Christmas with Mom


Mom's breasts were very much visible, the outfit offering a generous view of her cleavage and the rest covered by a very transparent material that hid nothing. I could even see freckles just to the right of her left nipple which was thick and swollen. Mom's breasts were slowly rising and falling as she was taking deep breaths in an effort to stay calm.

"Isn't it lovely, John?" Mom sighed, her head resting on my chest. "I don't know when I've seen a snow so beautiful." And it was lovely out. Big, heavy flakes were falling, illuminated by the street lights, sifting down to join the heavy white blanket that seemed to have swallowed up so much of the city.

I hugged Mom tightly, relishing the way her bottom seemed to press against my legs. Mom's skin was almost feverish in its heat and she was radiating warmth and her scent, tinged with that waft of jasmine that always seem to be a part of her. "It is lovely, Mom, but not as lovely as you." I shifted us just a little, enough so that we could see our reflections in the window. I could see my mother's sexy body, barely hidden in her negligee, breasts and her bountiful muff clearly in the glass. "You're beautiful, Mom. The most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

Mom smiled, a pleased look on her face. She turned around in my arms, not a bit ashamed that she was rubbing her meaty breasts across my lower chest as she did so. "Do you like this gown, John? I bought it at the Mall the other day thinking maybe I'd try and get a reaction from your father, but I thought even then that you'd appreciate it even more. Maybe I always knew I was getting it for you, darling."

"It's great, Mom. Thank you."

Mom wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her body more firmly against me. "We can't ignore this anymore, can we? I love you, John. I love you as my son and I love you as the man you've become. I want us to be lovers, son." Mom looked up at me, her green-brown eyes wide and anxious. I couldn't help but love her more. Did she think there was even a slight chance I'd say no?

"Oh, Mom, I can't think of anything I want more. I love you, Mom. I've dreamed of this for so many years. I've wa-"

Mom put a finger against my lips, shushing me. "No more dreams, my darling. Now we make our love real." Mom stood up on tip-toe and kissed me. Her lips pressed firmly, hungrily against mine. She parted her lips and I sucked her tongue into my mouth. I could taste her. The essence that was her scent was present in her taste and it was an essence that I had hungered for so long. We kissed, our tongues kissing as well and we both tightened our hold on the other. I was kissing my mother as a man kisses a woman, as a husband kisses his wife. It was right and it was perfect.

My hands slipped slowly down her back and cupped Mom's bountiful ass cheeks. I lifted her up and as I did so, Mom raised one leg and curled it behind my thigh, using it for leverage to raise herself higher up my front. We both groaned with need as I felt her furry pussy slip across my cloth covered bulge in my cock. Mom reached down and between her raised foot and one hand managed to tug my boxers down. My cock sprung free, slipping into the thick forest of her furry bush. I could feel delicious heat and wetness.

I continued to lift Mom up and she now had both legs wrapped around my middle, trapping my cock against her lush, hairy mound as her legs crossed behind my back and her heels dug into my butt cheeks. In a flurry of motion, Mom relied on me to hold her up and tore the nightgown off her body, gasping, "I need to feel your body against mine, son."

And like that, for the first time, we were naked body pressed against naked body, mother and son in a lover's embrace. We kissed there in the window, oblivious to anyone who might be watching from another window or maybe flying by on their sleigh. My Christmas wish had just come true.

Mom reluctantly ended our kiss and hunching her hips against my crotch, whispered, "Take me to your bed, son. Make love to your mother."

"My honor and my pleasure, Mom. I love you." Carrying my mother carefully, I walked us across the wide room to my bed. The springs creaking as I knelt on the mattress, I eased my mother back until she was on her back and I was kneeling between her thighs. My cock throbbed as I gazed down at the most heavenly sight imaginable, my mother, naked and aroused in my bed, her legs spread wide, waiting for me to make love to her.

Mom was a sight that would have made any artist weep with joy with her long black hair fanned out on the pillows, heavy, meaty tits heaving, her hard, long nipples throbbing while her spread legs revealed a heavy muff glittering with carnal juices, Mom's vaginal lips blossomed wide, revealing her glistening pink flesh, rivulets of pussy cream flowing through the folds of her cunt. Mom's mouth was open as she breathed heavily, her eyes full of incestuous love, desire and need. Mom's hands were raised, her fingers waggling at me in a 'come hither,' motion.

"Merry Christmas, Mom. I love you," I whispered as I lowered myself on top of her.

"I love you, son," Mom gasped back, excitement now in her voice. "Merry Christmas, lover." Mom flung her pelvis upwards, meeting the probing of my cock. The head of my penis slipped between her labial lips and I groaned at the sweet warmth that enveloped my flesh. As inch after hard inch of my dick buried itself in Mom's tight pussy, her warmth, her wetness, her silkiness felt so right. Mom sighed, "So big!" as I buried myself in her to the roots and I was in awe of how right, how perfect it was. My cock and my mother's pussy seemed to be made for each other.

Without a pause, our instincts kicked in and Mom and I began to move together as if we'd been lovers for years. Mom's legs came up and back as she gripped me with her thighs, her heels pressing into my flanks, guiding the pace of my thrusts. I rested on her big, pillow-like breasts, enjoying the sensations of her hard, thick nipples scraping against my hairy chest. I brought my mouth to hers and we teasingly kissed each other, tongues reaching out to lick a lip or to dance together before finally we pressed our mouths together in a passionate kiss of soul mates.

The old brass bed began singing a song of lustful abandon, the old metal springs and posts creaking, marking the rhythm of our incestuous lovemaking. As we moved together and kissed, we kept our eyes open, losing ourselves in each other's gaze. Mom's pussy clasped at my shaft, resisting every movement my cock took to withdraw and then gently caressing my flesh as I sank back into her moist, creamy flesh. Buried deep within Mom's womb, her whole body seemed to throb with desire, massaging my cock flesh before I again began to move. With each deep thrust, Mom's eyes grew wider and seemed to beg for more.

Mom's arms uncurled from around my neck and she reached back and gripped the brass rails of the headboard and used them for leverage to thrust more fiercely at my delving penis. Mom spread her legs wide and then wrapped them around my pistoning ass, digging into my butt. Mom suddenly broke the kiss, crying out as an orgasm began to explode inside her, "More, lover! Fuck Mommmm harder, deeper, Johnnn!" A look of joyous disbelief broke out on Mom's face. "Omigod! Making me cummmm, John! You're making Mommm cummm!"

Tears began trickling down Mom's cheeks and she bit her lip as almost overwhelming waves of pleasure swept through her. Mom's body began to spasm, her pussy tightening around my cock, deeply buried in her creaming flesh. I bit my own lip, focusing on the minor pain to keep my own incredible pleasure from sending me over the edge. Mom arched her back as she continued to orgasm, her face now contorted with ecstatic sobs.

Finally, Mom goes limp like a puppet whose strings are suddenly cut. Her legs slipped down and she sniffled as she gasped, "Whoooo - I've never cum like that before, sweetheart!" Her words made my cock throb with pride and I think it swelled up even more because Mom let out a happy moan and reaching back to grip the brass railing again, said, "Make me cum again, son!"

Beaming with pride, I slowly began to thrust into Mom's white hot pussy again, building the pace gradually and relishing every little grunt or sigh of happiness that my cock brought my mother. Mom caught her second wind and began to return my thrusts, making our now sweaty bodies slap loudly together. I rose up on my hands and began to really fuck Mom hard, grinding my groin against hers as our pubic hairs met, tangled and then tore apart in a wicked sensation. I gazed down at Mom as she writhed underneath me, enjoying the erotic spectacle of her heavy, meaty tits rolling and bouncing all about. Carefully, so as not to break our incestuous dance, I reached down and lifted her legs one at a time and draped them over my shoulders.

Mom began to scream as now I sank to the deepest parts of her womb, touching her as nothing ever has. Her orgasm was instantaneous and massive. Her heavy flowing cunt juices bathed my aching cock and suddenly her cunt muscles clamped down and began milking my shaft. I thrust deeply into Mom one more time, burying myself deep as I grabbed one heavy, flopping breast and raising it upwards, pressed my lips to her hard nipple. I nipped the rubbery digit lightly, but it took Mom's orgasm to an even higher level and the tremor that swept through her body sent me over the edge and I began to flood Mom's pussy with thick streamers of my semen.

Mom's entire body seemed to clench up as she screamed and convulsed beneath me, her cunt clasping my dick tightly, literally sucking my jism out of my body. I let her throbbing nipple slip from my mouth and moving up, kissed her roughly on the mouth, driving my tongue between her lips. We kissed hungrily, madly, passionately as we rode out our mutual orgasms. It seemed for a moment as if I might never stop ejaculating, as if I had held back for years, saving my sperm for the one pussy that deserved it the most, my beloved mother's.

Gradually, things began to calm down. My flood of semen became a trickle with Mom's milking cunt sucking the last few drops of my seed as we caught our breath. "My god, Mom," I gasped. "That was incredible!"

Mom nodded wordlessly, tears still running down her face, managing only a, "Uh hummm."

Mom began to shiver uncontrollably and I looked at her with concern. "Mom, are you okay?" I started to climb off Mom, but she reached out and hugged me, her arms and legs wrapping around me. Mom held me tightly and had a good cry. I was torn between worry over my mother and being really aroused by her urgent embrace. Mom even seemed to clamp down on my semi-hard cock, unwilling to release me from her wet, cum filled pussy.

Several minutes passed and Mom's sobs began to fade, eventually becoming sniffles. Again I asked, "Mom, is everything okay? Did I hurt you or something?"

Mom eased her embrace so that I could look at her. "I love you so much, John. I never, ever thought I could feel so much -- so strongly about a man, especially my own son."

"Why are you crying, Mom?"

She choked out a laugh, sniffed and replied, "Women do that sometimes, son. When their man gives them an orgasm so powerful and overwhelming, sometimes it just overcomes us and we bawl our eyes out." Mom wiped her cheeks and kissed me. "Thank you, darling, for the most wonderful moment of my life."

We kissed again, long and lovingly. Then with some regret, I moved off Mom, my cock slipping out of her warm and wet womb. Mom curled up against me and we kissed some more, bodies entangled.

"We're in trouble, aren't we?" Mom said as she ran her hand over my chest.

"What do you mean, Mom?" I raised up to look down at her angelic face.

Mom sighed and said. "We've danced on the edge so long. Knowing we were attracted to each other...loving each other more than just mother and son." She stroked my face. "John, we can't go back to the way things are. I don't want to. We're lovers now. I haven't had sex with your father in two years and from now on I won't let him near me. I love you, John and only you. You're my man now."

My heart felt as if it would explode. I thought I might have a cry now. How long had I imagined this moment? How long had I dreamed of Mom talking to me this way? "I love you too, Mom. I don't want anyone else...just you, my beautiful, wonderful Mom!"

We both held each other silently for a long time in the dark, both of us feel joy for finally being together as we were meant to be, but there were also many questions that hung there unanswered. Finally, I asked, "So, what about Dad?"

Mom snorted and said, "I wish I could just say he could go to hell, but..." She paused, trying to keep her contempt under control. "Your Dad and I are through. Our marriage has been dead for years. But we've stayed together for the twins. They graduate from high school in two more years and the day after that I'm filing for divorce. Until then, you and I..." Mom's voice trailed off and I felt myself tensing up. I was afraid she was about to say, "Until then, we can't be together."

Mom as always seemed to read my mind and smiled encouragingly as she reached down and stroked my semi-erect penis. "Until then, we will simply have to seize the moments whenever we can. We have to be careful, but you're my lover now. I'm not giving this lovely cock up for anyone."

Mom kissed me again, leaning into me, the weight of her meaty breasts feeling delicious on my skin. Mom pushed me onto my back and began to kiss her way downwards. She stopped at my nipples, circling the hard nubs with her tongue, making me groan as she nipped them with her sharp teeth.

Her tongue traveled further south as she gave me butterfly kisses down below my stomach. Mom ran her face across my groin, her breath feeling incredible as she rubbed her face in my pubic hair. Now lying between my legs, Mom looked lustily at my rapidly hardening cock that she slowly and lovingly stroked.

"This is the best Christmas present I've ever had. It's given me more pleasure in one night that I had in a lifetime with your father," Mom said. She giggled and waggled her eyebrows. "And it's a lot bigger than your father's cock too!" I think I swelled with pride as well as desire. And then another fantasy become reality as my mother began to suck my cock.

Mom sucked and licked me, cleaning up our juices from our first lovemaking. I clawed the sheets as Mom showed me that despite a lack of practice, she knew how to suck her son's cock. "I was quite the cocksucker when I was younger," Mom said teasingly after licking my shaft. "That's a story for another time, though," she added as she moved upwards, not letting go of my erection as she straddled me.

"Oh god, Mom!" I moaned as Mom placed me inside her and slowly slid down the length of my hard dick. I felt myself swell inside her as I gazed at her lovely face, an sneering expression of pure carnality unlike anything I'd ever seen before in my mother. Mom began to ride me, lifting herself up down on my cock, her fingernails tracing circles on my chest as she looked down at me.

"I love you, John," Mom cooed as she moved, gradually building up speed. Mom's pussy was the ultimate wet velvet glove, wrapping my flesh in fiery, liquid warmth. Mom began to bounce up and down, her sagging, heavy tits rolling and swinging wildly. I began to meet her thrusts, unwilling to part with an inch of her hot, sopping wet and so incredibly soft cunt. Being buried to the hilt in Mom's pussy just seemed so right -- the perfect natural state that I'd been seeking all my life!

"I'm gonna cum, Mom!" I moaned after an eternity of sexual bliss. Mom was carnality incarnate, her long hair wet with sweat and swinging around her face, her lovely skin dripping with sweat, her scent thick in my nostrils, urging me to cum.

"Cum in me, son!" Mom gasped, on the edge of orgasm herself. "Give me your seed, lover. I want it. I need your spunk, John! Fill Mommy up with your sperm babies! Make me pregnant, son!"

"YES!" I cried as Mom's words sent me over the edge as never before and I bucked upwards, seeking to bury my cock deep in Mom's pussy, my mind exploding with images of Mom, huge with child. I flooded Mom's pussy with another incredible load of semen.

Mom blinked in surprise and squealed with delight as my hot semen inside her sent her into another tremendous orgasm. Mom moaned and cried and could nothing more said than, "JOHNJOHNJOHNJOHNJOHN!" over and over again.

Again our mutual orgasms ended with Mom in tears. Not as concerned now, I held her tightly and let her cry, relishing the feel of her hot tears on my neck. When she regained control of herself, she tried to move off me, but I held her firm, saying, "I'm not ready to let you go, Mom." My cock was still inside her although softening. I wanted nothing more than to hold her, for us to remain joined, two loving bodies made into one.

"This is forever, Mom," I whispered to her. "I love you, Mom."

Tears welled up in Mom's eyes again and she said, "We are forever, son. I love you too!" We kissed and snuggled and gradually exhaustion took us and we fell asleep, Mom and I, joined cock and pussy and soul to soul on the best Christmas morning of my life.

I woke to seeing and hearing snow splatter against the window and to savor the joy and utter contentment I felt in my heart and the wondrous pleasure of Mom's lips wrapped around my cock. The covers were kicked off the bed and Mom looked like a heaven sent angel between my legs, my erect penis in her mouth. Mom watched me as she sucked and licked me, momentarily letting me slip from her lips to say, "Merry Christmas, baby! I don't know if Santa's come yet, but I think you're about to!" Mom winked at me as her little naughty gibe thrilled my heart and then went back to work on my cock.

For a minute, I just continued to lie there, wallowing in the incestuous joy of the moment. However, my own desires quickly got the best of me, especially the desire to make Mom as happy and ecstatic as I was. Mom groaned in protest as I gently disengaged myself from her sweet lips. "I'm not done!" Mom growled.

I climbed over Mom, rolling her onto her back. "It's okay, Mom, I just want to please you as well."

Mom squealed as I buried my head between her legs, rubbing my face vigorously in her thick, black pubic hair. "Omigod! John -- oh my!" Mom gasped as my mouth sought out her pink slit, my tongue slicing between her wet labia lips, urging her pussy lips to spread and reveal her tender, cum slickened cunt flesh. I then moved to straddle Mom's face and she took the hint easily, taking my cock back into her mouth, even as I began to lick my mother's juicy pussy.

My mind reeled at the carnal and incestuous vision we two made. Mother and son, locked in a passionate sixty-nine, my fingers digging into Mom's thick ass cheeks as I buried my face deep within her creamy pussy, dragging my tongue across her pink wetness, urging her clitoris from hiding and making Mom cry out with pleasure. Her juices tasted sweet and salty, mixed with my semen from earlier, and tasted like ambrosia of the gods. My face quickly became soaked with Mom's cunt cream, her scent filling my nostrils, making me heady with lust and love and swelling my cock.

For her part, Mom was showing me unsuspected talents with her expert cocksucking, taking my cock deep into her throat while her tongue brought me closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. Too quickly it seemed, we both brought each other off, Mom flooding my mouth with copious amounts of pussy juices while swallowing thick shot after shot of my semen. Our mutual orgasms came slowly down and we stayed locked in position for a pleasurable eternity.

When we finally rearranged ourselves, I looked at Mom and started laughing. "Hi, Santa baby! Love your frosty, white beard!" Mom had not quite managed to swallow all my sperm and thin blobs were hanging onto her chin and her left cheek and smeared on her upper lip.

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