tagExhibitionist & VoyeurChristmas Morning

Christmas Morning


Author's Note: This is a sequel to my story Christmas Eve Services. If you haven't read it, maybe you should. And if you want to know about anything in between, just ask. Maybe I should make that story too.


"Wake up," said my mom. "It's Christmas morning."

Oh god. This hadn't been an issue in a long time, not since I went off to college. But the only thing on me under that blanket was Brian's dried cum on my chest, and my own juices between my legs. I hoped the sheet wouldn't stick to me.

"I'll be there in just a minute mom, just let me go to the bathroom." I glanced over to the other side of the room and found, thankfully, that my younger sister, Cathy, was already awake and out of the room. As soon as my mom left, I immediately headed for the shower. Not that I don't like cum on me, but it's less fun when it isn't fresh. Now that it was dry, it just itched a bit. I held my hair out of the way with one hand, as I scrubbed my chest with the other. God, my breasts were still red and tender from last night, and it was turning my on to rub them like this. I shuddered a little as I cleaned my thighs and my pussy. My asshole only hurt a little from last night's adventure, and I soaped up a finger and wiggled it around in there.

But I didn't have time to properly get myself off, so I grabbed a towel and went back out into my room. I texted Brian a merry Christmas as I headed to the suitcase I had brought back with my from school. While I was considering what to put on, I got a text back.

Merry Christmas.

What are you wearing?

I smiled as I read it. A lot of girls would probably be annoyed at how Brian's mind seemed to always be on sex, but I loved it. I probably masturbated more than he did, and our sexual games usually made me cum more too, so I was really the one anybody should be worried about. He was just a regular guy.

A Towel. I need to pick what to wear

What r u wearing?

I smiled again. Brian would understand that I really meant he should tell me what to put on.

I'm not wearing anything. He was lucky. He had his own room.

Wear your hoodie and some pajama pants. But keep the pajama pants low.

I grabbed my hoodie out of my suit case and put it on. It was maroon. I'd stolen it from Brian, so it was actually humongous on me. I put it on, and zipped it up until there was only some cleavage showing. I liked how it felt when I rubbed the material on my nipples. They were really sensitive after last night.

I dug around in the suitcase some more, loving being bent over. It made sure that my pussy and ass were out in the open, plus, the sweatshirt hung away from my body and showed of my tits. I found a pair of striped pink and blue pajama pants that I liked, and pulled them on. Standing up though, the hoodie really covered a lot. It came down to the top of my thighs. I thought that I could probably get away with wearing my pants really low. I pulled them down until they were only covering my pussy. In the back, my ass would have been exposed, if the sweatshirt hadn't covered it.

I took a picture in the mirror in the bathroom really quick using my phone, but I decided I didn't like it. I ran a brush through my shoulder length blonde hair, then unzipped the hoodie until you could see the nipples of my c cup breasts peeking out over the top of the hoodie. Then I took the picture. This one was way better. I sent it to Brian, then headed out to my family. I zipped up along the way, of course.

I put my phone in the pocket of the hoodie, then put my hands in there too. The pockets were at the very bottom of it, on either side of the zipper. So I was able to run my hands up and down my mound as I walked into the living room, where the rest of the family was.

"Finally," said Cathy. She was three years younger than me, making her sixteen, but she didn't really look it. She was a little shorter than my 5' 5," with long, dark brown hair that came down to the top of her butt. You could see the top of that butt, though it often had panties, because she was a huge tease. She probably just meant to dress fashionably, because she was as conservative as my parents. But she couldn't help being a tease because she was as slim as I was, but with 36 D breasts. I've always been attracted to both sexes, so it was a blessing and a curse living with her for years. She was still in her night clothes, so I was able to get a rather good view. She had on a green tank top with red cheer shorts. Her nipple were clearly outlined by the material of the too small shirt.

My parents didn't seem as put out, and we began passing out presents. I didn't get anything that great. Clothes, books, some money. I did get a new camera, which would be fun when I went back to school.

After we finished opening presents (I wonder if my parents noticed me looking down Cathy's shirt anytime she leaned over to get a present) we went to have breakfast. For some reason, Christmas breakfast means keish. As we were all sitting around the table, mom and me on one side, Cathy and dad on the other, I felt my phone vibrating from a text. It felt kind of good. I thought to myself that I should carry my phone against my pussy. I pulled it out and read it under the table.

Pull your pants lower.

I glanced at my mother as I put my phone back. She didn't seem to care about the text. But she might care if I did anything. My pussy was already naked on the chair. The only thing keeping it out of view was the giant hoodie. If I lowered my pants more, my mother might notice the bare thigh, and catch on to the fact that there was nothing covering my naked body but this sweatshirt.

My pussy was getting wet at the idea. I don't mean that I wanted to get caught. Not by my mother, at least. But I love that thrill from exposing myself where I shouldn't. It gets me so hot to try to push the envelope just a little bit farther. I scooted my chair in, then tried to look at my leg. It was kind of hard to see. But now I had a bad perspective, I suppose. I wish we had table clothes. Then I could just spread my pussy wide open under the table when we ate.

We were all talking while we were eating though, about going to visit at our great aunt's house for dinner, as we always did, and presents we got and gave. I decided that everyone was distracted enough. I was going to do it. I took a deep breathe, and when I felt like no one was paying any attention, I lifted my legs a little and gave my pants a little tug. No one seemed to notice, and it wasn't much of a difference, so I tugged them down farther, until I could feel the edge of the chair against the skin on the back of my leg. I looked down quickly, and realized how far I had pulled my pajamas down. They were nearly to my knees.

I kept eating, feeling my pussy getting wetter. I placed my left hand in my lap as I ate and slowly stroked my slit. It wasn't going to make me cum, not even when I stopped and played with my clit for a minute, but it made the rest of the meal fly by.

"Well, you two need to go get ready," my mother finally announced to me and Cathy, when we were finished eating. "We've got a pack day, like always."

Cathy immediately stood up, and I was about to have to stand up, in front of my family, with my pants around my knees and my shaved pussy dripping wet.

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