tagGroup SexChronicles of the Room 02

Chronicles of the Room 02


Story 2: Darkness

The room was beginning to fill with the dark masses, each entering in pairs and each moving to one portion of the empty clean space. Candles from the chandeliers had been lit by the caretakers of the room and all the windows were closed as was the custom for whenever the room was used. All were quite on entering and all were cloaked and hooded, save for a silver pin which bore a small jade leaf. All those who entered wore masks of many designs and some who could not wear a mask, wore only a black scarf to hide their identities. The host of tonights gathering entered last and wore the same as all who entered, the only difference was the pin which held the cloak had a gold rose. This was the only sign to all who were given entrance into the room that tonights host was this man or woman.

The figures all moved about before settling in random spots, tonights host wanted no couches and none were there. Tonights host wanted no smoking and none was available. Tonights host walked to the end of the room and upon the stage where the audience now watched in anticipation of the ritual to begin.

The host stood staring through the eye slits of the mask that held back the identity from all. Then with a clear calling and lifting her arms up opening her cloak so that all saw a naked body before them she called out.

"Tonight is darkness."

Those who had become patrons of the room knew what the night would be and those who were new to the room began looking around a bit frantic by the words spoken. Yet all who heard responded in whispers that turned to chanting.

"Tonight is Darkness."

They all repeated until it became a loud chant and the doors opened with two care takers coming into the room with long candle snubs. Both men were given a clear path to the chandeliers above and began working to snuff out the candles as quickly as possible. Starting near the stage and then working their way to the doors which held the outside world at bay. Still the new comers to the room were beginning to get restless as none of them knew or understood the hosts choice for tonight.

Darkness was creeping into the room as the last candle was snuffed and the doors opened with the caretakers quickly ushering themselves out and closing the doors behind them. As the doors closed with the still echoing chants from the patrons, the new comers began to now show signs of fear. Then began the soft whispers of calm and composure. The patrons had begun to explain tonights plans as others had begun to extend their hands in the total darkness and search for flesh.

The host still standing on the stage slowly crept to its edge and made her way carefully to a group who had found themselves and were exploring each others bodies. Soft moans had begun from a far corner of the room as well as the occasional whisper of an apology to a disturbed touch that was unwanted. The host smiled as she felt strong hands brush against her breasts, then found a home as gentle rubs from the strong hands fondled her. Another step and she felt another body by her knees, already the darkness was filled with the orgy. The strong hand pinched her nipple and tugged it along before another hand found her rump. The body at her knees had turned and was cautiously working slender hands upward from her thighs and found not a hard shaft but another womans flesh. After a slight pause and a giggle the host took the hands that had found not a man but a woman and stepped forward to present in the darkness lips that needed to be kissed. The woman on her knees did not pull away but obliged and pressed her face into the host. Those strong hands were joined by another pair of strong hands. Each, the host felt exploring her as the woman lapped between her legs. She let her head fall back slowly and felt the woman at her knees stop, there was a new body that had come closer. One of the strong pair of hands had found the woman on her knees. She was now kissing and suckling on the hard member, but still remembering the lips she had kissed before. She traced her hand to the moistened lips and felt between them.

The strong hands became a body behind the host and she felt a thick snub from the mans erect member. The cloak was blocking the way and was quickly released with the removal of the pin. The host felt warmth from the man behind her, the woman at her knees and the man who was being sucked on. Standing was going to grow heavy on all the patrons and from the sounds of what was going on in the darkness, the floor had begun to act as a bed.

The man behind her now ushered her downward to the ground, she followed slowly and carefully, making sure not to bump the woman infront of her. In doing so she missed the mark of the mans staff and instead straddled his belly. She giggled softly before adjusting herself to slide onto him. The hard flesh stuffed inside and she had to slowly adjust to him, not long but wide enough to make her take it slow. There she could be level with the woman that helped wet her pallet.

The woman was still taking the mans cock in her mouth, suckling and pushing it deeper before she was pulled free by a hand that slipped to grasp the mans erection. Not wanting to fully leave the mans member, but feeling the hosts hand begin to wrap the man and stroke it. She began to suckle on the head, licking around the crown as she felt the hosts fingers being wet by saliva. The man moved closer and placed his hands on the hosts shoulder, positioning himself between the two women so that both could share him.

The host began to grind hard on the rod inside her and kissed the woman as both of them felt the helm of the hard cock between both their kisses. They both felt the mans hands petting them softly and running his fingers through their hair as both took turns swallowing as much of his flesh as possible before pulling back to breath.

Still the room was just beginning to warm up and moans had started in an unknown corners and walls. Groans of two men had been let out as still there were whispers of apologies and every now and then, the response was that of...

"Its alright, I liked it."

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