Christmas with his Fiance


With surprising energy Debbie lifted off and crawled aside. "Don't forget to lick my brother's cock clean." She crawled further and latched her mouth onto Steph's swollen clit and pushed two fingers inside. Tom was spent, but enjoyed watching his slut lick him clean while Debbie pushed her through a hard orgasm. They collapsed in a tangle and fell asleep.


The morning's phone calls confirmed that Bill and Karen would be home tonight. Debbie promised to have a nice dinner waiting when they got home at eight.

After showers and breakfast Debbie led them back to the bedroom. "I want to watch you two fuck. Brother, please let me watch you fuck your hot fiance. I'll get you both ready." Debbie pushed them both back onto the bed, They were kissing when Tom felt his step-sister's lips on his cock. He and Steph watched as she sucked him.

When he was hard Debbie shifted and they both watched her lick Steph's pussy until it was wet and swollen. Debbie them rolled Steph on top of Tom, held his cock, and guided it into Steph's pussy. The couple began to slowly grind together.

As they kissed and groped and fucked they didn't notice Debbie until she was standing by the bed near their heads. "Remember this, Stephanie Slut? I've been saving it for you." Debbie had a long, thin dildo strapped over her pussy.

"Yes, Mistress, that's the cock that you used to fuck my ass with."

"Pull up slut. Let me get this wet in your pussy." Debbie got on the bed behind Steph, who pulled up off of Tom's cock. Debbie pushed the cock inside and slowly pumped. She used her hand to gather pussy juice and spread it around Steph's asshole, then pulled the dildo out. Lifting Tom's cock, she aimed it and pushed Steph's ass down as the cock filled her pussy.

"We never had a real cock to play with when I fucked her ass before, Tom. Watch her face while I push this cock up her ass."

Debbie positioned the dildo and slowly pushed. She was patient with the tight asshole until she finally felt the resistance weaken. The head slipped inside as Steph moaned loudly.

"Oh Debbie, give it to me! Fuck my ass while I ride Tom." Debbie pushed hard and buried the dildo in Steph's ass. " full. I'm full of my lover's cocks! Fuck me, fuck me..."

Tom and Debbie began fucking the tight holes. It wasn't long before Steph gave a howl as she shook and twisted through a hard cum. Tom watched her gorgeous, blissful face and kept fucking. Debbie and Tom then took turns, one pumping Steph hard while the other held their cock buried deep inside. Next they alternated thrusts until Steph came again. She didn't have a chance to recover as they both started pumping her hard, fast, and deep. Steph screamed and came again, triggering a scream from Debbie as she came and a roar from Tom as his cock shot off deep inside.


They spent the afternoon talking and hanging out. Tom and Steph told Debbie about the house that they had found in Portland. They planned to move in six weeks. Debbie told them that she was tired of her job and the small city that she lived in. She was thinking of finding a new city and a new start.

"Why don't you come to Portland?" Tom asked. "It's a great city and a good job market. And we could use our friends and connections to help find you a job!"

"Well, I don't know. It's a long ways away. Besides, I don't want to ask my mom for money. It would cost a lot to move and get started there."

"Not if you lived with us!" exclaimed Steph. "We'll have a guest room that'll be yours for as long as you want it. What do you think, Tom, can your sis stay with us?"

"Well, she'd probably make you eat her pussy every day. And she'd probably have me fuck her so that she could make you lick it out of her. And, she'd probably be fucking your pussy and ass with her strap-on, Although on the upside, she'd probably suck us both off every now and then."

"Yummy! Will you move in with us, Debbie?"

Debbie was touched with their offer. She pretended to mull it over. "Well, under one condition."

"I've got to start cooking dinner. You two go upstairs. Tom, I want you to fuck her in the ass. Call me when you are close to cumming. After you load her ass with cum I'm going to push my fat butt plug into her. Steph, I want you to meet your new in-laws with an ass full of cum and a big plug holding it inside. Do we have a deal?"

Steph felt the big butt plug wiggle when she stepped up to meet her new mother- and father-in-law. It was making her pussy wet.

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