tagExhibitionist & VoyeurChronicles of Danny Ch. 07

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 07


"Hurry up!" Danny whispered to Ashley and Natasha as they held the door open to the ballroom. All three of them wore the same black outfits and black ski masks as before, the nighttime darkness assisting them in remaining hidden from others. Natasha carried a black backpack while Danny held onto a flashlight that was turned off at the moment since the hallways were lit. After zig zagging down a few more corridors, Danny led them to the doors to the back of the ballroom where all of Madison's clothes for the fashion show were stored.

"How did you manage to get someone to let you in here?" Ashley asked.

"I didn't." Danny said as they pushed the door open and pointed to the hole in the metal frame where the metal latch of the doorknob would normally connect. Instead, wedged inside the hole was a wadded piece of paper. "This is a trick I learned in high school, you put a piece of paper in here so the latch doesn't close and therefore doesn't lock.

"Clever." Ashley said with a smile as she followed Danny into the ballroom. Danny turned on the flashlight, letting the beam illuminate the back of large black curtains and a set of steps that led to a stage. Lined up behind the stage were racks of clothes. The three of them walked along the racks and examined them closely, finding an array of dresses and swimsuits, most of them reminiscent of the 50's era.

"Ugh." Natasha said as she examined a sun dress with flowers on them. "I hate this 1950's revival. I bet you money the fashion show is going to have a bunch of women with front bangs and curled hair like those pin-up women have."

"Probably." Danny said, "But that's kind of hot, especially since they won't be wearing these clothes for very long."

The three of them smiled as Natasha pulled open her backpack and pulled out needles, sewing scissors and thread. They broke up and began taking clothes off the rack so they could remove the threads from the seams.

"This is going to be so awesome." Ashley said as she finished removing the threads from the straps of a swimsuit.

"Yeah but it's a lot of work to humiliate someone." Natasha said. "I doubt they'll go through all of these clothes by the time the models realize they won't stay on their bodies.

"We can't take the chance." Danny said, "We need to scare the models so Madison will be forced to wear them."

The three friends remained silent as they focused on sabotaging all of the clothes. It took them several hours to unthread all the seams and replace them with poor stitching in order to keep the clothes from falling apart too soon, but finally, they were finished as Danny removed the threads from the last pair of trousers. "Okay, that's it." Danny said.Then they heard the doors click open. "Shit! Hide!" Danny whispered. All three of them darted onto the other side of the curtains and onto the stage, hoping that whoever was there wouldn't check it.

"Did you hear something?" a voice said. Danny recognized it as Madison's.
"No." Kara said.

"I swear I heard something." Madison insisted, raising her pitch almost as if she were shouting.

"Calm down Madison." Cammy's voice said, "No one can get back here.

"Sorry, I'm just really stressed out right now." Madison said in a whiny voice. "I've spent months working on these clothes and everything has to be perfect."

"Yeah well I'm not worried about that." Kara said, "I'm more worried about what's going to happen to the sorority once they are in public."

"Don't even think that Kara!" Madison shouted, "I'll just die if someone gets humiliated again!"

"We still haven't heard any news about who is doing this." Kara said. "No one knows anything and my mom is pressuring me to figure it out."

"God just the idea of being humiliated like Brianne or Taryn makes me dizzy." Madison said.

While the Three Furies talked, Danny looked beyond the stage to the floor of the ballroom and saw two large doors on the other end. Slowly, Danny knelt down on the stage and slid off of it so they could head towards the door, gesturing for Natasha and Ashley to follow. The three friends walked a few feet across the room and exited the main doors. Danny tried to close it without making noise, holding the door as it swung shut but despite their efforts, the door clicked as soon as it closed.

"What was that?" Kara asked.

Cammy ran to the other side of the curtain and turned the lights on, frowning when she saw that the room was empty. "No idea." She said. "Must have been a janitor or something."

Kara curled her lip as she stared at the door and was silent for a moment. Finally, she said, "Let's go. Madison's going to need some sleep to calm her stupid nerves."


Danny, Natasha and Ashley ran back to Danny's dorm building, taking their masks off and panting as each of them tried catching their breath. "That was close." Danny said.

"I'll say." Natasha added. "You think they saw us?"

Danny shook their head. "No. We should head back to our rooms so no one sees us though. See you tomorrow?"

Natasha nodded and they parted ways. Ashley followed Danny back to their dorm since Morgan the Mormon was gone again. As they walked, Ashley had her arm wrapped around Danny's. "That was really exhilarating.' She said, "The rush of almost getting caught."

"I know." Danny said, rubbing Ashley's arm. "I'm getting frisky just thinking about it." The two of them kissed and walked faster to Danny's room. As soon as they got inside and closed the door, Ashley pushed Danny against it and slid her tongue in Danny's mouth. Danny wrapped their arms around Ashley breathed in her scent, becoming familiar with lilac conditioner she washed her hair in now that they had been dating for so long.

Ashley's hands slid down Danny's torso and then between their legs. She stopped when she felt something stick out from the crotch of Danny's pants. "Babe." She said, "Is that...a bulge?"

Danny grinned and gently pushed Ashley away. "I have something for you." They said. "After watching Natasha I thought we'd try something different." Slowly, Danny unbuttoned their pants and unzipped it, exposing the top of what looked like a pair of cotton panties. Upon pulling them down further, Ashley could see that those panties were actually a jockstrap, under of which Danny had a large bulge. Turning around to present their exposed ass, Danny bent over and Ashley stared at their tight cheeks, looking more firm as they were squeezed under the harness of the jockstrap.

Ashley walked up to Danny and playfully spanked them before reaching around and sliding her hands under the front of Danny's jockstrap. Inside she felt something rubber but also long and hard. "Mmm." She said, "I think I like this."

"Me too." Danny whispered as they turned around to kiss Ashley. They embraced to French kiss each other once more while Danny gyrated their hips and the bulge against Ashley's crotch. She gasped at the rush of pleasure she felt from the pressure of Danny rubbing against her, the introduction of the toy making it feel like the two of them were having sex for the first time all over again. Bending down to her knees, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of Danny's jockstrap and pulled it down, exposing a long black dildo that was resting inside of Danny's underwear.

"Oh wow." Ashley blurted, amazed at the size of the phallus but also acting coy like a high school girl.

Danny held the dildo in place just above their underwear and thrust forward, whispering, "suck on it babe."

Looking up at Danny with lust, Ashley ran her tongue against the tip of the dildo and ran it in a circle along the tip. She had gone down on men before and this was no different in her mind as her mouth wrapped over Danny's cock. As her head moved back and forth, Ashley pulled her pants down and began masturbating with her panties on, rubbing her labia over the soft cotton of her white Jockey briefs. Danny held onto the dildo as they fed it in and out of Ashley's mouth, locking eyes with her as her mouth made almost a heart shaped form around the phallic object. It wasn't just the image of Ashley going down on them that turned Danny on, Danny was also sure to rub the the other end of the dildo against their clitoris, sending bursts of pleasure into Danny's core as the dildo was coated in their juices. It was a new type of submission that Ashley was more than happy to play out with Danny, on her knees and trying to take in as much of the dildo as she could; what helped her was when Danny's eyes closed and they made hissing sounds as they pushed the dildo into their own pussy. Even though she was on her knees, Ashley always felt a sense of power when giving oral sex since all pleasure received on the partner's end was based on her pace. Finally she took her mouth off of the dildo, making a smacking sound as her lips let go of the tip and said, "Okay I need you to stick that in me now, I'm so wet."

Danny looked down at Ashley's panties and indeed, they were soaked from stroking herself. Ashley removed her shirt as she approached the bed and fell back on it, sliding her panties off her legs. She spread them wide while Danny pulled a small tube of lubrication out of their pocket and coated some on the dildo. As Danny lay beside Ashley, they kissed her once and then pressed the tip of the dildo against the opening of her pussy, pushing ever so gently. Ashley bent her knees and hugged them under her arms as she felt her inner walls stretching around the toy, the cool touch of the lube sending a shiver up her spine as it slid into her with ease once the head was inside. "Ahhhhh" she moaned.

"Am I hurting you?' Danny asked.

"No." Ashley whispered as she closed her eyes, "It feels good."

Danny continued pushing it in and then slowly pulled it out, leaving just the tip in.

"Ohhhh Danny." Ashley moaned as the dildo pushed in and out of her, with her eyes closed she imagined Danny on top, thrusting their cock into her pussy. She felt Danny's lips lock over hers and she began to rub her breasts, pushing up along her hardened nipples.

Danny smiled as they watched Ashley's face, eyes closed and mouth open, completely in her own world as she explored the new sensation of the toy inside her. She had her arm wrapped around Danny's back, digging her fingers into Danny's skin while using the other hand to rub her clitoris. Despite the use of an artificial device to pleasure Ashley, Danny felt completely involved in the moment, almost like a caregiver to someone who was sick. Ashley was the patient and Danny the medical expert who knew when to push in, when to push out and when to tilt the toy inside their partner to invoke the most joy. The fact that Ashley was willing to trust Danny with pleasuring her made Danny's heart heavy with passion. "I love watching you" Danny whispered as they picked up their rhythm, twisting it so it would add a different type of movement inside of Ashley. Danny continued this motion until they saw Ashley's toes curl and legs tighten up.

"Oh yeah...right there...oh yeah yeah yeah!" she said in a high pitched voice.

"You gonna come for me?" Danny hissed into Ashley's ear. She nodded and then gasped as she felt Danny's teeth nibble at her neck. Danny picked up the speed of their thrusting and Ashley squeezed her breasts harder. By now her pussy was so wet the dildo made smacking sounds as Danny fucked Ashley with it.

"Hoo yeaahhh. Oh yeahhhh." She moaned louder. "Yeah.. yeah! OOHH!" she shouted as she arched her back and dry sobbed as her pussy clenched around the dildo, locking her joints as the tingling feeling between her legs traveled up to her navel and exploded throughout her body. The pleasure was so intense, she dug her nails harder into Danny's flesh. Danny was sure she broke the skin, but just smiled as they removed the dildo and saw that it was covered in ejaculate. After wiping the sweat off of her brow, Ashley looked up just as Danny was finished licking the dildo clean before tossing it to the floor. Ashley pulled Danny close to her face and kissed it hard, biting on Danny's lower lip as she came out of her frenzy. "Thank you." She whispered. "I know that might not be as much fun for you."

"Oh I disagree." Danny said, "It was very fun for me. I just wasn't sure how open you were to toys. I wanted to fuck you with a double ended dildo I have but I wanted to start slow first."

"Mmm." Ashley said as she rubbed her legs against Danny's. "I would really like that."

"Well next time then." Danny said as they rolled onto their back and spread their legs. "But in the meantime. All that watching of you going down on my dildo got me turned on."

"Is that so?" Ashley asked as she bent forward over Danny's crotch, sticking her ass up so it was in perfect view. "Allow me to serve you better."

Danny closed their eyes and laid back as Ashley gave little pecks along Danny's thighs. Danny was excited about the prospect of fucking Ashley with another toy in the future. Not only was this a sign of their evolving sexual chemistry but in Danny's mind it was evidence of their growing relationship.


There was a long line at the doors to the ballroom as most of the student body waited to enter the fashion show. Most of the women in attendance were there because a friend of theirs or a friend of a friend was in the sorority and had been pressured in donating money. Only three people in the line were not there to support them. Danny, Ashley and Natasha waited in line, looking around for the Three Furies. "I still think we should sneak in rather than show up at the front door." Natasha said.

"I tried looking for a different door but they're all blocked off." Danny said.

"Just act natural and it won't be a big deal." Ashley said. It felt like forever for the line to go down, but finally when the three of them arrived at the ticket desk, they reached for their money.

"What are you doing here?" a woman with long brown hair asked to Ashley.

"I wanted to come see the show. Why does it matter Stephanie? You're getting my money anyway."

"After our little send off I don't see why you'd want to come, unless you're up to something." Stephanie folded her arms and tilted her head.

"It's because I have a friend in the show." Natasha said in an annoyed tone of voice. "You going to keep up the rest of the line by arguing with us?"

Stephanie gave Natasha a scolding look but finally said, "Ten dollars. I'm surprised you three can afford it." They handed her the money and then walked through the doors.

"Who was that?" Danny asked.

"Stephanie. She's on the equestrian team and she's just as nice as everyone else in the sorority." Ashley said sarcastically. They walked through the main doors to the ball room and saw several rows of folding chairs lined up in front of the stage. The three of them chose to sit in the far back. As they waited for the other chairs to fill, they overheard other women talking.

"Ten bucks? What a ripoff!"

"I know, I'm only doing this because my friend is in it."

"Glad to see we're not the only ones who thinks this is a joke." Danny said.

"It's tricky. I think a lot of women who are trying to excel here are just kissing up to the sorority because Kara's mom is vice president." Natasha said.

After the last person entered, the lights dimmed and a large spot light shined on the center of the stage. The curtain spread open and out came Madison dressed in a matching pink business skirt and jacket with a tiny pillbox hat. Her hair was curled into a bun and her overall look resembled Jackie-O. "Ugh, what did I tell you?" Natasha said.

"Hiiiiiiiiii everyone." Madison said on the microphone. "I'm sooo glad everyone came out tonight. I'm excited to show off my new designs this year. I decided to go with a more vintage theme as opposed to last year."

"Last year was vintage too." They heard a student whisper.

"So anyway, if you're someone or know someone who's a big important fashion designer please give them my name. So now, on with the show!"

She bowed to scattered applause and then stepped off of the stage as a music track was queued up on the sound system.

The curtain opened and out stepped a tall blonde haired woman wearing a long black skirt and pink knit sweater. Her hair was also designed like Madison's.

"This is Jessica." A woman's voice could be heard on a PA. "Jessica is wearing a pink knit sweater and skirt combo as a callback to the old school college days, calling back to a time when women were classier." At that line, Danny, Ashley and Natasha all rolled their eyes.

Jessica took a few steps down the catwalk, placing her hands on her hips as she tilted it outward. This gesture proved to be a mistake, as the pivoting of the hip loosened the weak seamed fabric from its place, causing the skirt to split open and fall to the ground. The crowd gasped as they saw Jessica standing there in a powder blue thong, her pale white legs were illuminated from the spotlight. Even the announcer's gasp could be heard on the microphone. Jessica stopped and looked down when she wondered why everyone gasped and then screamed when she realized her ass was exposed to everyone. Her hands flew to her front and backside as she retreated back behind the curtain, leaving the skirt on the floor.

Angrily, Madison ran up to the front stage and pulled the skirt off, "Jessica you idiot!" she could be heard cursing. "Bring out the next girl!" she called.

Danny looked to Ashley and Natasha with a smile at the comfort of seeing that everything was going according to plan.

The curtain opened up and out stepped another woman with black hair styled like Betty Paige. Her breasts were larger than Jessica's and had a more average body shape. She wore a one piece green dress that hugged tightly around her curves and walked in black high heels.

"Here we have Pamela, showcasing Madison's businesswoman attire, showing that she can be a classy, hardworking woman."

"Ugh stop saying classy." Danny muttered.

As Patricia walked down the catwalk, people could see the sides of her dress splitting open, showing off portions of her skin. By the time she got to the end of the catwalk, the dress split evenly in half, breaking open like a peanut shell exposing Patricia's black stockings and garter belt under her matching leopard print bra and panties. "EEEEK!" Patricia screamed as she crossed her legs to cover her large breasts. Upon seeing her exposed, people could see Patricia's slightly chubby tummy hanging over her garter belt, her ass cheeks also seeming to bulge under her leopard print panties. In contrast to her white skin, Patricia's face was bright red from embarrassment.

"Oh wow..." the announcer said, "And apparently she has a wild side also."

"Patricia! What did I tell you about wearing tacky underwear to this? And my goodness woman, what have you been eating?"

A couple women in the front row could be heard laughing as Patricia hugged her stomach as she was self conscious about her size. Picking up the dress and holding it to her body Patricia ran back behind the curtain just as tears started to run down her face.

"UGH! Just send someone else out!" Madison shouted. Danny, Ashley and Natasha couldn't see it, but Madison was sweating as she stood off to the side of the front row. Kara and Cammy were also watching with disapproval.

The curtain opened and out came a buxom woman with auburn colored hair tucked under a sunhat. She had sunglasses on and a white one-piece vintage bathing suit. "I swear, I think she just bought these clothes and said they're hers." Natasha whispered.

"Here we have Chloe soaking up the sun in her vintage 1950's swimsuit, giving a nod to Marilyn Monroe!"

Chloe smiled as she held one hand to the side of her head and the other against her hip as she posed before walking down the catwalk almost as if in a strut. The bounce from her large breasts was quite visible and on the last bounce the straps from her swimsuit broke and fell open. Her breasts jiggled as they spilled out and the whole room collectively gasped as they saw Chloe completely naked. She was at least a D cup and they sagged rather than stick out. Her vaginal lips were clean shaven and were whiter than the rest of her body showing off a tan line where she normally wore a bikini. Screaming as she raised her right leg to cover her crotch, she grabbed her sunhat and held it over her naked body, her sunglasses falling off her face as she started backing away. Her face was flush from the embarrassment as a couple of cameras went off while retreated behind the curtains.

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