tagBDSMChronicles of Danny Ch. 15

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 15


Normally, the brunch time rush brought with it a cacophony of noise that Ashley didn't have time to dwell over her current situation. The tapping of the metal scoop hitting the counter top to rid itself of the leftover beans, the metal register sliding shut, all of it helpful in cleansing her mind. When passive aggressive coworkers, sarcastically expressing the frustration were added, it made Ashley's job unbearable.

"Ashley can you please get more quarters from the back or did you forget college students don't always carry exact change?" a male coworker asked.

With a heavy sigh, Ashley nodded as she finished preparing a latte. "I'm on it." she said. Without even announcing the name of the customer who ordered the drink, Ashley set it on the counter and ran to the back. She hustled back to the counter with two rolls in hand and set them by the register, hearing the unmistakable noise of a scoff coming from her fellow worker. "Thanks for opening them."

Ashley's nostrils flared, shaking her head as she looked for any way to escape the confines of a job she found out of desperation. It was meant to be a transitional period of only a year and as she felt the weight on her chest get heavier, another week would be too much. It was in this desperation her senses were heightened, looking for any other stimuli to get her out from behind the desk, mainly the empty dishes and cups of the patrons who had settled down.

The moment she stepped away from behind the counter, Ashley already felt free from the eyes of her coworkers. Her attention zeroed in on every table that needed to cleared. She tried to ignore the chatter in the background, but certain people were able to stand out within the chorus of voices, one of which belonged to an older woman sitting in a large leather seat in the corner.

Wearing a long grey skirt over a white and grey striped blouse, the woman with dark blonde hair sat with a phone against her ear. What stood out to Ashley, was the biting tone in the woman's voice.

"What do you you mean you can't do it?" she asked in a crisp tone that was trying to be hushed. "I pay you extra to take care of her and you're telling me I'm not allowed to?"

Ashley bent down to pick up a saucer from one student, but froze as she looked in the corner to get a glimpse of the source. Her eyes widened when she saw that the voice belonged to Vice President Delaforge, Kara's mother, her lips tightly curled over her teeth as she fought to contain her anger.

"That bitch has a lot of nerve to accuse me of being unethical with funds, given the rumors I've heard. No, don't say anything...I'll find a way. My daughter is not going on that trip without some protection."

The last time Ashley stood in front of the vice president, she was naked and had just climaxed in her panties, a shameful experience that was making her blush in that moment. Already in a subordinate position as a barista, she did not want to be subjected to any other form of humiliation by Kara's mother. Stacking the cups on the saucers, Ashley was about to return to the counter until she heard Mrs. Delaforge call out, "You there girl. Are you forgetting something?"

Closing her eyes, Ashley's neck muscles tensed as she drew on her last reserves for dealing with customers. Forcing a nervous smile she turned around and stared at the cold eyes of the vice president who held out her empty plate, covered in bagel crumbs. "Oh yes, sorry ma'am." With her other free hand, Ashley snatched up the plate and turned away as soon as she could.

"Just a minute."

Ashley mouthed a curse word as she turned back, biting her lip as she faced the mother of her enemy. Mrs. Delaforge leaned forward and squinted her eyes, "You look familiar. Are you a student here?"

"No ma'am, just a barista." Ashley quickly said.

"I swear that I've seen you before." Delaforge got out her glasses and tilted her head to examine more of Ashely's features. Even with a cap, an apron and a black uniform on, in that moment Ashley felt as if the thread to her clothing unraveled, taking her back to the night she stood in front of the vice president in nothing but her My Little Pony underwear. Her body gave away her identity the moment her cheeks turned pink.

Mrs. Delaforge's mouth opened and she smiled, "Ah yes, I recognize you now. You're that hussy who was expelled for indecent exposure."

"...yes ma'am." Ashley said, her resolve drained now that her shame was out in the open. Delaforge didn't try lowering her voice as she announced Ashley's offense.

"Still here I see. Waiting to come back after your suspension?" by now the vice president had leaned back in her chair, folding a leg over the other as if she were interviewing Ashley.

"I don't know." Ashley said, trying hard to keep eye contact with the president but having an equally hard time looking away for fear of reprisal. "I...don't exactly feel comfortable at that school."

The quiet scoff followed by a smile on Delaforge's lips gave Ashley the impression Delaforge didn't smile much, which meant Ashley's own pain was amusement for her. "I imagine not after that ghastly scene you caused. Set those plates down girl and sit for a moment."

By now, Ashley was reminiscent of her passive aggressive coworkers, feeling more comfortable with their biting remarks instead of sitting down with Delaforge. As she pulled up a chair, Ashley was reminded of Mistress Victoria and how dominant of a presence she had. Delaforge had the same elegant beauty to her but seemed more fierce given the lack of compassion in her tone. "I take it you're working here to make ends meet, but this isn't what you'd want to do is it?"

"No ma'am."

Delaforge stroked her chin as she stared at Ashley for a moment, the voyeuristic eye making goosebumps rise on her skin. "And how desperate would you be to come back to that school prematurely, would you be willing to do something?"

Ashley's brow furrowed, she thought she had misheard Delaforge being generous. Then she realized, it wasn't generosity to be put in someone's pocket. She hesitated to answer and then she heard a loud crash coming from behind the counter. She looked over her shoulder and saw two coworkers staring down, one of them with their arms spread out as if they had just dropped something.

"Godammit! get a broom. Ashley, anytime you want to do some work would be great." the man at the register said. She hunched forward to rest her elbows on her knees, "Wh-what would you want me to do?"

"The President said she had to punish you and wait a year before bringing you back. I can override that punishment, but I need to have some extra power to do so. Unfortunately, the president won't let go of her position so I need another way to find my promotion."

Ashley's stomach went sour as she thought of the Delaforge way of getting what they wanted. She had been a victim of it herself and what kind of person would she be if she took part in such despicable methods? "I don't think could do anything to hurt someone."

"That's a shame." Delaforge began as she leaned closer to Ashley, "Because now that I know where you work, I can make sure that your job will be much more difficult to do. Perhaps you could give your coworkers an encore of the show you gave us that one evening."

By now Ashley's forehead burned, the anger and fear she had towards the monster that parented Kara made her eyes burn from tears. It was as if the academic beast ripped Ashley's uniform off of her right there, leaving her defenseless. "Wh-what would I have to do?"

Delaforge waved her hand and her voice became whimsical. "Nothing dear girl. Just schedule a meeting with her and absentmindedly leave something there. That's it, nothing else. You wouldn't be hurting anyone."

"How would that help you get her in trouble?" It felt wrong just from how innocent it seemed.

"You don't need to know that part dear, all you need to know is that you can be re-instated and continue your education. It's not that hard. Do what I ask and be rewarded or disobey me and face consequences."

Before she could answer, Ashley heard the man from the register shout, "Ashley, we need you now!"

"Coming!" she shouted, grabbing the plates off the table again, unable to look back at Delaforge. Suddenly, the caustic atmosphere of the cafe seemed less unpleasant.


"So what's been going on this week?" Dr. Cary leaned back in her chair, closing a purple sweater over herself as she adjusted her dark rimmed glasses.

It was the second appointment and Danny still felt on the spot, a pop quiz about themselves they had to endure. "Okay, just busy at work. It's hard, I'm finding it difficult to do my job without thinking about things."

"What things?"

"Just, Ashley and how I want her back." Danny slouched as they rested their chin on their hand. "I haven't...I'm...frustrated sexually I guess." Danny wasn't exactly comfortable discussing this now, but it had been on their mind for hours and they couldn't stand to talk about anything else. It still didn't mean they had to reveal all the details about their job.

"I...see a lot of visual stimuli at my job from online advertisements. I'll see pictures of women in barely any clothes and I start to fantasize about things."

"What things?"

"Just...things I'd like to do with Ashley. Lying in bed with her and having an intimate moment. It actually feels worse when I see advertisements of heterosexual couples."

Carey nodded as she leaned forward. "What makes it worse?"

Danny's fingers curled into a fist. "I just think about seeing her with Drew. It's still like a punch in the gut. Like, I thought she was okay dating me, but now she ended up wanting to date some cisgender guy? What the fuck. Why didn't she say anything then?" they looked to Dr. Carey, "I mean...what couldn't I do that he does?"

"I don't think there was anything you could do Danny." Dr. Carey said when they were sure Danny was finished, giving them a few moments before speaking. "Relationships go both ways and if someone is unhappy but doesn't communicate that to the other partner, it's not that partners' job to fix something they don't know is wrong."

"I know, it's just, i feel shitty for blaming her." Danny said, thinking back to the catalyst. "She...we, were...something bad happened to both of us. I just can't blame her for that."

"You mentioned this before also, but seemed hesitant to talk about it. Is it ok if I ask what happened?"

The question made the blood flow to Danny's face, heating it up as they contemplated the risk in telling this secret. It wasn't a secret considering a majority of the school saw Ashley and Danny in their underwear, tied together on the edge of orgasm. However, Dr. Carey was someone that needed to earn that trust. Was she ready to take the final test?

"Ashley used to be part of a sorority that hazed their members. They didn't like me and so they pantsed me in front of Ashley one day." they knew they were turning red, not out of embarrassment, but anger. "Ashley stood up for me and she was also stripped and humiliated by them. We tried doing the same to them but they kidnapped us one evening and stripped us, tied us up and made us walk in front of the entire faculty at school." It was Dr. Carey's shocked face that brought validation to Danny's experience, forcing them to finally break down and cry.

Without hesitation, Dr. Carey handed Danny a box of tissues. "Danny, what happened to both of you was absolutely devastating and no one should have to experience it. The fact that that happened without any intervention from the school shows a drastic failure on their part to protect their students."

"Do you see why I can't be mad at her? I'm the one who wanted to get back at them, it's my fault they involved her." Danny said in between sobs.

Dr. Carey nodded but didn't lose her stoic expression, as if Danny's logic wasn't enough to phase her determination to defend their character. "You can't control what those students did to you both. Yes it drew their ire, but you were only defending yourselves in a setting that wouldn't defend you. That is not your fault you both got caught. It sounds like you both did this out of support for each other and when they caught you again, that support was lost." her hand touched her face, "In that moment, that support base was lost, and if the school couldn't protect you, who could? That's a very scary place to be in, particularly when the consequences are to be put in such vulnerable positions as you both were."

It was hard to lower their breathing, but Danny did feel calm once Dr. Carey made it clear this was all out of their control. She wasn't done yet, "It is not easy to heal from trauma like that. Everyone has their own way of healing from it and it sounds like getting some distance was Ashley's way."

"But why did she go to Drew then?" Danny asked, burying their head in a tissue.

"I can't say Danny, nor can you. Breakups are never fair. They lack sense and there's rarely any closure. What Ashley did was all so she could find comfort after being hurt for so long. It's unfortunate that it came at your expense. The question becomes now, since Ashley also hurt you in this process, why is getting her back a source of comfort for you?"

Danny's mouth opened but words escaped them. They thought they could imagine being with Ashley making everything better, but the thought of being together again, after she had betrayed Danny, made that memory sour. How could Danny heal when they second guessed the safety of a relationship? "I don't know."

"And that's okay. You might find an answer, or you might not. But if it seems like Ashley has moved on to heal from that trauma, the question becomes what would help you heal without Ashley?"

With their eyes beginning to dry, Danny sat up straight and let out a deep sigh, weeks of pent up angst finally escaping. "I think I have an idea."


"Remember, say yellow if you want me to take it back a notch and say red to stop." Mistress Victoria said.

Danny nodded. Mistress Victoria chose a small black room, lit by candles placed against the wall. In the center was a long black bench with small metal ringlets on each side. Danny thought back to the time they saw Natasha tied down on a similar pedestal before she experienced public degradation at her request. At the time, Danny didn't quite understand the need for such self abuse, but now, they were curious.


Mistress Victoria's voice was no different in its low tone, but the change in their relationship made Danny's hands tremble as they grabbed the bottom of their shirt and pulled it over their head. They were braless, allowing their breasts to adjust to the loss of armor. Their nipples perked up and at the sight of Mistress Victoria's larger bosom, Danny crossed their arms over their chest.

"Don't cover up, you need those hands to take off your pants." she teased, running a gloved finger against Danny's abdomen.

The touch reminded Danny of Ashley, her soft hands tickling their skin. Danny had to close their eyes to banish the thought, quickly unbuttoning their jeans and pulling the zipper down. Not many people could experience being stripped in front of their boss, and the sensation of their pants falling to the ground to reveal a boy-brief style pair of yellow panties with the Batman logo on it made Danny blush.

Danny knew they were about to be humiliated, and they wanted to put their mind in a state where they felt the most loss of power. Donning superhero themed underwear seemed to be the best way to reflect how humbled Danny felt.

"A superhero?" Mistress Victoria mused, sliding her hand up the back of Danny's thigh before touching their buttocks. Danny clenched their fists, feeling more helpless with being unable to see what their Top wanted to do. The back of Danny's panties tightened as it was jerked up, the crotch pulling against Danny's labia. "Get on the bench." Mistress Victoria hissed.

With their legs tightened, Danny placed their hands on the bench, sliding them forward so their knees could follow suit. Mistress Victoria pulled the panties up before letting them go, the elastic band snapping against Danny, who kept their face down the entire time.

The bench reminded Danny of being at a doctor's office, the cold touch of the surface a sobering reminder of how alien it was to be undressed outside of one's home. Just like a doctor, Mistress Victoria needed Danny's panties to be removed, quickly grabbing them on each side and pulling them down to Danny's knees. The feel of them brushing against Danny's legs brought back the memory of being in the sorority house and Danny closed their eyes, hoping for some impact to change the association.

"What a nice ass we have." Mistress Victoria said, tracing a finger down the center of Danny's back before massaging each of their rear cheeks. While Danny's hips were narrow, the flesh of their buttocks widened out, forming two masses that sagged near their hind quarters. With an open palm, Mistress Victoria swung her hand upward against Danny's right backside, forcing it to bounce from the impact.

The strike felt more sensual than painful, a gentle burn following the light cracking noise. Danny tried not to imagine the hand as Ashley's. The second strike, was with two hands, both of them falling down like a guillotine onto Danny's posterior. Danny shifted their weight forward, by now their flesh itched as it turned red. They wanted to tend to the wound but wondered if they were allowed to. There was one way to find out. With their right hand, Danny reached around to run their hand along their soft buttocks.

"Uh uh, keep your hands on the bench." Mistress Victoria said, raising a hand to smack the back of Danny's calve.

"UNGH!" Danny groaned, the connection of palm to muscle was like they struck a corner table. This time, they couldn't think of anything else but the pain, imagining the welt that would form. Oxygen hissed through Danny's teeth as they pressed their hands harder into the ground.

"That wide ass of yours makes my hand hurt." Mistress Victoria said, turning to a nearby table that had a long cloth spread over it. Sitting on the cloth was a long thin cane, twenty five inches in length made of rattan.

Picking up the cane, Mistress Victoria held it in between her thumb and her index finger, holding it in a perfect horizontal angle over the soft buttocks that had two large red hand prints developing. Danny felt the smooth touch of the cane and shuddered. Their heart tingled, the hands hurt, but with a cane, nothing would stop Mistress Victoria from altering her swing. All of Danny's ambivalence melted when they thought of Ashley. They bucked their hips, as if to give tacit approval.

With her fingers pinching the cane, Mistress Victoria pivoted her wrist two and fro over Danny's backside, tapping it lightly to allow for multiple hits without overwhelming Danny. At first, the taps felt harmless, barely enough to feel like a spank. Each touch of the cane sounded like raindrops hitting a surface. Danny relaxed once they were sure they would not be harmed and that's when Mistress Victoria gripped the end with her full hand, flicking her wrist down and sending a flash of pain across Danny's skin, enough to make them open their eyes.

"That's more like it." Mistress Victoria said, raising her arm to give the cane extra momentum as she flicked her wrist again, this time the strike echoed in the room and Danny thought that the cane broke skin. Mistress Victoria chuckled as she watched Danny lean forward, arching their torso to remain in place, swaying their hips.

A month ago, this might have been Ashley's position, her firm ass turning red with every strike from Danny. Now the association of impact play and being humiliated developed new pathways in Danny's mind. The harder the swings became, the more Danny's core tingled, focusing on the pleasure of being helpless as their posterior turned red, their panties acting like shackles. There was no partner Danny imagined in this position, it was only Danny, trying to imagine how they looked on all fours. The pride in their revenge plot that inadvertently hurt Ashley and Natasha conjured up self loathing, humiliation being the only way they felt they could atone.

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