tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChristmas Shopping Trip

Christmas Shopping Trip


The year has passed so quickly. Happiness should dwell in my heart. It’s time for the holiday season again. But this is different. I can’t face the thought of going through another one like last year. It was just yesterday. It’s still so fresh in my mind.

Newly weds. Jill and I were married on August 3rd. While not youngsters, we had the rest of our lives in front of us. We were both in our early 30’s. This was the second time around the chapel for each of us. Searching, sharing, we came together through mutual friends that summer a year ago. Each being single for a long period of time, we were set in our ways. Carefully, we danced. Felt each other out. We got to know each other through observation. We absorbed feelings, thoughts, concerns, happiness, and more. We slowly grew to care deeply for the other. No fast decisions were made. We made thoughtful, intelligent decisions. In the following spring, we made the decision to wed in August.

We married, in front of family members and friends. Both sides of the family blessed us, wishing happiness for us for many years to come. We loved each other dearly. Our lives were intertwined, we felt like soul mates from the beginning. With each day since we met, we learned new things that strengthened our feelings for each other.

Early in our relationship, we abstained from sexual relations, afraid of the consequences that it could bring. Once we started sharing each other, our sex lives exploded with a lust and excitement I had not felt before. My lady was a sexual animal, with unlimited desire for pleasing and being pleased. Her craving for sex, any time, any place elevated our sex lives to fictional proportions. No one would believe where, when, how, we had sex. I could not believe it, and I participated!

I loved to play with Carol. She is tall, about 6’3” tall, lithe, and athletic. Her weight is proportional to her height. Big breasted for a tall, athletic woman, I marveled at her body. Being 6’6” tall myself, I was lucky to find such a lady. I loved watching people watch us walk down the street. Being tall, she could bend at the waist, and take my cock in her without requiring a step. We loved doing quickies this way, in very public places, and often. Her favorite fantasy was to believe people were watching us, but doing it anyway. She would get lost in her desire for sex, and we would fuck like insatiable demons. Her absolute lust for anal sex was animalistic.

On December 15th, her birthday, we were out shopping for Christmas gifts for our families. We had dinner and shopped plenty of stores that evening. Our last stop was at the local regional mall. The mall had plenty of stores for a good selection of gifts, but always at higher prices. We arrived late, and parked near the outer ring. We had shopped many times in the late evening, but this one would prove different. We shopped until closing, finished our purchases, gathered our packages, and headed out to the lot. Not many patrons were left in the mall, some employees, a few shopper stragglers, and us. It was a cold, blustery night only the true Midwesterner could relate with direct experience. As we approached the SUV, Carol began to discuss how secluded we were on the edge of the parking lot. I was puzzled to say the least.

“Oh honey, don’t you think we could get a quickie in before we start home,” she questioned me. I looked about. No people around. Off to the one side of my parking space, a large, older motor home occupied two spaces, leaving a gap of 1 car between us. The light pole was in the next row of cars in front of us, so we were dimly lit at best. Just her mentioning the possibility, my cock chubbed in my sweat pants.

“Damn woman, don’t you think of anything else?” I chuckled at her. She turned, walked backwards, licking her lips, extending her tongue out as far as it would go. She just skipped backwards playfully.

“No,” she stated, turned, and ran ahead to the SUV. I reached in my pocket, adjusted my growing cock, and pulled out the keys. I zapped the locks, she opened the back of the vehicle, tossed in the packages she had, turned and sat down on the tailgate of the vehicle waiting for me. “Are you turning me down?” she inquired.

“Jesus Carol, here, now?” I asked.

“Just a quickie, baby. You know I will make it worth your time!” she grinned. That did it. I knew she wanted to suck me down her throat. She always told me that it would be worth my time when she wanted to swallow me deep in her throat. Also meant she was flat horny, now.

“Go set on my seat,” she instructed me. “Open your sweats, pull out that magnificent cock of yours,” she continued. I was getting hard just thinking about her warm mouth. I stuffed my packages in the back, closed the tailgate, and moved to her passenger side of the vehicle. Looking around, no one was in sight. I dropped my sweats, slid into her seat, and parted my legs. My briefs covered my cock. It was cold! To my surprise, she looked around, pulled off her pants and threw them in the back seat. “My coat will cover my ass,” she laughed. She reached for me.

“God I love your cock,” she said as she pulled down my briefs, exposing my cock to the air. She stroked it hard, pulling on the underside of the head. She leaned forward to engulf me. Her tongue bathed the head of my cock. “Talk to me baby,” she told me between licks on my cock. I knew what she wanted.

She liked to hear about how good she was, telling her what a great cocksucker she is. How I wanted to fuck her brains out, drive my cock balls deep in her wet pussy. How I wanted her to scream with each stroke of my cock as it slid in her. She wanted to hear how I thought other guys would love to fuck her as well. Envious of me, they would line up and masturbate while watching her blow me. They wanted a show though, she had to make herself cum while she sucked me. Rock her ass back and forth, let the guys see her wet pussy and ass from behind. How they would hoot and holler, seeing her bury her fingers in her wet pussy. How they wanted to fuck her while she sucked my cock.

I knew what she wanted. “You cocksucker,” I told her. “We are in the middle of a parking lot, people are hiding watching us. They see you leaning to suck my cock,” I continued. “Suck it woman! Bury my cock down your throat. I want to fuck your face! Come on bitch, suck me!” She reached into her panties, stroking her cunt as she began bobbing up and down on my cock. While not huge by all standards, my cock measures 9 ½ inches in length, and being a fat 7 ½ inches around. Nice sized, very useful. Carol had over time acquired the ability to swallow it all down her throat. It cut off air supply, but she would pull back, breathe, and impale herself back down on my cock. She was really good. And the things she would do to my balls while she sucked just manufactured more cum. She would twist the sac gently, pull them down like a farmer milking a cow, or roll them between her fingers. Always, it drove me nuts. It built a need to cum desperately. I leaned back, closed my eyes, and enjoyed my wife sucking my cum from deep within my balls.

“Ain’t this a sight to see,” a strange voice interrupted my thoughts. I opened my eyes to see 4 Santa’s, dressed in full regalia for their positions in the stores, standing around the backend of my wife. Carol turned, frozen with embarrassment, pulling her coat tight around her. I covered my cock. All four of the guys started laughing. “Boys,” one said. “I think momma wants some loving,” he continued. I glanced around quickly, not knowing what to expect next. “What are you people thinking?” queried Santa Claus.

“Sorry guys, we got carried away,” I interjected. “Get dressed Carol!” I exclaimed.

“Not so fast partner,” Santa chimed. “I want to see momma do you some more. Suck his cock bitch!” he said. Carol stood frozen in her tracks. He reached out, grabbed her by the arm, turned her around, and pushed her down toward my crotch. I jumped off the seat and pushed him away slightly. As I turned toward Carol, a big right hand from one of the other Santa’s caught me flush on the side of my cheek. I saw stars as I stumbled back against the Jeep.

Carol cried out “No” as I dropped to a knee on the ground. She reached to help me, turning to the group of Santas. “I will call the cops,” she hissed at them.

“Bitch, you ain’t going to do no such thing!” Santa 1 said. “We are just going to have a little fun here. Cooperate, and it will go quickly. Don’t, and it will get ugly!” he continued. He reached and slapped her hard. Again, I stood to defend us. This time, two Santas grabbed my arms, pinning them to my side. “Enough,” Santa 1 said.

We were getting very scared. The hour, the situation did not bode well for us. Our hope was to have someone, a patron of the stores, a security guard, somebody come and expose our predicament. In the mean time, it did not look like it would go well.

“What do you want,” Carol spit out at them.

“That’s easy woman, the same for hubby here,” he replied. “I saw you waxing his cock. Best part, I saw you sticking fingers in your cunt,” he continued. “Now, we just want a part of that!”

“I don’t think so,” Carol started. He slapped her again. She began crying softly.

“Don’t think bitch! All we want it some of that cock sucking and pussy your old man is getting,” he finished. “Come here bitch! I want you to suck me now!” he said. Roughly, he pulled her toward him, pulling her down by the neck to her knees. He reached to the big black Santa belt, opened it, opened his coat, and dropped his pants. Carol, her hands on his thighs, was pulled toward his crotch. I struggled against my captors, but was punched hard in the stomach. Gasping for air, I collapsed.

“Carol,” I whispered, trying to catch my breath. I saw the frightened look in her eyes as she glanced my way.

Carol turned to Santa, reached for his cock. Grasping it, she stroked it up and down. “If I do as you ask, you will not hurt us?” she asked. She stroked his cock hard.

“I promise, no injury to you or him,” he responded. “Suck me!”

Carol leaned forward, kissing the head of his cock. Not large, she began to suck the head into her mouth. She pushed forward, sucking all of it into her mouth. It looked surreal, seeing my wife’s head bobbing into the material making up Santa uniform. Santa moaned loudly.

“Good baby,” he groaned. His big hand held firmly on the back of her head. When she pushed down on him, he would pull hard on the back of her head, grinding her mouth on the base of his cock. She licked his balls while impaled on him. Sucking hard, she would rise, tugging at his balls, twirling them between her fingers, causing him great pleasure. “Jesus,” she said. “Best cocksucker I have ever experienced boys!”

He started pumping his hips into her face. “Make your self cum for me,” he told Carol. She quickly reached between her legs and started rubbing her cunt hard. She was getting excited while sucking his cock down her throat. The other Santa stood around watching the exhibition, each commenting what a good cock sucker she was. One of the Santa grabbed her coat tails, raising her coat up, exposing her white globes to the air.

“Nice ass too!” he stated. “Stand up bitch!” Reaching out, he caressed her ass. She moaned as he lightly touched her puckered hole. “Hey” he shouted. “She likes her ass played with!” He continued to stroke her ass, rimming her asshole with his fingertips. He roughly reached into her pussy, gathering her wetness on his fingers. He rubbed her wetness over her asshole. Gently, he inserted a fingertip in her ass, penetrating slightly. She flinched, and started bucking on her fingers that were buried in her cunt. Her legs clamped shut, and she drove her head down on Santa cock.

“Oh shit woman,” exclaimed the Santa. “I am going to cum! Swallow all of it!” Santa screamed. He pulled hard at the back of her head, driving her mouth down his cock, burying it deep in her mouth and throat. He held her there. With his head thrown back, eyes close tightly, he started cumming. Spurt after spurt bulged her cheeks. I saw them expand, and as she could, she would swallow his cum. Greedily, she milked his balls, draining every drop of cum in his balls and cock. She milked his cock on her tongue. She swallowed every drop.

“Next” she said, looking around to the remaining Santas. One stepped forward slightly, hesitated, with his cock in his hand. “Bring that cock to me,” she told him. Braver, he stepped forward. She reached and grasped his cock. She turned to the Santa behind her ass “Do my ass Santa!” Quickly, she leaned forward, gobbling Santas cock down her throat.

Surprised, the Santa behind her began playing with her ass. He reached between her legs, found the opening to her cunt, and aimed two large, rough fingers into her hole. He pushed hard. The fingers disappeared from view. Carol grunted, air forced out of her body. She pushed back on the fingers buried in her cunt. As she pushed back, she pulled the Santa in front of her, keeping him buried balls deep in her mouth. She now was impaled from both ends. Thinking quickly, the Santa behind her dropped his red pants to his ankles. “Do you want me to fuck your cunt, bitch?” he asked. Nothing was heard from her. She pushed hard on his fingers. Reaching into his boxers, he pulled out the largest cock I had ever seen. It had to be 12-13 inches long and as big around as a soda pop can. He directed the head of that monster between the lips of her cunt, lubricating the tip with her wetness.

Grabbing each hip bone, he pushed forward hard. Suddenly, Carol realized what was happening to her. As his cock entered her hole, she screamed “Oh fucking shit!” She turned to look, but was roughly pulled back to the cock in her mouth. Santa behind her hesitated, withdrew, and plunged forward again. Deep, guttural groans rumbled inside Carol. She rocked her hips, trying to accommodate the large cock penetrating her cunt. Santa at her ass began rocking back and forth, each time slipping more of his cock into the depths of her cunt. Her whole focus was now on her cunt. Tilting, grinding, rotating, she did whatever she could to ease the penetration into her body of Santa’s cock. As he pulled out, I could see her wetness on him, glistening in the shadowy light from the parking lot lamp 40 feet away. Just as quickly, he would pull himself forward, using her hips to force her down his cock. Her knees buckled. She grunted, groaned loudly.

She pulled off the Santa in her mouth. Turning to Santa buried in her cunt, she gasped “Oh God,” as he pulled forward, burying balls deep in her cunt. She screamed, “Fuck me Santa, fuck my cunt you horny fat bastard!” With that, she turned back to the cock held tightly in her hand, pulled it to her lips, and devoured it, taking it completely into her mouth and down her throat. Santa in her mouth grabbed both ears, and started stroking deep into her face. Each Santa hesitated, and got a rhythm, impaling her on both cocks at once, and pulling both out at the same time. Carol was getting royally fucked at both ends.

Santa in her cunt went nuts. He started rapid strokes into her body. His strokes would bring the head out to her lips, and drive hard back into her. His hips were slapping her cheeks of her ass. Loud slaps followed by grunts for both Santa and Carol. Santa in her mouth was about to pull her ears off when he grabbed her by the back of the head, forced her completely down on him and held her there. He ground hips crotch hard against her mouth. “Swallow my cum bitch,” he yelled at her. “Augh, augh, augh,” he grunted loudly. He filled her mouth with cum. Carol swallowed, gagged, and swallowed some more. Some of Santa’s cum dribbled on his pubic hairs. She pulled off his deflating cock, licked up the dribbled cum, and sucked his chubbed cock back into her mouth.

Carol’s eyes were closed tight. She pulled Santa’s little cock out of her mouth, braced herself on the seat, and started forcing her body back onto Santa’s huge cock in her cunt. She was throwing her head from side to side, screaming obscenities at Santa buried in her cunt. “Fucking Santa, you bastard Santa, Oh God Santa, it’s huge Santa, fuck me, fuck me,” she kept repeating. Now, Santa in her cunt was demon like in his force in which he hammered my wife.

“See this cunt little man,” he directed at me. “The bitch likes a real man’s cock,” he grunted as he continued to hammer that monstrous cock deep in her cunt. Carol’s breath was now taken in rapid gasps. I knew from experience, she was getting close to cumming. She ground her cunt back hard on Santa’s hard cock.

“Grab my tits Santa!” she hissed. “Pull them, squeeze the nipples,” she grunted. Santa pushed her coat up her back, reached up under the front of her coat, and roughly started pulling on her bra covered tits. “Rip them out Santa, grab my naked tits,” she screamed. As Santa extricated her tits, she started humping his cock harder, grinding back, her ass cheeks spreading, allowing him that extra little deeper penetration. Now he had her nipples between his fingers. Twisting hard, pulling her tits, Carol started cumming on his massive cock. A long, drawn out “Oh God,” was heard. She rotated her ass, driving Santa deeper in her cunt. Santa released her nipples, grabbed her hips, and ground his crotch against her soft white globes.

“Bitch, here it comes,” he said. He threw his head back, knees buckled slightly as he began to empty his load of cum deep in her cunt, deeper than she had ever had a load deposited. Grunting, he ravaged her cunt, pumping hard now, fast and deep. Carol came a second time while he was fucking her hard. He collapsed over her body. Both were labored in their breathing. Santa kept repeating, “Oh fuck”!

One Santa left. He had visions of penetrating her soft white ass. “My turn guys,” he instructed them.

“Man Santa, she’s a good fuck,” the Santa at he ass said as he pulled his limp dick out of her cunt and tucked it back in his bright red pants, buckled the large black belt, and stepped back. As he stepped back, he reached out and slapped the beautiful ass of my wife. She whimpered softly.

“Next,” she said, looking to the Santa restraining me. He grinned ear to ear.

“Momma, you ever had a black Santa before,” he laughed. Standing, moving forward to her, he dropped his trousers, reached into his briefs, and pulled out a long, thick, black cock. It had to be about the same size as the prior Santa who had fucked her doggy style. He stepped close, aimed his cock at her wet cunt, and pushed forward. She gasped as the mushroomed head passed through her opening roughly. Without hesitating, he forced his cock deep into her cunt. He pumped hard for several strokes, getting wetness to cover his massive cock. “Now baby, let’s bury this in your ass,” he flatly stated.

“Oh God No,” gasped Carol. She started to pull away from him, but the other Santa’s grabbed her, held her bent over, exposing her ass to the newest perpetrator. Grabbing her hips, he nudged forward, aiming his cock at her exposed rose bud. Hesitating at her tight hole, he slowly pushed forward. The hole opened slightly, allowing the tip to penetrate. As he pushed harder, her hole muscles were forced apart, allowing the head of his cock to enter her tight asshole. He stood there, looking at his cock.

“She how white she is! My big black cock almost disappears in the darkness,” he laughed loudly. Even in the dim light, I could see the vast contrast of his black body pressing against the lily white cheeks of her ass. He again pressed forward. He slipped deeper in her ass.

Carol grunted uncontrollably. I know she loved her ass fucked, but I was not sure about the harshness of his penetration. If she had time to accommodate him, she would turn into a demon, and probably screw his cock off his body. She loved anal fucking, and could go longer and demand more than I could ever do. Just thinking about fucking her ass made my cock grow between my legs. I was turned on by the scene in front of me. Would she enjoy his rape of her ass? Would she give in to the lust of her body? My cock chubbed noticeably to me.

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