tagExhibitionist & VoyeurChronicles of Danny Ch. 12

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 12


Sorry for the long delay, been busy studying for an exam so my time has been horribly limited. This doesn't have any hardcore stuff but for those who just like softcore euf/enf situations, enjoy!


"Danny? Earth to Danny!" Natasha kept saying at Danny's desk.

Danny snorted as they woke up again, looking down as a cup of coffee was forced into their hands. "Wha? Sorry. I dozed off again."

"Yeah that happens when you don't sleep at all for an entire night." Natasha said as she looked at Danny's bloodshot eyes. "What happened?"

Danny sipped some coffee and made a face, caught off at how strong it was. "Managed to get into Cammy's room but then she showed up."

Natasha's eyes bulged as she leaned closer. "NO! were you seen?"

"I'm here aren't I?" Danny asked. "I hid under the bed. Of course the one night we plan to sabotage her bag is the night her boyfriend comes over to have sex."

Natasha's face scrunched up and she stuck her tongue out. "Ugh that sucks. Danny I'm so sorry. That must have been so bad for you. I can only imagine how obnoxious Cammy is in bed."

It actually gave me the release I needed, Danny thought. "Let's just say Miss Volleyball likes to do some roleplaying."

Natasha made a face. "I don't want to know what type of bad dirty talk she does...just tell me how you got out."

Danny sighed, "I had to wait for the two of them to fall asleep before crawling out. By then it was 3 am. But that's not the problem."

"Problem?" Natasha said, "What problem?"

"When I was lying down there...I saw a camera hidden in the ceiling."

Natasha stared at Danny for a moment, not quite believing what she just heard. "Are you sure? Maybe it was just a light."

Danny shook their head, "No I'm positive. I could see that the record light was on through a small hole. It was aimed over Cammy's room which means it caught her fucking AND me sneaking inside. They'll know what we tried to do."

"But you had a hood on right? Maybe they wouldn't be able to tell it was you."

Danny rolled their eyes at Natasha. "Come on, who else of all people would sneak into the dorm? They're shallow but they aren't stupid. They'll know we're trying to get back at them. Cammy probably got rid of the spiders by now."

Natasha curled her lip and tapped at her desk. Danny was frustrated that she wasn't as concerned about this turn of events like they were. "So, soon after getting you expelled Cammy just has a camera installed hidden in her ceiling so she can catch someone sneaking inside? Why not just hook it up to the wall?"

Danny opened their mouth to argue a point but then stopped when they realized they didn't have one. Why did Cammy have it installed that way, if she had it installed at all? "That's true." Danny said, "But even still. Someone was watching us and that someone knows something is going to happen to Cammy."

"Exactly." Natasha said, "Something still might happen to her and if it doesn't, it's no skin off our backs. Our sabotage is going to happen in public at a sports event, no one will even know we're there."

Danny bit their lip and felt goosebumps form on the back of their neck. How could Natasha feel so confident? Both of them had been ambushed and taken to the sorority to be stripped in public. The memory of losing their dignity and Ashley made Danny's face flush. "Fuck it." They said, "You're right. At the worst, we'll just have to watch Cammy play volleyball, maybe I'll just throw something at her then."

Natasha smiled and said, "You're just crabby because you haven't gotten any sleep. Take a nap."

"I can't." Danny said, "I have a date with Ashley."

"Oh?" Natasha said, genuinely surprised. "She wants to go back with you?"

"Er well..no." Danny said quietly, feeling guilty for letting their eagerness show. "We're just going to talk today. So I can't afford to miss out."

Natasha sighed and put a hand on Danny. "Danny hun, I hope you're not going into this with any expectations."

Danny almost spoke to reassure Natasha that they didn't have any expectations but Danny knew that it was a lie. It was a date, what other expectation could there be? Danny held the mug tighter, letting the heat burn their palms, the pain calming their rising temper. "You think I should cancel then?"

Natasha hesitated to respond. In truth, she didn't know what to say that could help Danny. Her friend had placed all of their happiness on one woman, and that was the woman who could answer Danny's question. "Don't cancel it. But just live in the moment, and be happy that the two of you still want to talk." Natasha finally said. "A lot of people who take time off from seeing each other don't even get that much."


Ashley and Danny agreed to meet up at Ric's for brunch. By the time Danny showed up. Ashley was already sitting in a booth by the window, the light from the sun shining down over her blonde hair. She had just taken off her coat and wore a white turtleneck sweater. When she saw Danny she smiled and waved her hand.

Danny tried to rub their eyes to make sure the sleep was out of it before finally sitting down. "Hey." They said with a smile, "How are you?"

"Good." Ashley said, leaning forward to look at the dark circles under Danny's eyes. "What happened to you?"

"Long story. Let's just say I didn't get out of Cammy's room in time before she arrived." Danny said.

A look of terror spread over Ashley's face, "Oh my god, are you okay?"

Danny waved their hand. "We don't need to talk about them. Look, I know the other day I came on kind of strong asking you to move in with Natasha and I. So I'm sorry for that."

Ashley breathed in deep as she lowered her eyes. Compared to this, she would have preferred to talk about the Three Furies, it required less time to respond to.

"You don't need to apologize Danny. I know you want things to go back the way they were and I'd be lying if I said I didn't want them too." She closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose. "It's just that, I feel...stressed when I think about picking up where we left off and when I imagine going back to school with that sorority, I just get sick thinking about it."

Danny could feel their own queasiness rise in their stomach as they thought about the events that led to both their expulsion. Still, they remained silent so Ashley could say her peace.

"This suspension fucked up what my future plans were and unfortunately...that didn't involve a serious relationship." Danny kept their eyes on Ashley, they could have sworn her wince was just as painful as their own. "I don't know exactly what I need, but I know if I try to go back to the way things were, I'll only feel worse."

Ashley turned her head to hide behind her blond curls, biting her lip in anticipation for the dreaded response to the harsh truth she had to unveil. While she drank, Danny contemplated what to say. It was hard to think of the right words when inside, their world crumbled. "You do what you need to take care of yourself Ash." They whispered as if a sudden illness took over. "I'm sorry that this whole revenge thing blew back in both our faces and that it fucked your career over."

"Danny that's not-"

"I know what you mean.' Danny said, "But regardless, we both should probably re-evaluate our courses. I guess it's easier for me because, the job I have...it's kind of what I had hoped for. But it makes sense that for you, it will require a lot of slowing down. I just want you to know that even if we aren't dating, I can still be a good friend."

Ashley closed her eyes, letting out a heavy sigh as she clutched her drink harder. She finally forced a smile and touched Danny's hand. "Thank you."

It wasn't exactly what Danny wanted, but seeing Ashley smile again made the disappointment sting less. It also meant that if Danny played their cards right, they could hopefully go back to the way things were. "Anytime." Danny said, "So what's it like working at the shop?" they asked.

Ashley shrugged, "Not too bad. I get free coffee. You get to talk to some interesting people."

Danny smiled, "I bet you I get to talk to even more interesting people."

"That's because your clients' fetishes are all out in the open. Mine just don't tell them to me when they pay for their coffee." Ashley said with a raised eyebrow. "What's Mistress Victoria like as a boss?"

"Pretty cool actually." Danny said, "She lets me make my own schedule and is pretty open to feedback. Right now I'm helping her update the website for the dungeon." Danny feigned looking at the menu while they hesitated to ask the next question. "How is Drew as a boss?"

"Really nice." Ashley said, "He's pretty laid back and is patient with me since the only coffee I knew how to make since then was putting sugar in a cup of Folger's."

"Does he...stay there after work?" Danny couldn't resist. It had been a thought in their mind ever since they got the news that Drew let Ashley work for him. With both of them taking a break, it meant that at any day, Danny could lose her.

Ashley sighed and tilted her head. "No, he always goes home."

"I'm sorry." Danny said immediately, registering the look of annoyance on Ashley's face. "This is just hard for me but I know I'm making you uncomfortable."

"Let's talk about something else then." Ashley said, "So are you going to Cammy's volleyball game tomorrow?"

Danny nodded. "I got to see if my prank worked don't I?" it was the first natural smile Danny felt like making all day.

Ashley reciprocated. "Well maybe you can come to my work tomorrow after the game to tell me about it." They both laughed just as the waiter came by to take their orders. Danny noticed the feeling of their muscles relaxing after easing the tension they'd felt all morning and for a brief moment thought that they could be okay with this type of arrangement like Natasha said.


The bus to Cammy's volleyball team parked outside of the arena in a town called Monroe which was about an hour north from Wellsley's campus. As soon as the door opened, a dozen college women in green athletic suits stepped off of the bus. Danny and Natasha watched from the back of the parking lot where their car was. "Man an hour drive is a long way to get revenge." Natasha said.

"This will be better though, because Cammy won't have anywhere to run." Danny said. "Assuming she didn't find out already."

Natasha focused on Cammy through her binoculars and noted the stoic expression on the athlete's face. Cammy had her sports bag slung over her shoulder and held her head up high as she walked towards the gymnasium, her long nose almost resembling that of a turkey. "She doesn't look too concerned or paranoid. If she found out I'd think she'd be nervous."

Danny watched the team get smaller in the distance until they disappeared into the gym before saying, "Okay, let's go." Both of them wore hooded sweatshirts over their heads. The cold outside made the look natural to them as opposed to being suspicious. Still, once Danny stepped into the line with the other spectators, a sense of vulnerability overcame them, like the red eye of the video camera was still watching. Any moment, someone from the sorority could come and tie Danny and Natasha up to strip them bare like before. Danny tried to look for Kara or Madison, but couldn't see them anywhere.

Once inside, Danny and Natasha paid for their tickets and were led into a large gymnasium. Monroe's colors were maroon and gold and so the ceilings were lined with banners of the same color. The bleachers on both sides of the walls were pulled out, able to hold hundreds of spectators. Danny and Natasha decided to sit with the Monroe's side since they felt it would provide better cover. Not only that, but they'd rather see Cammy's team lose than win so they wanted to cheer with people that shared the same feelings.

Danny sat alone with their hands folded when Natasha returned with two Styrofoam cups with soda. "Here, in case Cammy did take the spiders out, you can throw this at her."

"Thanks." Danny said, "At least I can make her gross and sticky."

"Ugh. Don't ever say 'sticky' in reference to Cammy again." Natasha said, causing Danny to laugh.

Danny's laughter died down when they saw down on the front row the heads of Kara and Madison, both of them wearing their sorority sweatshirts in support of Cammy. Madison's hair was tied in a bun while Kara's was straightened, just as it would be if she were dressing for a charity event. "There they are. Jesus, you'd think Cammy was auditioning for them."

Natasha leaned forward to see Kara, bored look on her face as she talked with Madison. "Doesn't that girl ever smile?" she asked as she saw Madison laugh at one of the referees while Kara maintained her frown.

"I doubt it." Danny said, "Her mom was just as cheerful when she saw Ashley and I tied together."

"How did your meeting go by the way?" Natasha asked.

"Pretty good." Danny said before drinking their soda.

Natasha waited for more and then raised an eyebrow when Danny didn't continue. "Just good? That's how you describe a date with the object of your affection?"

"It was fine, we just talked and thought it'd be good to just be friends for now. You were right, she said she needed time."

"And how did you feel after that?" Natasha asked.

"Okay." Yet when Danny said this, they still felt a weight on their chest that made breathing difficult. "I mean, it felt like we were starting over. Maybe that's a good thing considering that we bonded by being hazed by the sorority."

Natasha hugged Danny's shoulders, giving them a playful smile as she said, "That's a good sign Danny. Both of you being able to give each other space and not feeling left out."

Before Danny could respond, the announcer spoke on his microphone to start the game and everyone in the crowd rose to cheer. The doors to the sides of the gym opened and both teams ran alongside the bleachers to greet their supporters.

The Wellsley team didn't bother to acknowledge the crowd that cheered for them, not even raising a hand or calling out. Cammy led her team, tilting her head and keeping her mouth closed, giving off a smug look of confidence as she nodded to Kara and Madison.

For Monroe College, the team wore maroon colored sleeveless jerseys and unlike Cammy's team, was composed of a diverse group of students. Women of different races and age clapped in excitement towards their supporters, almost making Danny and Natasha wish they could study here. They all seemed like they were just there to have fun, having no interest or desire to maintain an image or reputation like Cammy's team.

Danny kept their focus on Cammy and looked for any sign of discomfort she should have been feeling. She wore a sleeveless v-neck shirt with her last name printed on the back. She also wore tiny black shorts that looked like they could barely hold her curvy posterior as she walked to her position. Cammy also wore knee high black socks. "Do you think she found them?" Natasha asked, "She looks pretty comfortable."

Danny bit their lip. "I don't know. She definitely doesn't seem bothered at all."

Indeed, as Cammy stood in the serving position on her side of the net, she simply tugged at her socks while she waited for the ball. This was the first game of the season and so far under her leadership, their team hadn't lost a match. This was of course because she threatened her teammates with humiliating punishments if they screwed up.

Cammy looked at the blonde girl in the front and center position of the net. Her name was Samantha. During practice she had botched her spikes and so Cammy gave her a narrow look through her eyes, reminding her that if she botched it here, she'd be doing naked pushups in the gym.

Samantha looked at Cammy and then quickly looked away, causing Cammy to smirk. Then she scratched at her back again when she felt an itch. It had been bugging her since she left the locker but she attributed it to a loose stitch work. The ref tossed Cammy the ball and she raised a hand to catch it. Before she could, she felt something brush against her hip and she scratched at it. WHOMP! The ball almost hit her in the face, but she managed to deflect it with her hands. The ref, along with Cammy's teammates, looked at her with confusion, surprised that she couldn't catch an underhanded toss. "I wasn't ready!" she spat at the ref, placing the blame on her in order to avoid looking foolish.

Picking the ball up, Cammy readied for her serve. She watched as the space around the ball got fuzzy as she focused on the white sphere. Right before tossing it in the air, she felt a pinch on her ribcage and she let the ball drop. "FUCK!" she shouted as she touched her side.

Her teammates gasped and the referee approached her. "I'm fine!" she said as she held her hand up. She was getting angry because that was the second mistake she made in public as an athlete. Not only was that bad, but it was also in front of Kara and Madison. She knew snotty Kara would ream her about it later.

Raising the ball again, Cammy focused on the white orb and imagined her arm as a path leading to the ball where she would serve over the net and earn her first point. While she focused, Cammy noticed a mole on her arm and tilted her head because she had never seen it before. It was when the mole started to move down Cammy's arm that she realized it was not a mole, but a bug.

Taking her focus off the ball, Cammy looked at her arm and saw a black fuzzy bug with eight legs crawling down her arm. Immediately, her eyes grew wide and she dropped the ball so she could shake it off. "SHIT!!" Cammy shouted as she stepped away.

"Cammy what's wrong?" one of her teammates asked.

"It's a spider!" she said. "Kill it!" she pointed to the black arachnid that scampered along the floor and then itched at her neck again. "God why am I so itchy?" But the itch didn't stop with that scratch. Instead it traveled from her neck to her throat and when she scratched at that, she felt something on her finger.

When she looked at her hand, Cammy saw a brown spider, larger than the black one and with more hair. This time, Cammy let out a high pitched squeal and shook her hand. "OH MY GOD!" she cried as she looked down and then the most horrifying thing she could imagine happened.

From below her shorts and sleeves, she could see several spiders of various shapes and colors scurrying out of her uniform, all of them frightened by the sudden movement in her body. Like a detective, Cammy putting all the pieces together, the spiders were traveling from inside her clothes. "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!" Cammy screamed even louder, tapping her feet like a child, stomping them in a tantrum while also waving her hands like she was trying to fly. Now that her senses were primed, she could feel hundreds of tiny little legs scurrying all over her body.

"GET EM OFF ME!" she cried as she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She was so terrified she ignored the gasps from the crowd as they saw Cammy toss the shirt across the room, revealing a camouflage print brassier that bounced with every dance move she made. Still, the scurrying feeling was there and the next to go were Cammy's tight shorts. Whimpering, Cammy pulled the shorts down her ankles, and saw little spiders crawling all inside the crotch area. She screamed again and nearly jumped out of her shorts before throwing them in the other direction.

Now, Cammy was in nothing but her bra and matching camouflage print bikini panties, held together with two bows on either side. The panties were a bit small, as people could see the crack of her ass as she danced. It almost looked painful the way the waistband dug into Cammy's smooth flesh, like it was cutting off her circulation.

Women had their hands to their mouths while men were taking pictures. Cammy's team stood in awe as their captain danced in her underwear. Every movement she made caused her curvaceous body to shake, her thighs and ass jiggled while her torso was almost hypnotic as it moved side to side. Despite being undressed, Cammy thought she could still feel the scurrying of feet against her breasts, but this was all in her mind. That didn't stop her from grabbing the clasp to her bra and unhooking it.

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