tagNovels and NovellasChronicles of Darla Ch. 05

Chronicles of Darla Ch. 05

byDeckard Kincaid©

The next morning Darla awoke in her own bed to a strange dream of being taken from behind by a strange looking four legged animal in the jungle. The dream began with her running from some type of danger, however, the danger she remembered was actually quite pleasurable. Then she recalled the tongue of this animal beast pleasuring her beyond any human limitation until finally, just as she was about to cum, her alarm went off and brought her crashing back down to reality. As Darla awoke and realized that she had been dreaming, she realized that she was lying nude and in her own bed. The last she remembered of Bruno and Isabella was that the three of them were embraced in a modified 69 with Darla in the center licking Bruno's own asshole while he and Isabella licked hers until finally they all collapsed in exhaustion from the passion.

Darla then began to think that the whole episode had been a dream, until she got up and walked over to her kitchen table and found a note on the table from Isabella which said,

"Bruno & I decided to bring you home before sunrise, since you need to get some rest and we have a lot of running to do. I am expecting you to 'cum' to aerobics at 12 today. Also, I took your laundry to the cleaners; you can pick it up after the session. Also, I have been invited to to a place called the Oreo Club with some male Raelian friends from Africa tomorrow night. I want you to come, I can't handle six strong black men by myself. It is a private club, but the owners prefer that the females wear as little as possible. BRING A FRIEND! Maybe that blonde Shelly you are co-workers with. As for what to wear, the tight fitting little black dress I saw on your dresser will be perfect! None of us will be at the gym today since it is our regular day off, but if you need to reach me, ask the clerk for my pager number. Also I have a certain friend who is going to be at the Oreo Club that just started working at your hospital, his name is Mombassa Wemba and he is this gorgeous doctor from the Kukuanaland (very sexy). Like I said, he will be at the party too, but during the week he needs someone to take him to buy furniture and other things for his new place, and, since I can't be everywhere I would owe you big if you spent sometime with him and got to know him. I've e-mailed his picture to you!! Isabella."

Darla, after reading Isabella's note, quickly hoped in the shower, got dressed, threw on her old shorts and t-shirt, and then logged on. Over 20 messages were waiting for her! Most of them were pictures of overweight men offering their services and more porn shots from her stalker. She then opened Sofia's message that read like a n adult novel. For 10 minutes Darla read Sofia's letter that described what had happened to her at an English biker pub. Darla then replied with a quick note asking her god mother to call her immediately once she returned from Europe so they could catch up on old times and also to let Sofia meet her new friends from the gym.

Next she downloaded the pictures Isabella sent of Mombassa. It took nearly five minutes for all the pictures of Isabella and Bruno's African friend to arrive. According to the dates on the file the pictures were only months old. The first was of him in his uniform. He was definitely a large and trim man, but the second picture made Darla gasp in amazement. The picture showed Isabella on all fours attempting to get her lips around what must have been a three to four inch thick cock as another black man fucked her from behind. The third picture was of Mombassa lying on the weight bench and lowering Isabella on his raging hard on. The finally the last picture showed Isabella with a ruler measuring his cock. Mombassa was truly "hung" at 12 inches!!

Darla's pussy got moist and at the same time cringed at the thought of being ripped apart by such a meaty cock. She then e-mailed a reply to Isabella. "I will e-mail you tomorrow to confirm for the party, and yes I can take Mombassa shopping!! Did it hurt?"

Darla then went to aerobics for her 12 p.m. class, where a very muscular and flat chested red head named Kathy was the leader of the four person work out group, which consisted only of house wives. Darla then decided to skip the shower and headed over to pick her laundry up. By the time she arrived home it was 3 p.m., and since now she really wanted to go to the party the next night, she decided to tell Pierre of her intentions and all that had transpired to her sexually during the week, even it meant losing him. After a great deal of thought, she decided that maybe a long distance relationship with Pierre was not a good thing, especially with her having met his friends and discovering her own insatiable sexual needs. As Darla thought about it, maybe she could introduce Sofia to Pierre, and if they were lucky maybe she could, even during a mutual threesome at the gym, get him to realize that Sofia was more his type and closer in age than she would ever be.

Later that day, at around 5 p.m., as Darla tried to get her mind off of sex by cleaning up her messy apartment, the phone rang, it was Pierre and he sounded like he was on a ship somewhere at sea. "Darla, it's about time your home! I've been trying to reach you all night and day!" She then saw that somehow the answering machine was turned off. "I'm not coming back to Quebec City. The hospital has assigned me to serve as the personal physician of Germania's Kaiser. Since the earthquake in the Rhine in last week, the German Army decided to recall all of its qualified doctors to help with the suffering" Darla couldn't believe it, but the news about the civil wars in Cameroon were true. "Will you be all right?" she cried. "Yes, but I am guessing I won't see you for another six months since I will be on the front lines in a tent. Listen I have to go now, but I want you to promise me that you won't wait for me. You are much to special and sexy to wait for an old man like me. I will write as soon as I can! Bye!! (Click)."

It was a decision that he knew that he would someday regret, but he knew that it was best for him to watch Darla from the shadows, for he knew that her insatiable sexuality, which he saw unleashed on the videodisc that Louis had sent him, as well as on the Internet, would only lead him down the path to his eventual destruction. Many years before his sexual addiction brought him to the brink of utter destruction as he lost nearly all that he loved when he found himself a wanted man. The other reason for his decision to let Darla go was that she wanted to see the world, and being with him, who had already seen and done all that there was, would only hold her back.

However, per his agreement with his Congolese friend Mombassa, Pierre was promised that his now ex-girlfriend, Darla, would eventually be offered her own opportunity to go to travel and see the world, particularly Africa. However, little did Pierre know what eventually awaited Darla in Africa. Yet, even though Pierre had decided to let his lover go, he still had a bit of unfinished business with her that, through several friends, particularly Darla's stalker, he intended to see through, as his way of providing her the sexual excitement she so desperately desired.

Meanwhile, back in Quebec City, Darla just stared at the telephone, for she could not believe what she had just heard, that her new boyfriend was leaving her, and going off to war a zone. She had barely begun to love him, and now he was gone, As Darla put the telephone back on the receiver, she began crying like she had not done in many years, and didn't begin to stop until the phone rang. It was her friend Shelly wanting to know where she had been the last two days. Darla, who was still crying hard, apologized to Shelly, telling her truthfully that she had been spending a lot of time at the health club where she met some new friends. However Shelly, who was just a few years older than Darla, could tell that her friend had just received the news that she had heard the day before, and told her that she was coming right over.

By the time Shelly arrived Darla had returned to her normal perky self, but she was still very blue about Pierre. Shelly and Darla watched a chick flick and finished the pizza, then decided afterward to go swimming since the outside air was nearly 87 degrees in the hot summer night. Darla decided to wear another thong and sports bra while Shelly stripped down to her fresh blue cotton bikini briefs and put on one of Darla's t-shirts. Shelly was caught off guard by Darla's fashion choice, but she complemented her on pool side fashion choice, grabbed some towels and headed over to the pool. Shelly, who was nearly 25, had blonde hair, and possessed a slim figure with firm breasts that gently bobbed and swayed under her loose t-shirt. On the way out to the pool Shelly then tied her hair up into a ponytail and followed Darla outside to the pool with her own pitcher of purple passion. Darla carried the towels and the glasses to the complex's pool. During the hot summer the pool had normally been very busy, but tonight for some reason it was strangely quiet.

Under the watchful eye of the stalker, whom Darla had pretty much put out of her mind, Darla and Shelly chatted and drank for a while and then took a quick dip where they swam several laps and retired to their lounge chairs. By this time the sun finally began to go down over the horizon, both women had become quite buzzed from the alcohol, which in turn led the normally reserved Shelly to ask, "so how was the sex with Pierre?" To which Darla answered with a devilish grin, "Incredible! But I have to confess that because of him, our last session led, as luck would have it, into a situation where I met some incredible people who have, I think, have changed my life forever. I mean that after this morning, I will never ever think of sex and love the same way again." Shelly looked incredibly puzzled and asked curiously, "what do you mean?"

Since Darla was floating in a drunken stupor she did not hesitate to spill the beans about her sexual experiences over the past few days, describing to Shelly every erotic detail. By the time Darla finished Shelly's pussy was soaked with her own juices and desperately wanted to know more. Then Darla said with another devilish grin, "do you want to see the tape? The one that Isabella taped of me at the gym? I have yet to see it myself." To which Shelly answered, "YES!" as they picked up their belongings and rushed back into Darla's apartment.

As the girls rushed back inside, Darla's stalker decided to cancel his dinner date with his assistant, and instead instructed the assistant to come to his apartment so they could watch Darla and her friend, as well as to map out a plan to get Darla to pay a visit to the office, which, as you will see later, would be a brilliant ruse and another great excuse to play doctor give young Darla yet another full medical exam!

Meanwhile across the apartment complex, Darla told Shelly to go into the bedroom and put the videodisc in. Shelly then found the videodisc that was simply entitled "Darla- The Joys of a Woman" and put it in the machine. Shelly and Darla then laid on the bed side by side, still dressed in their underpants, and turned the TV on and pressed the play button. For the next 45 minutes Shelly watched intently as her co-worker and best friend was raped by four physically beautiful physical specimens. As the scenes played out, both Shelly and Darla could not help themselves and instinctually put their hands inside their panties and stroked their moist pussies as they nuzzled closer to one another, sensing that very soon their relationship would soon be changing.

Soon both women were stroking their tits and hard nipples through the fabric of their tops as they watched on the screen Darla being sandwiched by the buff and handsome older man with a salt and pepper crew cut whom Darla knew only as Mr. X, and Lola, the beautiful athletic and muscled Senegalese woman with large black and firm tits. As the two of them reamed Darla's ass and pussy, the girls began to climax on the bed, while on the bed, both Darla and Shelly had removed their tops and felt first their breasts, and then their lips touch. As the video ended Darla and Shelly, who by now were in a drunken and sexually charged state, had began to slowly make love to each other. For Shelly it was her first time ever touching another woman in a sexual way and yet it felt so natural. Shelly had long fantasized what Darla must look like getting fucked, and now she was seeing and experiencing it first hand.

As the two of them gyrated, petted and kissed each other's body, Darla slithered down to the end of the bed, slowly and seductively pulled off Shelly's cotton panties and then began to lick and finger fuck her moist blonde bush. As Darla manipulated Shelly's clit, Shelly suddenly squealed and moaned in delight as Darla zeroed in on her G-spot and then, without warning, jammed a lubricated finger up her friends ass. Soon, as soon as Shelly's breathing became more labored, she began to cum quick and hard, and then, as she laid there on the bed in afterglow, pulled Darla up to her mouth so she could taste her own nectar on her new lover's tongue. Then as the two of them Frenched and stroked each other's breasts, Shelly begged Darla to, "Please fuck me more!" To which Darla replied, "we have all night!" and then got up and opened her drawer full of new toys.

Shelly looked up and gasped as Darla offered her a choice of what to begin with. Shelly then asked "please fuck me like they did it to you on the tape! Give me the biggest and roughest of everything you have!" Which of course caused Darla to grab and put on the strap-on dildo, and then attached a long 12" cock to the harness. Darla then grabbed the next biggest dildo and smeared KY all over it. When Shelly saw the second dildo her eyes got wide and said, "I haven't had my ass fucked since college! I hope I'm not to tight." Darla just smiled and told Shelly to turn over and get on all fours. Shelly then did as she was commanded as the first cock that had she felt in over a year slide into her tight cunt.

Under the watchful eyes of the stalker and his assistant, Darla slowly fucked Shelly from behind, while at the same time Shelly screamed and moaned for Darla to fuck her faster and harder. Soon Darla was pounding Shelly so hard that the bed was squeaking harder than it had when Pierre had fucked Darla on it just days before. Then, as Darla began to tire, she picked up the other dildo and then gently began sliding the lubricated cock up Shelly's ass. At this point Shelly screams were of both pleasure and pain as the rubber prick slowly worked its way past her sphincter and slowly filled her backside as Darla held the other cock steady in her pussy.

Then, as Darla felt the dildo hit bottom, in her most devilish tone, told Shelly that she was now going to ream both her ass and pussy hard. Underneath Darla, on all fours, Shelly whimpered hoarsely as she adjusted to the feeling of both dildos that rested next to each other and which were separated by only a thin piece of flesh, "Please!! Please!! Fuck me hard!!! Make me cum!! I'll do anything." To which Darla simply replied by fucking and reaming Shelly's sweat soaked body while at the same time she slapped her bottom and talked dirty to her just like Bruno had done to Isabella the night before.

For 30 minutes Darla double fucked her girlfriend in perfect rhythm, watching with pleasure as one cock slid in as the other slid out, in perfect sync, without even a pause, as sweat poured off their bodies, until finally neither one of them could go on any longer. By the time Shelly eventually passed out from shear pleasure she had been receiving from Darla, who was by now sensing that she was becoming insatiable in her desire and thirst for sex, counted over ten orgasms coming from her co-worker and new lover's throat. After Shelly finally said "no more! Please stop! I'm your slave!! I give up!"

Darla watched in pleasure as she slowly pulled both cocks out of Shelly, and then watched in amazement as Shelly's dilated orifices slowly returned to their normal sizes. Darla who by now herself was completely physically spent, then turned Shelly over and slowly caressed her limp and sweaty body. Shelly responded in return and then said to Darla "let's 69, I want to taste your pussy and lick your asshole." Shelly then straddled Darla and slowly made sweet oral love to Darla's twat and sphincter. In response Darla devoured Shelly's trim bush and finger fucked her still well lubricated asshole. Their feast lasted until the wee hours when finally, they fell asleep still entwined in an intimate 69.

After the two young women fell asleep, the stranger across the way accessed the computer of the hospital and the schedule where both women worked. He decided that it might be a good idea for one of them, particularly Darla, to meet his his friend Todd. Todd owed him, and since Todd was also a Raelian and a member of the gym's erotic inner circle, he figured, with his looks and personality, that it would not be too hard to get him to lure Darla to his office. As it turned out, Todd in fact was one step ahead of the stranger, and told his friend that he would be more than happy to bring Darla to his office, however first he had to let Isabella know of his interest and then be at the gym at the right time so that he could properly introduce himself.

That night, as both women lay entwined in each other's limbs, they both dreamed that they were on a plane and that somehow they were forced at gunpoint to make love to each other, and also to service all of the passengers. The erotic scenes of danger mixed with sex continued to loop endlessly in their minds, as both women found themselves trapped in a dizzying circle of non stop danger and eroticism in an exotic place far from home. By the time Darla's alarm clock signaled 10 a.m. Shelly was already in the middle of trying to wake Darla up with her tongue as she greedily sucked on her new lover's feminine nectar for breakfast, which of course made Darla respond in kind, and then competed with each other until finally their tongues tied, and they both came simultaneously.

Shelly and Darla then showered together, groomed and shaved each other's pussies and then made a quick trip to the mall. By now, despite it just being less than 24 hours after his call, Pierre was very quickly becoming a distant and faded erotic memory, as Darla now reveled in the new love she had found in Shelly. As Darla began to see it, women were in many ways much better lovers than men, but there was no way she could ever deny her need to taste and be enslaved by a real cock. After coming back home Darla checked her e-mail and cleaned up all of the responses to her ad. None of them appeared promising; however she finally had heard back from Sofia.

Sofia had made it clear in her message that she was only going to be in town for a day or two, and that, at least on this visit she wanted to have a truly memorable experience. Shelly, who was busy eating some cereal, then stripped out of the previous night's clothes, put on her new bikini and headed out to the pool to tan while Darla stayed inside and made some calls. The first number she called was Isabella's pager. After she hung up the phone immediately rang, it was Isabella. However, before Darla could say hello Isabella blurted out "I hope you're coming tonight!" To which Darla smiled and said yes, and then asked if she could bring Shelly. Isabella said, "well I have to assume she is attractive or else you wouldn't ask. I hope you explain to her that this is a private party, meaning a lot of sex between a lot of strangers."

Darla then told Isabella about how Shelly reacted to the tape and what happened during their love making session afterward. Isabella then said, "Mombassa will definitely be there, he arrived yesterday. He and Bruno fucked the shit out of me for nearly six hours yesterday before calling it a night." Then Isabella said, "dresses are required, however miniskirts and one pieces are preferred. Also make sure you wear heels and either a thong, g-strings or nothing at all underneath." Darla said she understood perfectly and then began to describe Shelly. Afterward, Isabella then suggested to Darla that Shelly also join the gym, and then she said "I hope she likes black cock, because tonight there are only going to be three white girls and eight black men. Bruno, Louis, Lola, and Mr. X, are headed to Las Vegas to negotiate a new gym site on the strip."

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