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Christmas Wish


Disclaimer: This is an adult story that should not be read by minors under the age of 18. It involves adult over the age of 18 in scenes of Incest, M/F, M/F/F, Anal, Group, M/F/F/F, bj.

It was that time of the year again. Snow was falling, the music was festive, and Sarah was her usual cranky self. Not that she was always cranky; I don’t think I could live with her if she was. It was because it was Christmas time. Sarah’s twin sister Erin had gone missing a few years ago on Christmas and Sarah has never been the same since.

Maybe I should give you a bit of background information first.

I’ve known the twins since they were born. They’ve always been really close to each other. I was only a day older then them and we shared the same hospital room. Our mom’s were even in the same maternity rooms until mom went into labor. But after we were all born, they had insisted on sharing the same recovery room until they were ready to leave the hospital. Our parent’s were close because they were neighbors. They lived in houses next door to each other for numerous years.

I won’t give you too much about me, I was a regular kid as I grew up, but the twins were special. With dark curly red hair and very little freckles that only added to their cuteness, there was no one alive who didn’t fall in love with them. What made them even more special were their mysterious eyes; Sarah had a blue right eye and green left, while Erin had a green right and blue left.

I was the only one who knew the truth about them though. Though we lived next door, and they had mastered the art of being cute, they were never the girl next-door type of girls. They were known as The Red Devils. This was because they were always getting into trouble, and they would drag me along with them. They would get this mischievous look on their faces that told me that they were up to something and I would probably get the blame. These stunts of theirs also usually ended up with us being naked and touching each other.

Okay, enough about us as kids. There’s a lot more there to tell, but we were a bit too young, if you know what I mean. I can tell you this though. Where as most girls blossom at 15 or 16, the twins blossomed at 11. They had a growth spurt right after their birthday and by 13 they were already 5’7” (while I was still a couple inches shorter). Their breasts had started to develop around 11, so they were the only girls in grade school wearing bras. Where as this might make most girls feel awkward, they loved them right from the start. They also enjoyed teasing me with them, teaching me what to do. By 13 they had C cups, and where exercising to keep trim.

When we went into high school, the twins had finally stopped growing (at 16 they were now 6’2”) but because of all the exercises they did, they kept their terrific figures. Their boobs, however, continued to grow larger, so at 16.5 they were now into a DD cup. They also still had their red hair, both of them keeping it long, though Sarah let hers grow longer, down to her tight white ass. They also had the same eye colors that they had as kids, which only added to their sexiness.

We continued dating and fucking in high school, even while I looked like a skinny geek. Though this made it hard to have friends, because all of the guys where jealous of me (not my looks but because they would give me hand jobs in class), and the other girls were jealous of the twins, for obvious reasons. So when we weren’t fucking others, we would hang out together. Because of the jealously towards the twins, I didn’t have too many girlfriends. Most of them wanted me to stop seeing the twins, and when I refused, they’d leave me. But I managed to convince a couple of my girlfriends to give the twins a chance. I remember convincing one girl I was dating, Carla, who was 2 years younger then us, to invite Erin and Sarah to join us after a school dance.

We graduated when we were eighteen. The girls had straight As of course, while I had a B average. You might think that they fucked their ways to these As, but actually they were geniuses and earned their grades. Their parents had them tested when they were like 8 or something, and a few times after, and I think I heard that they had an intelligence of 190-200. The school shrink believed that it was their high intelligence that explained their wild nature. They were to bored with their situation so they did things to excite them (in more ways then one). But though they earned their As, they did help me get my grades.

Anyway, this is page two and you haven’t gotten any pussy yet. So I’ll get to a key moment in our lives.

It was Christmas during our senior years. We were all 18 now, and had just finished our few pre-holiday exams, so we were now able to enjoy our time off. My parents where away for the break, having had a family emergency. I was left with the twins, which wasn’t a problem because we were all so close we were practically family. It was well believed that one of the twins would be marrying me anyway (our parents knew that I’ve fucked both of them, they just didn’t know who favored me the most). Our parents were so comfortable with this that they even let me stay in the twin’s bedroom with them. The girls shared a king sized bed, so we all slept together in it.

“Wake up handsome.” I stirred in bed, fighting between dreamland and the waking world.

“Come on lover, don’t leave us waiting,” said another sexy voice that sounded quite similar to the first. I felt my cock stiffen as a pair of delicate hands touched it.

When I opened my eyes, I was looking down at the most beautiful face I had ever seen. I knew it was Erin because of her right green eye.

“Merry Christmas stud.”

I moved my gaze upwards, and saw that my head was resting on a pair of breasts so perfect that they must have belonged to a goddess. They were huge globes that were a pale white with nipples the size of grapes. Looking up past the breasts I stared into Sarah’s smiling face.

“Merry Christmas.” I leaned up and kissed her beautiful red lips. “And Merry Christmas to you too,” I repeated as I leaned forward to kiss Erin.

“We thought you’d never wake up.”

“Yeah, we were worried you’d miss out on your first present.” And with that Erin pulled my hard cock towards her face (I only then realized that it was she who had been stroking it. We were all sleeping naked). She gave my cockhead a few swipes of her tongue, sending tingles up my body, before she finally lowered her mouth onto it.

Erin had always been the better twin at blowjobs. She could always manage to swallow my ten-inch cock right to the balls. And she didn’t disappoint this time. Within seconds I could feel the head of my cock tickling the back of her throat. She would wrap her tongue around it, as her head bobbed up and down. At first she kept her eyes open and fixed on my own. I was getting lost in her mysterious eyes. She could see that she had complete control over me, and her eyes twinkled with mischief, just like when she was a kid. I didn’t care. It wasn’t like she was my mistress. We occasionally did the S & M thing, but none of us were that into it. She finally broke the gaze when she started moaning in pleasure, and she closed her eyes.

With the look broken, I was able to lean my head back and also moan, thrusting my hips upwards to shove more cock down her mouth. Sarah used this moment to give me her gift. Sliding out from beneath me, she gently propped my head on their pillows so she could squat over my face. I helped her position her pussy to match my mouth and she slowly lowered herself until she could feel my lips on hers. When my tongue punched through her tight cunt, she leaned forward and started riding my face.

“Yes, yes, eat my pussy Max,” she moaned. Erin couldn’t say anything because her mouth was still full, but we knew what she meant when we heard her mumble.

It was moments like this when I could never believe how lucky I was. And they liked to remind me of this.

But I couldn’t let my mind get distracted. Sarah was noticing a lack of attention and she was squeezing my head wither her thighs. So as payback I lifted my hands up to her white ass and shoved a finger up her asshole. Sarah gasped at this sudden intrusion, and I felt her cunt squeeze my tongue as she felt the intrusion throughout her entire body.

“Oh you bastard you.” Sarah wasn’t too much into ass play, so I didn’t do it often, but when I did, she would go wild.

“That looks like fun,” Erin added as she came up for some air. My eyes suddenly opened wide. I knew what was coming next. When she went back down on my cock, I felt her thin fingers slide underneath my muscled ass and squeeze through my cheeks.

“Oh boy.” I moaned into Sarah’s pussy.

“Ha, ha, turn about is fair play.” Sarah giggled. I got her back though by shoving a second finger up there. It was getting very tight now, as my fingers are long and thick, and her anus is quite small. “Ouch, you prick you,” she moaned and leaned forward, sticking more cunt into my face.

And while I was getting muffed, Erin used that moment to shove her second finger (equaling about one of mine) into my own asshole. It’s a good thing I was used to her doing this.

Sarah almost leapt off of my face as I groaned, sending vibrations through her sensitive flesh. “Oh that felt good. Do it again.”

I thought at first she meant for me to hum into her cunt, but when I felt Erin’s third finger push in, I knew I was wrong. Sarah was practically purring now, as she took her hands off my knees and squeezed her tities. Because they were so big and she had removed her balance, she fell forward a bit more.

Because Erin had three fingers burrowing around in my ass (luckily it was empty) I decided to get back at Sarah by going even harder. It wasn’t easy, her anus was so small and tight, but I managed to squeeze a third finger in. I didn’t do this often, because I knew it could be painful for Sarah, but when I got her going, she could take it. This was also why I didn’t fuck her in the ass. The last time I had done this she had stopped talking to me for a week after. This actually gave me more time with Erin, which was the only reason she started talking to me again.

But I knew Sarah wouldn’t hold me responsible today. It was Christmas after all. She would just count it as part of her gift to me (though I would have preferred shoving my cock in that brown hole, but she wouldn’t go that far – at least, not without getting drunk first). She’d just have trouble walking for the rest of the day.

“Oh God, yes, yes. Fuck Max, you are … uhhh… such a bastard sometimes… but don’t stop….” Sarah moaned.

Erin got revenge for Sarah though when she squeezed her fourth finger up my ass. Now Sarah was almost flying as I sent her to heaven again. But Erin wasn’t going to get any further today. The twins may enjoy having sex with other girls, but much to their disappointment, I didn’t find the idea of fucking another guy interesting. This was the only thing I would say no to them for. So because of this, Erin had insisted in being allowed to play with my ass. She would usually just stick one or two fingers inside, and would often shove her tongue in, but she couldn’t get more unless she first used one of her dildos, and the only time I allowed that was when I was drunk. This is why most people thought Erin was the wilder of the two.

So here we were, Sarah riding my face like a horse, my hand up her ass and my tongue in her cunt, and Erin sucking on my cock like a vacuum and her own fingers going nuts in my ass. I couldn’t take anymore of this, so when Erin wiggled her fingers around, trying to get her palm in like I did with Sarah, I blew my load down her throat. Suddenly my asshole was completely forgotten as she pulled out her fingers and cupped my balls. I groaned from the pressure as she just yanked out, but Sarah didn’t complain. Erin didn’t pull my dick out until she had swallowed most of my cum, and even then it was only to milk it for the rest of my juice, which splattered all over her face.

When Sarah saw Erin get squirted, she finally unleashed her own. My face, right up into her cunt, was drenched with hot sticky fluid. I used my tongue to lick her cunt clean, making her clit pop out. Unfortunately (more for her in my opinion) she didn’t give me any time to play with it. As soon as I had finished cleaning her off, she climbed off my face. I tried pulling her back down with the hand that was still in her ass, but she was able to twist her hips around enough to slide my fingers out.

“Now, now, that’s enough big boy. At least, until we get our presents.”

“Yeah, and it better not be another can of whip cream,” Erin said.

“Or another spiked dog collar with leash,” Sarah finished. They talked so in sync that I thought it came from one person.

“Come on, that was a great birthday. And you two gave me the same thing as last year.” I guessed that they found it funny, but then again they could have just been laughing at my expression when Erin squeezed my balls.

“Okay, okay.” I tried to get up, but Erin kept a tight grip on me. I had to slide out of bed and reach for my bag on the floor. Erin followed me to the floor, while Sarah stayed on the bed laughing at us. Erin didn’t let go until I had removed two small gifts from my bag.

“These are pretty small,” Erin said as she took hers.

“Maybe their jewelry!” Sarah added, excited at the prospect.

She quickly ripped open the wrapping, and true enough, found a jewelry box inside. Getting even more excited, she carefully opened the box and gasped at what she found.

“Oh my god!” Erin exclaimed as she removed a silver locket. “I was expecting something sex related, but this…this is…”

“Beautiful.” Sarah whispered. I could swear that I saw stars sparkling in her eyes.

Erin had a similar expression.

I helped Erin put hers on first, reaching under her long red hair to secure it, and then I went over to Sarah. She was already holding her hair off of her neck. As I closed the clasp, I kissed her neck.

“Open it.” I said to both of them. When they did, Erin found a picture of Sarah and myself when we were 5, and Sarah found the same but with Erin. You could only tell the twins apart because of their different eyes, which showed up clear in the pics.

“Oh Max,” Sarah turned around and kissed me deeply. Erin joined us on the bed and did likewise. Then all three of us kissed.

“You can be so surprising sometimes,” Erin whispered.

“You haven’t given us a real present like this since we turned 16,” Sarah added.

“Yeah, but I was looking forward to something sexual.” Erin wiggled.

“We’re still feeling frisky.”

“That’s what your next gift is for.”

“Another present?” they said together.

I crawled back over to my bag and pulled out a third gift, this one much larger then the last. “It’s for both of you.”

They were both excited and they once again ripped open the paper. There was something about watching two naked girls sitting over a present, throwing wrapping paper everywhere that was hot.

When they finally got it open, both of their jaws dropped and their eyes bugged out. “Oh my god!”

“Now this was more of what I was expecting.” Sarah gasped when she and Erin took their gift out of its box.

“You are so bad.” Erin giggled.

They both held a long, rubber dildo, but not a regular one. This thing was about sixteen inches long, and 3 inches thick, curved, not straight, and it had a cock head on both ends. It was designed for fucking two girls at once. The perfect gift for a pair of red headed, nympho twins.

“This is so wild,” Erin said.

“We still have a bit of time before we have to go downstairs,” Sarah added. “Let’s try it out.”

I think they forgot all about me as they giggled and stroked their new toy. They sat across from each other and positioned the dildo between their cunts. “Mmmm,” Erin said as her end penetrated her cunt, and Sarah shared the sentiment when she was also plugged. Then the twins slowly slid forward. As they got closer together, they pushed more of the toy inside. In fact, they only stopped when they were able to hug each other, and didn’t have any dildo left showing. They then started grinding their cunts together, turning me on big time.

“Oh yes, yes, oh god yes.” They both cried out simultaneously. Since they were so preoccupied, neither noticed me go into one of their nightstand drawers and take out a plastic container.

Not one to be left out of the fun, I slid behind Erin and lifted her up a bit. She was too busy to stop me, but she did try to look over her shoulders to see what I was up too. I thought that this would be a good time for a little payback, and when I had her high enough, I slid underneath and brought her back down on my lap, my legs spread open around hers.

Erin was trying to figure out what I was doing, but the dildo happened to hit her g-spot at that moment, and she momentarily forgot all about me. This gave me the chance I needed. Opening the container, I dipped my fingers into the Vaseline and then put a bit over my cock, and the rest I spread in Erin’s anus. Before she could wiggle off of me, I pushed my hard cock forward, and shoved it into her ass.

“OH SHIT!” she cried out.

I laughed a bit as she squealed, but with the action from Sarah, and getting pounded from behind by me, she soon forgot her discomfort in a wave of orgasms. Now they would be walking the same, so it should be harder for their parents to notice.

Sarah couldn’t help smiling as she watched Erin groaning. She didn’t really enjoy getting ass fucked, but she loved watching Erin take it. But she wanted more, so she picked up my legs and wrapped them around her waist, so as I fucked Erin, I pulled her towards us, getting more of the dildo pushed into her cunt.

It didn’t take long before Erin had her famous huge orgasm. She only had one of this intensity when she was ass fucked. With a surge of adrenaline, she fell back, pushing me into the bed, and pulled Sarah on top of her. Because of the curve in the dildo, Sarah was able to sit on top of her hips and continue fucking Erin, while I was being suffocated by Erin’s long hair. I was still able to keep my legs wrapped around Sarah, so I used them to pull her down onto Erin. This caused Erin to be pushed further onto me, causing my cock to go even deeper into her ass.

“Girls, Max, come on down!” We suddenly heard from downstairs. It was a delicate feminine voice, much like an older version of the twins. “Breakfast is ready and the gifts are under the trees waiting to be opened.”

“We’re cumming mom,” Sarah shouted back through the closed door, as she closed her eyes and started bucking wildly. “We’re cumming.” Her cunt closed down on the dildo, holding it inside her, the head just kissing her spot. Erin was having a wilder orgasm. She didn’t get as much of the dildo into her cunt, but it was still enough to make her feel like my cock and the dildo where almost touching each other end to end.

And her ass muscles were just crushing my cock as she bounced up and down off of it. I wouldn’t have been surprised if the springs on the bed were destroyed after this morning (it wouldn’t have been the first time).

Finally we all reached the moment. My muscles started convulsing and I bounced Erin and Sarah, causing them to explode. As cum filled Erin’s anus with rocket like force, the twins wrapped their arms around each other in a lovers embrace as they brought each other to a mind-blowing orgasm. “Yes, yes, yes, oh god yes. Max you beautiful bastard, GOD YES!” they both cried out simultaneously again. They were never more like one person then when they had their orgasms together.

After about half a minute, I had emptied my balls into Erin, but the twins were still going wild. Sarah was really pushing into Erin, and Erin was enjoying getting bounced from Sarah to me. “Uh, uh, UHHHHHH!” Sarah screamed as she peaked. Sarah’s breasts muffled Erin’s cries, as she squished them into Erin’s face.

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