tagErotic HorrorChristopher the Vampire 02

Christopher the Vampire 02


The guilt had already set in. I had snuffed out these lives. I have been a monster for so long now. So many lives are gone because of me. I have lived for so long yet I still fear death. I had to dispose of these whores' bodies. As I hoisted them both on my shoulders, I looked for an abandoned building. Not hard being in the bad part of Nashville. Walking a short distance there was one, the door crumbled like a worn piece of styrofoam under my boot. Shuffling down toward the basement I heard the faint whisper of a heartbeat. Not from the whores but that of a homeless vagrant. "Oh, joy, more vermin to eat." I thought.

I found the basement and dumped their bodies in the darkest corner and went in search of the small heartbeat.

When I got close to the sound, the person bolted. I laughed because those human muscles are no match for mine. I snatched the filthy human and slammed it to the floor.

With a pained huff the human said "Please."

How I love to hear them beg. I got closer to the face and almost cried with fear. This human looked just like Annalise!

"What is your name vagrant!" I shouted

Sobbing, the woman said "Zyn."

When she said it it sounded like zen.

I jerked her off of the floor and swiftly whisked her into the night.

She would not stop screaming and wiggling. Did this woman not know that I was taking her to safety?

"Hush, now woman. You are coming to my home." I angrily whispered.

"Please, just let me go! I saw those women you dumped! Is that going to happen to me?" She sobbed.

"No, you are coming to my home, you will be fed and bathed and safe." I replied

"Why?" She half sobbed and half yelled.

"Because, what I say goes. Always." The authority in my tone let her know I was not joking.

With my mind I willed her to be silent and fall into a deep sleep.

When we arrived at my home, which is little less than a mansion on the outskirts of Hermitage, I started stripping her. I would not have these rags in my home. I flitted as fast as I could to the master bedrooms' bathroom. I filled the tub as quickly as I could. Before setting her in the tub I laid her limp body on the floor so I could get the rest of her clothes off of her. I unsnapped her bra and shredded her panties, and rubbed my hands up and down her soft body, pausing not so briefly at her breasts. So big and supple. So mouthwateringly pale like fresh cream. She looked just like Annalise. It was almost too much. I was rock hard from simply touching her.

I picked her up like she was little more than a rag doll and gently laid her into the water. I flitted to the cupboard to fetch the soap, washing cloths, and jasmine scented oil I used to torture myself into guilt every now and again. I was glad to have held on to it. Now not only will she look like Annalise she will smell like her too.

I poured the oil into the water and used my hand to mix it about. Dunking the cloth into the water, I skimmed her upper thigh, it felt so good so smooth. I slid my hand further up and stroked her pouty pussy lips. I delved deeper to feel the silken warmth of her womanhood. I could just imagine how good her wet pussy would feel sliding up and down my cock.

I had to mentally shake myself. She wouldn't like me playing with her unconscious body. I washed her thoroughly and pulled the plug on the tub. Pulling a towel from the rack, I wrapped her clean soft body in the clean cloth.

I got up off of the floor a little too fast, and she stirred. I touched her mind and she fell back into her sleep.

I walked into the bedroom and sat on the corner of my bed with her still sleeping in my arms. She looked so peaceful, I stroked her cheek. I had to rearrange her on my lap because she was resting uncomfortably on my rock hard erection. I held her for what seemed like minutes but was hours. The dawn was soon approaching.

I am so old that I don't need to sleep, but I cannot go outside. I am very photosensitive. The sun leaves rashes and boils on my skin. To newborns the sun is a death sentence. And they sleep. That is such a waste. I spend my time reading, and trying to learn all that I can with my time. My time here is infinite. For eons I waited. Doing nothing but sitting like a statue. Letting the years pass by. My 6'2" frame never changing. I have dark hair and golden skin as though I had a suntan. Thanks to my middle eastern heritage. But the quirk that called to my maker, was my brilliant blue eyes. No one had that color, but me. And Amun was dazzle by them. But the blue of my eyes could never compare to Annalises' eyes.

Picture a summer day, a cloudless day. The warm yet cool color of the happiness and joy. Two feelings that I haven't felt in so long.

The dawn had come and gone, it was dusk now. It was her time to wake. She opened her eyes, let them focus, and then she screamed. A horrifying blood curdling scream. It tore at my heart.

"Calm yourself, Zyn." I said in the most soothing tone I could muster.

"Please," she begged. "Let me go."

"This is your home now, be calm." I said.

"I don't have any money, but I can give you my body." She whispered with tears streaming down her face.

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