tagNovels and NovellasChronicles of Darla Ch. 08

Chronicles of Darla Ch. 08

byDeckard Kincaid©

As Darla arrived, Michelle, Dr. Anderson's new student nurse and sex partner, gave a smiling signal to both Dr. Anderson and Dr. Chad, who was a visiting doctor from the African nation of Katanga, as the young patient raced in the door and announced herself. Michelle, who was barely 18, pretended to barely notice Darla as she kept her head down and instructed Darla to fill out some medical forms, after which she walked toward the back to see the final preparations being made for Darla's examination. Michelle then asked Darla to follow her and made her take off her shoes so that she could be weighed and measured. Darla noticed that she was the only patient, but since it was real early in the morning, there was nothing unusual about it. Of course Dr. Anderson made it a point of canceling all the other afternoon appointments as soon as Darla confirmed her appointment.

Michelle then led Darla to the large examination room , and then asked her to disrobe, but for her to leave her bra and thong panties on if she wished. Once undressed Darla was then told by Michelle to lay on her back and put her feet in the stirrups. Darla did as instructed, never noticing Bebe sliding in through the door directly behind her. Once in the stirrups Michelle asked Darla to hold on to the sides of the table while she moved it closer to the overhead light. Darla grabbed the handles of the side of the table while Michelle rolled her to the center underneath the unlit operating lamp. Once in the center Bebe turned on the bright operating lamp blinding Darla, as her and Michelle grabbed her limbs and immobilized them in the specialized operating table used for uncooperative patients.

Darla screamed "what the fuck!! Let me ou..." as Michelle quickly stuffed a wad of rubber gloves into her mouth. Then as Darla was struggling the surrounding fluorescent lights dimmed and the spot lamp was lowered to just about 5 feet above Darla's struggling body. She then watched, as she struggled and pleaded as the two nurses disappeared into the darkness and the light above her was turned off. However, in the pitch-black darkness she heard voices from above and struggled to figure out what was happening. Then, suddenly, as she continued to struggle in her bonds, Darla felt a blindfold being tightly pulled around her head and a ball gag being pressed into her mouth and duct tape strapped over that.

Outside the examination room, Michelle and Bebe both slipped out of their uniforms to reveal their lacy white naughty nurses uniforms complete with high white heels, g-string, nurses cap, bra and garter stockings, as well as surgical masks, so as to conceal their identity. Dr. Anderson and Dr. Chad also had on surgical masks and head covering, as they put on a fresh pair of scrubs and slowly turned on the spotlight over Darla, who by now was completely blind and helpless to the exam that would soon come. Meanwhile in cyberspace, the worldwide audience held their collective breath as the spotlight was slowly turned on to reveal Darla's semi naked stretched out form. Under the spotlight, Darla could feel the burning heat of the lamp intensify as the level of brightness was increased and roasted her white freckled skin, as she suddenly heard a very familiar voice from her dream the night before.

Darla listened intently as the familiar voice of Dr. Anderson spoke. "Please, welcome our patient Darla to today's anatomy lesson. Today you, my Internet audience, will witness the proper way to examine a highly oversexed female. Though our subject has involuntarily agreed to help us, I have blindfolded her in order to protect her anonymity, but like all subjects in medicine she is subject to the mercy of the doctor."

The doctor then continued on and said to her, "My dear Darla, since you are here for an exam, especially after all of the sex you have had these past days, I believe it on right, as a responsible health practitioners to show my students what really turns you on. So without further adeau, let the lesson begin!!" At which, Darla then felt the middle of the table being raised, which in turn caused her tits to arch further up to the sky, as Dr. Anderson then said "nurse Bebe apply the clamps." To which Nurse Bebe proceeded to place giant metallic tipped clamps on Darla's upturned and sensitive nipples. The force of which caused Darla to moan in a mixture of pain and pleasure, as the clamps dug into and pinched her pink skin, and then were suddenly pulled up tight and latched with electric wire to the lamp above her.

As the clamps dug into her sensitive areolas, she felt her pussy start to gush with wetness. Then Dr. Anderson said, "Now the first thing that any exam must start with is the taking the patient's temperature. Normally I would do it orally, but for today we only have the equipment to do it anally. Of course the only thermometer we could find was from the local veterinarians office. They are letting us use one especially designed for horses." He then raised up a giant long silver dildo that had red markings painted on it and began to describe it to everyone, especially Darla. "This cold metallic device is approximately seven inches long, and one inch wide. I doubt if my young patient can take it all, however, I intend to make her."

Darla felt KY being applied to her exposed and recently well-fucked bunghole. She then felt the cold piece of metal being forced up her tiny rectum and slide slowly in, as slowly moaned in desire as the cold and grooved apparatus penetrated her ass. As she felt it slide into her, she then heard the doctor say, "for the most accurate of measurements it is best to keep it in for several minutes and slowly rotate it left and right and in and out." Which in turn caused the young Darla to writhe and buck in pleasure as she was reamed in front of the Internet audience. Sweat poured from her body and the juices flowed out of her cunt as the girls increased the pace and tempo of her forced butt fuck. Then, finally, for what seemed like an eternity, Darla orgasmed and screamed in pleasure as her butt mucles contracted in a desperate attempt to pull the piercing piece of metal deeper inside of her, until finally she calmed down.

Once Darla was calm, the dildo was slowly removed and replaced by a large butt plug that her ass eagerly accepted. As the butt plug entered her Darla shuddered in another orgasm. The sensations were just to much for her, but she had no control now, and was completely at the mercy of Dr. Anderson. The doctor than told the audience that it was now time for some lesbian action, at which Bebe and Michelle put on a pair of strap on dildos and approached the exam table.

As Darla lay immobile with a plug up her ass and stretched nipples, the girls readied their rubber extensions with a coating of KY. Darla then felt the butt plug being removed and then felt it easily re-enter her bottom. Bebe then stepped up and took aim for Darla's pussy and slammed the 13-inch piece of rubber hard up her slit as Dr. Chad removed her gag so that they all could enjoy the sounds of her cries of ecstasy. As the dildo penetrated her deep, Darla howled in pleasure, as the extra wide cock moved along and up her now wide stretched interior wall, as she writhed in her restraints. Then Bebe began pumping hard and deep as the doctor urged her to fuck Darla harder, which was exactly what Darla wanted, as she began howling like a caged animal.

Darla was now so turned on that she would do anything for her captors, just to keep receiving the humiliating, but erotic, treatment she was now receiving. Bebe kept pumping as Michelle filled her own ass with the other dildo, who in turn squealed in delight as the smaller cock split her ass in two. Soon the three of them were all moaning in pleasure as the doctor moved over and began fucking Michelle's ass with the horse thermometer. For twenty minutes the hall was filled with the screams and moans of three women being slowly fucked, until finally they all came in a chorus of moans and shrieks.

For the next several hours Darla, who was later drugged with a mild dose of truth serum, was filled with more rubber of different sizes than she could remember. Her moans only got louder as the hours went by, during which she was licked and fucked to numerous orgasms and swallowed countless loads of cum, as she was steadily reamed in both holes, often at the same time, with both real flesh and rubber. She was so sweaty that she had to be toweled off just to keep her slick body on the table. Finally for the last and final act she was placed on top of Dr. Chad, and took his cock deep.

As Darla was straddling his engorged and very thick member she was paddled and whipped. Then, with Dr. Chad's cock still in her, Dr. Anderson lubricated her rear passage slid into her ass. As she was being fucked she kissed both men deep and said to them moaning "I I I Love This Thank You!!! Make me cum! Make me cum!!!" With those words Darla came like she never had before, then passed out and fainted on top of the burly African doctor. Yet, despite her slipping into unconsciousness, the two doctors continued their own march to orgasm. Finally, despite Darla's being unconscious the two men filled her holes with the last of their seed. After which, the lights dimmed and the live Internet connection was cut.

After the Internet connection was cut, the nurses turned the lights on and helped the men to their feet. The men were still dripping cum off of their cocks as they stood as Bebe and Michelle eagerly lapped up the remaining salty and sticky liquid off of their semi hard cocks and balls. The doctors then proceeded to inject Darla with another dose of sleeping gas, and then watched as the nurses cleaned the sleeping Darla, but not before Michelle and Bebe laid Darla back on the table and spread her legs so they could lap up the cum that was still dripping out of her pussy and ass.

After Darla was clean, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Chad carried her to her car and drove her back to her apartment. Once there, the two doctors stripped her out of her clothes, and proceeded to erase all evidence that she had been at their office. Once they were satisfied that Darla would have no proof of her visit, they set the sleeping beauty's alarm clock to go off at 6:30.

Later, when Darla finally awoke to the sound of the alarm, she sat up in her bed naked, but feeling both clean and refreshed, as she tried to recall how she got there. She then got up and looked at her answering machine, which showed that only one person had phoned her in the last day, with the one phone call being from Sofia. It was at that point, that Darla realized that she must have just awoken from the most intense erotic dream that she ever had. However, as she laid back in the bed caressing her body, Darla brought herself to orgasm one more time, before getting up and heading off to the shower so that she could get ready for a night that she was sure would be as sexually intense as both her dreams, and her experiences the last few days had turned out to be.

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