tagNovels and NovellasChronicles of Darla Ch. 09

Chronicles of Darla Ch. 09

byDeckard Kincaid©

For her night out with Sofia, Darla chose her sultriest dress, as Sofia had suggested to her. As she peeled into the tight black spandex dress, she looked at her sexy self in the mirror, and decided against underwear. She then brushed her teeth and applied a little makeup knowing that Sofia always appreciated the natural look. Darla then put her "fuck me" pumps on and headed for the door and out to the biker bar where Sofia was waiting.

When Darla arrived at the biker bar, there were at least 25 Harley Davidson's in the lot, but only one car with a license plate that simply said "Sofia." When Darla walked in, all of the men stopped and stared at her, as she spotted and then strutted toward Sofia, who was in the corner of the dark bar, near the pool table, surrounded by a large group of motorcycle leather bound men. Sofia was nursing her fourth rum and coke as she watched the men stare intently at Darla's bouncing breasts, as her young lover entered the bar. The lustful stares of the men caused Darla=s pussy to twitch, as she locked eyes with everyone in the dirty and dingy bar on her way to embrace her mentor and lover.

With Darla's entrance, the sexual heat and tension in the dive bar was nearly boiling, as all the men could easily tell that both the young Darla and older Sofia were there for their benefit. When Darla finally reached where Sofia was standing, their eyes met and both of their pussies started to drip, as they embraced and kissed passionately. Sofia was wearing a leather mini skirt and black silk blouse, which barely concealed her luscious and silicon enhanced breasts. Then, after excusing themselves from the men near the pool table, Sofia took Darla's hand and led her to the bar where they ordered the strongest mixed drinks the bartender could make.

It was Sofia who made the first move, while they sat at the bar, as Darla mesmerized her with the decadent details of her sexual escapades over the last several days. Darla responded in kind and grabbed Sofia by her hips, then leaned over and drew her in, as Sofia slowly tongue fucked her willing mouth. The rest of the entire evening was spent drinking and holding hands as Darla mesmerized Sofia, and the leering bikers and their old ladies, with all the juicy details of her new found erotic lifestyle.. By midnight the two women were fondling and kissing each other while they slow danced and the men whistled and shouted for more. By this time the girls were by the empty pool table and decided "what the hell." With the music playing Sofia and Darla got up on the pool table and began to dance slowly and make out passionately. For both Darla and Sofia, the separation had been long, as they both planned on making up for lost time during the short time that Sofia could spend with her over the next 24 hours.

As the two of them danced slowly and seductively on the pool table, they finally decided that they could not wait any longer, and slowly started to disrobe each other as the men watched and urged them on. Sofia was the one who then took charge, grabbed the hem of Darla's dress, and began to slowly free her from her tight dress. As the men and women watched, Sofia slowly revealed her young lover's body, until finally she pulled the straps of the dress down to reveal her ample bosom. Once Darla's breasts were fully exposed, Sofia began to suck, bite and pinch her breasts, as the music suddenly stopped, so that the only sounds one could hear were Darla's moans of passion and desire, as her mentor urged her off of the pool table, so that they could reposition themselves.

After several of the men helped the two of them off the pool table, Sofia told everyone to make a circle around the pool table, and stripped off her skirt so that she was only standing their in her black thong, blouse and high heels. As the men continued to surround them, Sofia then grabbed Darla by her hair and forced her back on the spot lighted pool table, spread her legs, and then dove tongue first for Darla's wet pussy. For the next hour, the two women licked and sucked on each other passionately in front of the rowdy biker crowd, as the men edged closer and closer to the pool table so that they could all take turns fondling Darla and Sofia. As the sexual heat reached a boiling point, Sofia looked up from Darla's dripping pussy, and looked around the bar at all of the men who were pawing at their bodies in search of a piece of the action.

Being one to never let an erotic opportunity slip by, Sofia told the two of the men who had their hands on Darla's sweaty breasts, to pour their beer over Darla's breasts and pussy. As the beer flowed onto Darla's breasts and cunt, several men proceeded to lap at her breasts, while Sofia continued to lick her pussy, as she coated her fingers with the beer, and took aim for Darla's rectum. Several other men helped Sofia, as they each pulled Darla's legs back and spread her legs even wider. Then, one she was fully exposed, Darla's head snapped back as Sofia's bony fingers penetrated her rear end and then her pussy.

For nearly an hour Darla and Sofia put on a sex show unlike any the men in the bar had ever seen before. During which, all of the men watched and participated in the gang bang of young Darla and sexy Sofia, underneath the hot spotlight of the pool table. Finally, after several of the men began getting a little too rough with Darla, as they spanked her and fucked her ass, Sofia decided that the time had come for the two of them to leave. After the final two men came came simultaneously on Darla's face, Sofia pulled her up on her wobbly legs, and grabbed their beer and smoked stain clothes, and then walked naked to Darla's car, where Sofia's got into the driver's seat and drove her and her cum stained young lover back to Darla's place.

Once back at Darla's apartment, the two women hopped in the shower together, cleaned each other off, and then continued their lovemaking session. Once they were in bed, Sofia asked Darla to tie her up and fuck her with the new dildo in her purse that she bought at the airport. Darla then used the rope that she kept in her closet and hogged tied her to the bed, whereupon Darla poured banana oil into her tight rear passage. After securing her mentor, despite Sofia's protests, Darla took charge and fucked her mentor's cunt with the 9-inch dildo while at the same time she slowly double fucked her tight ass with nearly every sex toy in her collection. Sofia was in ecstasy as she reveled in Darla's domination, until finally, by 3 a.m. both girls were physically and sexually exhausted, as they slipped beneath the soft silk sheets and slept together for the first time in over a year.


When morning came the two women awoke at sunrise, and then slowly and passionately made love once again. After eating breakfast, Darla took Sofia back into the bedroom and hand cuffed her to the bed. Sofia then watched intently as Darla strapped on a harness around her waist and attached the longest and thickest rubber cock she had ever seen. Darla then held up another rubber shaft and told Sofia, in a menacing voice, "now it is my turn to be the teacher. Now turn over and get on all fours."

Sofia was too horny to resist the orders of her young mistress, and proceeded to get in a doggie style position for what she sensed more than just the usual double penetration. Darla easily slid into to Sofia's pussy and stretched her walls wide with the textured 13 inch rubber. Sofia was screaming with lust and was begging for more as she fucked back and tried to take in all 14 inches into her pussy. As Darla listened to Sofia's screams she picked up the other dildo, a 12 inch monster, that she had hidden under the pillow, and slowly pressed it against her rear passage way.

Darla then stuffed a pillow into Sofia's mouth, so as to muffle her screams of pleasure and pain, as she split Sofia's ass with the monster invader. Darla eased it in very slowly as she held the other cock still and deep in Sofia's pussy, all the while enjoying listening to Sofia=s moans and whimpers, which made her sound like a wounded animal, as Sofia felt the greased up cock slowly penetrate deep into her bowels. Sofia had never, in all her ass fucking, ever been penetrated by such a huge monster.

Soon Darla hit bottom and let Sofia's muscles adjust to the strange, but wonderful feeling. Darla then announced that it was time for Sofia to know the true meaning of pleasure and repositioned herself under Sofia, so that she could more easily work both cocks in and out , until finally, after several thrusts, Sofia began to shake and then came, as she begged for release, after which Darla slowly pulled out of her and unchained Sofia from the bed so that they could lay in each other's arms and bask in the afterglow.

Even after and hour, Sofia's body was still limp from the reaming she had just received and laid on the bed like a wet rag, as Darla caressed her now sore but well fucked pussy and ass, as Darla told her all about her new erotic lifestyle. As her young protege caressed her, Sofia whispered to Darla "thank you! Last night was incredible. Please tell me more about your new friends. I wish I could be fucked by two men, like you were at the gym, but last night at the bar is probably the closest I'll ever come, at least for the foreseeable future!"

Darla, realizing that the Raelian pool party was only a few hours away, looked up at Sofia, and then smiled with the knowledge that in just a few short hours, her mentor would soon learn just how sexually satisfied and fulfilled a woman could be.

Later that evening, Louis and Lola greeted Darla and Sofia, who were dressed only in a pair of matching black bikini's, black high heels, and white sarongs, at the entrance of the back gate at Isabella's house. After they entered, Louis took Darla aside and to her for not spending any time with her since she last saw him at the gym. Louis explained that he had been called away to Northern Quebec to meet with Lord Rael concerning her and Shelly's desire to learn more about the faith, and how their skills as nurses would be welcome as the sect continued to grow and branch out, particularly in Africa and Asia.

Everyone was wearing only the skimpiest of swim wear, with the guys confined to Speedo and the women to bikinis. Sofia's pussy was on fire as she imagined having sex with everyone here. Prior to her arrival, Darla had told her all about her and Shelly's desire to join the Raelians. After Darla had stepped aside to talk to Louis, Lola introduced Sofia to Isabella. Isabella's tight, toned; dark and buxom body especially intrigued Sofia, especially after hearing from Darla all of the decadent things Isabella had done and introduced to her. For about the next hour, everyone mingled about laughing and making small talk as they all enjoyed the constant flow of alcohol. Finally, about an hour after arriving and being served five very strong mixed drinks, Isabella looked over to Darla and Shelly, and then, with a wink to them, signaled that she had just invited Sofia for a tour of the house, starting with the basement!

As she led the way, the basement was dark, as Isabella held her by the hand and led Sofia down the stairs. Once down the stairs, Isabella then slowly shut the door behind them and quietly locked it. Isabella than led Sofia to the center of the pitch-black room and then suddenly yelled, "lights!!" Sofia gasped as she saw 13 naked white and black men, including Carl, with muscles rippling from weightlifting and exercise standing around a massage table with shackles. Isabella than said "Welcome to your initiation!" As she pushed Sofia toward the shower room where the naked and oiled men waited, with all of their cocks stiff at attention.

Carl than walked up to, picked Sofia up, and then placed her gently on the table, in the kneeling position. He then grabbed her bikini bottom and top, and effortlessly ripped it off her soon to be cum soaked body and told her "for the next three hours you will experience only the greatest in Raelian inspired pleasure and we will not rest until you are satisfied. As you can see by me and the other men, our cocks are well lubricated, and are prepare for immediate entry!"

For the next three hours the muscle bound men fucked all three of Sofia's lubricated and wanting orifices. She had never in her life had sex with more than two men at a time, but now here she was, the center of attention in an all out gang bang, as she saw Isabella out of the corner of her eye lift up a video recorder and yell "action!" To which, each of the men in the circle squeezed a bottle of baby out and emptied its contents on to her naked and prone body. Sofia closed her eyes as she felt the oil run down her ass crack and into her moist pussy and then on to the shower floor.

Once the first pair of hands was placed upon her body, the next three hours became a blur of cock, cum, oil and more cock, as pricks of all shapes and colors, from every angle and of every size, penetrated her deeply and savagely. Sofia was completely at their mercy as she was sandwiched and forced to swallow every drop of cum offered to her hungry lips. The flow of cum was so much that the men turned the shower nozzles on many times in order to rinse the cum off her naked flesh and prepare her for a fresh coat.

Sofia's ass and pussy eventually endured so much cock that by the end she had become their willing and eager slave willing to accept anything. As the men emptied their final round of cum onto her face she knew that sex with only one man would never be enough, whereupon she finally passed out and was left to Isabella's own devices, while meanwhile, as the men were fucking Sofia, Darla, Shelly and Lola, were having their own little candle party by the pool. Upstairs the other women took turns dripping hot wax onto the body of another. Darla was finally given the chance to not only lick Lola's shaved chocolate pussy, but also to pour scalding liquid on her exposed clit. While elsewhere, Shelly was busy sharing licks with new friends on the diving board as several college football players covered her with cum from head to toe. After nearly 30 minutes of letting her rest, Bruno and Isabella carried Sofia up the stairs and let every woman taste the sweet pussy of the sects newest member. By the time the evening ended at 2 a.m. everyone left thoroughly fucked and licked. At 2:30 am Sofia, Shelly and Darla returned to the apartment where the three enjoyed a late night menage a tois, that left them all fully sated...

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