Christmas with Clara



"Forget it, sweetie. That was awesome!"

He pulled out, grinned at her and pulled his sleep pants up.

"I think I'll go back to sleep, now."

She stood and pulled her yoga pants up.

"Shower time for this lady!"


They'd had a wonderful holiday. After Christmas Eve dinner, when his parents were tidying up upstairs, Clara and Kyle went down to the rec room. She had him lean against the side of the new couch as she knelt by the tree with the wrapped gifts around her. She'd worn black leggings and a Christmas sweater.

He pulled his hard cock out from his casual pants, she performed oral sex on him. He softly groaned in pleasure as her mouth locked over him and her blonde head bobbed as she went down on him.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

She'd steeled herself to keep her mouth locked around him until he exploded. She gagged as the sperm squirted into the back of her throat but she kept her mouth firmly around him and swallowed the cum when he'd finished.

"Holy fuck! Wow! I can't believe you did that, Aunt Clara!"

She sucked on his softening cock, making sure to get every drop. She casually inspected the head, kissed the tip and stored him away, again.

"Merry Christmas, dear. Can you get me a glass of wine?" she sweetly asked.

He bolted and quickly returned, kissed her on the head and passed her the wine.


Kyle had slipped into Clara's room both Christmas Eve and Christmas night, staying for several hours each time. On Boxing Day, he went over to Tracy's. Clara slept like a baby that night so he didn't worry about visiting her room.

"I'm going over to my friend's, Evan, house," Kyle said the next day.

Kyle's parents were going outside of town to visit family so Clara had the house to herself. She'd planned to return home the next day but was going to spend that afternoon in her housecoat, curled up on the couch and reading, by the tree. She'd no sooner gotten situated when the doorbell rang.


"Oh, bother!"

She jumped up and answer it.

"Tracy! Ah, Kyle isn't here, at the moment."

Tracy stood there, wearing a tight tee shirt, tighter faded-blue jeans and an open fleece jacket. She looked at Clara, in her bathrobe, and smirked.

"Are you sure about that?"

"Come in, honey," Clara smiled.

Tracy stepped through the door and Clara shut it behind her.

"Do you want to check his bedroom, first, or mine?" Clara sweetly asked.

Tracy blushed.

"Ah, I was only kidding. Sorry. I know he's not here."

Clara took her hand anyway.

"No, no, come on, honey."

Clara pulled Tracy through the house as she protested.

"Not in here!" Tracy said as they went into Kyle's room.

"Look, I'm sorry, OK! It was a shitty thing to infer, OK!"

Clara pulled Tracy behind her, back up the stairs and down the hall to her bedroom.


"What about under the bed?" Tracy smirked, trying to make light of it.

"You don't have to worry about guys', honey."

Clara reached out to gently touch Tracy's cheek.

"You're a beautiful young woman. If you don't trust a guy, ditch him and find another. Guys will line up to date you. By the way, Kyle's gone over to Evan's...I think."

"Yeah, I should've known. I feel stupid but he's been teasing me by calling you his 'sexy, Aunt Clara'."

"Kyle can be a real ass, at times, can't he?"

"Yeah, isn't that the truth but when he didn't return my texts, and I came over here and you answered the door in your house coat, my mind started to run wild. You know, you're very sexy."


She put her arms around Tracy to give her a lingering hug.

"Come on. Let's hang out a while, like girlfriends, and bash him a while," Clara whispered.

She got on the bed and sat cross-legged.


Tracy took her fleece jacket off, kicked her sneakers off and got on the bed, too.

"You're sure hot, for fifty. I hope I look as good as you when I'm your age."

"Take care of yourself, exercise and eat right, drink lots of water, don't get too much sun and try not to sweat the small things. Stress can, and will, age you."

"Your skin is beautiful."

"Skin doesn't have to be tanned to look good," Clara smiled.

"I see that."

Tracy reached over and playfully pulled the end of Clara's housecoat up and over her alabaster, and very shapely, leg.

"Do you have sex, often?"

Clara laughed.

"I do OK. Say, I heard a leg was broken off of the old couch, here?"

"Oh, my god, that was so embarrassing! Kyle's mother has almost caught us a few times, too. Do you have a boyfriend back home?"

"No. I recently ended a causal relationship and, sort of, started another."

"Only men?" Tracy shyly asked.

"Oh, my! Well, yes. Ah, so far, anyway. You?" Clara laughed.

"My friend, Lisa, and I messed around a few times to see what it was like."

"Oh, my!" Clara laughed and blushed.

"You're blushing! Oh, my god!"

She reached over and squeezed Clara's knee.

"It's warm!"

Clara made the motion of fanning herself.

"You could take your housecoat off," Tracy shyly suggested.

"You won't mind?"

"Not at all."

"Well, OK, I guess."

She knelt, pulled the draw string to pull it off and let it drop behind her. She wore a simple, but lacy, snow white bra and panties. Tracy made no secret of sizing up the older woman.

"I thought you said you're warm?" she grinned as she looked at Clara's erect nipples pushing out.

"OK! I'm somewhat aroused, alright!"

They both laughed.

"You're blushing, again!"

"You shouldn't be talking, you know, Miss Tracy!"

Indeed, Tracy's nipples were quite visible through her tight tee shirt, as well.

"I'm somewhat aroused, too, alright!" she laughed.

"Why don't you..."

Clara reached over and slightly pulled Tracy's tee shirt out of her jeans in the front.

"Why don't you do it?" Tracy suggested with a smirk.

"Oh, my god! Ah, OK. Oh, wow!"

She got up onto her knees and, tentatively, pulled Tracy's tee shirt out from her jeans. Tracy put her arms above her head, to encourage Clara, as she pulled up the tee shirt and tossed it aside.

"Our boobs look a lot alike, you know," Tracy critically said.

"You have beautiful hair," Clara told her.

"You have beautiful eyes."

They looked at each other for a while but didn't say anything.

"Can I kiss you?" Tracy whispered.


Clara's whisper was barely audible. Tracy heard it though and got up onto her knees.

"Can I, please?"

She sat on Clara's lap, with her legs around her, and they slowly put their arms around each other. Tracy tilted her head and kissed Clara very slowly and sensually.

"Oh, god!" Clara gasped as Tracy pulled back, grinning.

They kissed, again. Except, this time, both of their mouths opened and their tongues touched.

"Your body feels so soft and smooth but your jeans are so rough!"

Tracy laughed as she fell back onto the bed.

"Take them off!"

Clara's hands were shaking as she unbuttoned Tracy's jeans. They were so tight, she literally had to peel them off of her and, as she did so, she took care to ensure Tracy's panties came off, as well. Clara gaped at Tracy's dark, trimmed cunt.

"Mm," Tracy purred as she felt and squeezed her own tits.

She pulled her bra down, spun it around to quickly unclasp it and tossed it away, as well.

"You're too, sexy, Aunt Clara!"

Clara quickly removed her bra and panties, as well.


Tracy got up on her elbows to look.

"Uh, huh," Clara replied as she slowly laid on the younger woman.

"Oh, my god. Your body feels wonderful! It's so warm and smooth," she whispered before finding Tracy's mouth, again.

They passionately kissed as Clara ran her hand through Tracy's hair and Tracy's nimble fingers explored Clara's back and bum. Clara kissed down to Tracy's tits and she moaned as Clara began to lick and suck her hard nipples. Then she got on her hands and knees to hang her tits in Tracy's face and the younger woman laughed as Clara teased her and bounced her tits off of her face, occasionally letting her close her mouth on a nipple. Clara moved down and kissed Tracy's stomach.

"Mm," Tracy purred, again, as she opened her legs.

"Oh, my," Clara whispered as she petted Tracy's neatly trimmed cunt.

"Go ahead."

Hesitantly, Clara licked her and Tracy groaned. Clara continued to delicately lap and flick her tongue over Tracy's clit.

"Please turn around?" Tracy gasped a suggestion.

"Turn around?"

Clara looked up from between Tracy's legs.

"What do..."

"Sixty-nine!" Tracy panted.

"Oh! Ah, OK! Wow!"

She carefully got on top of Tracy, again, and gingerly presented her shaven cunt. Tracy gripped Clara by her ass cheeks and pulled her down to start eagerly tonguing her.

"OH! Oh! Oh, my god!"

She suddenly remembered the purpose of the position and buried her face between Tracy's legs, again. Clara came first, yelping and gently biting Tracy's smooth inner thigh as she worked her hips, driving her cunt into Tracy's face with its outstretched tongue.

"Oh, god! Oh, god!" she gasped as the orgasm subsided.


She resumed her own feeding as she remembered Jason, from a few days earlier, and mimicked his technique by inserting a finger and probing for her G-spot. She must've found it because Tracy gasped as Clara wiggled her finger and sucked her clit.

"Oh, god. Yes!" she yelled as she came, thankfully into an, otherwise, empty house.

They continued to gently lick each other, lapping up the wetness of each other until Clara carefully got off of her and laid beside her, again. They embraced and softly giggled together as they kissed and fondled.

"How was it?" Tracy asked.

"It was fun and interesting! You're so beautiful!"

"It's fun but can't beat a man, eh?"

"Well, no," Clara giggled.

"Come on, let's get dressed and have a coffee before Kyle gets home and finds me in bed with his girlfriend. That'd be awkward! Thanks so much, honey! That's an experience I'll not forget!"


Kyle came home about an hour after Tracy had left. Clara was in the kitchen, still wearing her underwear and housecoat, when he came in.

"Tracy was here, looking for you," she smiled at him.

"Yeah! I'm going over there, now. How about a quickie, first?"

Clara laughed.

"Kyle, your folks are due back anytime, now!"

He grabbed her from behind and kissed her neck while she laughed and weakly protested and stretched her neck for him.

"That's why it has to be a quickie, lovely lady!"

He turned her around and pulled open her house coat.

"Then take your time with Tracy! I feel cheated!" she playfully pouted as he pulled her panties aside and lifted her up onto the kitchen counter.

"I can call her and tell her I'm not feeling well." he said as he rubbed the head of his hard cock up and down her cunt.

"No, Kyle! She's a beautiful girl. Don't blow her off like this! OH!"

She grasped him as he pushed his cock deep inside of her and she loosely hooked her shapely white legs around him.


He immediately started thrusting hard into her.

"Kyle!" she yelped and closed her eyes.

If it had to be a quickie, she wanted to cum, too, so she concentrated on the feel of his cock filling her and moving inside of her and she quickly climaxed.


She vaguely heard him grunt as her mind was overcome with her orgasm while he was fucking her with unbridled determination. He grunted, again, and rammed it fully inside of her with slow, deep strokes.

"Yeah, baby! That's it! That's right!" she cooed into his ear.

"Thanks, Aunt Clara."

He grunted as he pulled out and she could feel his hot, young, seed running down her thigh.

"God, you're good to me!"

He kissed her tenderly.

"No problem, honey!"

She fixed up his unruly hair.

"You go to Tracy, now. She's waiting for you."

He helped her down from the counter and kissed her, again, before dashing off with a wide grin. She wiped the leaking sperm off of her thigh with a fore finger and sucked it off.

"Mm," she said as she padded off to the shower.


Early the following morning, Clara bid everyone at her in-laws a reluctant goodbye and departed for the city. She had a pleasant drive and slept the rest of the day. Checking her e-mails, the following morning, she had received several invitations for New Year's Eve parties and, after sending replies to graciously decline several, decided on one from her lawyer.

He and his wife were hosting a cocktail party in their spacious home which had bay windows that afforded a beautiful view of the city's yearly fireworks. They also had a limo service on contract, for the evening, to shuttle their guests. It was, of course, a black tie event.

She did some work at home over the next few days and hit the gym, hard, to burn off some of the holiday calories. She saw an intriguing young guy at the gym building. He wasn't more than twenty and she thought he may make a nice New Year's project so, when she was able to make eye contact, she smiled at him. He seemed very shy but one good thing about gyms is, they have lots of mirrors so she saw him checking her out when he thought she wasn't looking.


December 31st arrived. Clara bathed and, after applying a small amount of perfume she generally wore, dressed. She'd bought a new, black, form-fitting, long-sleeved dress that bared her shoulders. It was short, well above her knees, and she wore black stockings and black, shiny, high heel shoes with it. She'd put on gold bangles, necklaces and sparkling, diamond earrings. After texting for the limo service, she pulled on a long, stylish, winter jacket, but left it open, and went down to the lobby to wait.

Her host, and his wife, greeted her at the door when she arrived.

"This is our son, Josh," her host said.

Josh was a tall, somewhat gangly, young man with short, black hair and black-rimmed glasses and in his second year of university, who wanted to be a lawyer, like his old man. She almost said 'yummy' but, instead, gave him a brilliant smile.

"Such a fine looking young man."

"May I take your coat, Ms. MacDonald?"

"Of course. Thank you, Josh, but please call me Clara."

'Oh, my! I'd like to get myself some of that! Yummy!' she whispered to herself, and grinned, as she went into the party. She took an offered glass of champagne and started to mingle. It was a pleasant party with, mostly, couples and she gave Josh a sexy smile at every occasion and once, when she knew she wasn't being watched, a little wink. She had a few glasses of champagne as she nibbled on some finger food, until a chance to talk to Josh developed, and moved in like a huntress.

"Hi there, handsome," she purred.

"Hi," he blushed.

"You're not out partying with your friends, tonight?"

"Ah, no. My parents are good to me so I thought it'd be nice to help them out with this, tonight."

"How sweet! Must be some disappointed girls, though?"

"Ah, not really," he awkwardly laughed.

"Well, if I were thirty years younger..." she grinned.

"You'd be about two!" he said, red faced.

"Aw, how sweet. I'd give you a big, wet New Year's Eve kiss if I didn't think your mother or father was looking."

He blushed, furiously, and she felt tingles between her legs.

"I'm sorry, honey! I didn't mean to embarrass you!"

"Ah, no, that's OK. Really," he said as he received a text.

"Excuse me. I have to do something for my father."

'I can't let this opportunity pass,' she whispered to herself as she started to think. She waited and watched until he returned. She saw him scan the room until he saw her and then quickly looked away when he saw her looking back. She quickly excused herself from the conversation group she was with and made her way over to him.

"Josh, honey?" she began sweetly.

"I need to check my coat pocket for something. Could you be a doll and take me to wherever you have them stashed?"

"Sure, Ms. MacDonald."

"Clara," she corrected him.

He led her out to the spiral staircase, took her upstairs and down a hallway to where several doors were shut. He opened one and she followed him inside. It looked like a guest bedroom and a pile of coats were on the bed.

"Ah, I think yours is here...somewhere?"

"That's OK, honey. I don't need it."

She turned and locked the door.

"Y-y-you don't?" he stammered as he watched her lock the door and then turn to look at him.

"Do you want to have sex, Josh?"

"Y-y-you're not serious?" he asked with round, wide eyes.

She didn't speak but smiled, brilliantly, at him and pulled her little black dress up. His eyes immediately dropped to see her creamy white thighs above the sheer black stockings. She pulled her tiny, black panties off and tossed them to him.

"Oh, god!" he gulped as he caught them.

"I-I-I never..."

"Are you a virgin?" she whispered as her heart beat in excitement.

"Yeah," he gulped.

"Goody! Take it out and lie back on those coats."

"A-a-are you sure? Ah, someone might hear."

She walked over and playfully pushed him back. He stumbled and fell back onto the bed.

"Take it out, Josh."

He looked to be in a state of shock so she repeated herself more firmly.

"Take it out, Josh. Now!"

He listened and unzipped to pull his long, hard cock out.

"Oh, my god!" he whispered.

"Hold it up for me, baby!" she told him as she pulled her dress up, again, and straddled him.


She reached down to push his iron hard cock against her. Without any further words or ceremonies, she slid down onto him and claimed his virginity.

"Oh, yeah! Oh, wow! That feels good, baby! Does that feel good?"

"Yeah!" he said through clenched teeth.

"Happy New Year, Josh!"

She laid on him and sought out his mouth, kissing him softly. She started to fuck him while trying not to slide off of their perch on top of all of the coats. She worked her hips and slowly grinded onto him, feeling his cock deep inside of her. He held her around the waist as she lifted her head up and looked down at his shocked and awed face.


She was surprised he hadn't climaxed, yet. It must've been the surprise of it all.

"Yeah!" he gasped.

She put her head into his neck and fucked him faster, putting him over the edge.

"I'm going to...oh, god!" he gasped and sputtered.

She came, too, as his hard cock erupted inside of her and she pushed down on him as she gasped into his ear. They laid there for a minute, breathing heavy and recovering, before she gingerly got off of him.

"Oh, my god. I can't believe that happened," he whispered.

"Happy New Year!" she said with a smile.

"Happy New Year, Clara!"

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