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Christmas Presents - Naughty


Peter Johannson stood in the doorway between the bath and bedroom with only a towel wrapped about his trim waist. He had just stepped from the shower and drops of water glistened on his bronze skin and upon the too-short ends of his blonde hair that was regulation Corps.

It might seem odd, but he smiled as he took in the sight before him. Curled up in the bed that they had shared since getting married four years before was his stunningly beautiful blonde wife Jill. He supposed that alone was enough to bring a smile to most men's face. But this morning, wrapped about his wife and with his long dark legs intertwined with Jill's pale ones was his best friend, Damran.

Hell, if anyone had told him when they met two years ago that they would become best friends and closer than brothers, he would have laughed. They were an odd match. He was small-town, farm boy from the cold mid-west. Damran was hood to the core. Like his gorgeous wife, Damran had grown up in the foster system. His story in some ways was even more heart-breaking than Jill's. He ended up in care at the age of four when his alcoholic mother beat him for wetting his bed and killed his brother in the process when he tried to protect Damran. His lips curled as he could almost hear his mother admonish him for taking in 'more strays.'

But those two were more than the wounded animals that he had been adopting and nursing back to health since he could toddle. Along with his parents and the tow-headed little boy sound asleep down the hall; those two were his family, his world. He knew it would seem twisted and perverted to the world. Hell, his daddy would take him out behind the barn and beat his ass if he knew what happened here last night. But it had felt so shockingly natural to share his wife and bed with his best friend, brother and the man to whom he owed his very life.

It had happened a little over a year ago. Their platoon was on patrol just outside of Baghdad. It was another of the dozens of roadside bombs that had come to haunt their every day in this blazing hot god-forsaken place and fill every nightmare in the cold desert nights. Damran had sensed something he said. Peter knew better than to push for a deeper explanation. The whole platoon and half the damned Marines in Iraq knew to trust Damran's 'senses.' He had screamed and pushed Peter to relative safety a fraction of a second before the explosion. They had both ended up with scars of the walking wounded. Peter's was a nasty gash that ran the length of his bicep from shoulder to elbow. But Damran's was worse. There were nasty scars poking the dark chocolate expanse of his whole back. He had taken the brunt of the blast and suffered second and third degree burns as a result.

Even then it did not fully explain the bond between the two men. He supposed it was 'man love' as modern world called such close friendships. He really could not imagine sharing such intimacies as they had last night with another human being. But he had wanted to give them both an unforgettable Christmas present...his wife and his best friend. He had come up with this idea when he overheard one of his other friends talking about 'swinging' with his wife. At first, his small-town Lutheran upbringing had been revolted by the whole sinful idea. After all, they had both sworn to 'forsake all others until death do you part.'

But over the weeks, he began to have dreams, hot dreams, of making love with his wife and sharing her with his best friend. He knew it would not be easy. Jill still did not open up to many people. Besides he was the only man she had ever been with; having given him her virginity on their wedding night. So the idea that she would go along with his plan to share her with his African-American friend that looked a great deal like the guy from the Green Mile was a stretch. But he also knew that his wife was a passionate woman...and given more than a couple of glasses of wine hornier than a mare in spring heat.

So he had begun to plan. Of course, it did not take more than a couple of peaks at the X-rates pictures of Jill on his laptop to convince Damran that it was a fine idea. But arranging even their holiday leaves to coincide took the blessing of the U S Marine Corps. His parents had welcomed their guest with open arms of Christian love; after all the poor boy had no where else to go. Peter was just thankful that his father had insisted they build their own house out near the old oak tree when their son was born. It made the rest of his plan workable.

It might sound horribly sacrilegious, but last night they had eaten Christmas Eve dinner around his parents' kitchen table. Then all of them had piled in his dad's old pick-up and Jill's battered compact and driven into town for the midnight Christmas service at the church where his parents were married, where he and even his son were christened. Then they had said their good-byes and carried a sleeping toddler into their house out back.

His plan went into action then. He opened a bottle of wine and a couple of beers as he and Damran took to putting together his son's bike and train set. He made sure to keep Jill's glass full. In the end, she had finished off the whole damned bottle. Even then she had been genuinely shocked when he told her that she should model the Christmas present he had bought her for both of them. She had protested, but his assertion that it was the least she could do for the man that had saved his life had finally worked the trick.

He had almost laughed when he saw the look on his best friend's face when Jill walked down the stairs and into the glimmer of Christmas lights wearing a sexy red velvet and white fur nighty. He did not have to look to know that his friend's impressive black cock was already hard, not that he had any worries about measuring up on that count anyway.

He had put on his wife's favourite country music song...I Saw Momma Kissing Santa Claus. He had danced her around the tree and rubbed suggestively against her soft, pale skin. Then he had passed her off to Damran as if it were just another dance at the fall festival. He could tell that his wife was nervous as she kept sneaking peaks over her shoulders at him. But his friend was holding her just as close as he had and rubbing against her just as suggestively.

With a wink from Peter, Damran had begun to nibble at the sensitive warmth of her porcelain neck. Jill's clear blue eyes had gone as large as saucers then. But Peter had taken up his place behind her then. Placing his hands on her hips he had made slower circular motions that he knew would bring her into direct contact with Damran's hard cock. He then began to nibble her bare shoulder and reached around between them to tweak her sensitive nipples.

He could tell she was confused, frightened and conflicted. This was far outside of their mid-western small town life style. But the way that her nipples had pebbled at his touch and the faint pink glow of her alabaster skin in the dim light also told him that she was aroused.

He worked his way slowly up the other side of her neck, kissing, licking and nibbling. He swirled his tongue around her dainty ear. Then he blew his hot breath across the wetness. He brought his own hard cock to press at the round curve of her bottom; sandwiching her between them as he whispered, 'Merry Christmas.'

The rest of the night had taken on almost a surreal quality. They had led her up the stairs. Peter pulled her by the hand and Damran playfully slapped her bottom if she dallied too long. He had taken a quick peak at their son, just to reassure himself that they would not be disturbed this night.

In the king bed in their room, the three of them had loved until dawn. He had begun simply enough by suggesting that she show her gratitude to Damran for saving his life by giving his black cock one of her famous wet, loud blow jobs. He watched as she crawled across their bed to where his friend lay back against his pillow stroking his already throbbing cock. She had looked back at him one time as if to be certain she had his permission. But his smile was sufficient encouragement as she began to slurp up and down his friend's eight inch cock.

He had watched for a few minutes until he could almost see the glistening wetness dripping from her sweet honey pot. He had suggested then that she had forgotten how much men loved having their balls sucked too. As she bent her blonde head to do his bidding, he had slipped into from behind, doggy style. He could hear her moan around the mouthful of black balls as he sank deep into her. He could also feel her warm cunt squeezing his hard cock and milking it. He was surprised at how easy it had been to fall into a natural rhythm of push and pull with his wife as the bone between two Alpha males.

They had fucked and sucked until he thought he might die. He would have sworn his balls were drained. Jill was riding Damran's hard cock then. He could tell that in this...eight really was better than seven and half. But he was only a tad jealous of the loud moans that filled their room as his best friend brought his wife to another shattering orgasm.

What happened next surprised even him. Jill sat up and smiled at him, reaching across Damran's broad, dark chest, she pulled a bottle of lube from their bedside table. Pouring some into her hand, she reached behind her and rubbed it into her pale bottom. Winking at Peter then, she suggested, 'I think I know what you want for Christmas. But Santa...I have been a very naughty girl.'

Damran had busted out laughing then as he pulled her forward on him. 'Damn man; don't let the little lady offer twice.'

It truly had been a wonderful Christmas as he took his wife's second virginity then. But sandwiched between two Marines she had not minded at all.

The sun was peaking up over the snow as he slipped into bed. Drawing his wife into his embrace, he winked as he noticed that his best friend was waking up...hard. 'I think there is something we have not shared yet,' Peter said as he handed his friend the lube from the bedside table and slipped gently into the hot, sloppy cunt of his half asleep wife.

Merry Christmas to all...and to all a great fuck, especially the brave men and women in our armed services.

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