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Christy Hemme and LAX


Yes amazingly I'm alive, who would have thought it anyway sorry I've been away I've had some computer problems, family issues and I'm very lazy. But I'm sorta back however I'm asking if you can hold back on requests until I get a proper computer if u have already asked for a request you can either e mail me again and ask or go to a better writer anyway as always comments good are bad are welcomed and extra feedback can be sent me via my profile page. All characters, plot twists and storylines in this tale are pure fiction and are not in any way based on fact and the story is an over 18 production and involves scenes of swearing, stripping and fucking if this offend you then please leave before said offence can occur. This story is a The Pac productions written by WWEkiller and edited by no one enjoy.


It's TNA PPV No Surrender and it's a heated tag team contest between LAX and the Rock' N Rave Infection. TNA management were sick of this two teams constantly fighting on Impact so gave them this tag team contest at the PPV to sort their issues out. Both teams however have a valet in Christy Hemme and Salinas so the match was turned into a stipulation match where the winning team would get to fuck the losing team's valet. After the PPV's opening match the camera switches backstage to see Christy with the Rock'N Rave Infection.

"LAX tonight you will be beaten and humiliated like never before as we the Rock' N Rave Infection beat your asses then we will fuck your little slut Salinas ass," Christy says smiling at the camera.

"Salinas you are going to show the whole Impact zone just how much of a slut you are when I take this microphone and I shove it so far up your ass that it will come out of your cock sucking mouth," Christy says bringing up loud screams from the fans as she insults her rival.

"You know Salinas ever since I thought you were a man I always knew there was a theme of cocks around you and tonight my little slut you will get all the cocks you will ever need."

Later in the show LAX are given some mike time to promote their big tag team match and Salinas has the microphone, "Christy, Christy, Christy you red headed whore tonight the whole world will see you on your knees giving LAX the sucking you are so famous for backstage."

Standing behind her Homicide and Hernandez chuckle at Salinas's insult before she continues, "Christy, LAX will beat your little wanna be rockers then make you our groupie gringo bitch LAX for life," Salinas drops the mike to Homicide who does a machine gun noise pointing his finger at the camera before walking off.

The match was very intense as bodies where throw all around the arena and once Lance Rock is kicked out of the ring Christy tries to slide a steel chair into the ring but Salinas stops her and slaps her down to the floor. Hernandez grabs Jimmy Rave on the top rope and border tosses him down to the canvas before Homicide leaps off the top rope into a frog splash for the victory. LAX celebrate their win as Lance Rock and Jimmy Rave are lead away by the referee and Christy slowly picks herself up off the floor and looks up at Salinas standing over and LAX towering over her in the ring. Salinas grabs Christy by her long red hair and rolls her under the bottom rope and into the ring where she is surrounded by Hernandez and Homicide who yell at the red head to strip. Christy kicks off her black leather boots and pulls down her black fishnet stockings exposing her bare feet and her pink painted toenails. Her black ripped shirt is next to be removed showing off Christy's black lace bra and then Christy unzips her black mini skirt and drops them down her tanned legs exposing her black lace thong. Christy is now stood in the middle of the ring in just her sexy underwear and the two wrestlers are already rubbing their crotches though their wrestling pants.

"That's enough you sick freaks," Christy screams backing away slowly, "I am not getting fucked by you two dumb apes."

Christy turns and tries to run by the big man Hernandez grabs her by her hair and pulls her back into the middle of the ring and puts the screaming red head over her knee. Hernandez raises his big hand and he slaps her tanned ass hard making her shout out in pain as her bottom is spanked hard. Christy's ass is slapped harder and harder and soon her tanned round ass starts glowing bright red from Hernandez's hard spanks.

"OWWW OWWWW OWWWW OWWWWW," Christy groans as her pretty little ass is tanned by Hernandez's big right hand as he swats her booty.

Homicide pulls off his shirt and drops his wrestling tights and starts jerking his semi hard cock as he walks towards Christy's bent over face. Christy looks up and Homicide's rock hard eight inches hovering just above her face and she knows what he wants. She opens her mouth wide as her ass is spanked again and Homicide pushes his big dick into Christy's throat. Homicide watches his large cock disappear between Christy's ruby red lips and he can feel her wet mouth slurping on his shaft. Hernandez stops spanking Christy's ass as he watches his partner push his cock into her mouth. Grabbing a fist pull of her red hair Homicide starts to rock her head back and forward forcing Christy to suck his cock. Christy wants to fight and protest but the second she felt Hernandez force her over his knee she knew what kind of sex LAX were going to give her. Christy loves rough hard sex nothing to extreme but she loves it when a man takes control of her and this two massive wrestlers are doing just that and Christy's pussy is already starting to get wet. Bobbing her head Christy starts to suck Homicide's cock of her own accord making the master of the gringo killer moan with pleasure. Hernandez drops Christy off her knees and the red head stays on her hands and knees her eyes totally focused on Homicide's big dick.

"Oh fuck this bitch's mouth is so good, she's really sucking me good," Homicide moans as he runs his gloved hands though her hair making sure her face is still facing his crotch.

Christy's mouth slides up and down Homicide's large cock and she can feel his shaft stretching her mouth out wide as Homicide's purple cock head pokes the back of Christy's Hemme's throat. She laps her tongue around his cock using every trick she knows to pleasure Homicide and soon she has the young Latin moaning and groaning at the way she sucks his cock. Hernandez is now standing right behind Christy watching the red head's well spanked booty shaking up and down as she deep throats his partner's dick. He grabs the waistband of her lace thong and rips the little underwear clean off Christy's hips making her moan with shock and joy. Christy's pussy is now exposed in the middle of the ring and Hernandez can already see her pink pussy lips are already dripping wet as the muscle of LAX removes his white vest and cargo pants letting free his 10 inches of dick making the whole arena gasp at how big his cock is. Christy hears the gasp but can't turn her head as she deep throats Homicide but she can feel a large cock head poking her wet pussy lips and Christy spreads her legs as far as she can giving Hernandez a bigger target to aim at. Hernandez pushes 2 inches of his big cock inside Christy's pussy and Christy's groans in shock as she feels his massive cock being pushed into the tight pussy.

"Oh baby this is so fucking hot" Homicide groans as he starts to buck his hips driving his dick down Christy's throat fucking her pretty face.

"Yeah man," Hernandez calls out, "This bitch is so fucking tight I think I might fucking rip her apart."

Salinas has stepped back into the ring and smiles at the two guys as their cocks are inside Christy, "Don't worry boys this slut has taken lots of big cocks I don't think you can rip her apart but it will be fun to try," She winks as she stands behind Hernandez rubbing his ass pushing him further in to Christy's pussy.

The red head groans as her pussy is filed up with Hernandez's big cock and she sucks harder on Homicide's cock trying to cover up her moans. She sucks harder and licks his foreskin with her tongue and Homicide moans louder and louder as he feels himself getting further and further towards the edge. Hernandez pushes in more getting almost 8 inches into Christy's twat filling up the red head while Salinas walks over to Homicide and smiles at him as he fucks Christy's face as she sucks his big cock. Salinas now unbuttons her pants and drops them down exposing her tiny pink thong and Homicide's eyes nearly burst out of his skull then he gets even hotter as Salinas pulls her tiny thong down showing off her shaved pussy and the rest of her lower body tattoos. Hernandez gets all 10 inches of his cock inside Christy now he starts working into her a slow pace making sure Christy can take his big tool before he starts to fuck her. A bottomless Salinas and Christy sucking on his hard dick has Homicide on the very edge as he shuts his eyes and pushes his cock hard down Christy's throat.

"MMMMMM FUCK FUCK FUCK," Homicide screams out as his cock twitches inside Christy's mouth and he shoots his load down her throat.

Christy's mouth starts to fill up with cum and Salinas is quickly down onto her knees and she grabs hold of Christy's jaw.

"Swallow it all bitch or the rest of this fuck session will be very painful for you," Salinas warns and Christy takes the threat seriously and she starts to swallow Homicide's warm thick seed.

Salinas had kept her boys from cumming for the past week so Homicide has needed this release for a while as load after load of cum is shot into Christy's mouth and the red head swallows each drop. Homicide finally sprays out the last bit of cum onto Christy's lips and he pulls his limp but satisfied cock out of Christy's stretched mouth and he moves back to one of the corners in the six sided ring. Salinas now hears Christy's moans as the big Hernandez is pushing his big cock in and out of Christy's wet pussy. Rubbing Christy's face Salinas stands up right in front of Christy and grabs her face and pushes the red head's sweaty face straight into her cunt.

"Lick me you little gringo slut and I'll let Hernandez slam that cunt hard just like you want it," The dark haired knockout promises and Christy doesn't need telling twice as she is very horny and just wants to cum.

She pushes her tongue deep into Salinas's pussy and the red head gets the first taste of her rival's juices and they are the sweetest tasting juices Christy has ever tasted and she wants more. With her tongue lapping at her clit Salinas moans and tells Hernandez to go for it and pound this slut's pussy. Hernandez grins as she slams his fully erect cock into Christy's pussy hard making the red head moan into Salinas's pussy lips. Homicide stands up and looks at the sexy scene in front of him as Christy Hemme the former Playboy Playmate is nearly naked on her hands and knees, her face is buried in Salinas's pussy eating her out while her pussy is getting fucked from behind by Hernandez. He walks over to the side of Christy and unclips her black lace bra and Christy lifts her arms up allowing Homicide to remove her bra exposing her big tits to the world. Homicide now rubs and plays with Christy's big tits pulling on her pink nipples making the fiery red head purr like a kitten as she licks Salinas's wet pussy. Hernandez now uses the full power of his 300 pound frame and he is really pounding hard into Christy's wet pussy and the big man is really tried to hold out on cumming for as long as he can. He pounds Christy hard driving the knockout forward pushing her face further into Salinas's pussy making their valet moan and groan loudly.

"Fuck that bitch Hernandez," Homicide shouts out in encouragement, "Slam that bitch's wet pussy she wants it so much."

"Yeah Hernandez," Salinas joins in talking dirty to the big man, "Bang this slut hard she wants it so much she wants you to fill that pussy full of cum.

Christy wants to join in with the dirty talk but her mouth is still covered by Salinas's pussy so she just groans loudly and licks Salinas harder and she starts rocking her ass back into his massive dick. Hernandez groans and really bucks his hips into Christy, his big cock pushing hard into her tight pussy and he can hear his balls slap against Christy's inner thighs. He fucks Christy harder and harder slamming into her wet pussy as hard as his hips will allow him and he is getting close to cumming so he sinks his fingers in Christy's spanked red bottom and thrusts his cock further into her. Christy groans into Salinas's wet cunt as Homicide pulls on her sensitive tits and Hernandez drives his 10 inch cock hard into her dripping wet pussy. Harder the big Mexican fucks Christy's pink pussy until he moans lowly and shoots his cum deep into her pussy filling Christy up with his jizz. Hernandez moans as his cock fills Christy up with his cum and once he is spent he rubs her cute round ass and still very horny Christy shakes her ass from side to side giving Hernandez a moving target to grope. Homicide has moved from Christy's tits and he is now ripped Salinas black top off exposing her huge boobs and he starts fondling and playing with her huge boobs. Salinas groans as Homicide plays with her big boobs and Christy licks her wet pussy and she looks up to see Hernandez rubbing Christy's round ass.

"Hey Hernandez," Salinas shouts, "Stick your fucking finger up this bitch's ass."

Christy tries to move and shout but Hernandez already shoves his index finger between her meaty cheeks and into her asshole. She moans in a mixture of pleasure and pain as Hernandez finger fucks her tight ass. Her moaning and groaning adds to her tongue movements inside Salinas cunt and the LAX member is rocking back and forth getting the maximum pleasure from Christy eating her out. She wraps her hands around the back of Christy's head shoving her face forward and once she fills Christy's cute little nose touch her dripping wet pussy lips Salinas groans with anticipation. Looking over at Hernandez with his finger stuck up Christy's butt and now Homicide licking and sucking on her big tits is too much for Salinas as she groans loudly and cums all over Christy's tongue. Remembering Salinas's warning Christy makes sure she swallows every bit of Salinas's sweet tasting cum before she feels the dark haired girl let go of her head and stumble back. Christy gets to her knees to see all three members of LAX naked and she looks up to the big screen to see her own naked body shinning under the lights coated in sweat and cum. Her pussy is still soaking wet and she needs a release so Christy moves her hand down and before she can start pleasing her pussy Salinas slaps her hand away.

"No way slut you don't get off until I tell you to get off understand?" Salinas asks Christy who meekly nods her head knowing she will do whatever Salinas wants in order to get her much needed orgasm.

"Slut I want you to jerk Homicide and Hernandez back hard again cause they need to fuck your pretty body again," Salinas says teasing the red head who moves forward and reaches forward and grabs both Latino wrestlers by their semi hard dicks and she starts jerking them off.

With LAX both being wanked off Salinas now walks around Christy's kneeling body and stares at her pretty brown ass bobbing up and down. Both men moan as Christy's skilled hands slide across their shafts and they also both look at her big boobs bouncing up and down as she jerks them off. Salinas kneels down behind Christy and spreads her asscheeks exposing Christy's asshole and Salinas's grins letting go of Christy's asscheeks before putting three fingers in her mouth and sucks until they are dripping wet. She shoves her saliva covered fingers into Christy's ass making the red head cry out in pain at her second sudden anal invasion in as many minutes. The sight of a naked Salinas shoving her fingers into Christy's butthole gives both Latin wrestlers a really erotic sight and they start getting harder in Christy's hands. Christy moves her hands faster and faster getting LAX rock hard and Christy gets her first proper look at Hernandez's monster and the sight of it makes her lick her cum covered lips in lust.

Salinas pulls her fingers out and slaps Christy on the ass getting her attention, "Hey slut you will be getting both those big cocks in a minute now lie down on your side so we can see both your slutty little holes.

Christy lies on her side and is slightly scared as both her ass and pussy can be fucked in this position but even though she is no anal virgin she is worried at how Hernandez's giant will fit between her tight cheeks. She is sure Hernandez will be fucking her ass because the big man hasn't taken his eyes off it all night and Christy would put money on Salinas wanting to cause her as much pain as she can and having that monster up her butt would be very painful.

"Homicide lie there and get that big cock in her soaking wet cunt, Hernandez get round here I wanna see you fuck this slut's ass," Salinas barks out instructions to the two rock hard wrestlers.

Homicide lies down and pushes easily into Christy's pussy and starts fucking her and Christy instantly starts moaning as Homicide's 8 inch slams her pussy. Hernandez now gets down and slowly pushes into Christy's tight ass and the little red head screams with joy and pain as 10 inches of fat dick push inside her asshole. Pushing harder and harder Hernandez gets all 10 inches inside Christy and now Christy has two big cocks in her pussy and ass filling her up. They start moving in time slamming Christy between the two of them and Christy shuts her eyes and groans with pleasure. Two big strong wrestlers are fucking her in the middle of the ring and Christy didn't think she could ever be so horny but every nerve in her body is crying out for release. Her pussy juices leak out over Homicide's cock and pubic hair as he pounds her pussy like a mad man. Hernandez digs his fingers into the soft flesh of her ass and rams her asshole with his fat 10 inches making Christy howl with pleasure. Salinas stands over her watching the strong and powerful Christy naked in the middle of the ring screaming in utter pleasure as she is fucked by two big cocks. Leaning down Salinas grabs Christy's tits and roughly pulls them around her chest making Christy howl even more with delight as she loves people being rough with her big tits.

"OHHHH OHHHH FUCK ME FUCK ME YOU TWO BIG FUCKERS OHHHH AHHH AHHH AHHHH FUCK ME," Christy screams at the top of her lungs which is one of her trademarks with the Rock' N Rave Infection but now she is screaming and begging to be fucked like a porn star near the end of the movie.

Homicide and Hernandez hear her slutty little moans and pick up the pace on Christy's body and the red head bounces from side to side with the force of their two cocks pounding into her. Christy's ass and pussy are sore but she is so horny she doesn't care as her pussy leaks pre cum all over the mat. Pleasure has never felt so good or so right to Christy as two men and one very sexy woman take her body to places she never thought she could go and she loves every second of it. She is now quite happy Rave and Rock lost this match because LAX are making her hot and horny but she still hasn't cum and she now really needs to cum so she looks up into Salinas's face her eyes begging for her orgasm. Salinas grins evilly and shakes her head before leaning down and biting Christy's left nipples making her whole body shudder from the intense pain and pleasure. Homicide and Hernandez are really fucking Christy hard as both men's hips smash into her body at the same time Christy's mind is overwhelmed by the unbelievable pleasure running though her. Salinas licks and sucks Christy's big tits right in front of Homicide who rubs Salinas's big tanned ass as she does it. Christy wipes her sweat soaked hair from her face and cries out with pleasure again as she can feel her orgasm building.

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