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Christmas Present


Vinod, my husband of 16 years, has always had a fantasy about sharing me with another man. I have to admit that since, until recently, he was the only man I'd have ever had; the idea turned me on as well. We had numerous sexual sessions during which we fantasized that four hands were caressing my body, or that another tongue was licking my pussy. All I had to do while he was fucking me was to whisper in his ear that I was sucking on another man's cock, and it would be enough to finish him off.

The problem is that every time we spoke about actually going through with it, we both got a little nervous and decided it was just a fantasy.

Last Christmas Vinod booked us a romantic winter weekend at a luxury hotel in Panchgani. We left our children with my in-laws. When we checked in and gone up to our beautiful room, he said he had forgotten his cell phone in the car, and asked me to go down with him to get it. As we waited for the valet to get the phone, he suggested that I walk around the shops in the hotel and meet him in twenty minutes. I was a little puzzled, but it was obvious that he had some sort of plan, so I did as he asked. When I met him back in the lobby, he handed me an envelope and told me to take it up to the room and read it. I gave him a suspicious look, but played along.

I opened the envelope in the elevator. Inside was a piece of beautiful bond paper with a message neatly typed. It read:

"Welcome to the beginning of your dream weekend. The next four hours, I hope, will excite and thrill you beyond your wildest dreams. There will be a series of numbered packages inside the hotel room. Each of them will contain directions that are to be followed explicitly. Do not open anything without being directed to do so. When you are ready, open Number One and follow the directions inside."

I cautiously entered the room and saw a series of small numbered packages on the bed. I opened the first one. It contained some bath salts, and another message which read:

"Take the enclosed bath salts, and your toiletries and makeup, and your wristwatch, into the bathroom. Make sure that one of the hotel bathrobes is inside the bathroom. Draw a hot bath and add the bath salts. When the bath is running, and you have completely disrobed, open Number Two."

The bath salts were my favourite fragrance. I started the bath and opened the second package. Inside was an aromatic candle and another note.

"By now the bath is running with the wonderful smell of your favourite fragrance in the air. Light this candle to help set the mood in the bathroom. Also, place your wristwatch nearby, and then open Number Four. Know that I will be dreaming of your soft skin soaking in the warm, scent-filled water, and that my longing to be with you will be growing by the minute".

I wondered why he had skipped Number Three. I found it was just a test. Had I opened it I would have found a note rebuking me for not obeying the instructions. However, I opened Number Four, along with the expected note.

"Do not open any other packages until your bath is complete. Relax, enjoy your soak and dream of all the possibilities that might follow. After thirty minutes, wash your hair and get out of the tub. Once you have dried off and put on the robe, open Number Five."

I settled into the warm bath, stroked my pussy. I wanted desperately to come, but also wanted to save it for Vinod. My heart raced. I finished my bath, dried off and opened Number Five, to find a bottle of my favourite lotion. The note read:

"I am dreaming how sweet your skin smells after your bath. Apply this lotion liberally in all those areas that I will want to explore. Then prepare yourself for the rest of your evening. Put on the robe, but do not leave the bathroom until you have applied your makeup and dried your hair. Then, when you are ready to get dressed, leave the bathroom and open Number Six."

When I was ready I sat on the bed and opened Number Six. A pair of sheer black stockings.

"You know what stockings do to me!" The note read. "I am dreaming of how you will look when they are on. I only wish I were there to slide them slowly up your thighs. Put them on and then open Number Seven."

Number seven was a black lace garter belt. "The only thing that can make stockings hotter is a garter belt. I hope you like this new one. Put it on and attach the stockings. Know that wherever I am, my breath comes faster as I think of what you look like in this arrangement. Once you have the stockings fastened, open Number Eight."

Number Eight contained a push-up bra with holes for the nipples. "I love the appearance of your nipples. My heart still races when I glance at them. I long to caress them. I hate when you hide their existence. Please put on the bra so that I may look longingly at them when I see you next. Once you have it on, open Number Nine."

By now, I had assumed that I was getting dresses in this sexy manner to go out for an evening on the town. When I opened the next package and found a beautiful diamond necklace, that suspicion was reinforced. Until I read the note:

"If there could be any way to make your breasts more beautiful, it would be to highlight them with a new necklace. I hope you like this one. I look forward to seeing it against your soft skin. At this point, I hope your excitement has built to the highest levels of arousal and anticipation as to what may follow. But know that you can trust me not to let anything happen that you really don't want to happen. Now open Number Ten to set the evening in motion."

What did he mean by not allowing anything to happen that I didn't want? I wasn't sure, but I knew that if he meant to fulfil our fantasy, I did want it. I was more than ready for it. I held my breath as I opened Number Ten.

There was only a note. "If you wish to go further, phone my cell phone from the room. I will not answer the phone, so wait for the message request and then say only: 'I am ready to continue.' If you do not call, I will cancel the rest of the plan and we will go to dinner. If you do, once you have hung up you may open Number Eleven."

My heart was racing as I picked up the telephone. But I barely hesitated before dialling the cell phone. When I heard the message request, I whispered hoarsely, "I am ready to continue." I was breathing hard. With shaking hands I reached for the last package.

Inside were three flavoured condoms and a blindfold. The note read:

"Move a chair into position near the bed, facing the door and visible from it. Once you are seated, put on the blindfold. Presently the door will open. Remain seated, with the blindfold firmly in the place, and do not make a sound. There will be no speaking, and no peeking. The blindfold must remain on until I remove it. No matter what happens, you are not to reach out and touch. Just relax, and let your mind and imagination, as well as your body, respond freely and fully to anything and everything that may happen. Now sit down on the chair, put the condom with your favourite flavour on the chair between your legs, put on the blindfold and let your fantasy roam wild."

I put the chair in position, put a condom on the chair and placed the blindfold over my eyes. It was very effective; I couldn't even peek out the sides. I waited patiently as instructed, but my mind raced. A condom? Vinod had never used condom. My heart pounded as I imagined the possibilities. After what seemed like hours, I heard the door slowly open.

I felt someone walking past me, and there was music in the room. I held my breath. A moment later a hand stroked the inside of my thigh and touched my soaking pussy.

Then I heard three distinct knocks. I gasped, and for a moment I thought of ripping the blindfold off and running for the bathroom. I could feel my heart racing in my chest. I didn't move. I was relieved to find that the man touching me was Vinod, for now he whispered in my ear to nod if I wanted him to answer the door. I hesitated, and then, very slowly, I moved my head up and down, nodding. Yes.

Vinod left me, and I heard the door open and then close. I wondered if may be Vinod might be playing with my mind, that he had just knocked on the wall, that no one had actually entered the room. I had almost convinced myself of this until I felt two pair of hands caressing my breasts, one from either side of chair. One of them removed my bra, and the caressing continued. I caught my breath as shudders of passion ripped my body. Who could the other hands belong to?

Now I felt a hand on my head, turning it to the left. I instinctively opened my mouth and a hard cock slipped in. I danced my tongue around the head. From the feel of it I was pretty sure it was Vinod's. I sucked and licked it, tasting his precome. He pulled his cock from my mouth and turned my head to the right. Another cock brushed my lips. I hesitated momentarily, and then opened my mouth again. My first taste of another cock! It was slightly bigger than Vinod's, and hard as a rock. I could hear a hoarse moan over the music as I sucked the cock deep into my mouth. I couldn't tell if it came from the mystery guest or from Vinod. The hard rod in my mouth started to stroke gently. Then it was yanked from my sucking lips, and I felt hot come shoot onto my breasts. Within a second, I felt Vinod brush up against my left side as he spurted his own come onto my tits. To come so quickly, I thought, they must have been as excited as I was.

I sat there wondering what was next. Someone knelt at my legs and slowly spread my knees, stroking the inside of my thighs. Hot breath tickled my pussy as a tongue approached. I slid down on the seat and spread my legs further to give him access. I knew it was the mystery guest when Vinod leaned over and kissed me, telling me how much he loved me. He also told me that every fantasy we had discussed was going to come true. I shuddered as I came on the stranger's tongue.

After a few glorious minutes, I was helped to my feet and carefully to the bed. I was guided onto my hands and knees, and someone slid beneath me into a 69 position. Again I felt a tongue lick my slit as I leaned over to find the cock I knew would be there. My instincts told me it was Vinod below me. I felt the bed sag beneath my knees as our guest took up a position behind me. Vinod stopped licking my pussy and spread my cunt lips with his fingers. I felt stranger's cock nudge against my cunt. I was so wet from all the action that it easily slid in to the hilt-- the first cock aside from my husband's that had ever been there. As the strange cock pumped into me, Vinod stroked my clit. I moaned uncontrollably around his cock, which was still in my mouth. I love doggie-style sex, and knowing that my husband was seeing the action so close was bringing me to the edge again.

Just as I was sure I was going to be rewarded with a load of come in my mouth, the action stopped momentarily. Vinod slid out from under me and repositioned himself, kneeling up in front of my face and sliding his hard cock back into my mouth. Again the stroking started. I was being bounced back and forth between the cock in my mouth and one in my pussy. Vinod reached over my back and spread my ass cheeks. I knew he was watching stranger's hard cock thrusting in and out of my pussy. I sensed that Vinod was about to come again, but again he pulled his cock from my mouth, saying that he had more fantasies he needed to fulfil before he came again.

The mystery man also pulled his cock out of me, and I knelt there, wondering what was next. A moment later I felt a lubricated finger probing my asshole. Then another finger started stroking my clit. The probing and stroking continued until I shuddered in orgasm.

Now someone slid underneath me, and someone's hands guided me down onto the waiting cock. I could tell it was Vinod beneath me, and I rode him as I had many times before. He pulled me down onto him, my come-covered tits presses into his chest. I felt the bed sag again as the other man got into position behind me, and I raised my ass higher in anticipation. I moaned into Vinod's ear as a hot-lubed cock touched my asshole. Vinod started whispering in my ear, telling me how much he loved me, and how beautiful I was and how I was making him so happy, as the other mans cock slipped past my sphincter and slowly entered my ass to the hilt.

A cock in my ass and one in my pussy at the same time! It was better than anything we had ever fantasized about. I had never felt so completely filled. They stated to stroke in unison, and within a minute, I started to come. Even though I was supposed to remain silent, I moaned in Vinod's ear, telling him again and again that I am coming, that I couldn't stop. I felt the cock in my asshole spasm as it shot a load deep into my bowels. Vinod said he could feel it pumping its come deep into my ass through the thin wall separating their cocks. He stiffened and cried out as he shot his jism deep into my cunt. I collapsed in exhaustion on Vinod's chest as the cocks slowly softened and slid from my ass and pussy.

Vinod kissed me deeply and continued to caress me limp body. I was happy to lie there on his chest, wondering what was next. After a minute, I heard the door to the room open and close again. Was another man entering? We had fantasized about a gang bang once. Then Vinod removed my blindfold, and I realised that the mystery man had left. We were alone.

Vinod asked me what I thought of his present, and I answered him with a deep kiss. He told me how thrilled he was that we had finally gone through with the fantasy. I begged him to tell me who the mystery man was. He just smiled and said that next time may be we could do it without the blindfold, and then I would know. I only hope I don't have to wait for next Christmas.

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