tagExhibitionist & VoyeurChronicles of Danny Ch. 17

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 17


The rain came down hard that morning when Danny, Natasha and Cammy drove into the city. They left at six am to be sure they could beat Kara to the hotel first. The three of them wore dark hooded sweatshirts over jeans, trying to select the most inconspicuous of clothing to wear. Danny was grateful they didn't have hair long enough to tie back like Natasha and Cammy. Cammy slept in the back while Danny drove as Natasha dumped the aphrodisiac in zip lock bags.

"I hope this doesn't make the coffee taste like shit." she said.

"I just hope it's going to be enough." Danny said as they turned into a parking garage.

"Well as long as one of us finds a coffee station, we can text each other to meet up and pour it all in." Natasha said. In between her feet was another zip lock bag filled with a powder blue substance, it was the shrinking detergent Pamela had made. She handed it off to Cammy the next day, telling her that she was going to take a day off from school as she was afraid of what might happen if they should fail.

"Where do you think we'll be able to find uniforms?" Danny asked, that factor being the most concerning to them.

"We just need any type of uniform for the hotel staff." Natasha said, "Just go through any door that isn't locked. Even with a kitchen uniform we can get into other places without people being too suspicious."

Danny parked on the second floor and Cammy woke, rubbing her eyes as she yawned. "Oh sorry, I didn't mean to doze off. So where is everyone going to go first?"

Turning their head over their shoulder, Danny said, "Natasha is going to hang in the lobby and let us know when Kara arrives. She's going to try to listen to where Kara's room is and then tell us. Cammy you try to find any type of hotel staff uniform you can and get as many as you can. I'm going to monitor Kara's room so we can keep track of where she is at all times. Once those things are in place, we look for coffee to hand to the officers and then then wait for Kara to leave before trying to get in."

"And how exactly do we get in?" Natasha asked.

Groaning, Danny ran their hand down their face as that one detail had them puzzled. "Shit...I just assumed the cleaning staff would have them. I guess whoever gets that particular uniform can play naive and ask a clerk to help them in?"

Natasha bit her lip, "Er..that could work. Although, if it doesn't, we might need to try swiping it from a hotel manager when they aren't looking. Just be on the lookout if anyone happens to see it."

"Who is going to be in charge of the aphrodisiac for the cops and the detergent?" Cammy asked.

Natasha handed Cammy a zip lock bag with the aphrodisiac. "Everyone is getting a small amount to put in the coffee if we can't get together and do it. Danny will hold onto the detergent since they'll be closest to Kara's room."

"Where would the laundry room be anyway?" Cammy asked

"We can ask somebody once we're dressed as staff." Danny said. "Any other questions?"

"How the fuck did I go from a student to becoming some spy?' Cammy remarked. The mood was so solemn that the three of them couldn't help but laugh before getting out of the car.

As they got closer to the Marriott, it seemed less like a hotel and more like a guarded castle the way it grew in size, towering over them as if it knew their intentions. Danny lowered their head to keep their anxiety in check as they entered first. Natasha and Cammy gave Danny one minute before entering themselves.

Once inside, they waited for the desk staff to speak to incoming guests before walking to their destinations. Danny made their way to the elevators and selected a floor that was halfway up to the top. Natasha found a large leather chair in the lobby that gave her a perfect view of the entrance. She sat down and then watched Cammy disappear down one hallway and kept an eye on hotel staff to follow.

Pretending to play with her phone, Natasha kept one side eye on the doors, quickly looking back at the screen so as not to draw too much suspicion. A half hour passed before she saw three women push through the entrance. The trio strutted in like a celebrity with an entourage since the three of them wore sunglasses.

Leading the group wearing a stylish white raincoat with a fur lining was Kara, her blonde locks straightened and hanging behind her shoulders. In one hand she carried a roller bag and in the other was a long garment bag that she held over her shoulder. Long pearl earrings bounced with every step as her black pumps clicked along the smooth tile.

Behind Kara were both Officers Riggs and Rodriguez, dressed in black police uniforms, their full, rose colored lips tightened in a stoic expression as they kept close to Kara. Both women had fit builds, with Riggs almost towering over Kara with her long legs. Rodriguez was of the same height as Kara but seemed to have more muscle mass given her curvier frame.

Riggs' head turned to scan the people in the area while Rodriguez kept one hand on her Billy club. Natasha held her phone close to her face as they passed her. Once they were behind her, Natasha leaned back to try and listen on the conversation as they approached the front desk.

"May I help you?"

"I have a reservation, Kara DelaForge."

"Ah yes Miss DeLaforge, your mother had arranged for a suite on the fifth floor."

"Does it have a window like she instructed?"

"Yes ma'am. Room 537. Take an immediate right after getting off on the elevator."

"Thank you."

Rolling her eyes, Natasha fired off a text to both Cammy and Danny with the number, counting to thirty before getting up and heading off to find uniforms. She kept her distance as she watched Kara walk to the elevator, her hips swaying left and right with every step. She waited for the trio to step into their elevator before approaching the one next to theirs to follow.

Once the text had been sent out, Cammy kept close to the walls, keeping her eyes open for any incoming staff that might question why she was behaving so strange. She circled around one block of rooms, unable to find any staff member. It was when she crossed to the other side of the building where she saw an open room with a large cleaning cart wedged inside the doorway.

Cammy hid inside the door frame of an adjacent room and watched a cleaning woman in her 50s emerge, dressed in a light grey business dress with a white apron around her. She placed her cleaning supplies back on the cart. She pulled it away from the room and then went down to the next. Cammy sighed, checking her watch to gauge how much time it would be worth spending waiting for the woman to head back.

As soon as Danny got the room number they ran back to the elevators and pressed the button to the fifth floor. The anxiety in missing the chance to see where Kara was had Danny tapping their foot the entire ride up. As soon as the shaft came to a sudden halt, Danny rested their back against the side of the door, peaking outside once the doors opened to make sure Kara wasn't there.

When they found no sign of her, Danny stepped out and walked as fast as they could to room 537. The signs listing the number ranges pointed Danny to the west side of the building. Danny counted down the room numbers until they reached 536, one door next to a corner room that would be Kara's home for the day.

Walking past the room to the other hallway, Danny saw an opening that led to a small room containing ice and a vending machine. Disappearing into the fluorescent lit chasm, Danny poked their head out and watched room 537 like a hawk.

No sooner had Danny settled in did they hear the collective footsteps of three women approaching from the left. Kara held the keycard in her hand while Officer Riggs and Rodriguez checked both sides of the hall.

"Ugh this place gets worse every year." Kara said as she slid it through the cardholder, "They didn't even have bag boy this time around." she pushed open the door and dragged her wheeled bag behind her. As soon as the door shut, both officers stood at attention in front of the door.

Confident that Kara was in place for now, Danny hid back in their hiding spot and sent a text to Natasha and Cammy that read, "She's in her room, guards outside. I'm in a room with a vending machine, don't go directly towards 537, take the long way to get to me."

Not a minute went by before Natasha sent, "Cool, going to look for coffee."

While Danny hid, Cammy continued shadowing the hotel cleaner, following her down one entire hallway, door to door. Finally, the woman had a stack full of towels and made her way to the elevators. Cammy sighed in relief as she stopped hiding in doorways and walked behind the woman, staying far away so as to look like a patron who happened to be going in the same direction.

The hotel cleaner made it all the way down to the first floor and through a set of double doors. As they swung open the sounds of dozens of washing machines going off could be heard. Cammy checked behind her to make sure no one could see her running to catch the doors, using her foot to stop them from closing. She peeked through the crack to make sure no one was coming and slipped inside.

The washers lined the west, north and east sides of the room, one stacked on top of the other. Behind the west side was a small dark room that contained a station to fold towels. With the hotel cleaner still placing a load of towels in, Cammy ducked behind the folding station and peaked around the corner, waiting for the woman to leave. Once she shut the door to the washer and pressed start she pushed her cart out the doors and was gone.

Dashing from behind the wall, Cammy searched for a dryer and found a large industrial sized one on the opposite side of the room. She couldn't make out the clothes through the small window cycling inside, and looked for the switch to cancel the load. Once that was found she pressed it and pulled the doors open. At first she was concerned when she saw the piles of white towels inside.

After rifling through the back of the pile Cammy was relieved to find three uniforms, two of the grey colored dresses the cleaning staff wore. The other was a white long sleeve jacket with buttons on the right side, seeming to resemble a kitchen staff uniform along with a pair of black dress slacks.

"Fuck yes." Cammy said, scooping them in her arms and pushing through the doors, looking for a public restroom. When she saw the hallway was clear, she relied on her long, athletic legs to send her flying down the hall and into a nearby womens' bathroom on the far right. Hurrying into a stall, she stripped down and grabbed the hotel staff uniform, opening up the back to step into it.

The dress was snug around her curvaceous hips, but Cammy was able to pull the sleeves up over her shoulders. By the time she buttoned up the front, she could feel the front of the uniform stretching over her large breasts, the seams in between the buttons barely able to pull it off. When Cammy looked down, she could see openings in between each button, revealing her fair skin and the top to her pink laced brassier.

Sighing, Cammy knew better than to be surprised, as she was always taller than other women. She immediately checked the other two uniforms and saw that they were the exact same size as the tight uniform she wore. "Shit..."

Cammy fired a text off to Natasha and Danny, "Found uniforms, on my way up." As she moved she cringed, she could feel the air blowing against her exposed thighs, from the front and the back. Every step was restricted, the bottom of the skirt pulling against her legs. As she made her way to the elevators Cammy felt like she was waddling, shaking her curvy backside with every movement.

Danny felt relieved when Cammy got word that the uniform situation had been taken care of. They peaked around the corner again and were happy to see both officers still there. Then the door opened and Danny ducked back into their hiding spot.

"I'm going out to get food, I should be back before 1pm when the debate starts. Make sure none of those idiotic maids comes in to fuck with the room." Danny could hear Kara say.

"Yes ma'am." Rodriguez said, rolling her eyes under her sunglasses. "You sure you don't want one of us to come with you?"

"I don't need a fucking babysitter." Kara said, a stomp on the floor echoed down the hall. "I'll be with my forensics team anyway."

"Just making sure so it doesn't get said that we didn't try.." Officer Riggs said.

"I'll be sure to let my mother know". Kara shook her head as she walked away. " Ugh, like those bitches are anywhere close to this hotel." she said, voice lower as they traveled to the elevators.

Danny sighed in relief once Kara was gone just as Cammy had arrived. "Hey" they said and then looked at Cammy's attire, taken aback by how much of her flesh could be seen under the small maid uniform. "uhhh...why do you look like a backup dancer for Ariana Grande?"

Cammy looked down and squeezed her legs together as she tried to adjust the buttons so they covered her bra. "This was the only one I could find, they're all too small for me."

Before Danny could respond, Natasha appeared from the other side of the floor, with two styrofoam cups in her hand. She got a glimpse of Cammy's back, noticing how her ass nearly poked out from under her uniform. "Whoa, ass alert."

Cammy turned around, hands over her behind as she said, "Shh! It was all I could find!"

Natasha let out an annoyed sigh as she leaned against the wall. "So who's going to drop the coffee off?"

Cammy laid out the two remaining uniforms and pointed to the kitchen staff uniform. "The guards have seen Danny and I, so that leaves you Natasha.

Shrugging, Natasha handed Danny the coffee and grabbed the bottom of her hoodie to pull it over her head, "Make sure no one's coming, I don't want my ass to be exposed to strangers."

Cammy and Danny turned around to give Natasha her privacy as they kept an eye out for anyone walking by. When Natasha was finished, they heard her say, "Shit! these pants are a little big." she could feel the waistband barely hanging onto her hips. "I'm going to have to walk a little slow." any fast movements or swaying of her hips and she was going to give everyone a free show

"That's fine, we don't have to be in these clothes forever." Danny said as they unbuckled their belt. "Cover me." Natasha and Danny switched places so Danny could strip down. they hated the idea of wearing a dress but knew it wouldn't be too long. "Cammy where did you stash your clothes?"

"Just in the folding station in the laundry room, I don't think anyone will notice. Don't worry, I still have my phone." she said as she tapped the front pocket.

"I'm putting ours under this vending machine." Natasha said to Danny after folding both of their clothes up. Danny hid their keys in their uniform pocket along with their phone. Natasha stuffed her pockets with her phone and almost panicked when she felt the added weight to her large pants.

With everyone in disguise, the three of them pulled out their zip lock baggies and poured the contents into both coffee cups, stirring it until it dissolved. "All right, show time." Natasha said, flashing a wide smile as she left the room.

Approaching police officers was always an intimidating experience, approaching two officers who Natasha knew to act unethically by violating her friends was so nerve-wracking she fought to keep her hands from shaking. With deep inhales and exhales, Natasha slowly walked by and said, "Good morning officers!"

Riggs and Rodriguez' heads turned, their stoic expressions reminding Natasha of Mistress Victoria. "Good morning." Riggs said.

"Would either of you like some coffee?"

"Yes thanks." Rodriguez said, grabbing the cup before Natasha could hand it to her. "It's unbelievable the shit that Vice President makes us do." she said to Riggs more than Natasha.

"President now, lest you want to be reminded." Riggs said as she took the last cup. "Thank you."

Natasha nodded, saying "Have a nice day." She tried to walk at a "normal" pace, wondering what that looked like as she made her way down the hallway. By the time she made it to the elevators she was sweating and had realized her pants were slipping. She circled back to the rendezvous point to find Danny and Cammy peaking around the corner. "Did they drink it?"

Danny nodded, "They're sucking it down. I guess that stuff tastes okay."

"I put a shit ton of cream and sugar in it too to hide the taste."

"Well let's hope that's enough, any idea how fast it works?" Danny asked Cammy.

Shaking her head, Cammy said, "No idea. I just hope it's before Kara gets back."

Danny checked the clock on their phone as if staring at it would speed up the process of the aphrodisiac moving through their systems. The three of them looked around the doorway, hyper focused on the police womens' bodies to see any sign of a physical change.

Both officers Riggs and Rodriguez blew on their coffee, sucking it down to help take the edge off of their disdain for the assignment. Regardless of how well they were paid, it was a babysitting job for someone they would have rather avoided. They weren't even allowed to speak to each other without hearing Kara toss disparaging comments at them.

With half of the cup ingested, Officer Riggs enjoyed the warm sensation of it going down her throat, heating the inside of her body. After several minutes, she noticed that the warm feeling hadn't gone away. "That was good coffee for it being free."

"Mhmm." Rodriguez said, shifting her feet. "Feels a little tingly too, it was really sweet."

Riggs nodded, realizing she had felt an odd tickling sensation in her belly, something she hadn't felt from any coffee she drank. The more she paid attention to her other body feedback, she noticed she was sweating, her clothes soaking up parts of her body that were also hot. Fanning her face, Riggs exhaled, "Do you feel warm?"

"Yeah a little." Rodriguez said, clutching her belt as she continued to shift her legs, the tingling sensation in her belly starting to grow, indeed she could have sworn that the feeling was less in her belly and more in the area between her legs. She wouldn't dare mention it to Riggs.

Riggs however, couldn't contain her bodily changes, it was very apparent the way she undid the top button of her shirt that something was amiss, with a loose front bang hanging over her face. "It's really hot here." she exhaled, clutching her stomach as she felt a slow burning sensation, less like an ache and more like something was stirring in her core, pulsating from the center of her legs.

"You okay?" Rodriguez asked, noticing that Riggs was hunched forward.

"S-something happening to me." Riggs said, her voice wavering the more the tingling sensation grew, she actually squeezed her legs together and undid another button of her shirt, revealing the top of her white tank top. "I think I feel...horny." she whispered, her face turning pink at revealing the secret to her partner.

"Wh-what?" Rodriguez asked, afraid to hear that word because it was the perfect descriptor for how she felt, knees feeling weak while her sex felt like it was burning up, she also noticed her nipples getting hard under her shirt.

"I..." Riggs shuddered as she doubled forward, her womanhood feeling like someone had just inserted something large and wide inside of her and set her body on fire. Sweat ran down her face and she got hot flashes. "Oh my god...I'm burning up." she winced. her hand traveled to her crotch and she gasped when she felt that the area over it was soaked .

"What now?" Rodriguez asked, turning to see her partner's face turn crimson.

"I..I..." Riggs stammered, so ashamed that she was so horny she wet herself. "I- have to go to the bathroom!"

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