly if that had to do with her being a veteran, perhaps because of how she'd lived. It wasn't long though before she popped up to the table and gently grabbed his arm to signal that it was time to go. Getting to his feet, he realized just about how much alcohol he'd had but made it out the door and onto the bus to her place.

They walked the two blocks from the bus stop to the complex where Mel's condo was. Phil looked up, blinking, "I didn't know anyone rented these out." Mel just smiled and shook her head, "I own one. Much better than living in the apartments near campus and especially much quieter and more private. Plus I don't have to compete with the younger women at the pool." She gave a little wolfish grin at that last part and led him towards the door of her condo.

Inside he found the place lightly decorated for Christmas, little figurines placed here and there, a few window decorations, Christmas cards taped above the entranceway to the kitchen. The condo itself was cozy, from what he could see it seemed like a two bedroom place and he smiled a little at the fireplace in the living room with a stocking hung to one side. The place had a very home feel to it, something he hadn't felt except at his parent's place, in a long time.

She ran around in the background, picking up a few things here and there. None of her plans had included company being over for the night. Normally she would have just come in, poured a glass of wine, stripped off her work uniform and caught up with her TiVo in panties. Obviously that wasn't going to happen tonight though she stifled a little giggle as she imagined what his reaction would have been to that. "There's beer, eggnog, and soda in the fridge and the cabinet above the freezer has the liquor in it. Feel free to help yourself so long as you make me an eggnog with spiced rum in it. I'll be out in a minute."

She pulled off the top and the skirt, throwing them into her laundry basket. After a moment thinking it over her bra followed shortly afterwards, letting a heavy chest hang freely. Deciding to go all in and fully change, panties were thrown in last. Into the master bathroom she wandered, taking up a washcloth and using it to wipe some of the sweat away from underneath her breasts, around her thighs, and a few other places. Fingers ran through her red bush, it was a little overdue for a trimming and there was a bit of a wish that she had the time to but she figured if it came to that he probably wouldn't mind terribly much. A few pats with a towel to dry off and she put on a sports bra, t-shirt, and a pair of university sweat pants. Two spritz's from a bottle of warm vanilla sugar body spray then quick brushing of her hair and out the door she came.

Phil had taken a seat on the end of the couch, having made two of the eggnog and spiced rum drinks. Slowly he sipped at one, just admiring her place and the country style décor she seemed to prefer. A smile crossed his face as she came out, a little surprised at how she could make even sweats and a t-shirt look sexy. He was just content to watch her as she went over to the fireplace and got a compressed log lit, admiring her rear as she bent over to do it, then as she put a movie into the player and came over to the couch.

They chatted idly during the first movie, discussing career goals, college experiences, and general background information. Phil purposely kept only slowly sipping away at his eggnog, making the drink last the entirety of the first movie and giving the alcohol time to course its way out of his system. As they chatted he found himself becoming more intrigued with this young woman, her variety of interests and the passion she brought to life. He liked how her face lit up as she talked about taking an internship at a dig in the Badlands and at having found actual dinosaur bones. Even if he wasn't so interested in what she was studying, he just liked being around someone who was so happy doing what she was doing.

The topic slowly turned towards their shared love of horses. He'd grown up on a horse ranch a few hours south of where they were and she'd only just started taking lessons after moving to Boise. He knew more of the technical side but she had the passion beyond that of someone who had just gushed over ponies as a little kid. When she came back from changing the DVD's and accepted her second drink, he took note that she was sitting much closer to him than at the beginning of the evening. Each time she came back from getting up it seemed she moved a few inches closer till it was shortly after one am and upon coming back from putting in a new movie she was cuddled up against his figure. He could smell the faded scent of vanilla spice on her, it felt inviting, it just felt right.

She knew it was the alcohol, she'd been making hers stronger than usual just so that she'd have the excuse to blame the alcohol. But now she found herself spooned up against Phil and having decided that she'd already crossed the line of no turning back. Mel gently guided his arm to rest over her stomach, snuggling herself fully against him, closing her eyes and just savoring the feeling. It had been too long since she'd last felt the comforting warmth of another person pressed up against her, this time with the bonus of his muscles giving her the protective feeling of being wrapped up. Through her sweats she could even feel the gentle pressing of a stiffening cock. She smiled to herself and gave a tiny wiggle just to get a better feel of it then pressed softly against him feigning snuggling in more.

By about halfway through the movie and all of the way through her glass of eggnog curiosity and hormones couldn't be contained much more. Her hand gently drifted to his pants and upon finding no resistance she unzipped the jeans and slipped her hand in, seeking the opening of his boxers. Fingers gently caressed the head of his swollen member and slowly she began to guide it out into the open. Slowly and gently she caressed him, just enjoying the feeling of his hard cock throbbing in her hand. When she felt his fingers touch the edge of her sweats, Mel arched a little to urge him to seek further. A contented sigh slipped from her lips as she felt his hand gently cup her swollen mound and fingers softly rub upon her clit and external lips.

He had been hoping that there might be a little fun after she had been wiggling and adjusting against him during the movie. When she reached for his cock, it felt like he'd stiffened even more at the anticipation. The stroking was pleasant but it hadn't compared to reaching within her sweats, finding her not wearing a pair of panties, and that she was already damp from the little bit of play they'd already gotten into. Gently he played with her clit, loving the little moans coming from her throat. When she felt wet enough he slipped two fingers within her and began to massage the inside of her pussy while caressing her clit. When he felt her fingers leave his cock for a moment he internally sighed at the loss, but seconds later he felt her sweatpants slip down and the soft skin of her rear caress against his stiff member.

As much as Mel was enjoying having her pussy caressed by his fingers what she really craved was the stretching that only a thick cock could give her. Twisting her body a bit, she wiggled upwards till she could position the head against her swollen lips. Slowly she rubbed the head against herself, enjoying the feeling and giving it enough time to get thoroughly wet. She had taken larger cocks but he was up there in size and she knew that plenty of lube was her key to really enjoying the experience. When she felt he had gotten wet enough, the head was pressed against her tight hole and slowly she began to wiggle herself down, allowing him to enter. A soft groan slipped from her throat as the head popped within, slowly followed by the thick, veiny shaft.

When she felt her ass begin to press against his body did she finally breathe out and just waited, feeling him within her. A gentle squeeze was given to him and for a bit she just enjoyed feeling him filling her, feeling the soft throb of his cock buried deep within. At first her movements were slow, sliding just an inch in and out at a time, but as he began to get the idea and rock with her their momentum built up till easily half of his length was moving within her.

Phil found a comfortable position that allowed him to maintain a steady pounding of her wet slit then gently nuzzled the side of her neck and worked his lips up against the spot where her neck met her shoulder. Softly he began to kiss the skin, then slowly he worked his tongue against it, adding in little nibbles. He wasn't sure if he could keep up the pace much longer but wanted her to enjoy this as much as he could help her to.

Mel twisted her neck to give his mouth more access, while beginning to squeeze harder on his cock with her vaginal muscles. Before too long she felt him grab her around the waist and hold her tight just before he thrust up deep within her and began to fill her womb with warm cum. She groaned through a small orgasm then began to snuggle in against him, suddenly feeling the late hour and the long day's toll on her muscles. Deciding that the bed would be a better place to sleep and that she'd better get to there before chancing passing out on the sofa, wearily she rose, disengaging from his softening cock. A little grin and she leaned over to take the semi-hard member in her mouth and clean him of their juices. "You're of course, welcome to join me in bed. But I do sleep nude so you know," pink tongue licked her lips clean and eyes looked at him for his reply.

He watched in amazement as she leaned over and sucked his cock clean, never before had a woman done such to him and his curiosity was piqued at what else she liked to do. When she mentioned bed to him there was the realization as to how wore his body was and that he'd have to be out to the stables for a bit later that day. "Oh I don't know how I'll manage but I think I'll give it a try and suffer through it if I have to." He returned the grin and slowly got himself up, following her to the bedroom.

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