tagNovels and NovellasChronicles of Darla Ch. 06

Chronicles of Darla Ch. 06

byDeckard Kincaid©

Upon their arrival, the gym was packed with sweaty bodybuilders of every shape and color, pumping iron without effort. Darla met Isabella in the women's locker room, who knowingly asked, "how was the machine?" Darla then said, "it broke me! I'm a slave to it! Now I know what sex addiction is, and I love it!!!"

Isabella then told Darla how tonight would proceed: "First the gym closes at seven, instead of eight. You and I will work out with Shelly in the low impact class and then tell the paying customers, as they come in, that the water pipes in the ladies room are being repaired. Once seven comes around, and the customers have left, we can then casually take Shelly in the locker room so she can shower. We will then take her into the sauna and then tell her we forgot our water and then slip out. After which three weight lifters, Tim, Al, and Todd, will then slip into the sauna, and announce to her that her initiation will now begin. I think she'll enjoy that as much as you enjoyed your first sexual encounter here at the gym."

Darla than asked "what about the videotape?" To which Isabella answered "when the guys enter the sauna Mombassa will follow them, taping their entrance and reaction by Shelly. Of course before she is touched, we'll be back in so we can watch. I am getting wet just thinking about it!" Not to much after that, Shelly pulled up and stepped out of her Dodge Colt looking like Olivia Newton John in the "Physical" video. Only about eight women in addition to the Isabella, Darla and Shelly attended the class. After the work out the three girls waited for the others to leave. As they were waiting, Shelly was spacing out by practically undressing and mind fucking the giants who were on the other side of the gym lifting weights, while at the same time thinking about the Oreo Club and how Mombassa and the other two muscular black men reduced her to a quivering mass of white flesh.

Isabella and Darla saw the glassy look in Shelly's eyes and knew that her initiation would be a special thing to witness. Then as the last customer left Isabella said "time to hit the showers, and then after that it's the Swedish sauna." Darla and Shelly then followed Isabella into the locker room, where they all hopped in the warm shower and rinsed the sweat off of their bodies. Shelly was shocked to see that the inside of the women's locker room was in plain view of the weight room and shyly smiled when three of the guys she had been eying, watched her and the other two girls walk to the sauna. After the sat down, Isabella and Darla then told Shelly that they were going to step out briefly and get some bottles of cold water, whereupon they exited the sauna and gave a thumbs up three of the weight lifters training with Mombassa.

Shelly's eyes were closed in ecstasy as the men silently entered the dim lit steam room. Shelly was lost in her own self pleasure, as she reveled in the memories of the Oreo Club. As she heard the door swing shut, Shelly opened her eyes and saw before her the largest and most muscular naked black men she had ever laid her eyes upon or ever dared to fantasize about. Together the three of them weighed over a combined 700 pounds with physiques the size of Hercules, and with cocks the size of horses, and as if in a dream she looked up at Theodore, Jacques, and Mombozu, each of whom smiled as Shelly marveled at, and then knelt and reached for Theodore's and Mombozu's cocks, and brought them both to her wanting mouth, while Jacques picked her up, and then, ever so slowly spread her pussy lips and guided his meaty member deep up into her sweat soaked box and slowly fucked her, as she savored the taste of the cocks in her hands.

As the giant black muscle men fucked and sucked the young blond, Darla and Isabella sat and watched intently, while Mombassa videotaped, the site of the steroid filled African strong men willingly raping Shelly's tiny body for nearly an hour. The temperature in the steam room only got hotter as Shelly's lithe body endured countless double penetrations from the three muscle men who each took turns fucking her ass. Shelly was insatiable as Isabella and Darla, whose lips and fingers were soon locked onto to each others bodies, watched her beg for more, even as the last loads of cum were shot simultaneously down her throat, up her rear and into her pussy. Then, as the three men simultaneously withdrew their cocks from her body, Theodore stepped over to Mombassa, who handed him the camera so that Mombassa could take his place behind Shelly, who was now on the floor on her hands and knees, and slowly rammed his cock into her wide stretched ass.

For nearly 20 minutes Shelly was fucked in the ass by Mombassa, who moved in and out of her with deep slow strokes, until finally Shelly's sweat covered body finally and slowly gave out as she collapsed on the pine floor and begged for Mombassa to stop as she convulsed in her first orgasm. Then, even before Shelly could catch her breath, Mombassa pulled out of her ass, turned her over, and proceeded to fuck her pussy until she passed out completely from both her orgasm, and the sleepiness that the steam in the sauna helped to induce. Once Mombassa saw that Shelly was completely unconscious, he then withdrew from her, got up, picked her up and then took her out into the colder locker room air. The cold air on the outside of the steam room forced Shelly to wake up and slowly kiss her ebony stallion, after which she asked, "tthat was my initiation?" Mombassa smiled and nodded yes before laying her on the massage table so that Darla and Isabella could dry her off and rub her down.

Isabella softly and very gently dried her new friend as Darla massaged her weak muscles. As they rubbed and brought Shelly's weak muscles back to life, Darla and Isabella who by this time were so incredibly horny after witnessing the rape of their friend, that they began describing to Shelly in vivid detail what it looked like from their end as a spectator. Isabella said, "It was so erotic seeing you sandwiched between those sweaty muscle bound pieces of dark meat. Your pussy and ass were reamed good! I know your holes will be aching in the morning I bet." Darla then said, "I'll bet you'll be shitting out cum for weeks. They must have pumped a gallon into you!"

As the two women kept up the sensual stimulation on Shelly's worn out body. Then, after an about 15 minutes, Shelly, with the help of the two girls, sat wobbly up on the table as she felt her holes and loins returned to normal, and then followed Mombassa to the showers where he was waiting to shower her with even more pleasure. Meanwhile, the hulking black men who had so proudly done their duty in initiating Shelly, were now waiting out in the weight room for round two of their planned fun.

After Isabella and Darla turned Shelly over to Mombassa for more sexual pleasure, they headed out to the main gym, walked over to the three men, and said, "quite a job you three did in there! Now it's our turn to work out!" And with that, Theodore, as planned, violently picked Darla up like a child (for he was four times her size) and placed her struggling body over to a leg curler on the other side of the gym, and then bent her over and pressed his knee into her back so that he could handcuff her to the machine, so that she would be completely helpless for what was about to come next.

Darla was completely caught off guard by the violent way she was picked up and manhandled, but as she realized at Mombassa's, being treated roughly was for her a very new and exciting turn on. As she whimpered for release, she could feel Theodore's hot breath on her upturned bottom, as he proceeded to violently part her freckled white ass cheeks and began to lick her wet pussy and bunghole. Darla struggled to try to stay in some form of control, but the muscle bound African, who was now her master, was not going to let that happen.

After he orally worked her pussy into boiling cauldron of dripping lust, he then proceeded to mount her from behind and burrowed his inhuman snake in her helpless and dripping cunt, and began pumping her violently, even as she begged for mercy. Theodore loved the sound of Darla's pleas, and responded by smacking her upturned bottom harder and harder, until finally, the two of them came at the same time and screamed so loud that Shelly could hear her cries over the sound of the falling water in the shower were she was now being gang fucked by Mombassa and several other men.

As Theodore came, he pulled out and proceeded to deposit his load in Darla's bunghole, which soon spilled over onto her ass crack and then proceeded tp massage the left over and dripping cum into the skin of her ass, which he still was not done assaulting. After letting Darla recover for just a few moments, Theodore reached over and grabbed a leather strap and began smacking her ass until small welts formed. With each smack on her ass, Darla felt feelings of both pleasure and pain that she had never known before, as she quickly came to realize that she would do whatever she could in the future to again experience the feeling of being dominated so completely. Yet despite her love of being the victim, Darla knew that she had to beg, only so that she could make her captor pleasure her more. Darla, as the blows of the leather landed on her behind, begged and screamed to be released, which prompted Theodore to growl, "keep your mouth shut bitch, you'll get up when my dick is no longer able to. Now excuse me while I ream your pretty little ass!"

Darla, now delighting in and loving the feeling of being a helpless victim, gasped as she felt Theodore pry her asshole open and squirted half a bottle of cool banana oil into her already well cum coated rectum. He then grabbed her by the hair, and, with the other hand, guided his dripping cock and forced it in fast as Darla screamed and gasped in a mixture of pleasure and pain as his hot rod pushed all the way in. Theodore then proceeded to pound away on his moaning little victim until they both once again climaxed in unison, this time squirting his spunk so deep down her bowels that she could almost taste it in her throat. He then, after slowly pulling out, bent down and kissed his naked sweaty partner and said "anytime you want to be controlled, you'll know where to find me bitch!" Darla just smiled and kissed him and said "yes master."

Theodore then released Darla from her bonds, but he was not quite done with her yet, as he scooped her up and carried her into the men's locker room and laid her on the massage table and ate her pussy out until she climaxed. He then nailed her pussy for one last time and slammed his muscle hardened body into her oversexed pussy as his animal hands pinched and twisted her nipples. Then, as he sensed his energy disappearing, then forced her to her knees and ordered her to swallow his cunt soaked cock and taste every drop of his pearly seed.

As she was held in place, with his hands around her wind pipe, Darla obediently milked his cock for several minutes, until finally he exploded and she greedily lapped up and tasted his salty jizz, which ran down her throat and into her hungry stomach, with the reminder dripping on to her sweaty and sore breasts. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the muscle bound monster collapsed on the table as Darla continued to lick the sweat and cum off his deflating cock, while at the same time savoring his taste and aroma. As she lay their gently licking and sucking Theodore clean, she could hear out in the gym Isabella begging for orgasmic release, while in the mens shower, she heard the sounds of Shelly cumming yet again, as Mombassa continued his oral assault on her.

After Theodore snatched Darla up, the other two remaining muscle heads turned their attention to Isabella who was desperately wanting to be sexually used and abused. Jacques and Mombozu picked her up and brought her over to the Nautilus machine where they proceeded to helplessly tie her up, using their own t-shirts and shorts as rope, which they used to hog-tie their little new fuck toy and string her up by her ankles and wrists as she swung helplessly from the machine. They then proceeded to empty a whole tube of banana oil in her two holes, and then watched as she struggled in vain to free her loins from the weighted down trap that the two men had placed her in. As her 110 pound body hung helplessly with her two love holes spread wide and exposed to their every whim and desire, Isabella shuddered as she came to the realization that she was now going to be dominated by two men whose combined weight was 600 hundred pounds.

After the men secured her, they then gagged Isabella with duct tape. Once the tape was on her mouth, Jacques said to Mombozu, "now let's make her really scream!" as they positioned their cocks underneath her hanging body and slammed their rock hard cocks up her ass and cunt at the same time. As their cocks entered, and they held her sweaty body tight, Isabella's body jerked about with a constant stream of orgasms as the men fully penetrated her oil slicked holes.

Despite the tape on her mouth, her uncontrollable moans of passion could not be silenced as the men raped and reamed her wide stretched orifices, until finally both of the two men pulled out at the same time and coated her sweaty body with their steroid filled cum. Isabella, who was suspended from the machine like a marionette, could be easily heard moaning the muffled words "More! More!" as she begged them not to stop. Isabella had been sandwiched many times, but this one was different, it was much more erotic than even all the black cocks she received at the Oreo Club, or Mombassa's machine. Isabella's breasts dripped with sweat as the men fucked her and sucked greedily on her rock hard nipples, which in turn, forced her to cum with a ferocity that she had never felt before.

Finally, after nearly 30 minutes of being raped, Isabella's body shook and convulsed in surrender to the power of the 600 pounds of flesh and muscle that penetrated her lithe frame. Then, after another ten minutes of continuous and relentless pounding, both men pulled out and sprayed their cum over her sweaty and suspended body, after which they then left her hanging so that they could watch as her holes contracted back to their normal tiny size, after which they ripped of the tape from her mouth, pulled her down and then ordered her to finish licking and swallowing the rest of the cum and sweat off their tired bodies. When they were satisfied with Isabella's tongue bath job the three of them headed to the women's shower room, where even more pleasure awaited them.

Meanwhile, in another part of the gym, as Darla and Isabella were being raped and dominated, Mombassa was feeding Shelly more of his meaty manhood as he ate her pussy out in the sauna and shower room, while they luxuriated in a slow 69 for the entire hour that the weight lifters dominated the other women. Mombassa would dominate his new blond love slave later, but for now he wanted to savor the enjoyment of eating her shaved pussy, while at the same time she stroked and sucked his long shaft. After making Shelly cum for about the eighth time that night, he once again gave into his urges and unloaded his spunk down Shelly=s her eager throat, after which she licked up the remainder that spilled on to his body. They then got up walked out of the sauna to find Isabella and Darla recounting their encounter with the black weight lifters, as they soaked naked in the whirlpool. Shelly and Mombassa quickly joined them, whereupon he informed Darla and Shelly of the upcoming Raelian pool party at Isabella's.

Afterward the four of them finally left the club, somewhere around midnight, after all were finally spent sexually, Darla returned home late. Shelly had decided to stay with Mombassa, who, like Darla and Isabella, would soon be experiencing the pleasures of his mechanical sex machine. Yet by now, Darla was physically spent from all of the sex that she had endured, both at the hands of Mombassa's sex machine, and at the gym, and in now time she was flat on her back and naked listening to her answering machine.

The first message was from Sofia, who told her that she would be back in Quebec on Friday, and that she wanted to go wild. Sofia gave her explicit instructions and told her arrive tomorrow at a local biker bar so they could talk, catch up on old times, and have a little fun dancing and teasing the Hell's Angel's. The next message was from the hospital asking her to call and arrange a physical for tomorrow after her shift, per some new policy, with a Doctor Chad.

The last message was from a man who only identified himself as a friend of Pierre, and as the one who had been sending her the bizarre photos and sexual suggestions. He wanted her to get in touch with him immediately regarding some unfinished business that Pierre had left him with. Darla's mind raced as she wondered if something had happened to her former lover, and she called the number to the telephone that rang across the street in apartment of the stalker. When the stalker answered, he informed Darla that Pierre had left him with a special request; however, he could not tell her what it was, but that she would soon find out in due time what that special request was, but only if she met him at his office tomorrow. Without even a thought of doubt or hesitation, Darla readily agreed to meet him, but then, after she hung up the telephone, she realized that she had no idea of the name of the stalker whom she had just agreed to meet. However, after repeated attempts at calling the stalker at the same number, without success, Darla gave up, turned out the light, and drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile, as Darla desperately tried to reach the stalker on his unlisted cellular telephone, he was on the line making very special plans for her, as he watched her undress and fall into bed.

That night, as Darla slept, she dreamed about Pierre for the first time. And what a prophetic dream it was..

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