tagBDSMChronicles of Danny Ch. 06

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 06


"Wow it's really packed tonight." Danny said after both they and Ashley stepped through the large wooden doors of the bar that was called, "Ric's Bar & Grill" and saw the place crowded with students. It was the only place cheap and close enough to campus for students to hang out at. Ashley and Danny had just finished finals before the Thanksgiving break and decided to spend a night together before Ashley went home to visit her family. Danny was not looking forward to it because they were going back to their parents which meant four long days of being away from Ashley.

"Want to sit by the window?" Ashley asked as she saw a booth open up in the corner that was lit by the street lamp outside. Danny nodded and two of them walked hand in hand together to their seats. It wasn't long before a waitress approached their table and took their orders. Danny ordered a Guinness while Ashley ordered a glass of wine. Once the waitress left, Ashley looked around the bar in awe of the fact that there seemed to be no room left to sit down. .

"Busiest drinking night of the year." Danny commented, "You excited to see your family again?"

"Yes." Ashley said, "I miss them. Do you look forward to hanging out with your family?"

Danny's lip curled at Ashley's question. Family events were something Danny lever looked forward to and it was always awkward talking about that with others. "Eh, I'm mixed. Our Thanksgiving dinner's aren't always kittens and puppies."

"Why what goes on?"

"My grandparents and cousins come over, my cousins are a few years younger than me and they aren't the most open minded of people. They call me names just like the Three Furies and neither their parents or mine really do much about it."

"Oh that sucks." Ashley says, feeling a pang of guilt for bringing up what she imagined to be a painful experience for Danny. "Then this weekend is going to be hell for you?"

"Nah not really." Danny said with a wave of their hand. "I get numb to it after a while. Right now I keep telling myself that my cousins are still in high school my hope is that they'll eventually understand queer identity. Overall my family is pretty conservative so I guess it's to be expected that the children would be too."

"That's still no excuse for them to say prejudice bullshit like that." Ashley said as she felt her face get warm. "How do you deal with all this crap from people? I don't know how I could."

Danny smiled at Ashley's attempt to understand the experience of being queer and took another drink. "I just try to prioritize who is worth my time and who isn't. My cousins, even though they can be pains in the asses, are just angry teenagers like I was in high school so when they get older if they want to engage me about my life, I'll do it but until then I have no problem ignoring them or telling them to fuck off." Danny's eyebrows raised as they drank again and continued, "For the Three Furies, well I know there's no hope reaching out to them. Normally I'd avoid them like the plague, but-" Danny smiled and flashed their teeth at Ashley, "Since they fucked with my partner, then I'm going to have to fuck back."

Ashley giggled as she lowered her eyes. It still felt strange to hear that she was Danny's partner, not because it was Danny but because she was already in a relationship after being in college for three months. "That sounded so naughty."

"It seems like our whole relationship was started based on naughtiness." Danny said, sliding a leg against Ashley's. "Speaking of which, that demonstration was interesting huh?"

"Yeah it was." Ashley said, rubbing her arm as she looked down at her drink.

Danny could see a shift in Ashley's mood and was surprised that this was the first time that she conveyed ambivalence about seeing Natasha. "Did it weird you out?"

Ashley sighed and leaned back in her seat. "Yes and no. No, because part of me felt like it was a show we were watching that Natasha agreed to perform in but yes because of some of the things people called her, like "bitch" and "slut." It was just hard for me to see a friend get degraded like that, but then again I guess that was the point. I just don't think I could be comfortable having sex and talking dirty in front of that many people."

Danny sipped their drink as they listened, nodding on occasion in agreement but choosing to remain silent before adding their two cents. "But really what I think bothered me the most was that part of me felt self conscious being there." Ashley added, "Like it wouldn't be too hard for someone from school to see us there and tell others. After we left I thought about that and that's why I'm uneasy about it now."

"Why is that?" Danny asked.

"I guess it's because I worry that one of the faculty might find out about it. Mistress Victoria said that this is a conservative town and I guess I'm afraid that by going to that place it might hurt my academic reputation."

"Because you're studying to be a teacher?"

"Yeah..." Ashley said, scratching the back of her head as she averted her gaze from Danny. "I know I should be more open minded and not care what others think, but part of getting a job will be based on getting good recommendations. I don't know if my teachers are open minded enough to look past the fact that I went to a BDSM club and not judge me for it."

Danny bit their lip as the reality of Ashley's situation set in. For Danny, as a technology major, the idea of ethics and professionalism just never entered their minds but for Ashley it made perfect sense to be self conscious about her professional image. Anxiety rose in the back of Danny's mind as they wondered just how much of Ashley's reputation mattered to her. "We could stop going if you want, I never thought about that before but I get why you'd be concerned."

Ashley tilted her head and smiled, "I appreciate that Danny and I feel bad telling you that because I know that's something you find interesting. I do too, it's just that I worry sometimes about going to these events and it coming back to haunt me later once I look to do student teaching."

Danny returned a smile and touched Ashley's hand. "I understand. If I want to go to an event I'll ask but if you feel like it's not a good idea than I can go alone or not at all. Either way, I don't want to pressure you in seeing something you don't want to." Looking away for a moment, all of the sudden Danny felt pressure in their chest and stomach, knowing exactly what it was. It was a fear that often came true in previous relationships and Danny was too much in love to let this bother them for the entire Thanksgiving break. "Do you ever worry about how dating me might affect your career?"

Ashley was taken aback by the question, stunned as Danny's smile faded and looked at her with sad eyes. Instantly, she gripped Danny's hand tight with both of hers, "Oh no. It's never crossed my mind. Who I date is my business it's just that the whole BDSM club stuff is hard to explain to people, I'm not even sure if I understand it all. But no Danny, I don't care about what others feel about you or I."

As the weight in Danny's chest lifted, they almost got out of their seat to sit next to Ashley and kiss her. Inside, Danny knew it was silly to worry about it, but the fear of a partner breaking up with Danny because of how others perceived their relationship was a common theme in Danny's past, forcing them to check and make sure that they were on the same page just so they could avoid being hurt when they least expected it. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you by talking about how image effects my career on campus." Ashley said.

"It's okay Ash, I know you and I have different career paths so it's understandable. I'm just glad that you're happy with me." Danny said as their face brightened again and looked into Ashley's eyes.

"Yeah I am." Ashley said, "If it weren't for you, I might not even be on campus right now because I would've been caught streaking in public."

Danny laughed and slid back in their seat as the image of seeing Ashley outside, arms over her naked body made their pussy warm. "Easy now." Danny said, "It's too early to be thinking about stripping you again."

Ashley mimicked Danny's wicked smile and played footsie under the table. "We still have time to drink." she said, "Besides, there's going to be a lot of stripping once we get done with Madison's fashion show."


Natasha looked down and felt her body tremble as Mistress Victoria knelt in front of her, her head inches away from Natasha's pussy. What made things worse was Mistress Victoria's low hum that she always made as she worked, her mature voice giving off a delicate rumble that made Natasha's clit twitch with anticipation, praying to every deity she knew for her Mistress to lick it.

"I bet you like this view." Mistress Victoria said as she finished buckling Natasha's shackles around her ankles. Currently, Natasha was naked with her hands raised in a V from the rope cuffs that had been tied around her wrists. They were tied to two large rings that were attached to two large wooden poles on either side of her. Mistress Victoria then brought a long bar and fastened it to the cuffs on each of Natasha's legs, forcing them to spread apart and keeping her pussy spread. "So here's what's going to happen." she said as she looked up at Natasha, grinning at her large eyes peering down on her, longing for gratification even though they hadn't started playing. "I'm going to ask you some questions that I expect to be answered and if you amuse me with them then..." she stuck her tongue out and ran it up against Natasha's outer labia, forcing her to tilt her head back as she moaned, the wet tongue of her Mistress pleasuring her and sending all kinds of psychological joy in her head. ..."I'll provide you the privilege of feeling my tongue against your pussy."

"Anything for you Mistress." Natasha said, trying not to smile as she thought about the promise of being licked more.

Mistress Victoria stood up and walked to the table that was off to the side, looking at her array of tools she wanted to use. "So Ashley and Danny seem like a cute couple." she said as she looked at a bucket of clothespins, grabbing a handful. "What do you think of them?"

Natasha looked up at Mistress Victoria with surprise, not expecting to talk about her friends. "Um...they're both good friends. There are two types of people on campus, the type of women who try to act nice to me to show that they aren't uncomfortable around a black woman and then the other type are people like Ashley and Danny who are genuinely happy to hang out with me."

Mistress Victoria grinned and opened a clothespin before clamping it on the right side of Natasha's torso, just below her ribcage. Natasha winced as the minute pain shot through her pinched flesh and sent the signal through the rest of her body. "I don't care if you like them, give me your psychological impressions of them like I know you're capable of."

The compliment would have been soothing to Natasha had Mistress Victoria not put another clothespin on her side just above the other. Natasha closed her eyes so she could focus her mind and answer the question properly. "Danny seems laid back and confident, they've grown up a lot faster than other students in our class. I think they've had to, given the fact that high school seemed to be hell for Danny."

"Do you think it's any better now that Danny is in college?" Mistress Victoria asked as she put a clothespin on the right under arm of Natasha.

"NNG! Not really." Natasha said as she felt a new signal of pain shoot through her nervous system. "Danny was pantsed in front of Ashley and keeps getting called a 'dyke' by the Three Furies. If it's not being called names then it's other students giving Danny weird stares, kind of like the stares I get sometimes."

Mistress Victoria laughed as she clipped another clothespin on Natasha's left arm. "I love that name for those awful sorority women. So you think Danny is more mature than others?"

"N-not exactly. I think Danny has a better grasp of their identity than others, but is still immature in other areas."

"Such as?" By now, Mistress Victoria was out of clothespins and walked to the bucket to pick up some more.

"Interpersonally, I think Danny might be a bit inexperienced, I mean we all are because we're still in our 20's, but Danny falls head over heels for people real easy."

"Like Ashley?" Mistress Victoria asked as she put more clothespins along Natasha's sides. As she felt each clothespin clasp onto her skin, Natasha would turn her body more, by the time she had the fifth clothespin on her she started to feel her skin itch.

"...Yeah." Natasha grunted. "Danny was already gushing for Ashley when they first saw her, but after Danny rescued her from being seen naked in public, it was like Danny's mind took off into thinking the two of them would be a couple."

"It's so interesting how humiliation brought these two together." Mistress Victoria said as she put clothespins on Natasha's left side to match symmetrically with her right side. "Neither Danny nor Ashley consented to their shame and yet it was the catalyst that led to them becoming partners. More importantly, Danny and Ashley seemed to find common ground in revenge rather than sharing mutual interest, is that correct?" With two clothespins left, Mistress Victoria opened one up and let it fasten over Natasha's right nipple.

Natasha winced as the pain shot through her chest, she wanted to squeeze her legs together but all she could do was bend them a little due to the bar keeping them spread apart. "Yeah, I'm not really sure how much the two of them know about each other. Anytime they're together they're either studying, plotting revenge or fucking."

Mistress Victoria laughed as she put the last clip over Natasha's left nipple, "So you've been lucky enough to watch eh?" she joked. "What's their next revenge plot?"

Natasha didn't answer at first, she had her eyes closed so she could focus on the many painful sensations shooting through her nerves, she only wished there was a mirror in the room so she could see how she looked with this many clothespins. Then she felt something strike her across the stomach, feeling a sharp burning against her skin and opened her eyes as she groaned.

Mistress Victoria had a flogger in her hand. "That was a question, in case you weren't listening." she said as she twirled the lashes like a jump rope, swinging them at Natasha's back as Natasha tried to speak.

"OH! Our next plan is to sabotage the clothes..NNNG! Madison made for her fashion show. UNG!! Every year she forces the underclassman in the sorority to wear them....FUCK!!! so Ashley thinks if we cut the threads loose enough the clothes will AHH!! fall off the models as they walk down."

"How Benny Hill-ish." Mistress Victoria said as she stared at Natasha's ass, by now red marks began to develop along her back and abdomen where she'd been struck. "How is this going to humiliate Madison?" Mistress Victoria brought the flogger down on Natasha's ass cheeks.

"OO!" Natasha cried as the tingling pain from the lashes made her ass cheeks dance. With her legs spread open she had an increased sense of vulnerability as she was being spanked, it wasn't long before she started to strain her kegal muscles in anticipation for being licked, groped or fucked, whatever could be done to sate her growing hunger. "Madison's a narcissistic drama queen. She's been MMMM!!! preparing for this event for months. Ashley knows that once the models stop coming out because the clothes won't stay on, Madison will model them herself...AHHH!"

"Interesting.." Mistress Victoria purred as she walked back to the table and grabbed a long wooden cane that bent slightly from its own weight. "Not the type of craftiness I'd expect from someone who seems so shy and innocent. Do you think she has a naughty side?" Mistress Victoria stood behind Natasha and began to lightly tap her ass with the cane, sending minor stinging shockwaves on her right ass cheek.

At first, the pain wasn't too much for Natasha in comparison to being flogged and so she was able to speak in a relaxed tone again. "Oh yeah. Danny has said that Ashley loses the shy girl routine once she's in the mood. AH AHH AHH.." Natasha winced as the slaps from the cane got harder, however, the sensual pleasure she felt from each tap was stronger than the pain, as if each slap from the cane was Mistress Victoria teasing Natasha's mind with what was to come. Natasha looked down and saw that her pussy was wet, all this talk of Danny and Ashley fucking was sending signals to her body like the bell in Pavlov's experiment with his dogs.

"Do you think she likes Danny as much as Danny likes her?" Mistress Victoria asked, raising the cane and swinging it hard against both ass cheeks.

Natasha squealed and shifted her weight onto her tip toes as the pain was unexpected and yet, she laughed as she came down off of the strange high she got from it. She sighed as the answer came to her, Ashley wasn't Natasha's girlfriend, but Natasha still felt guilty saying what she really thought about the two of them. "I think Danny is in love, but Ashley is into new experiences. She likes Danny,but I'm not sure I see the same MMM! infatuation in her eyes."

Mistress Victoria had just struck Natasha with the cane again, admiring the long horizontal marks that covered her ass. "Young lust in the place of young love, poor Danny." Mistress Victoria set the cane back on the table and returned to Natasha, positioning herself behind the tied up slave and reached around her torso to grab tightly onto her breasts. Natasha let out a long sigh as the soft touch of Mistress Victoria's gloves sent shivers down her spine. It was one of the rare instances where Mistress Victoria touched her in a gentle manner and Natasha loved every minute of it. She bucked her hips so her ass grinded against Mistress Victoria's body. "What keeps you from telling Danny this?" she asked as she squeezed her fingers tight around Natasha's nipples.

Natasha threw her head back as she shouted, the pleasure being interrupted by Mistress Victoria's nails digging into her areolas, giving off quick breaths as if she were hyperventilating. "...Danny's....so...in...love...with...Ashley....I..don't...want...to...ruin....it..and ...it'sn-not my business." she closed her eyes and screamed when Mistress Victoria pinched hard on her nipples.

Mistress Victoria held onto them for about a minute before letting go and raising both hands to slap Natasha's breasts, each one just as red as her ass. Mistress Victoria loved these little psychological conversations she had with Natasha during their sessions. She was impressed with Natasha's ability to simultaneously take in the physical sensations, be they pain or pleasure, while also being able to talk psychology, a passion they both shared. Natasha was becoming Mistress Victoria's favorite client and she was about to convey that by kneeling in front of Natsha's pussy and sliding her hands against the young woman's thighs. "That's probably good of you to do that, only time will tell what will really happen with those two." she leaned forward and kissed Natasha's thighs.

Natasha's breathing slowed down as she focused on the soft touch of her Mistress' lips. She actually missed the pain inflicted on her body because the teasing of Mistress Victoria's mouth was driving Natasha more crazy than being spanked or pinched. Mistress Victoria licked her lips and then slowly circled it around the outer lips of Natasha's pussy, causing Natasha to shift her legs again against the metal bar. Mistress Victoria's hands slid around Natasha's thighs as she dug her nails into the soft flesh of her ass, using it as handles so she could bury her tongue into Natasha's soaked pussy. Natasha moaned as she felt the tongue slide into her and bit her lip once Mistress Victoria shook her head side to side, her face acting like a natural vibrator against Natasha's swollen clitoris. It was rare for Mistress Victoria to go down on a client but she made an exception when she felt her cunnilingus skills could be used to torment her clients more. Given that her relationship with Natasha was growing, she knew that closer intimate contact would stir emotional pleasure in Natasha as well. Indeed, Natasha knew that a romantic relationship would never happen between the two of them, but just the fact that her Mistress was willing to reward her trials by kissing her most intimate of areas conveyed respect and admiration that melted Natasha's heart.

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