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Christmas Surprise


I wandered around the brightly lit room, mingling with my husband's family members, laughing at their corny jokes and generally pretending to have a good time. In reality though, I was not exactly the happiest girl on Earth. My eyes kept wandering to the military ornaments that covered my in-laws' Christmas tree. My husband was supposed to have come home three days ago, in time for this party and our baby girl's fourth Christmas. He had been stationed across seas for her first three. I smiled half-heartedly as Cheyenne ran up to me.

"Mommy, Gramma says there's a big s'prise for me tonight" she said excitedly.

I stroked her long strawberry blonde hair and smiled down at her. I had no clue what the surprise was but I was sure if it was from my husband, Cade's, mother, that it would make my daughter extremely happy. I glanced over at my mother-in-law, Misty and she winked at me, smiling. I smiled back at her.

The next hour passed excruciatingly slow. The family was acting very happy and care-free and I tried to play along with them. I knew they missed Cade just as much as I did, so I figured I should be enjoying this get-together just as much as they were.

"Cheyenne, honey?" Misty said finally. "Would you like your surprise now?"

Cheyenne, of course, squealed in delight at the thought of a Christmas present a day early.

"Well, its out in the garage, you will have to go see what it is," Misty told Cheyenne.

My mind automatically flitted to the bike my daughter had been begging for all year and I smiled at the thoughtfulness of the gift. Cheyenne raced out the garage door to find her gift. We all followed at a slower pace. I didn't hear the shriek of excitement I had expected, so I sped up my pace, walked out the door, and stopped. Dead in my tracks. I couldn't move.

There in the middle of the empty garage stood my husband, with our baby girl wrapped tightly in his arms. We had not seen him in over thirteen months. I immediately had tears pouring down my face. My knees felt weak as I rushed over to my family.

Cade's arm wrapped tightly around my waist as I flung my own arms around him and my daughter. I was openly sobbing, as was my daughter. I kept hearing her constantly repeating his name.

"Daddy? Daddy... Daddy?" she said.

It was like she couldn't believe he was really here, in her arms. I couldn't believe it either to be honest. I pulled my face away from his now soaked fatigues to look up into his handsome face. He was still every bit as gorgeous as he had always been. He had tears flowing from his eyes as well as he stared down at me.

"My girls..." he muttered before kissing our daughter's hair and leaning down to kiss me deeply on my mouth.

"God, I've missed you both so much," he said into my ear as he crushed me to his body again, still holding our little girl in his arms.

All I could do was nod; I was sobbing too hard to say anything. Finally I contained my sobs long enough to give my daughter a genuine smile, which she returned. I had never seen my little girl so ecstatic.

I looked back at Cade and grinned.

"I love you" I said, my voice barely audible and he whispered it right back.


*Three Hours Later*

We walked into our home, Cade holding a sleeping Cheyenne in his arms. She had finally passed out once we got into the truck. I stood in the door frame, watching as my tough soldier placed our daughter so gently into her bed that it, once again, brought tears to my eyes. He dropped a light kiss on her cheek before walking towards me and pulling the door shut behind us.

As soon as we were in the hallway, Cade had me in his arms, kissing me with a passion that I had never experienced before. Cade and I had never been apart for this long before. His other tours across seas had been interrupted with small trips home, making it not quite as bad.

In one graceful move, Cade swung me up into his arms, without breaking the kiss. My arms were wrapped tightly around his neck as he walked us into our bedroom and placed me on the bed. I didn't even let go then; Cade followed me down onto the bed, still kissing me.

I unlaced my fingers from his neck and trailed them down to his shirt, which I began to unbutton. I could feel his muscles quivering under my hands as I undid the buttons. His own hands were working my sweater up, and I stopped unbuttoning long enough for him to take it off over my head.

I got the last button undone just as he unclasped my bra and we both paused to shrug out of each garment. My hands were on his chest just as his large hands cupped my breast. I moaned at his touch and felt him smile beneath my lips. I was absolutely wild with the need to touch his whole body so I began to work on undoing his pants.

It took him no time at all to undo my skirt and he chuckled at my obvious frustration, batting my hand away to undo his own pants. I smiled and leaned down, placing a kiss on his sculpted chest. Soon we were both completely naked, our undergarments discarded on the floor in a flurry of movement.

I rolled on top of Cade, smiling down at him as I did so. My thighs were straddling his hips and I could feel his penis standing proudly beneath me. I rolled my hips some, grinding my own wet sex against him and Cade growled softly in his throat. His big hands came up to grip my waist in them, spanning halfway around my petite body. He slowly slid his hands up my sides and cupped my breasts in his palms.

Leaning up, Cade latched his mouth onto first one and then the other, making me arch my back and moan softly. I reached my hand between my own legs and wrapped it around his cock. Slowly I slid my hand up and down his length, and then began picking up the pace. Cade's stomach muscles rippled with every stroke and I smiled down at him. He brought one hand up to my pussy and began to slide a large finger in and out of me. With every stroke my body quivered and I whimpered softly.

Cade's other hand came down and gripped my wrist softly, pulling my hand off of his cock.

"I need to be inside of you, my love," he said in a rough whisper and I nodded my agreement.

Cade slowly lowered me back to the bed and moved on top of me. He tenderly reached down and tucked my hair behind my ears, smiling.

"I want to be able to see your gorgeous face," he said softly, making me smile brightly but bringing tears to my eyes.

Slowly, Cade pressed his hard length into me. It had been so long. My pussy was deliciously tight around his cock. Cade let out a low groan and his head fell to my shoulder where kissed me softly. He began to move in and out of my body, kissing me softly from my eyelids to my throat and back.

My hands clutched at Cade as we moved together. I dug my fingers into his shoulder, my head rolling back in pleasure. I could feel my pussy pulsing around his cock as he moved faster within me. I could also feel his cock pulsing inside of me at the same time.

I whimpered softly, looking up into Cade's grey eyes.

"I can't last much longer, honey," I whispered and his eyes glazed over in passion.

"Let go, baby, let go..." he muttered as he reached down to flick at my clit lightly.

This threw me over the edge and I cried out in release. I felt Cade stiffen above me and he let out a low groan as he pumped hard into me three more times. His fingers were gripping the sheets on either side of my head as he released himself within me.

"Oh God," I whispered, over and over again.

I heard Cade chuckle in between ragged breaths. He reached over and brushed my hair out of my eyes once again, then leaned down and kissed my nose, making me giggle like a little girl again.

"I can't believe you are here..." I whispered.

"I wouldn't have it any other way..." he whispered back, glancing at the alarm clock.

It read: 12:01 AM. December 25, 2009.

"Merry Christmas, baby," he said as he kissed me again.

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