tagSci-Fi & FantasyChristmas Year 3535

Christmas Year 3535


The city was dark in the year 3535. Christmas would never be the same as the dark pitch black flakes fell to the ground.

The world was only surviving , living for the moment. The wars had changed mankind for worse.

The cities and streets were ours only in the dark daylight hours. Black clouds hung over cities and spitted black snow .

People walked like ghosts as the night fell to even darkness.

God had forsaken all of mankind. The world as was known was gone.

The nights were the worse. Every vampire and dead living person brought back by the bombs roamed for meals of us that walked the dark filled cloudy days trying to survive.

No animals were left and so we all watched our necks as our bodies were dying. Many fell as meals to the undying that loomed in the darker side of the nights.

No one was born without suffering great agony and the dying suffered much worse. Babies were stolen from unsuspecting mothers easily to feed the vanquished breed that lived below the streets.

Sex was no longer a joy but a fear. People were leery of anything that walked. Myself was one of the last children born with no blemishes and no disease.

Good looking and horny as well. Not good attributes in a dead world. A dying decade spectrum. I had grew up hard and fast.

I had watched as the vampires had ravaged my mother and drank her dry only to have her knocking at our door the next night wanting in.

Unless I had invited her she could not cross the thresh hold. The undead was worse. If you were not eaten then you came back whole and suffered to live on the flesh as well.

If that was what you called it. Coming back.


The anti Christ having come and gone and God no where to be found. Many of the old ones still surviving prayed to God.

But no answer came. Many said the anti Christ was disgusted and could not control his minions that lurked below the streets.

Still the prophecy was talked about and prayers were heard daily f4rom many. The world a living hell for all.

Prophecy be damned I thought over and over again. How could a loving person God or other wise let all this go on.

The darker night was coming on quickly and I ran to close myself in. The screams would start as they did every night as the creatures all thirsted for our blood.

Us their only food and survival as I looked once more before I shut the containing door once more to the streets.

The house was empty or so I thought as I searched for a candle to burn.

Whimpering to the left of me sent shivers down my spine as I knew I had locked the doors as I had left that dark cloudy black morning as I always did.

Stepping from the shadows stood a young woman quite normal in appearance , but one could not be too sure these black days.

Her eyes were huge and blue and she had hair below here knees and her dress was fresh and the color purple and surprisingly neat , not torn or rags like so many these days.

Her eyes were pleading and looking at the door as the pounding started and the screams began.

We watched each other as the night started with howls from ones who were fool enough to be caught out.

Their screams sent shivers down my spine and this woman only made it all worse.

Moving to the kitchen I started cooking some food. She stood in the middle of the room and never left her spot. When the food was done I decided to see which side she belonged to.

The vamps or the living dead. Setting the table I watched her as she watched me . The only movement other than me seemed to be looking at the door.

After setting the table I sat down and motioned for her to sit as well. At first she just watched me as I ate slowly trying not to choke on anything.

Finally she could stand it no more and ran to sit down and ate like she had no food for days. She looked well to me as I watched those tiny fingers eat as much as she could stuff in a hurry.

The screams went on as we sat and watched each other the night through.

She was human from what I could tell. But how had she got in . Spoken she had not as of yet. I figured her to be about my age which was close to thiry.

She was so perfect as I looked her over. Small tight breasts and that hair of hers was beautiful.

Small well shaped and legs . A real woman as I sat and watched her eat.

Her eyes looked deeply into mine as I watched her and I sensed she seem to know me for some strange reason.

I could feel my heart pounding as we watched each other . It sounded loud in my ears and I thought loud enough for her to hear.

Quietly in a whisper she told me her name was Angelica and she was meant to be here for me. On she spoke . as she talked I heard that she was sent by the nuns and had been protected for just such as this time.

She told me we were to make a baby and that child would be the Savior everyone waited so patiently for.

Christmas Day would be our mating time , not before or after but during the Christ Childs Birthday. My mind was whirling as she spoke all she had been told and taught.

Christmas was only two nights away. Is this really what I had been saved for? It was too much for me to comprehend as the tiny creature fell asleep on my couch peaceably.

I never slept that night and the next nights after as Christmas rung in .

She on the other hand had no problems as to sleep at all. The night came and everything around me seem to change and smell so different.

As night fell she came to me and settled in my arms and I bent my head to kiss her .

There was no return as we heated each other with sensual fires meant to burn deeply. Bells rang in the old Cathedral the minute I had entered her.

Redemption beckoned.

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