tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChronicles of Lydia 01A

Chronicles of Lydia 01A


I have decided to write this story from two perspectives, one from the man's view and one from the woman's point of view. This story is from the man's point of view. Feel free to check out the woman's point of view which is titled "Chronicles of Lydia 1B". I hope you enjoy this story.


I woke up this morning as excited as I could ever remember being in the morning. Well, at least the mist excited I had been in a few months anyways. Let me explain why I am so excited.

Last week I took my ex-girlfriend shopping for new clothes. I bought them for her birthday, which is today. I know, it is a little weird I bought my ex-girlfriend clothes for her birthday. Let me give you a quick history of us and explain why I bought her some clothes.

We had dated for 8 months before she broke up stating she needed to date new people. She had just turned 18 when I began dating her. I was 26. The crazy thing is she had been begging me to date her since she was 16. She was that crazy highschool girl you wished you had while you were in high school.

She had been telling me that her older sister stole all her good clothing. She asked me if I would take her shopping and promised to give me anything I want in return. I jumped at the chance knowing I would get sex in return. She always wanted it as much as I did.

We went shopping and picked out three outfits. I was anxious to return home for some great sex. The best part was that she had a new boyfriend and would be sleeping with me.

Lydia, my ex-girlfriend begged for one more outfit. It was a light blue short skirt and a matching polo shirt. I told her I would only buy it if she allowed me to do a photoshoot of her and her new clothes on her birthday.

She agreed on one condition, that we wouldn't have sex and that I could not touch her sexually on her birthday. I reluctantly agreed.

We went home after shopping and had great sex. It had been a month since I had sex with her or anyone for that matter, at that point. Now to today.

Lydia would arrive any minute for the photo shoot. She had text me a few minutes ago to tell me she was on her way. Her boyfriend was at work so she didn't have to worry about getting caught. I have spent the last hour cleaning my apartment and planning the shots.

I hear the doorbell ring and hurry to the door. Lydia is standing there with a duffel bag full of clothes. She sees me as I open the door and smiles. She looks a little nervous. I hug her and invite her inside my apartment.

"Are you excited to do this?" I ask.

She smiles. Her cheeks are turning red. "Yeah. I actually have kinda been looking forward to this. I liked the pictures you took the last time when we were dating. They looked professional."

"You look beautiful, as always. I like the way you did your hair." I compliment her.

"Where do you want me, to start?" she asks me.

"Let's start with you sitting on the couch."

I watch as she sits her duffel bag down and walks over to the couch. She is wearing the pair of black slacks I bought her and a bright red silk top. I want to hold her. I miss her in my arms. She sits down and crosses her legs, tilts her head slightly to the right and folds her hands in her lap. I grab my camera and take a few shots. I adjust her arms and have her sit up straight, pushing her chest out.

I help her to a standing position, directing her towards my blank wall. The wall is painted off-white. She does a few poses as I click the camera. I admire how professional and serious she is acting. I am trying to be professional also, at least for now.

I suggest taking a photo in her bra and slacks, without the shirt. She lifts the silk shirt over her head, careful not to mess her hair up. I take a look at her now exposed skin and fall into lust. She looks gorgeous with makeup on and styled hair.

She is a girl who normally doesn't wear makeup and wears her hair in a ponytail. She is a tomboy like her older brothers. That is what I like about her so much.

She puts her arms to her side as I shoot a few photos. She was tense for the first shot with her shirt off. I tell her to relax her shoulders.

"You are doing great. These pictures are great so far. Let's see you smile for the next few then we will change your clothes."

She smiles and I shoot a few more pictures. She turns sideways and puts her hand on her chin. I snap a few more pictures.

"Wonderful. Let's change your wardrobe now."

She walks over to her bag and bends down to grab clothes. Her ass is staring at me. I want to reach out and squeeze it, but I resist.

I stand surprised as she begins undressing in front of me. I shouldn't be surprised, I suppose, because I have seen her completely naked multiple times, but that was when we were dating. I guess I expected she would change in the other room since we were no longer dating and she had a new boyfriend.

She is still in bra and panties, so she isn't completely naked. She pulls her kahki pants up her legs then puts on a black see-through shirt that I picked out. It matches her black bra. She slips on a pair of black high heels and fixes her hair.

I take a few pictures in several different poses. She looks stunning. She is making me horny. I decide to see if she will be a little risky. The last photo shoot was fully clothed, but I want to see more this time.

"Okay. I think you would look great with just the khaki's and heels."

"Do you want me to take my shirt and bra off?" she clarifies.


"Okay, but no touching remember." she reminds me.

I gaze in awe of her body as her perky breasts reveal themselves to me. Her nipples are sticking out. I wonder if that is from the breeze or from excitement.

She poses shyly the first few shots. She gains confidence and becomes more comfortable with the next few shots. She stands bold and proud, smiling. I take one more photo.

"Will you take a picture of me in just my panties and heels?" she asks.

"Of course." I reply enthusiastically.

She removes her heels then slides the khaki's off her legs. I catch a glimpse of her pussy lips through her panties as she is removing her pants. I will see more of those lips later if I get my way.

I take a frontal picture of her in heels and panties with her hands covering her breasts. The next picture is a side view. The last one is a rear view with her head twisted around looking at me seductively. It is a great shot of her tight ass and back.

She walks over to her bag and pulls out her last outfit. She also pulls out a new pair of panties and a new bra. I hope I get to see her change into those panties.

She sits down on the couch and slips her panties off, giving me a view of her pussy lips. She spreads her legs slightly as she slips the panties up her right leg. She looks up and smiles at me. I think she is intentionally teasing me with her body.

I raise my eyes to her face as she finishes pulling up her panties. My eyes feel like they have weights on them as they fall back down to her breasts.

She puts on her new bra. It is a light blue color with a pink outline. She pulls her blue polo shirt over her head and slips on her short light blue skirt.

She lays down on the couch. She leans on her side and smiles at me. I smile back at her for a moment before I remember I am supposed to be taking pictures.

I lift my camera and shoot. She lifts her left leg to a kneeling position. The next shot she places her hands on her breasts. She slides a finger under her skirt for the last photo. Her playful side is coming alive.

"Lets take some pictures on the floor." she suggests.

I grab a white sheet and lay it out on the floor. She lays down and starts to roll around as I take several pictures. Her skirt is starting to ride up and reveal her panties as she rolls around.

I can feel my dick start to grow. She is looking seductive with her serious looks and her coy smiles.

"Let's take a few without the shirt" I suggest.

She pulls her shirt off and throws it at me. We both laugh at her silliness. She does a few more poses before removing her bra, on her own accord.

She lays on her back with her legs spread and twists her upper body to the side. She covers her breasts and gives me a shy look, then a shocked look, then a seductive smile. I can tell she is having fun with this.

"I want you to take pictures of me nude." she says.

How could I say no to this vixen? I watch as she strips her clothes off and lays on the couch. I stand at the foot of the couch and take a picture of he on her back with her legs closed, her arms resting on her navel. She looks so serious. So irresistable.

She lays on her hip and slides her right leg up to a kneeling position once more. I am not sure if she realizes she is exposing her lips to me or not. I click away.

"What's next?" she asks.

I think a few seconds like I am thinking. "How about on my bed?" I ask.

"Okay" she replies as she hops up, " but remember no touching."

"Yes ma'am" I reply smiling.

She is trouble and she doesn't know it. We walk into my bedroom. I pull back my tan sheets and she climbs in, sealing her fate.

"Never climb into a man's bed naked and think it won't be sexual." I think to myself.

I am hard and I know she can see the bulge in my pants. She lays on her back. I pull the sheet up over her legs to her midriff. She rests her hands on the top of her head.

I lift the camera and take a few pictures of her staring at me with a serious, yet seductive look. She closes her eyes and I snap a few shots of her appearing to sleep.

"Can I remove the sheet?" I inquire.

"Sure." She replies.

She watches me as I slide the sheet off her legs. I look at her crotch. Her labia are swollen. A glimpse of moisture has formed and is peaking between her lips. I know she is as turned on as I am. I am happy that she is enjoying this.

I take a few pictures of her nude body lying on my bed. Her eyes and legs are closed, but her pussy lips are still revealed. I spread her legs without resistance. Her lack of resistance surprises me. I shoot more pictures of her naked body.

Her lips have started to separate, revealing her pink inner labia. Her lips are glistening with moisture. I can hear her breathing heavier, through the silence. This moment is very erotic.

I adjust my hardon and capture the moment on film. I zoom in the lens to take a few close-up pictures of her pussy. Those will be for me. I adjust one of her hands from her head and place it on her pussy.

She opens her eyes and smiles shyly. Her cheeks blush. I return to the foot of the bed and take another photo.

"Do you trust me?" I ask softly.

"Yes. Why?" She asks.

"I want to take a few different photos."

"What kind?"

"I want to take a couple with your hands restrained."

"You promise you will not touch me sexually if I say yes?"

I have never tied her up before, not even when we were a couple. "Yes. That is why I asked if you trusted me."

"Okay. Yes you can." she said smiling.

She just gave me free rein to her body, whether she knows it or not. I walk over to my closet and pull out a bag of goodies. I dig through the bag and pull out two straps with velcro cuffs. I tie the straps to both sides of the bed frame then place her wrists in each of the cuffs and velcro the cuffs shut.

I hear a jail cell door close in my head, locking in the prisoner. That is how I see her right now.

She pulled on the binds, testing them out. Her hands lay on the bed next to her head. I lean in and kissed her on the forehead. She smiles at me and I return a smile.

I walk back around to the foot of the bed, take inventory of her nude body a few seconds, and put the camera up to my eye. I snap a few pictures then ask her to raise her legs. She hesitates.

"I will not share these pictures with anyone." I say to comfort her.

She slowly raises her legs for me. I snap a few more pictures, capturing shots of her glistening pussy and swollen clit.

I am so horny and rock hard. It takes all my resolve not to touch her or place my lips between her legs as I have done so many times before. I know she is becoming more excited herself. Her breathing has quickened.

For the next part of my plan, I walk over to my bag of goodies and pull out a blindfold.

"What are you doing?" she asks with a concerned tone.

"Just trust me." I say as I straddle her stomach.

I see fear in her puting eyes as I lift her head and place the blindfold strap under her head. I slide the blindfold over her eyes and plant another kiss on her forehead.

I slide off the bed and take a couple more pictures of her body with the blindfold on. I stare at her body as if in a trance. She has wide birthing hips that stick out. Her stomach is flat and muscular from her playing sports. Her breasts are a full "C" cup and still firm in her young age. Her pussy looks like a flower.

I walk to my dresser and pull my MP3 player and headphones out of the drawer. The headphones are noise resistant headphones like a deejay would wear.

"What are you doing?" Lydia inquires.

"I am getting you some music", I answer.

I straddle her body again and place the headphones over her ears. I created a playlist yesterday consisting of relaxing music by Enya, Enigma, Gregorian Monks and Evanescence. I click the playlist and set the MP3 player down next to her on the bed.

I could hear the music begin to play. I climb down off the bed and and head to my bag of goodies again. I pull out two more straps and attach them to the foot post corners of the bed.

I open the restraints and stap the first around her left foot. Lydia yanks her foot back, but is stopped by the strap. Her other foot retreats.

"What the hell are you doing?" she says boldly.

I reply, but she cannot hear me with the headphones on. I wish you could see her milky white skin, her milky white breast. She looks delicious.

I grab her other leg and strap it in the cuff. Her legs are now spread wide open for me. I could have my way with her, but I won't. I want her back in my life. I will however have some fun with her while keeping my promise.

I return to my bag and pull out a small phallic shaped vibrator. I climb on the edge of the bed between her legs and take in the smell of her leaking pussy. I turn the vibrator on low and press it gently against her pussy. It is running horizontal with her slit so it vibrates her entire vagina.

Her hips buck up into the air pushing the vibrator away. I hear her moan softly. When her hips fall back to the bed, I reapply the vibrator to her slit. Her hips buck again as she lets out another moan.

"I thought you said you would not touch me sexually!" she exclaims, short on breath.

I turn the music down and replied, " I said I would not touch you sexually and I am keeping my promise. I am not touching you, the vibrator is. Lay back and enjoy."

I am repaying her for cheating on me with her current boyfriend. I am repainting her for leaving me.

I turn the music up once again and go back to work. I slide the tip of the vibrator between her lips and slowly run it up and down her pussy. Her hips continue to buck me.

I slide a few inches inside her pussy. I hear her moans of pleasure. I grab the camera and take a picture of her face as I slide the vibrator deeper inside her inner walls. The picture captures her mouth open.

I remove the vibrator from inside her and slowly slide it back up her slit. Her hips grind against the buzzing toy. I snap another picture of her face as I apply the vibrator against her clit. Her expression is priceless.

The vibrator rests against her clit, making her hips dance. I hold it in place while snapping a picture of her pussy in all it's glory. Her deep breathing and groans are driving me crazy. My dick is rock hard and throbbing.

The vibrator slides back down her slit and slips back inside her walls. Her hips grind against it as it makes love to her pussy. I wonder how the calming music is effecting her. Is it helping push her towards an orgasm or acting as a counter agent?

An idea pops into my head. I slide the vibrator deep inside her and slide off the bed. I stand at the foot of the bed and snap pictures of her writhing body. These will be amazing pictures!

I change the digital camera to video mode and place it on the corner of my dresser. I focus it so it catches her body at an angle, positioned with her left foot closest to it. This will allow me to capture her moans and her body.

I climb back on the bed and pull the vibrator out from inside her shaking body. I smile ear to ear as she grunts in displeasure. It would be a shame for her to orgasm so soon.

Moving my body so my hips straddle her stomach, I run the slick vibrator over her erect nipples. Her body wiggles in pleasure. I coat her nipples with her delicious juices bbefore sucking the rest off the vibrator. She tastes delicious.

"Okay I give. Please touch me." she begs over the sound of the music.

Grinning, I continue to tease her nipples. I don't want to break my promise to her.

"MMMMMMM! No more teasing." she says loudly.

I move back down to the edge of the bed and sit between her legs. My hand runs the vibrator in circles over her swollen clit. Her hips rock. Her hands pull against their restraints. Her body starts twisting and turning in a happenstance manner.

Just as her body begins to shudder, I remove the vibrator. Her body collapses to the bed. I can tell she is on the edge of an orgasm. A few seconds later, I move the vibrating toy to the bottom of her pussy and begins thrusting it in and out of her spasming walls. Her pussy makes love to the toy.

Ready to let her have her way, I grab a larger vibrator out of the bag and slide it inside her while placing the smaller one against her clit.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yesssssssssssss. Don't tease me. Please. I am begging you. Fuck me. Please!" she exclaims.

Her face looks as if she is being tortured by the vibrator. Her hips are thrusting so much that her body is practically floating in the air. I fuck her insides with the large vibrator on high while the smaller one hums against her clit. Her body shudders for several seconds. I remove the smaller vibrator knowing her clit is now sensitive.

Not yet satisfied with her having one orgasm, I continue thrusting the vibrator deep inside her at a rapid pace. Within minutes I feel her body shudder over and over again. Her grunts and groans fill the air.

Satisfied, I remove the vibrator from inside her walls and turn it off. I hop off the bed and press the stop button. I flip back to camera mode and shoot several pictures of her sweat filled, glowing lifeless body. I hide the camera in my small handheld safe and lock it.

I remove the binds from her feet. Her legs stay still. Slowly, I unbind her hands and remove the headphones. Lastly, I remove the blindfold and look into her beautiful blue eyes. Her eyes are glazed over. A smile is painted on her face.

I take the vibrators to the bathroom to clean. When I return to the bedroom a few minutes later she and all her belongings are gone.

Two weeks later my phone rings. The screen blinks Lydia's name. I hesitate answering. Finally, on the fourth ring I press answer.

"Hi!" I say tentatively.

"Hi." She says back. "Can I come over?

"Ummmm. Sure. I am home."

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