tagExhibitionist & VoyeurChristmas Shopping Ch. 04 Pt. 01

Christmas Shopping Ch. 04 Pt. 01


I broke this into two parts. Many of the comments I was getting, were people requesting another voyeur scene. This part will cover that with the finale being in part two. I will assume you have read the previous chapters, which I do recommend. This chapter will continue as if you have. All characters are fictional. Any similarities to real people or events are coincidental and unintended. All characters are over 18 years of age. This entry is my own whole creation. I do it all, and proof-reading myself means I probably missed a few thing here and there. I hope none of it detracts from your enjoyment of the tale.


That year, Christmas was charged with a heightened sexual tension. Every time I looked at Daddy, my nipples would tighten into hardened points. My pussy was constantly wet and excited. Being around Dad, had me in a continual state of arousal. I even had to wear panty liners whenever I was home and Daddy was there. He had me so fucking hot and he didn't even know how my body hungered for him.

Mom and I had begun having a fun time teasing Daddy around the house. We would wear tiny shorts, tank tops, and thin pajamas. I was constantly making sure he caught my tall tanned body coming out of the shower in a "barely covering me" towel, or letting him see me lying in bed reading or doing homework in just a sheer bra and one of my tiny pair of panties. My bedroom door was hardly ever shut now.

Mom even left their bedroom door cracked wider so I could watch their love-making more often. I got to see what a talented and considerate lover Dad was. He knew how to drive a woman to the peak of ecstasy with foreplay alone. He could get Mom high as a kite before even thrusting his throbbing rod into her and rocketing her into orbit.

I would stand just outside the door, peeking in, while I caressed my aroused pussy. I would try to climax when they did. My sweet nectar would be trickling over my knuckles, coating my hands and slipping down my thighs. I would end up stumbling back to my bed on shaky legs.

I went online and ordered the special outfit I would wear for Dad. I'm afraid it wasn't terribly original, but I knew it would do the trick anyway. My mind and body were in a perpetual state of need and I was giddy. I knew this would be a Christmas we would never forget. Daddy was finally going to be my lover and I was going to a new level as his loving little girl.

One evening, I was in the kitchen doing the dishes after dinner. Daddy came up behind me and hugged and kissed me on the cheek. My body began to tingle immediately. His after shave's scent thrilled me with its masculinity. His strong arms circled around my tummy, grazing the undersides of my pert titties.

"So, do I get any hints about what Santa is bringing me this year? Am I gonna like it," Daddy asked.

"Oh, I think I can guarantee it, Daddy," I told him, leaning back into his hug. "I have a feeling you are going to be so happy once you unwrap it. I'll give you a hint. Once you have that present in your hands, you're gonna want to play with it all day."

Dad thought about it. Finally he asked, "Play with it, huh? Is it a game or a toy?"

Mom laughed as she came into the kitchen, "Ah ah ah, Ben, she said one hint. That's all you're getting. Now go watch TV or something and stop pestering Ash while she is busy. How should she know what Santa is bringing you?" Mom laughed again, taking his hand and leading him toward the living room.

I called after them, "Don't forget Daddy: you promised we'd go get our tree tomorrow!"

Christmas tree shopping is one of my favorite parts of the season. Dad and I love stomping around through the snow to search out just the right one. Myer's Tree Farm on Stone Chapel Road is a huge place. We wander around for hours looking for just the right one. I like to take a spool of fluorescent ribbon with us. If we find a "maybe" tree, I'll tie some of the ribbon to the top. Then, we can spot it later if we have to come back to it. We continue our search until we find a better one or come back to the marked one.

Dad wore his usual winter attire. He had on a thick flannel shirt, jeans, and work boots. He added his stocking cap, warm gloves and bundled up in his Carhart coat. His big frame looked so rugged. I took the opportunity to tease a little, very little, it was fucking cold. I had on a sensible pair of boots and thick warm coat, but I wore a denim skirt. I wore warm grey tights under the skirt. They were thick and still very sexy, especially considering the naughty camel-toe that going without panties was giving me. I had on gloves and a cute sock monkey stocking cap, but my long blond hair was still whipping around in the breeze. I made sure I did my make-up really nice too.

Dad saw me as I came downstairs to the kitchen. He was there drinking his coffee. "Well, don't you look nice," he said, watching me move about getting breakfast. "Are you sure you'll be warm enough in that, Ash?"

I smiled sweetly as I sat with my bowl of Frosted Flakes and said, "I'll be fine. I'm feeling hot already, so I should be fine out there." He blushed a little at my choice of phrasing.

Afterward, we hopped in the truck and drove out of town toward Myer's Tree Farm. We got to Myer's and wandered around until we found the type of evergreen tree we like. We found one that looked promising.

"Check the base," Daddy said. "Make sure it isn't too gnarled or crooked. We can't get it into the tree stand if it is all messed up."

I smiled at him. He said the exact same thing every year. I got on my hands and knees. I peered under the lowest branches. I knew in my position that my ass was pointing at Dad. The snug tights encasing my firm butt and the skirt riding high, made sure Dad was getting a nice look. My ass wasn't quite on display, but I planned to fix that soon enough.

I called out, "Looks good! If we take of the lowest limbs too, then the rest is fine most of the way up. From what I can see."

"Well, I like what I see then," he said behind me, "Mark 'er. Let's hope it's still here if we need to come back to it."

Dad cut off a length of the ribbon and handed it to me. I tied some of the pink fluorescent ribbon to the tree up near the top. We continued searching and found a few more here and there about the farm. When I checked them for Dad, I squatted first, causing my skirt to go up higher. Now when I leaned forward onto my knees, Dad was seeing my pussy pressed against the tights with an eye-ful of my camel-toe. He looked a little flushed every time I stood back up again.

Once we were tired and had a nice selection. We went back and double-checked the trees we had chosen and ruled some out and narrowed it down. Bald spots we missed were the main cause. Dad had said we didn't need one that was huge; just about six feet would be fine. I know him though. We ended up cutting down a thick eight footer. It was a gorgeous green color, full and tall. We set the tree on its side while we waited for the tractor to come around and pick us up with our tree.

We had some light winter fun. Dad and I had a brief snowball fight. I flopped on my back and made some snow angels. The tractor and trailers got to us and we rode in the trailer back down to the parking area. The guys from the farm put the tree in the shaker and got most of the dead needles shaken off. The young guys were given me long looks checking out my short skirt and long legs. Dad pulled up in the truck and the guys loaded it up and tied it down in the bed for us.

"Whew, that about bankrupted me," Dad said climbing into the truck with me. He was smiling though and his eyes were sparkling with merriment. I knew he was as happy with our choice as I was. He just had to be a little "Grinchy," it's his way.

Once we were out of the parking lot, I kicked my boots off onto the floor under me.

Daddy looked over, "What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing," I answered, "These tights got wet from kneeling in the snow and then those snow angels. I still have my skirt on, so I was gonna get out of these."

I pushed back against the seat, lifting my butt up. My hands pushed my skirt up and I hooked my fingers into the waistband of my tights. I shimmied a little as I slid the tights down my long athletically toned legs. I knew my freshly shaved kitty was visible now. Like I had with Uncle Mike, I pretended to be oblivious to how exposed I was. I could see Dad wet his lips as he tried to discreetly watch what I was doing. I put the tights in my purse then, put my boots back on. I had to pull up my legs up to lace up the boots and tie each one. Once I was done, I just looked out the window at the winter beauty; not bothering to adjust my skirt. My pussy was so hot and tingly, I wanted to crawl up into Daddy's lap and get my cunt filled up with his thick cock.

We safely made it home and I hopped out. I fixed my skirt (like I just noticed) and was presentable by the time I came around the truck. We cut the twine and got the tree out of the back of the truck. Dad and I hauled the tree into the house. We muscled it into the living room. We had already rearranged the furniture so the tree would sit in front of the picture window. That way, the lights twinkling on the tree would look so pretty from inside and out.

Daddy set it in the corner. "Ash, I got the lights out and checked them last night. They're in the spare room. I'll set the tree in the stand and arrange the skirt. Why don't you bring the boxes with the decorations in here? You and I can get the lights and garland onto the tree. We'll finish decorating the tree tonight," Daddy said.

Dad and I made quick (and very pretty) work of the tree. He stretched out on the couch after we were finished with that portion of the work. He put in the movie "Scrooged", while I went upstairs. I took a hot shower to warm up after being outside all morning. Plus, I desperately need to scratch the tingling itch between my legs. I took my rubber dildo into the shower with me and eased the firm tool up into me while I stretched out in the hot spray. The water ran down my lithe frame as the hard rubber cock ran up into my tight cunt. My naughty teasing exposure had me aroused and I welcomed the sweet relief my plunging dildo gave me.

I wrapped a towel around me. It was too small for me, barely covering my nipples and not going past my tight cheeks. I went to check on Dad. He was sawing logs on the couch when I came into the living room. I kissed him lightly on the forehead, threw an afghan over him, and lowered the volume on the TV. I went back to my room upstairs, and listened to some music for a while. I pulled on a cute pink lace thong and a white tank top. I shook out my long wet hair and lay down on the bed.

I left my door open so I could hear when Mom got home. The Roadhouse rarely closes, so Mom was still going to work while Dad and I were off for our Christmas breaks already. Mom got home at about 6 pm. I threw on a pair of jeans and a tight t-shirt. My bra-less nipples were poking against the thin soft material. I joined Mom and Dad downstairs.

Mom saw the tree and exclaimed, "Wow, Ben! You and Ash really out did yourselves this year. That's gorgeous."

"Thanks honey," Dad said yawning, "It was just begging to come home with us."

Mom shrugged off her leather coat and said, "Ash, could you throw something together for dinner? We can start decorating the tree when we are done."

I made some pasta and my garlic bread. Mom loves the marinara sauce I make. I got it ready and left it on the stove on low. I went upstairs and chatted with Mom while my sauce simmered.

"Did you and your Dad have fun?" Mom asked.

I smiled wickedly, "Mmm-hmmm. I know I had fun, and I'm willing to guess Dad enjoyed his day as well."

Mom giggled that naughty giggle of hers that I knew so well now. "Ash," she said, "what did you do?"

"Nothing big, Mom," I told her, "A little bit of flashing is all. I had my tights on today and I had a camel-toe he got to see plenty of. Then, on the way home, he got to a long eye-full of my hoo-ha. He was so hard."

"Be patient, honey. Come Christmas....," she let the idea just hang there. We both knew what I planned to give Dad this year.

We went and had dinner. Then, Mom and I went upstairs to get in our PJs to decorate the tree. Dad had changed into his shorts and a t-shirt earlier, so he went to put in "It's a Wonderful Life" and turned on the house Christmas lights. It gave the room a warm cozy glow.

Mom's PJs were a thin yellow camisole top that barely contained her huge boobs and clearly showed her pale rose colored nipples through the fabric. She also had on a matching pair of yellow linen pants. Her white thong could barely be seen as it disappeared between her gorgeous rump. Her plump ass did look good. Mom made three cups of cocoa and took them into the living room with us. Dad had all boxes of ornaments, that I'd gotten out of the spare room, spread out across the floor.

I put on a long purple nightshirt that came to just below my butt cheeks. If I went up on my tiptoes, the curves of my ass were visible. My firm young tits pushed into the comfortable cotton and my nipples tightened up into tingling peaks. I put some lotion on my smooth legs, but otherwise left them bare. I kept on the pink lace thong. I wanted to tease Daddy a little, but not show it all. My moist lips were only barely visible through the pink lace. I grabbed a purple pair of footies to keep my toes warm and went downstairs; my blond wavy hair tied back in a pony-tail.

Mom sat on the couch watching the movie, relaxing, and would occasionally direct us, while Dad and I buzzed around the tree. Since we had taken care of the lights and garland earlier, it was just the matter of hanging stuff; bulbs, ribbons, the little ornaments we all had picked out over the years, and the stuff I'd made in school growing up.

My young tight twat was getting flashed quite a bit as I bent to hang a ribbon or stood on tippy toes to hook a bulb to a limb. Dad tented shorts were obvious and he seemed not at all bothered. I think he caught on to the game and was playing back too. His warm strong hands would touch me as he would move past. He'd hold my hips as I tippy-toed to reach those higher spots. I had a step stool and whenever I climbed up on it, he was I the perfect vantage point to look up my night shirt and gaze at my wet panties. My firm young ass, high-lighted by my extreme tan lines, shone in the cozy twinkling lights, Between the Christmas lights and the flickering light of the television, Daddy was getting a tantalizing view of my taut asset. I could feel his rock hard cock as he moved about me.

I was so hot and aroused by the long day of teasing fun. My little panties were clinging to my dewy cunt lips and the lace was tickling my erect button. If not for the three hot cups of cocoa and the fresh cut evergreen scent, I'm sure the smell of wet young pussy would have been evident in the living room. The tree was done and not a moment too soon. My body was ablaze. My nipple were painfully straining against the thin night shirt, the "braille" around my nipples was beyond noticeable. My tanned skin was flushed and tingly and my shaved cunt was wet and need some attention again already. Man, Dad turned me on so much. "Wow. You guys did and awesome job," Mom said. "You two do some good stuff together: the tree, the lights and the decorations. I should leave you two along more often." We all chuckled, although Dad's was still a bit nervous.

"Thanks, Mom. I'm beat. I didn't take a nap like some lazy bones," I said, pointing a finger at Dad in mock accusation. "I'll see you guys in the morning." I started up the stairs, but stopped just out of sight. I stayed to listen to Mom talking to Dad. It was Mom's sexy tone that stopped me.

She purred, "My my, Ben. Look at that big cock you have raging. It's so hard. Liked spending the day with that sexy little minx of ours huh?"

I peeked around the corner to watch them.

Daddy nodded, "Oh God, Lisa. You have no idea what I've been through today. There were so many times today that I wanted to fuck that girl silly Daughter or not, I wanted that pussy so much. She can't be so oblivious that she isn't aware of what a cock-tease she is being. Can she?"

"Oh, I'm sure she knows, Ben," Mom assured him, "You seemed to be doing a fair bit of teasing too. I saw the roaming hands all over your baby's sexy firm body. Your cock was obviously hard the whole time. He looked like he wanted to come out and say, Hi."

"He still wants to come out and play," Dad said lustfully.

I watched them anxiously. I didn't have to wait but a second. Daddy was standing next to Mom's chair with his shorts down to his knees. Mom's blonde head quickly swooped in and began bobbing back and forth along his smooth engorged shaft. Dad slid the straps of her cami top down and was fondling her big plump tits. (Man, I wished I had bigger tits like Mom and Aunt Sue.)

"Mmm. You think she is listening to us?" Dad asked.

"I hope so," Mom told him, "Maybe she'll be inspired to join us after all."

"Oh fuck yea, Lis." Dad squeezed one of her big melons, tweaking her erect, nubby nipple.

I dragged my panties off. They became a sopping wet little bundle on the step next to me. I continued watching my hot sexy parents as my fingers drew tantalizing circles around my stiff clit. My small gasps were barely contained. The arousal was roaring through my body. My blood stream was filled to the trembling point with adrenalin. Mom had slid off her PJs and had one hand jacking Daddy's thick rod while her other diddled her twat. I could see Dad's lust contorted face as Mom sucked and licked his steely cock.

"Aahh, that's it honey," Daddy groaned, "Suck that cock, sweetie, suck it. Mmm. Oh yea."

Daddy slid his big strong hand down to mom's wet slit. Mom's cunt was wide open as Dad's fingers were slicing back and forth through her glistening wet lips. His fingers sawing powerfully into her gash were pulling long moans from Mom.

"I can't wait until that's me," I thought. Dad was such a skilled and attentive lover. I knew once I had him, he would give me that same level of pleasure that was so evident on Mom's face and spilling from her lips.

"Oh yes, Ben. I need it now. C'mon honey," Mom was begging as she whipped her top the rest of the way off. Dad sat on the floor and got his clothes the rest of the way off as well.

Mom got over him and I could see she was going to ride that succulent tool. With her back to me and Daddy on his back, neither could see me. I took the chance to move further into the living room. From where I was now standing behind the couch, I had the perfect unimpeded view. Mom was straddling Daddy. I watched as she reached between her legs and spread her throbbing lips and slowly impaled her cunt on this pulsing cock. The colorful Christmas lights cast a twinkling glow on their nude forms.

Daddy gasped in ecstasy. His hands scooped up her cheeks and with powerful motions of his legs, he began pushing his meat up into Mom. Her squeals and giggles and moans were a wonderfully erotic testament to the delight Daddy was delivering. Her own legs pushed up and down as well, and soon, she and Dad had a skin slapping rhythm. I knew Mom's "fuck noises" by now and I was getting to enjoy Dad's now too. Mom had high pitched squeals and low deeper moans. Dad's noises were animalistic and guttural.

My own fingers were sluicing into my pussy. The squishing noises were loud, but would not be heard over the wild pair fucking so vigorously on the living room floor. I saw Mom's spine straightened as she tensed up. Her orgasm rushed in hard. Dad's hands gripped her hips and he pushed up long and hard, roaring out his orgasm as well.

My own hands drove me to my orgasm hard and fast. I drifted to the floor behind the couch. I could still hear them kissing as I crawled away. On shaking hands and trembling knees, I dragged myself up to my room, scooping up my damp panties on the stairs on my way. I didn't bother close the door as I climbed bare assed into my bed. I drifted off to sleep almost instantly. My dreams were blissful images of Daddy enjoying his gift: me.

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