tagExhibitionist & VoyeurChronicles of Danny Ch. 08

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 08


The next day, Danny eagerly waited for their last class to end. They squirmed in their seat as they continued checking their watch. The reason for this was because Danny was looking forward to getting laid again.

Introducing the dildo into theirs and Ashley's sex life gave them new ideas and they were practically getting wet in their seat just thinking about it. Ashley was actually all Danny thought about now that they had found someone who was willing to explore their sexuality. Part of the excitement from a new relationship was the surge of energy both partners had in finding new ways to pleasure each other in bed The more the sex life between the two of them evolved, the more Danny felt like Ashley would be an ideal long term partner.

Danny tried not to look too far ahead in the future, but being that the two of them saw each other every day, it was easy perceive Ashley as being a significant part of Danny's everyday life. Danny crossed their legs as they anticipated just what surprise they were going to give Ashley that evening.

After class ended, Danny left the building and made their way to the dining hall to meet Ashley. Their thoughts were interrupted when there was a loud scream, followed by a chorus of laughter. Danny turned their head and saw Madison surrounded by a group of women who were laughing at her. She was looking up at a flagpole and Danny saw why Madison screamed, instead of the flag, waving at the top of the pole was Madison's ripped cherry print panties.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ALL DID THAT!!" Madison screamed. "Someone help me get them down!"

Nobody stepped forward to help. Instead, they continued laughing, causing Madison to whimper as her face turned red. "Stop laughing!" she shouted as she stomped her foot, feeling like her embarrassment was hitting her all over again. In the distance, she saw Cammy and Kara watching with their arms folded. She realized that her panties were being used as a flag for a calculated reason, to see how she'd respond.

For Kara, being in the sorority meant dominance over one another. Status was earned by outdoing someone else. If you were an athlete, you had to perform better than your peer, even if it meant sabotaging their athletic equipment so they messed up. Madison had risen to her top spot by befriending most of the sorority and using them to belittle other members who she felt threatened by. She would tease them and get others to join in until the victim had no choice but to leave the sorority, broken in mind and spirit.

After the incident at her own fashion event, Madison knew that she had been taken down several pegs and needed to prove that she was worthy of having one of the top spots in the sorority. This meant that she needed someone else in the sorority to take down. Looking amongst the crowd of women laughing at her, Madison spotted a girl with long curly dark brown hair wearing one of the sorority hoodies under a sports jacket.

This was Erin and she was on the swim team. She stood out because she was one of the shorter women in the crowd, about 5'2" and had a curvier build than some of the other women. She was a freshman this year who was already impressing other members with her record breaking swim times. Success or not, Madison was not going to have an underclassmen laugh at her, especially in front of Cammy and Kara. Madison zeroed in on Erin and walked towards her. "How dare you laugh at me?!"

"What?" Erin asked looking around, "Are you talking to me?"

"Yes I am!" Madison shouted, "No underclassman laughs at me."

"I'm sorry." Erin said with a scoff, "But it's not my fault your dress fell off in front of everyone." She knew that she was being challenged and wasn't about to back down when she knew that Madison couldn't possibly come back from such a humiliating experience.

Erin didn't like fashion lovers like Madison to begin with, but the fact that this granny-panty-wearing ditz was trying to bring someone else down in order to climb the social ladder was something that angered Erin even more.

There was also a level of fear running through her mind because she knew it was survival of the fittest and if she failed to come out on top in this exchange, she'd lose all the respect she tried gaining from the others since the start of the semester. The stakes were simply too high. "Next time wear underwear that normal people wear to avoid embarrassing yourself."

Madison's temples burned as the freshman got another dig at her, "Shut up!" she said as she pushed Erin, causing the women around her to back up and form a circle. "Just because you didn't do it doesn't absolve you of anything. As an underclassmen you should have helped me!"

"What?" Erin asked in shock. "You're kidding right? That makes no sense at all."

"No I'm not joking! And because of you, I was humiliated in front of everyone. Now make up for it by climbing up there and getting my panties down!"

The women around Erin looked as stunned as she was as she looked off to the side and saw Kara and Cammy. "No. I'm not doing that." She said defiantly. SMACK! Erin's head turned as she felt a stinging pain on her cheek from that back Madison's hand striking her.

"I won't tell you again freshman. Know your role in this sorority and do what I say!" Madison said sternly, feeling her confidence come back as she talked down to Erin.

"Fuck you!" Erin said pushing Madison back. The slap caught her off guard and once she pushed Madison she knew that there was no turning back.

"That's it!" Madison shouted as her hands lunged at Erin, grabbing onto her long locks and pulling at them. Erin screamed and tried pulling at Madison's, but her hair was in a bun and it made it harder to pull. Erin fell to the ground with Madison on top as she continued attacking her, jerking Erin's head side to side.

The women around them started cheering at the two sorority sisters battling it out. "We'll see how you like it!" Madison shouted as she grabbed onto Erin's jacket and ripped it open, showing off the Greek letters to her hoodie.

Erin screamed and tried reaching for Madison's coat, but the belt around it was too tight to allow her to pull it open. "Stop it!" Erin screamed as she writhed and tried to hold onto her jacket. Unfortunately for her, Madison managed to loosen it from around her arms and yanked it off, throwing it to the side.

"What kind of sport is swimming anyway?" Madison asked as she grabbed the bottom of Erin's hoodie and t-shirt, trying to lift both up over her head.

"AHHH!" Erin screamed as she held down on Madison's hands. "Don't you dare you crazy bitch!" she lifted her foot and managed to kick Madison in the shin, causing her to loosen her grip as she tended to it. Erin squirmed free, rose to her feet and then tackled Madison to the ground. With Madison pinned, Erin was able to loosen the belt around her coat and pull it open, tearing the buttons from her jacket.

"You're going to pay for that!" Madison growled as she tried fighting Erin off.

"Whatever!" Erin said as she reached for the top of Madison's red shirt, "Let's see what kind of granny panties you're wearing today!"

With Erin's fingers wrapped around the collar, Madison could hear the tear in her neckline and gasped. "NO!" she screamed as she realized what Erin was about to do. In a panic, Madison reached out and grabbed onto Erin's large D cup breasts, squeezing tightly onto them as she twisted. Erin let out a loud scream in pain as her hands let go of Madison's shirt to protect her breasts. With this opportunity, Madison kicked out from under Erin and pushed her onto her back.

Watching all of this from the sidelines, Danny watched with wide eyes as Madison grabbed onto the bottom of Erin's hoodie and pulled it up over her head. With her arms tangled in the hoodie, Erin couldn't stop Madison from grabbing onto the collar of her t-shirt and ripping it open.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE DOING!!???" Erin screamed as she felt the cool November air hit her body. Her large boobs jiggled side to side as they were freed from her t-shirt, hidden under a white brassier. Despite being curvy, Erin's stomach was still toned thanks to all those years of swimming.

"Not so funny is it?" Madison angrily yelled as she reached down to the black athletic pants Erin wore. Realizing what Madison was trying to do, Erin began kicking her legs as she fought to get the hoodie off of her. With her head free, she saw her breasts exposed to everyone and blushed. She didn't have time to cover as she saw that Madison was trying to pull at her pants.

"STOP IT!" Erin cried as she sat up and grabbed at Madison's hair again, pulling some of it out of the bun. Now that her top was gone, she was starting to lose her nerve, anxiously thinking about covering herself instead of how to win this fight.

"OW! MY HAIR!!" Madison screamed. "I spent all day touching this up!" Realizing Erin wasn't going to let go, Madison grabbed onto the front of Erin's brassier, and pulled open her bra, breaking the cups apart.

Erin's breasts spilled out and bounced once they were free. She let go of Madison's hair as she screamed and tried to cover them, stopping them from swinging anymore from their own momentum. "Y-you're insane!" Erin cried as her face started to turn a darker shade of red. She could feel her large nipples harden from the cold. With her confidence shaken and the realization that

Madison wouldn't relent, Erin got to her feet and tried to run. There was still time to save some of her dignity, particularly from the waist down but those hopes were dashed when she felt Madisons' fingers latch onto the back of her pants and pull her downward. "NO SOMEONE HELP ME!" she cried in a last ditch effort.

"You aren't going anywhere!" Madison began yanking as hard as she could onto Erin's pants, pulling them down to her ankles.

"STOOOOOP!" Erin whined as she stopped to turn and grab her pants, only to feel the back of her bare legs instead.

Madison didn't stop there, she pulled on the pant legs so she could force them off of Erin's feet. Erin screamed as she hopped and tried to keep her balance, the cellulite from her ass shaking under a white pair of cotton panties with the words "Jockey" written along the waistband.

"Guess I'm not the only one who wears granny panties." Madison said as she managed to pull one leg off of Erin's foot.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Erin screamed, her voice so loud it cracked as she realized that indeed her most plain pair of panties were on display in front of the most important women in the sorority. She squeezed her legs together and covered the front and back of her underwear, looking around at the large crowd of women.

While Erin was immobilized by her embarrassment, Madison pulled the other leg off her foot, taking her right shoe with her. Crying and in a panic, Erin tried to run away from Madison, her hands trying to cover her exposed breasts and underwear. She ran awkwardly now that she had only one shoe, trying to run in a way that preserved what little dignity she had left but deep down, Erin knew it was over. Not only did she let some fashion queen overpower her, but now she was retreating in her panties. There was no way anyone in the sorority would respect her now and the thought of this caused tears to stream down Erin's face.

By now, the crowd was no longer laughing, some of them were just shocked at the sheer viciousness of Madison. Danny was stunned as well, they hadn't expected Madison to have a sudden burst of dominance but there she was, tackling Erin to the ground once more before she could break free from the circle.

"Let's get these ugly panties off your fat ass!" Madison said as she grabbed onto the back and pulled upward as hard as she could, causing them to wedge up into Erin's ass, exposing her pale cheeks.

"STOP!" she cried as she kicked her legs, trying as hard as she could to crawl her way free, but the pain from the wedgie was too much as Madison pulled harder and harder. "OHHHHHH!!" Erin began to moan as the pain rose in between her legs once the cotton rode up her labia.

"Oh yeah you like that don't you"? Madison asked. The harder Madison pulled, the sooner Erin's underwear began to tear until there was a loud RIP! and Erin let out a high pitched whine once the pain reached its peak.

Madison held up her torn underwear while Erin curled into a ball, hugging her legs to her naked body as she began sobbing. Between her legs, people could see the pink lips of her vagina peeking out, a little wet from the arousal she felt from her wedgie.

"That's what you get for disobeying me!" Madison shouted. "Anyone else want to laugh at my panties being hung up?" she asked. The women around her backed away while others started walking to class, leaving Madison alone with the now humiliated Erin.

"I didn't do anything!" Erin cried. "Please give me some clothes, I'm cold!" she didn't care about her respect, she just wanted something to cover herself so she could run away and never be seen again. She made a gamble and she lost. Worst of all, she knew she would be at the mercy of Madison, Cammy and Kara for her failure.

"Not until you climb up there and get my panties down like I told you!" Madison said.

Kara and Cammy approached her from behind with amused smiles on their faces.

Realizing that they were in risk of being watched, Danny decided to take their leave. The last they heard from the Three Furies was Kara saying, "Impressive Madison. I was worried we were going to have to throw you out. When bubble butt here finishes, come to the sorority house, we have some new business to attend to.


It took Erin about a half hour to climb up the flagpole and get Madison's underwear down. She had the athleticism to climb up there but it was the coldness of the pole sliding between her large breasts and thick thighs that made the feat unbearable, making her teeth chatter as she climbed.

To add insult to injury, as her hips gyrated up the pole, she felt her aroused juices freeze against her, causing her to blush more as she felt herself get turned on, almost feeling like a stripper suggestively humping a dancing pole.

Worst of all, Madison had other members of the sorority taking pictures of the event as she climbed. When she got the panties she climbed down and handed them to Madison. "Let that be a lesson to never talk back to me again." Madison said.

"Can I have my clothes back please?" Erin begged as her hands covered her tone swimmer's body.

"No." Madison said, "You can walk back to the dorm in shame to get your clothes back. Just like we all have." She turned and left the crying Erin outside in the nude while she returned to the sorority house. She walked into the house and then went to the study where Kara and Cammy always met.

As soon as she opened the door she was stunned to see who was inside. Not only were Kara and Cammy there but Stephanie, the equestrian team member who handled tickets to Madison's fashion show was also standing next to them, holding a black leather riding crop behind her back.

Lastly, to Madison's surprise, Natasha was also inside, with her legs and hands tied together and a ball gag in her mouth. She was wearing a long black skirt, white button up shirt and tie.

"Welcome back Madison." Kara said.

"Nice to see that we didn't have to find someone to replace you." Cammy said.

"What is she doing here?" Madison asked.

"This bitch is the one who sabotaged your fashion show." Kara said.

"What?" Madison shouted, "I'll kill her!" she advanced towards Natasha, raised her hand and slapped Natasha across the face.

"That's just the beginning of your punishment." Kara said to Natasha who groaned at the pain. Kara grabbed the ball gag and removed it from Natasha's mouth.

"Let me go you crazy bitches!" she screamed.

Cammy swung her hand and strike Natasha against the other cheek. "This isn't helping your cause.

"What do you want?"

"I already told you, punishment for crossing us." Kara said, touching Natasha's back and forcing her down on her knees. Natasha grunted as the pain shot through her kneecaps once they fell hard on the floor.

"You can't prove that I did anything!" Natasha shouted.

"Bullshit." Stephanie said, "I saw you show up with Ashley and that lesbo and neither of you had any reason to go to it."

"Maybe we just wanted to see the amazing vintage clothes Madison made." Natasha said sarcastically.

"Stephanie, the crop." Kara said as she placed her high heels on top of Natasha's back.

Natasha breathed through her teeth to repress crying out in pain as the heel dug into her spine. "Did you three ever grow up?" she asked.

Stephanie stepped behind Natasha and held the crop against Natasha's rear, looking at Kara for her command.

"Hit her hard Stephanie." Madison said, "I want her to suffer for exposing me in my panties."

"I'm not the one who picked them out for you, you're the one with the weird 1950's Kennedy fetish." Natasha wisecracked.

Kara nodded to Stephanie who swung the crop against Natasha's ass as hard as she could.

"UNGH!" Natasha grunted as she closed her eyes. What the Three Furies didn't know was that she had a lot of experience undergoing humiliation.

Spanking, slapping, these were things that actually turned her on and being that she was used to associating pain with pleasure, she knew to control how much her body responded to the pain, breathing in as the sting sent a shock from her ass to in between her legs. It actually wasn't as painful as Mistress Victoria would strike, Natasha wasn't sure if it was because she had a skirt on or if Stephanie wasn't strong enough to cause much damage.

"We run this school." Kara said, "We decide who deserves respect and who doesn't. WE deserve respect and when you cross us like this, then we go after you." She nodded to Stephanie who swung the crop again.

"AHH!" Natasha fake cried out as the stinging pain grew with intensity. She tightened her legs as she felt a warm sensation between them. She breathed in deeper to calm her body. She wasn't about to give them the satisfaction of seeing her let go of her inhibitions.

"Most importantly." Kara said, "When someone humiliates our own, we have to make examples of them."

WHACK! Another strike hit Natasha. "You humiliate other people all the time!" Natasha shouted, "You humiliated my friends. Ashley was one of you! What gives any of you the right to treat people this way?" WHACK!

Kara grabbed Natasha's hair and pulled her up to her feet. "My mom is the vice president of this school AND I'm better than you, THAT'S what gives me the right! Ashley betrayed us by joining you and your slutty dyke friend."

"Their name is Danny. AHH!!" Natasha screamed as Cammy grabbed onto her breasts and twisted them.

"Nice titties." Cammy joked. They were firm to her touch, slightly larger than her hand.

"Girls loving girls..that's so...immoral!" Madison said.

"Danny isn't a girl and what Danny and Ashley do together is none of your business!" Natasha said. Cammy grabbed onto her breasts and squeezed them again. "AAHHHH!!" Natasha growled as she closed her eyes, her legs buckling together to fight the tingling feeling she had between them. She could feel sweat soaking up her clothes from the inside now that she was getting hot.

"Kara, she doesn't seem to be bothered by this." Stephanie said as she noticed Natasha's facial expression wasn't changing much. She swung the crop against Natasha's ass and she didn't even flinch that time.

"You're right." Kara said surprised herself.

"That's because I'm not an overly conservative prude unlike you three." Natasha said, "You realize there are other people with different experiences than you right?"

"Oh we're prudes are we?" Kara asked, "Maybe we need to think outside the box with humiliating you then." She walked away from Natasha behind a desk and bent down. While she rummaged through something Natasha couldn't see, Cammy and Stephanie continued their duties of inflicting pain on Natasha.

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