tagNovels and NovellasChronicles of Darla Ch. 03

Chronicles of Darla Ch. 03

byDeckard Kincaid©

The next morning Darla's newest friend and coworker, Shelly, called and woke her up out of her deep sleep. Shelly had called to see if Darla wanted to go for an early morning swim; however, Darla, who by now was wet thinking about Bruno and Isabella, suggested that Shelly come with and join her at the gym for aerobics. Shelly said she had already made an appointment to meet her other friend at the pool, but suggested they go shopping after work tomorrow, since they were both working double shifts the next day. After Shelly hung up Darla, who found the perky titted and blond headed Shelly extremely attractive, as well as very open minded and a tad on the slutty side, headed for the shower and slipped into her aerobics outfit and headed for the gym.

When Darla arrived at the gym, she was met by Isabella who wore her and the other ladies out during the low impact session. After the 30-minute session she followed Isabella suggested to Darla to follow her to the women's locker room for a sauna, whirlpool and shower. Isabella then said, as they walked in to the empty women's locker room, "Louis should be coming in soon to give massages, I hear that Bruno offered you one, do you think you could use it?" To which Darla, who was tired and horny at the same time, stammered simply "y y yes!" Isabella then said that she, Darla, would not have long to wait, and Isabella said suggested "we can soak in the whirlpool while we wait." To which Darla just nodded affirmatively, and followed the sexy aerobics instructor to the whirlpool.

Quickly, in the locker room, Darla undressed, and placed her clothes in the locker, while at the same time she watched Isabella slowly strip out of her sweat soaked spandex. The site of a woman had never aroused Darla as much as it did now. Even Sofia's nude body was tame compared to the dark skinned Italian beauty that she now say unclothed before her. Darla, who was drinking in the site of Isabella's statuesque body, was caught off guard and brought back to reality when Isabella, who had caught her staring in the mirror, suddenly said, "So Darla, do you like what you see?" as Isabella smiled at her with a mischievous grin.

Darla just blushed and tried to cover up her desire by replying, "Why yes. I mean no. I mean, well what I meant was that I wish that my body looked that good." Isabella then walked up to Darla, looked her over, and then placed her index finger on Darla's quivering and pouted lips, and said in a very seductive tone, "as long as you keep attending my classes, you'll not only look good, but feel good! In fact, being trained by me and Bruno may just change your life." After which Isabella kissed Darla on her left cheek, looked deeply into her eyes and then took her hand and led her naked body to the sauna.

As Darla followed Isabella she noted the same kind of tattoo on her ass check that she saw on Pierre's, "what does it mean," she thought as she felt the secretions of her pussy getting wetter and wetter by the second as she was whisked away for a steam. She then followed Isabella into the sauna first, where they sat down on cedar benches, as the steam caressed bodies, as Darla watched Isabella closed her eyes, laid face up on the bench, and closed her eyes. Darla once again focused on Isabella's body as she fantasized in her mind all of the pleasures she could hope to give and receive from the lusty Italian.

After about 15 minutes of idle small talk in the sauna, the two sweat soaked women stepped out of the opposite door from which they entered, and felt their nipples hardened as their bodies met the rush of cold air that permeated the locker room. Darla, who smelled a strong odor of male sweat as they closed the door behind them, had not seen this part of the health club before, but silently followed Isabella to the Jacuzzi where they slowly got into the steaming cauldron, and then gently let their bodies sink downward, so as to adjust their soft skin to the hot mineral water. Darla purposely sat on a jet, which blasted a stream of hot water on her sore back muscles, as well as her tender anus, which still tingled with the remembrance of last night's butt plug injection. Then, as Darla's body became adjusted to the spraying and bubbling jets of hot water, Isabella turned the conversation away from Darla's job at the hospital, and began to ask her some preplanned questions.

Isabella: "So do you have a boyfriend?"

Darla: "Yes, but he is away in Germania for at least the next three weeks. He was called there on an emergency. He's a doctor. However, he really is just a new boyfriend, we've only gone out a few times. I am really hoping that he comes home this weekend though."

Isabella: "Does he know you joined the gym?"

Darla: "Yes, he sounded pretty excited. By the way, I was wondering, what does the tattoo on your butt signify?"

Isabella: "Oh that? Well let's just say that this in not an ordinary gym. The gym has two functions, the first one being exercise for paying customers. As for the other function, let's just say that after closing, we only let certain people who live a certain type of lifestyle, and who have certain beliefs, in for other types of physical activity."

Darla: "Are you saying that this is a swingers club?"

Isabella: "Yes and no. Yes, nearly all of the members of our sect been part of the swinging lifestyle, but that is not what this gym is all about. We practice a certain kind of sexual art known as erotic meditation. I am sure you have heard of it. As for your question about the tattoo, well lets just say that someday, if we earn your trust and friendship, maybe you too might want to do what it takes to become one of us."

Darla: "Swingers? Do you mean that my boyfriend and you are part of the same sex club???"

Isabella: "Yes and No. Darla your boyfriend, is his name Pierre, and is he say about 43 with a birthmark on the foreskin of his cock?"

Darla: "How do you know that??? What are you saying??"

Isabella: "What I am saying that not only do I know your boyfriend, I have made love to him on a number of occasions, we are both Raelians, but converting you to our faith and branding your bottom with our mark is not the reason why Louis invited you here. Pierre knew that, because of your desire to place that naughty and daring advertisement on the Internet, and that since he was going to be away from you and the horny sex that Pierre told Louis that you desired, that maybe it would be best if you we, the ones whom he trusts as friends and lovers, introduced you to the art of erotic meditation, and then, if you were ever willing, we could also introduce you to the Raelian beliefs of cosmic erotic awareness."

By now Darla was shaking with fear as well as desire, as she and Isabella had moved closer, in fact their nipples were touching, during this revelation of fact. To think that Pierre had asked someone to watch over her as well as seduce her! Shaken and confused by all of this, as well as incredibly turned on, Darla was a jumble of emotions. However, as she thought for a second, in her head she could hear the advice that Sofia once gave to her in a fit of mutual passion, "Never be afraid to reach out and touch the stars."

As she sat there remembering Sofia's advice, Darla slowly stammered: "I, I, I placed the ad because I wanted to experience something new and exciting! All my life I was told I wasn't pretty or worthy enough, but here I am with you, and you are so beautiful. Since I met you and Bruno my mind has been picturing all kind of erotic thoughts..."

Then, just before Darla could finish that last sentence, Isabella, who was never one to sense an opportunity, pulled Darla to her and kissed her full and hard, with Darla's own lips, tongue and arms doing the same in surprise return. When their tongues met and their wet bodies fell into each other's arms, their hands and fingers began to do some intimate exploring each other's bodies, as Isabella jammed her fingers up Darla's sopping and exposed cunt, rubbing her clit hard while force-feeding her ample breasts into Darla's waiting mouth. Darla sucked and pulled on both of Isabella's large breasts like a newborn, and quickly cried out as her pussy quickly convulsed in a long awaited orgasm as Isabella began to work a finger up her ass.

For the next 15 minutes both women took turns giving and receiving as much anal, oral and pelvic pleasure as each could muster in the bubbling cauldron, while Bruno, Louis, and a very muscular black Senegalese woman named Lola watched in bemusment , on the closed circuit TV, at the carnal exhibition taking place inside the gym's special "members only" locker room that was located in between the normal men and women's locker rooms. The lockerroom however was not sound proof, as the orgasmic shrieks and moans of both women carried and were clearly audible to all of the men and women who could not help but laugh and smile with imagination at the sexual carnival that was going on somewhere. Finally, after Isabella watched Darla rocket through her third orgasm, with the help of Isabella's thumbs and forefingers pressing gently into Darla's tender bunghole, and Isabella's teeth practically chewing on Darla's tender nipples, she sensed that the time had now come to introduce Darla to some more of Pierre's Raelian friends.

As Isabella watched her prey calm down after the convulsions of her orgasm practically sent Darla's eyes rolling back like a epileptic seizure, Isabella smiled and looked up at the camera high over the whirl pool and silently lipped the words "its time" to her husband. Isabella then brought Darla close to her and spooned and stroked her lovingly, she then whispered that "its now time for that massage you were promised." To which Darla, after looking back and kissing Isabella deeply, asked breathlessly and mischievously, "Does that mean more sex?" "Of course" Isabella replied, "However, think of it as an exercise of your most intimate muscles!!"

Once out of the hot tub Isabella and Darla toweled each other off, after which Isabella motioned for Darla to follow her over to the massage table. Isabella then grabbed piece of black cloth and said, "now put this blindfold on and lay on your back." Darla did as she was told, and then felt Isabella grab hold of both of her arms and stretch them over her head, cuffing her wrists into a pair of leather shackles.

Isabella then smiled wickedly at her lovely captive who was now desperate to relax. Isabella then moved down the table and spread Darla's legs wide, until they were practically draped over the sides. As soon as Darla was fully spread eagled, Isabella made way for Lola, who approached Darla silently so that she would not know that there was a second naked body tasting her juices. Lola approached Darla with bemusement and desire as she smiled at Isabella, whom then nodded for the black beauty to proceed to lick her pussy and asshole until she was just at the brink of another orgasm.

Lola was a Nubian goddess whom had the physique of a Venus or Serena Williams, and the beauty of Vanessa Williams. The plan of the day was to make Darla desperate for release, and to have her completely physically exhausted when that final sexual release came. As Lola orally assaulted the young blindfolded prisoner Darla squirmed and moaned as Lola expertly ate her muff out and fingered fucked her butt. However, just as Darla's moans and cries began to signal the onset of an orgasm, Isabella cried out to Lola, "stop, I believe it is time for her shave!"

Darla then felt cold shaving cream being applied to her bush, and then a felt the cold sting of a straight edged razor gentle and oh so carefully deflowering her decidedly hairy pussy until after several minutes she was completely bald. Lola soon finished her work and then announced that in just moments her promised massage and first lesson in the ways of erotic meditation would begin. As Darla silently laid on the massage table she felt the lights getting hotter above her and her skinning beginning to burn as sweat slowly dripped off her body. As she lay wondering what was going to happen next, she noticed several voices coming closer to her. In fact she could make out at least four voices, Bruno and Isabella's along with that of Louis, and another man, whom she did not know.

Isabella then leaned over and whispered into Darla's "Your masseuses are here. Bruno, and Louis. Now do what they say and you'll experience pure pleasure, but if you refuse I guarantee that you will never know what you missed. Shall we proceed?" Darla was by now practically speechless as she nodded her head yes and felt the familiar tongue and lips of Isabella kiss her deep.

Louis than came up and whispered into Darla's ear "I am so glad that I finally get to meet you. I know that this will be an experience that you will never forget. And we are so sure you'll enjoy it we have been videotaping your every move tonight when you and Isabella entered the locker room. A copy of which will be sent to poor Pierre in Germania." Then he said in a louder tone of voice, "Now, let's work out the kinks in those muscles! Lola, please apply the oil."

Darla then felt baby oil being poured and squirted all over her sweat soaked body. When Lola finished pouring, she felt six strong muscular and calloused hands began kneading her sore but aroused loins, as they slowly worked the baby oil into her creamy skin, pussy and ass crack. As the men massaged Darla, Isabella began the filming of the event. She made sure that she caught every movement on film, as well as the moans and cries of desires that were coming out of Darla's throat. As the men rubbed her, Darla's cries of desire and ecstasy began to become somewhat of a distraction for Louis, who decided that it was time to silence the young maiden.

Louis and Bruno then began talking like doctors preparing for surgery, as Louis ordered, "Lola prepare the enema, and please gag our little red headed guest." Lola then forcefully jammed a ball gag in Darla's mouth and tightly secured it around her head, and then rolled her over so that they could pour more oil onto her skin, in their mission to make her muscles as loose, limber and flexible as possible before beginning her long introduction to the Raelian erotic experience.

Minutes after the men started the massage, every muscle in Darla's body had surrendered and was now a willing slave to whatever pleasure lay ahead. Soon, one of the men pulled and positioned her up on her knees, with her head bowed down, and then used his muscled and meaty hands to spread her plump and tiny ass cheeks apart. Once she was up and spread wide, Bruno then said, "OK we are ready to proceed. Darla this will not hurt, just relax and let all your worries out, while at the same time you let all the pleasure in."

As Darla relaxed, she felt the distinctive feel of a tapered tube enter her bottom and then suddenly a rush of very warm water enter her bowels. As the warm water coursed through her system, Darla began to shake and thrash about on the now very slick oil coated table, while six very strong masculine hands held her firmly in place. The sensation of the bubbles and water flowing up into her nether region caused Darla to moan and shriek with desire as she felt her thin walls being stretched and massaged by the fast-moving current. And then, just when she thought she could no longer hold any more water, Darla then heard the enema machine switch gears as it slowly started to suck all of the water and left over waste embedded in her bowels, out of her.

Not to soon after the enema tube was gently removed, and a after few seconds of positioning Darla in place, Lola whispered into her ear, "Now Darla, we are now going to see just how many times you can cum in a 30 minute period. During this part of your training, we are going to fill you with numerous devices, as well as a real cock or two, in both your cunt and your ass. I suspect that by the time we are finished with this stage, you will be barely able to remember your own name."

Darla then heard Isabella, who was intently taping the session, say to her from off in the distance, "Do not be afraid Darla! Remember, we are doing this for your pleasure." As Darla heard and digested Isabella's words of reassurance, her mind began to whisk away the last shreds of any doubt or fear in Darla's mind, as she felt a cold dollop of KY jelly being applied to her bottom and coated by Lola's extremely strong though feminine fingers, which also were caressing Darla's freshly shaved pussy as she coated.

As Darla purred in delight, in her doggie style position on the bench, as Lola caressed her pussy and lubricated her bung hole, Louis, in a low sexy voice, said to her, "Now Darla, the first order of business will be the string of anal beads." as she suddenly felt, one by one, marble sized beads of progressive size disappear into her lubricated rear end. Then, after Louis had finished and filled her up with over 20 beads, the last one being nearly an inch in diameter, Darla felt an enormous latex-covered dildo slowly press up against her creamy pussy, as Bruno then said "I am now going to slowly penetrate you with this long piece of rubber with very long and slow strokes as Louis slowly removes the beads from your bottom."

Slowly Darla was penetrated by the nine-inch rubber dildo as she felt the beads in her ass rub up against the walls of her ass on the other side. Darla immediately felt a shiver of desire course down her spine as her body was held in place on the massage table by Louis, Bruno and Lola. The beads, as Bruno slowly began a rhythm of fucking her, began to very slowly exit out of her bottom with an audible "pop," until the strokes of the dildo became hard and faster, until finally and without warning, the last ten anal beads were yanked out of her ass as she felt warm water shooting out of the urethra of the plastic dildo.

The sensation of all of which forced a series of loud moans to erupt from Darla's throat, despite the fact that the ball gag wedged in her mouth was designed to mute her. Then, as she tried to catch her breath, which was by now ragged with desire, the dildo was pulled out and she was allowed to collapse on the table moaning into the ball gag, as her sweat caused her to slip around the table from all the gyrations and orgasmic spasms she was now having under the hot lights until finally she calmed down and felt beads of sweat roll down her back under the bright spot lights.

After her trainers had let Darla catch her breath, and for them to prepare the next gauntlet of her training, Lola then ordered Bruno and Louis to introduce her to a third cock. Upon Lola's orders, Bruno and Louis lifted up the limp Darla, whose wrists were still shackled together, and carried her over to a cedar bench, whereupon they proceeded to gently place her upon the rigid cock of the stranger. Bruno and Louis, who held Darla's legs far apart and lined her cunt up with the very hard and large human male organ, both watched in delight as she moaned into her ball bag as she felt her still and always tight cunt slowly swallow and become adjusted to the thick shaft that soon stretched her lips wider than they had ever been before.

However, before Darla could sit upright and adjust her womb to the inhuman cock, her head was forced down and made to rest on the stranger's musky, sweet-smelling sweat covered chest. Then, as Darla lay there and was forced down by the stranger's muscle bound arms, she felt a slender female finger snake up her ass. She then heard Bruno say "I bet her ass has never had a cock like that in it. Look at how she flinches as her hole tries to draw your finger in. We should probably try the smallest size first since we do not want to rip her apart." Then, as she lay silently on the stranger's muscular barrel chested body, enjoying the gentle strokes on her ass and back from his meaty hands, Darla suddenly heard a series of snaps and clicks as she soon realized that Lola was was going to mount her with a strap on dildo.

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