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Christmas Love

byL.A. Wicker©

A big thank you to Tigerjen for taking time out of her busy schedule to edit my story at the last minute... And I mean the last minute!

* * * * *

It was a long five hour drive from the hospital. Seven year old Tim, and his father had been doing it since his mother had been diagnosed with cancer, last spring.

Tonight was Christmas Eve, and it was snowing very hard. They had to get home before Santa came. Tim was very excited about Christmas, even though his mother wouldn't be home. Spending the day with her helped young Tim a lot. They took her all kinds of nice things Tim, and his dad had bought. And some nice things Tim had made for her in school.

"Daddy. Is Mommy going to get better soon?" Tim ask his dad.

He hated lying to Tim, but what do you tell a seven year old kid. 'No, your mom is so ate up with cancer we'll be lucky if she's alive by morning.' It killed Rob to lie Tim. "Well, Mom is real sick, and it's going to take time for her to get well."

Tim sighed, "I sure do miss her not being home."

Rob watched the road with careful eyes. The roads were getting very slick, and many were icing over. "I know, I miss her, too." Rob said with a sad voice.

The roads began to get worse, and there wasn't anyplace to pull over for an hour, or longer. This was the hardest part of their trip home. A thirty mile down grade that was full of very sharp, and dangerous turns. "Are you buckled in tight?" Rob ask his son.

"Yes! I'm all nice, and tight, Daddy." Tim replied.

Rob had slowed the car down to a 'snails pace' and that was still to fast. 'We should have found a motel." Rob told himself.

The snow fell harder, and ice was forming on the cars windshield. It was getting harder to see, and Rob needed to see the road. It was hard enough to follow the outline of the small road with all the snow that had already fell.

Tim was looking out the cars window trying to see if he could see any Christmas stars. That's when he saw the large light coming towards them, and it was coming fast. "DADDY! LOOK OUT!" Tim screamed.

Rob spun his head to look. He slammed on the cars breaks, but it just slid into the path of the accelerating freight train. "OH! GOD HELP US, PLEASE!" He fell across his son, trying to protect him from the speeding locomotive.

Tim screamed, "DADDY!"

BUZZBUZZBUZZ The alarm clock went, awakening young Tim Johnson from the horrible nightmare.

He pulled his bent, crippled body from the bed. The cool mornings really made it hard for him to get up. His muscles became so tight from the cold night air. Sometimes he had to crawl from his bed to the bathroom. He slowly limped across the cold floor to the bathroom, turning on the water for a shower. The hot water always made him feel so much better. He took off his pajamas, and looked at his body in the full length mirror.

He had nice thick, black hair. Big, brown eyes that were always happy. He looked down at his chest, and arms. He had a nice chest, some thin baby hair on it. He wanted more, like the men he saw on the T.V. 'Girls love lots of hair on their men,' he said to himself.

Then he looked to his arms. His right arm was so strong, he lifted weights every chance he had. Then his eyes moved to his left arm, it was small, and very weak. He could feel things with it, but he could never use it after the accident.

Tim turned side ways to the long mirror. He looked at his bent back, also damaged in the accident. It made him bend over slightly, and lean to his left. And, the long, ugly scar that ran that ran from his neck down to his tail bone. It made Tim sick to look at it. His left leg had also been crushed that night, and made Tim limp for the rest of his life.

Tim had one asset that he really never thought about. He had a long, thick manhood that would be the envy of many men and wanted by many women. It hung half way to his knee, with a big, fat purple head. When it was hard, the thick blue veins would fill will blood, and it stood straight up.

He stepped into the hot water of the shower. It ran down his crippled body, bringing his sore and sleeping muscles to life. Tim loved his morning showers, besides waking him up it always made him think of dear, sweet Lynette.

His mind filled with visions of her, causing his manhood to inflate with blood. Bringing his huge, member to life, his strong hand squeezed his hardness, and he began to stroke the long, fat shank. Tim had a big right hand, and it just could reach around the shaft. Faster, he stroked the hardness thinking of Lynette.

Tim, hated doing this to himself. He needed someone to love, and someone to LOVE him. So many nights he laid in his lonely bed wishing, and praying for love. Every dream filled with visions of Lynette holding him, and loving him.

Tim's massive shaft was covered in warm soap as he stroked it faster, and faster. His thick veins filled to their limit with his hot blood, pumping it to his large purple head. His mind raced, thinking of all the pretty ladies at work, and any other woman that had ever turned him on.

Faster and faster his hand went up, and down the thick shank. He was so close, all the built up fluid was about to be released. He thought of sweet Lynette, again. Her wonderful smile, her pretty eyes, and her tight little bottom.

"OH YES, OH LYNETTE. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU." Tim yelled, when his massive member released its seeds. He came hard that morning, spraying his fluids all over the shower wall. The hot liquid shot from his young body like a garden hose.


Tim limped into the furniture factory as he had for the last six years. He loved the smell of fresh, cut wood. That morning a large shipment had just arrived.

He limped past the workers as they unloaded the truck, "Hey Tim, how's it going today?" John Stone, yelled with his deep voice across the loading dock. He was a big man. Around six foot, six inches tall, and about three hundred plus pounds. He had bright red curly hair, and a big smile was always on his face. Tim liked him a lot.

Tim waved his hand to John, "I'm good. Don't work to hard John."

"You know me. I just can't get enough of work." John laughed.

He continued on his way through the factory past the large cutting and grinding machines. The machines would shape and form the wood into many various pieces. The craftsmen would then put them together to create furniture.

Tim limped his way into the office, and there stood, Brenda Wright. She had long blonde hair to the middle of her back and had deep blue eyes that looked so sexy. Her body was fantastic with full 38 inch breasts with pointed nipples that loved showing through her blouses. A thin waist, and an ass that any man would die to hold. "Well, good mornin' handsome. How's my man today?" Brenda asked, as she hugged Tim.

He loved her morning hugs, since she always made him so very hard. "I'm good now." Tim hugged her back. "And, how are you today?" he replied, pulling from her sexy body.

Brenda, put her hand on her sexy hip, "I'm fine now that my man is here." She was such a teaser, but Tim loved her. Brenda was one of the many people in the factory that Mr. Woods had helped. She had been a prostitute, on drugs, and on her way to jail. All of that changed when Mr. Woods gave her a job and whole new life.

About that time, Tim heard Mr. Woods voice ringing through the factory, "GOOD MORNIN', GOOD MORNIN', Merry Christmas!" He made his way to the office, "How's everybody today? Its a wonderful day to be alive. Only one week before the Christmas vacation." He beamed with happiness. His greetings were returned, and every one started their daily work.

Mike Woods had been a federal prison guard until ten years ago. All his years of hard work, and some great investments made him a very wealthy man. And, to live his dream of making furniture, and helping people. One other thing about Mr. Woods, he was a very religious guy. Many times Tim went by his office, and would see him on his knees, praying.

Some of Tim's light duties were to empty the trash cans, and sweep the work areas of the factory. He always started with the office trash, so he could see Lynette. But, today she wasn't at her desk. Tim went about his work knowing she would be there soon.

"Hi Tim," A soft, sweet voice whispered in his ear, "How's my sweetheart today?" Tim turned so fast to see her, his crippled leg got tangled, and he fell flat on his face.

He looked up, and there she was. Her light auburn hair laying across her slim shoulders, with her pretty green eyes looking through little silver glasses. Those thin, sexy pink lips wearing a sweet smile. Her petite sexy body covered in a floor length dress that looked like it had seen better days. A lot of her clothes looked like she had bought them used.

Lynette was like so many others at the factory Mr. Woods had helped. Lynette had been taking care of her ill mother for the last ten years of her life. Her mother was a religious fanatic. Never letting Lynette date, or dress in anything new. "The plainer you dress the less you have to worry about sinning with a man." was her mothers favorite saying. All the years of hearing that, it had stuck in Lynette's mind. She still dressed that way even though her mother had passed away about six years ago.

All the ladies in the office ran to help Tim up. Brenda smiled at Lynette, said "You need to stop gettin this boy all excited like this. He's a goin' to get hurt." They all started laughing.

Lynette, gave him a little hug, and whispered, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean for ya to fall. Are ya OK?" Tim shook his head yes. She had never, ever hugged him before. He was in shock, and so excited. Little did Tim know, Lynette was also very excited.

About that time Mr. Woods came from his office wearing a big smile, and a Santa hat, "Well, Tim." Mr. Woods said, "Today's the big day. I'm tellin' you Employees of the month we're going for our Christmas Holiday." Each Christmas, Mr. Woods took all the winners, and one guest on a two week all expenses paid trip.

Tim was so excited, how could he have forgotten something so important as this. He was an Employee of the month, and so was Lynette. He would get to see her for two weeks straight, day and night. He was so happy, and looking forward to it. Mr. Woods told Tim, "Here's the list of winners. You tell them to be in the lunchroom at twelve sharp."

As Tim left the office he looked other the list of twelve winners. Most of them he liked. John was on the list, and Tim knew that Kate, John's wife would be coming with him. So was sexy Brenda, she would be bringing her six year old daughter with her.

On the bad side of things, Tim saw that Tony Stewart was also a winner. He was a bad apple, Tim pretty much hated the man. All he ever did was pick on Tim and Lynette. Many times as they would walk to the lunchroom, and hear things like, "Oh look! There goes Miss Goodwill and Mr. Gimpy." Tony drank on the job and smelled like beer from morning to quitting time.

Tim went as fast as he could walk telling all the winners where to be, and what time for the big news. He found John, "John, twelve o'clock in the lunchroom. Mr. Woods is going to tell us where were going this year's Christmas trip."

"Oh yes! I'm hoping for a nice two weeks on a sandy beach." John smiled, and patted Tim on his back. "Isn't Lynette going this year?" John winked at Tim, "You could spend the whole two weeks lookin' at her sexy BOD!" Then John busted out laughing. "Tim old buddy, you need to get brave, and ask that pretty little girl out. We all can see she likes you!"

Tim knew better, she was just being friendly to him. What if he did ask her out, and she laughed at him like so many other girls he had ask out in the past. It always hurt him so bad hearing the same old lines, "I think of you as my friend," or "I'm already seeing someone." And the Big Daddy killer of them all, "I think of you as my brother."

Tim just shrugged his shoulders, and replied, "Maybe someday." And he went on his way telling the other winners where to be. He even told Tony, and the rude bastard was actually nice to Tim that day.


After he had finished, Tim went outside to get a breath of air. 'Maybe I should do what John said, and ask Lynette out.' Tim thought to himself, 'I do love her so much. But, on the other hand I don't want to mess things up between us. She's my best friend.'

Tim's thoughts drifted back in time to the state hospital he was in so many years. And, all of the wonderful nurses that he had loved so much. Especially, Mrs. Harris, she was Tim's first woman. He would never forget that extraordinary day when she made him a man. And, come to think about it, it was just a few weeks before Christmas.

He had just met with some of his doctors, they had told him he needed ANOTHER operation on his back. Tim was so sick of being their guinnea pig. He had been cut on so many times, and it seemed nothing was going to help his crippled body.

He sat alone in his room, tears running down his face looking at the small Christmas tree that Mrs. Harris had gave him two days before. Mrs. Harris came into the room, she pulled Tim into her arms rocking him gently. "I just heard what they told you. I'm sorry," as she wiped the tears from his face, and hers, "You'll pull through, and you know I'll be here for you. I'm always here for you." She loved Tim like he was the son she could never have.

Nurse Harris also knew that Tim was right about the doctors using him. He had nobody to look out for him, and stop these unnecessary operations. Both of his parents were dead, and not a family member to be found anywhere.

"I know what you need? One of my world famous showers. That will fix you right up." Sue Harris said, as she went into Tim's tiny bathroom. One of her showers always made him feel better. She would turn the showers on full blast, and scrub him so hard, his skin would be red for two hours afterwards.

Tim stood by his old rusty hospital bed, and took off his clothes. Mrs. Harris stood watching Tim as he bared his bent up body. 'Lord, he's going to make some girl happy. He's so sweet, kind, and that MONSTER between his legs.' She thought as she stared at his long, thick shaft.

Tim saw her looking at him, and gave her a sweet smile, "I'm all ready." He limped into the shower, sat in the small shower chair, and got ready for his daily scrubbing.

That day Mrs. Harris had some other plans for Tim. She turned the water on half of its normal flow, and held it to his body. The warm water ran down him, and her eyes watched as it ran across his large member. She felt a tingle between her legs, and wetness forming in her panties.

She knew it was wrong to take young Tim, but he was 18, and she needed a man. She needed a long, hard man buried between her legs. Her husband had not used her for way over a year now. Christmas was only a week away, and she would give Tim the present of a lifetime!

Mrs. Harris soaped her hands, and began to caress Tim's body. Slowly, she ran her soft gentle hands around his chest. Making sure she touched his nipples, gave them a tender pinch. She heard Tim moan, and that was all she needed to hear.

She moved in front of Tim, and gradually unzipped her nurses uniform, letting it slide to the floor, exposing her outstanding 40 year old body. That day she had wore a white, see-through matching bra and panty set.

Tim gazed at her naked body, and his large member began to come to life. His eyes examined her size 36 breasts and her perky nipples. Slowly his eyes moved down her slender body to her flat tummy, then to her very wet panties.

Mrs. Harris reached to unclasp her tiny bra, and exposed her breast to Tim's young eyes. A smile went across her face as she watched Tim enjoy her body. "I'm your Christmas present, is that okay?"

Tim smiled, and replied, "Mrs. Harris, you are so beautiful." And with that, his eyes went back to exploring every inch of her body.

She sat on Tim's lap, facing him. His large, throbbing cock pressed against her tummy, and she placed a soft kiss on his lips. Tim moaned as her kiss deepened, and her thin hips started moving against his hardness. "Tim, I'm going to love you now. I want you to know that I've loved you from the first day we met."

Mrs. Harris stood before Tim, and removed her panties. As she sat back on his lap, her tiny hand positioned his hardness to her wet opening. Slowly she sat down, allowing him to enter her willing body.

Her tight, unused body locked around his eager manhood. "Oh Tim, you're so marvelous." She moaned, as she took all of him into her body. Never in her life she had anything so big as his cock.

Tim panted for air and replied, "This is great! You feel so nice."

Her hips began to rock back and forth. Tim's large shaft moved inside her lonely, unloved body. It reached places inside her that had never been touched before. Her body burned as she used the hard, thick shaft of her young lover.

Faster she used him. "Tim, oh my beautiful Tim." Her body released on her lover. The strong orgasm raced through her like nothing she had ever felt in her life. "Oh yes! Oh Tim." she moaned as her orgasm continued.

She lay across Tim, panting for air. "I might just take you home with me for Christmas. Would you like that?" A sweet smile was on her face.

Tims eyes filled with joy. "Do you think the doctors would let me go with you?" He was so excited. He had not been out of the hospital 4 years.

She still had his large member buried deep in her, and she knew he hadn't came yet. "I'll do everything I can to get you out of here." She began to move up, and down on his still hard shaft. "But, first I need to fix this for my man."

She pulled Tim into her arms kissing him deep, as she rode him hard, and very fast. Up and down his thick shaft explored her mature body. She hugged him so close as she tried to bring him to ecstasy. Faster she went up, and down on him, and then it happened.

His face went blank, and she felt his shaft thicken, "OH WOW! Mrs. Harris!!! OH YES!" His young shaft started filling her with more cum than she had ever known. He hugged her as tight as he could.

"Yes. Come on baby. Get that stuff out." She stood just above him, and her hips moved fast, milking every drop of hot cum out of his body. They remained locked together hugging, and giving each other kisses of love.

Nurse Harris helped Tim dress, and gave him one last deep kiss before she went to find the director of the hospital. She was going to do everything in her power to get Tim to go home with her for Christmas.

Tim sat in his room reading a book, when the door flew open, "YOU CAN GO! YOU CAN COME HOME WITH ME FOR Christmas!." Mrs. Harris grabbed Tim hugging him so tight it hurt.

"EARTH TO Tim! COME IN PLEASE!" John yelled at Tim breaking his wonderful thoughts of that great time, so long ago. "Man, you were about a thousand miles away. Are you OK buddy?" John asked with a concerned look, helping Tim stand up.

Tim shook his head clear, and he noticed his pants looking like a tent. "Yeah, I'm fine, I was just thinking about someone."

John looked at his pants, and saw Tim's hard cock, "It must have been somebody nice," John laughed. "Come on boy, we'll be late for the meeting. I want to be there when Mr. Woods tells us we're going to a nice, warm beach."

Tim and John were late getting to the lunchroom. Mr. Woods jokingly looked at them, and said, "Since you two are late you can stay after work, and clean the restrooms."

John gave Tim a little nudge, and told him, "See, now you got us in trouble!" and he laughed.

Mr. Woods started talking, "As you all know each year my wife Judy and I try to plan a nice two week Christmas trip for our most special workers. This year is going to be one of our best."

John nudged Tim, and whispered, "Look, Lynette is checkin' you out." They both peeked at her like young school boys, and she had been looking at Tim. John went on whispering, "Man, I'm tellin' ya. You need to ask that girl out. She's nuts about you."

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