tagErotic HorrorChronicles of Perversia Ch. 00

Chronicles of Perversia Ch. 00


In which Elenora of the Sword is briefly interrupted in one of her preferred pastimes, ridding Perversia of its more grotesque inhabitants, and is told of a new task which she must fulfill. In addition we meet the human sword for hire Martin Riverknife, and learn of his feelings for his current employer, which leads to an unfortunate conflict.

In a glade less than two days ride from Shareem, Elenora of the Sword stripped herself of her ceremonial armour and unsheathed her sword. She passed the weapon playfully from one hand to the other, appreciating its deadly weight. Her keener than human ears told her that the four Beastmen were closing in on her, stalking through the thick shrubs that surrounded the glade. They grunted softly to each other, their brutal weapons drawn.

Elenora's breathing rose in anticipation. Her breasts, barely concealed beneath a flimsy cloth, rose and fell with a soft excitement, and her nipples hardened. She gripped her sword more tightly, stretched her legs.

She was already moist.

The four Beastmen clumsily observed her, red eyes cruelly assessing her. They were close enough to see her tall, almost naked form and the sword she carried, but not close enough to realize the danger they were in. To the obscene creatures that had been tracking her for the past few hours, Elenora - like all of her kind - appeared human, and was therefore no match for their strength and savagery. A single Beastman could slaughter four or five human soldiers, and a small group of the brutes could terrorize and destroy a defenseless village in a matter of hours.

Elenora gripped the sword more tightly, swinging it in a few lazy arcs, her anticipation building further. The four hesitated, sensing that something was wrong: A woman was standing alone in the forest, carrying only a sword. For the Beastmen, twisted nightmare creatures, the scourge of Perversia, the only correct response to this situation was, rape, torture, slaughter and eat - although not necessarily in that order.

But they waited.

The leader of the pack, a female obscenity with the head of a tusked pig and a stunted tail attached to a humanesque body, sniffed at the air. She gripped her barbed sword, clenched a muscled and viciously horned fist.

"Come on," Elenora muttered to herself.

Her arousal was becoming impatient. She longed to feel the impact of her sword on the necks of the vicious obscenities. She craved the sight of their blood and the sweet sound of their dying squeals and grunts. It was in her nature to find destroying the Beasts an erotic act. It was part of her design.

A sudden, soft voice from behind her interrupted Elenora's concentration.


Elenora scowled. There were only a few beings that were able to sneak up on her, and only one who had the right to call her daughter.

"This is not a good time," the Oncestone said. She frowned and turned to face the interloper.

Standing behind her, in the shadows between the trees, was a woman-shaped form, grown straight from the ground, a figure of mud, twigs, moss, small pebbled and leaves. The Goddess of Earth appeared naked, and the body of mud shifted and swirled slowly as she spoke with a soft earthy sound. A constant stream ran down from the mouth, around the breasts and down to its pussy, then curled around the legs and feet, to work its way back up from the ground from which it had grown.

It was an artful construct, the Elenora begrudgingly admitted, even if it exaggerated the size of the originals flesh and blood curves and overemphasized the Earth Goddesse's real allures. Her breasts and her pussy were all oversized.

Eleanora kneeled down and kissed the earthy feet of the Goddesses vessel. The Earth Goddesses reached down to and gently lifted Eleanora's chin, indicating that she should slowly rise. She perused Eleanora with pebbled eyes,

"Daughter," the goddess asked slyly, already knowing the answer, "are you in heat?"

The Goddess arched a twigged eyebrow. She playfully reached out to trace an earthen finger around Elenora's breast, resting it gently on her hardened nipple, and teasing down her stomach. The finger radiated an unnatural warmth, a hot sexual energy. Elenora, already aroused by the approaching battle, felt further inflamed. The Goddess stopped short at Eleonaras mound, pausing to gently stroke her blonde pubic hair, leaving traces of warm earth in it, a teasing smile around her lips.

"I am now," Elenora muttered softly, and she stepped towards the hand without intending to, wanting to pull it into her

The earthen hand fell away. The Goddess shifted backwards, leaving Elenora feeling simultaneously empty and hungry, like a Blueweed addict who has been promised a fix only to have it cruelly ripped away from them at the last instant.

Behind her, still crouched, the Beastmen waited, only able to see the back of Elenora from their position, the Goddesses earthen form hidden by the trees.

"I built your kind so well, did I not?"

"You were most generous in with your art," Elenora replied dutifully. The ache between her legs was overwhelming. The Goddess seemed to generate a special heat.

"And then," the Goddess continued accusingly, "you repay me by learning how to reproduce. You were not supposed to do that."

"Forgive the sins of my ancestors," Elenora continued. The conversation was a ritual that the Goddess never seemed to tire of.

"It made your kind soft."

"We were weakened, yet we multiplied," Eleanora returned.

"Hm," The earth statue said, as if she had never heard the argument before, "I suppose there is that. But I personally prefered you hard, and immortal, and few in number."

A reply was unnecessary. Malowen had kept the debate mercifully short this time.

"Well, anyway. Daughter, seeing you like this, all ready for battle reminds me that you really must come to Shareem and fight in the Arena. You would be an instant success."

"I do not care for exhibiting myself," Elenora replied.

The Earth Goddess looked at her in surprise, "Really?"

"My skills are put in service to the land, and are not for the sport of an audience. Truthfully, I cannot say that I approve of the arena. It seems a decadent innovation."

"Oh," the Goddess pouted, "I am surprised to find you so prude on this point. The arena provides a valuable release for many of our people. But very well...perhaps merely a private show, just the two of us. Yes," the Goddesses voice lowered to a seductive purr, "I would enjoy seeing that. We have a few of those brutes you enjoy slaughtering in captivity. You could put on quite a show. And afterwards...we could lie together."

Elenora's breath quickened. Had the Earth Goddess really just invited her to be touched once more by that hand, to feel that heat again, but in the flesh? Such a favour was inconceivable.

Her pussy grew wet and hot again, her stomach ached.

"Goddess," she said hoarsely, "I would be honoured."

"Im sure," Malowen said shifting her earth body into a coy position, "but first the Sisterhood has a task for you."

Elenora nodded, waiting, her breathing shallow.

"We need you to kill King Ypsil for us."

"Another assassination?" Elenora asked, disappointed.

This could take several weeks to complete, and that was several weeks before she would feel the Goddesses touch again.

"I'm afraid so," Malowen replied, "all diplomatic avenues have failed us. He is openly challenging the Sisterhood, and has become too powerful to be allowed to continue in this direction. His army alone now reaches over five thousands. He plans to declare complete independence from Shareem , and we believe that he has allied himself with the witch Barashta."

"That bitch?" Elenora asked vehemently, past wounds not forgotten, "why don't you send me after her?"

"Her time on this world is not long," the Goddess replied, "will you do this for us?"

"Of course, mother Earth," Elenora replied, "I am your willing servant in all things."

"Good girl," the earth statue replied. Leaning forward she placed a single gentle earthen kiss upon Elenora's lips. Elenora gasped as if she had been punched in the stomach, the sensation of the Earth Goddesses kiss overpowering her. A beetle slipped from the mouth of the Goddess and into Elenora's. Elenora felt it crawl along her tongue like an erotic charge. She swallowed it gratefully.

The goddess broke away from the kiss.

Behind her, Elenora could hear the grotesque beastmen readying themselves to charge her. They seemed a long way distant, the kiss just broken having left her disorientated.

"If that is true, then why can I sense the prescence of Martin Riverknife close by? Have you taken a new lover, Elenora? I have heard that Riverknife is very skilful in many aspects..."

Elenora glanced up at where Martin was hidden from view, taking cover in the trees above, her partner of the last few weeks. The Riverknife, a swordsman almost as skilled as herself was a human soldier for hire, a mercenary. Their paths had crossed by chance a few weeks earlier, and they had travelled together pursuing Elenoras goals, Riverknife waiving his usual fee for such services. Martin, just out of earshot, signalled to her quizzically, the muted conversation between his lover and a moving statue of earth a puzzlement to him. Elenora made a slight gesture with her fingers, that conveyed there was no danger, but he was not to interfere. Crouching in the tree above her, he relaxed the arrow from its bow, but continued to observe keenly.

"The Riverknife is here to aid me in my mission, nothing more," Elenora said, lying lightly to the Earth Goddess. She didn't care to have her latest sexual conquest to be the gossip of Shareem. Although as she glanced across at Martin again she realized once more that she was unsure, in this partnership, exactly who had conquered who. In every way, she was the superior of the mortal -- but somehow she never felt that she was. It was absurd, of course -- for all his skill, Martin was still only human, had little knowledge of the arts of magic, and yet...there was something about him. Something strangely indestructible in his personality, his good cheer and the way, after all the jokes and the battles and the sex, he would look into her eyes for just a second in a way that made her soul softly tremble.

It was ridiculous, she sternly reminded herself.

The effigy began to sink back into the earth, streaming slowly downwards, but before it did so it indicated behind the Elf,

"I think, daughter, that your entertainment is prepared."

And with that, she vanished completely.

Elenora turned, her desire now wilder than she had intended.

The four beastmen had emerged from the undergrowth and were advancing on her with their crude weapons drawn. They grunted as she turned to face them, three males, clearly aroused, and their pig headed female leader, hungry for elf flesh.

Elenora again indicated with two fingers that Martin was not to interfere. She still felt dazed and aroused from the kiss of the Earth Goddess.

The pigheaded female leader grunted a command to two of the beastmen, and they charged the elf. Eleonora ducked a club swung at her by the first, a goat legged, fur covered brute with an oversized cock stiff through crude clothes. The second beastman swung at her with his sword, Elenora sidestepped, and ran him through with her own sword. The beastman roared once in surprise and horror, impaled thorough its scaled stomach. Elenora swiftly withdrew her sword to be rewarded with a warm gush of blood that spattered across her left breast, stomach and thigh. The beastman keeled forward, grunting and holding the wound.

Goatlegs swung with his club again, Elenora sidestepped once more, taunting her opponent with a kick that sent him reeling back towards his remaining two companions. Pighead squeeled angrily as Elenora crouched down provoctavily and swiftly cut the throat of the beastman that had fallen. Its grunts stopped short. Elenora wiped the blood along her body with her free hand, the warm liquid slick between her hand and breast. Her nipples rose at her own touch and the feel of the blood of her first kill.

Pighead screeched at her and beat her own chest, tearing off her top to reveal scarred breasts and an additional mouth at the apex of her ribcage. Swinging a vicious looking sword, she stepped forward, pushing Goatlegs aside contemptuously. Her entire upper torso was a mess of piercings, crude tattoos and scarifications. She swung her barbed sword viciously at the elf and made an obscene gesture, rubbing between her legs brutally, then she charged.

Elenora blew her a kiss and decapitated her with a single swift move, the obscene pig head rolling to her feet. The shock of the connection ran through her arm and down her spine, teasing her wet pussy further. She glanced again at Goatlegs oversized cock, and a stray thought crossed her mind. What had the goddess done to her with that touch? she wondered, slightly dizzy she was so horny, the heat was beyond reason. The stray thought refused to leave her and she wondered...

The third beastman caught her across her brow with his whip in a swift, brutal action that she hadn't expected. Angrily, she charged towards him in a fluid movement, and sliced off the offending arm, then span round and caught him in his side, pulling him close to her like a lover to see the fear and death in his dog eyes. The beastman flailed helplessy as she twisted her sword inside him from close quarters, his body between her and Goatlegs. Even in death, Dogheads cock was stiff, and it brushed against her belly as she twisted the sword a final fatal time.

She pushed the lifeless body away and Goatlegs charged her, dropping his club and knocking her sword to one side. His sudden rush caught her by surprise, and he gripped her with his hands at close quarters, bleating furiously, his cock beating against her. He wrestled her to the ground, and she fought to keep his hands from her throat. She had seven moves that she could make at this point, two of which would kill the beastman on top of her outright. Instead, she toyed with him, knocking his overmuscled arms away.

And still the stray thought was in her mind, and she wondered...

Gods, she wondered what it would feel like to be taken by such a foul raging creature, covered in the blood of its fallen comrades.

Goatlegs struggled on top of her for grip, his scarified face typical of those beastmen that were born with almost human features. He had made it almost unrecognizable with his own knife and piercings, a usual habit for those born with humanesque features. The beastmen followed no fixed or logical pattern, each one was a unique grotesque blend of animal and man, natures mistake. The only thing that they all had in common was that they were vile creatures seemingly dedicated to slaughtering every other race.

The struggle between the two of them became more fierce, and yet still Elenora refrained from administering a killing or blinding blow. Goat legs forced one of its legs between her, and she felt his cock rub against her mound as one huge hand grabbed her thigh. Her pussy was aching wet, her whole body felt as if it was on fire, yet surely she didn't dare to allow this beast to defile her?

In a daze, she spoke sternly to herself. You are Elenora of the sword, she reminded herself. You dare whatever you want. Pushing Goatlegs face back, she simultaneously opened her legs. She felt the beasts cock resting against her gaping pussy, in one instant it would be inside her and she would be taken brutally.

A fraction of a second too late, she signaled again to Riverknife to not interfere.

Martin.s arrow pierced the beastman.s forehead with absolute accuracy. The beastman.s body stiffened, it let out a sqwauk of shock, and then its entire body sagged limply, its cock sliding away from the Elenoras pussy. She groaned in frustration, the perverse lust leaving her body like a wave of pain.

Riverknife was at her side in a second,

"Gods, are you alright?" he asked with concern as she rolled Goatlegs heavy body off her to lie with its fallen comrades.

He reached out a hand to help her up, but she ignored it.

"I am perfectly fine," she replied stiffly, turning away from her lover.

"The beast almost had you," Riverknife continued, "what happened? Were they wielding magic?"

"Don't be absurd," Elenora spat with a vehemence that she hadn't intended, "these brutes are incapable of thought, let alone using the arts."

Riverknife, perplexed at his lovers anger, reached out a hand to touch her shoulder as her panting started to fade.

"Then I don't understand," he said.

"I signaled at you not to interfere," she said angrily, turning on him suddenly.

"But the beast almost had you," Riverknife protested.

Comprehension suddenly dawned on him, "Did you want the beast to take you?" he asked.

His voice was thick as he said it. The question was rhetorical.

"I told you not to interfere," Elenora replied, "those were your orders."

She glanced into the humans eyes, then looked away. There was a pain inside them that she could not bear to look at. She could feel his heart twist and sink. It was absurd, ridiculous, but she felt for him. She felt his pain. She was treating him like a common hireling when over the past few weeks they had been so much more than that.

"What did you think," she said, "that just a human servant would be enough for an immortal such as myself?"

Oh, she truly hated herself now. She dared not look at his eyes again.

"I see," Riverknife said, "in future I will be more careful to follow the signals you send."

Damn him.

A knot of guilt swelled up inside her. She couldn't allow this. She was almost immortal, a creature infinitely more complex and superior than this roughly hewn mortal. It was inconceivable that he could have this effect on her, that he could be making her feel for him the things that she did.

Riverknife waited for her next words. He knew that whatever he said now would be met with rebuke, so he waited patiently.

"I am relieving you from my service," Elenora pronounced thickly.

Riverknife moved to her swiftly, grabbing her in his arms and reaching to kiss her. She knocked him away, the blow sending him sprawling.

"Do not," she said, "do not dare to touch me again. I have been given a task by the Earth Goddess that I will complete alone. Your services are no longer useful to me."

"Face me," Riverknife said fiercely, "look into my eyes and tell me that you truly want me to leave your side."

"There is nothing more to be said."

Pinpricks of moisture welled up at the edges of her eyes. She refused to pay them any attention. It was just a light breeze, she told herself, causing her eyes to become wet.

"Elenora," he spoke softly.

She turned on him then, raging at his frailness, raging at his humanity, raging at the feelings that she had for him and that were forcing her to this.

"Do not," she spat, "do not speak another word or you will answer to my sword, I swear to you. Leave, now."

Martin Riverknife felt his heart ripped from his chest as the woman he loved made her judgement. He was not good enough for her. He was human, and she was a near immortal construct. He was frail and she was strong.

The soldier for hire felt his world falling apart as he turned away. With a swift move he retrieved his backpack and weapons from the tree where he had been hidden.

Do not look back, he told himself. Do not look back.

In the glade, a naked, bloodstained female stood surrounded by the bodies of four beastmen. Dappled sunlight played across her skin as she stood. She listened to the receding footsteps of her former lover, and a single tear rolled down her cheek.

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