tagNonConsent/ReluctanceChrsitmas Party Season

Chrsitmas Party Season


Thanks to flirtyjo for being my inspiration.


Jo was bored. And cold.

Bored because it had been a slow night. She had been working the bar at the golf and country club for a couple of weeks now, over the Christmas period to get a little extra cash for a special present for her husband -- something that would hopefully rekindle their marriage, would hopefully make him interested in her sexually again.

It had been 3 weeks since they'd last made love and even then it was a quick in and out which she'd initiated. He didn't seem interested any longer even when she tried, oh how she had tried, to turn him on. She'd dressed sexily, had danced for him, she'd even whispered in his ear -- asking him if there was anything he'd like to try -- even going so far as to suggest a threesome, male or female, whichever he'd prefer. All to no avail. He was always too tired or there was a work meeting or some other lame excuse.

She'd had the idea after seeing a documentary on the television. A hotel resort in the Caribbean called Rendezvous - adults only! She'd been saving all year and just needed another couple of hundred pounds to be able to afford it and whisk him away, and hopefully spend some quality time together.

Cold because it was bloody freezing! She'd gone out for her break. Out onto the balcony to get away from the guests and it had been snowing. As soon as she'd stepped out her nipples had turned to rocks and her arms were covered in goosebumps, still. A quick way to freshen up.

The guests on the previous nights had been OK. None of them rude, all treating her with respect. All getting drunk at their Christmas parties, trying to get off with the girl from accounts that they'd had their eye on all year. She'd seen some of them the morning after too -- creeping from one room into another, still in their ball gowns, hair messed up, some of them with rather obvious stains down them.

Tonight had been a bit different. There was only one party in -- seemed like a group of senior managers in an accounting firm. Mostly male, although there was one woman who, in Jo's honest opinion, looked like a right tart. Not only was she wearing a tight, short red cocktail dress, Jo had spent most of the evening watching her moving round the guys, sitting on their laps, brushing her hands over their faces and on one occasion Jo had actually seen her putting her hand on the guys groin and giving him a squeeze. Not that she had anything against the girl; in fact there was a part of her that was jealous. Jo hadn't been a virgin when she got married, in fact some of her experiences could have been written up and sold as erotica, but she'd always been a one guy girl (one at a time that is!) it was just the thought that this girl was obviously up for anything!

With anyone!

"Right, back to it," Jo thought to herself as she turned to head back to the door. Just as she reached towards the handle it opened outwards and two of the accountants stumbled out onto the balcony. They'd obviously been drinking as they blustered to the right, they hadn't even seen Jo.

"Cracking tits though" said the first, a tall dark man in a tuxedo.

"Yeah, but she'll never get them out, it's all just a tease to get the boss to give her a raise," replied his colleague, shorter than the first but stockier his body harder.

"I'd give her a raise" Mr Dark said

"Me too -- I can't believe it when she felt my cock before, the little slut. I'd give her a right good fucking, get that dress off her, bend her over and slap that ass until she begged me to fuck her." Mr Stocky replied.

"In your dreams mate"

"True. But I'm gonna try, it's Christmas and if she's not expecting it then I'm a monkeys uncle"

"I'd rather have that barmaid myself" Mr Dark replied.

Jo, still quiet behind the open door stilled herself. "That's me," she thought. She knew that she shouldn't listen, her grandmother had always told her that you never hear anything good if you listen but she was interested. Intrigued maybe.

Mr Dark continued, "She's fit, nice tits and that arse when she bent over to get the tonic, I though it was going to burst out of the skirt. Hmm. I'd love to get behind her and feel up her skirt, feel her soaking panties and fuck her with my hand. I bet she's a right dirty fucking slut."

Jo was astounded. She was shocked. Her grandmother was right -- no good would come of it. How dare they, talk about her like that, call her that, "a dirty fucking slut." She wasn't like that, was she? She had to admit though that hearing the men talk like that had made her pause, and if she were honest with herself the feeling in her nipples had gone from just sheer cold to slightly aroused. She could feel the blood flowing through them and now, when she concentrated she could feel it in other places as well. Her chest felt warm -- she always flushed slightly when she was turned on and her pussy was getting warm too. She couldn't believe it her pussy was getting wet hearing these men, these strangers talking about her like that.

"Well if you pull her I'd love of piece of that" Mr Stocky was saying to his friend, "Imagine her sucking on your cock while I fuck her from behind, banging that lush arse while I piston her onto you"

"We could double team her; you can fuck her cunt while I take her arse. I bet she's never had her arse fucked before, I'd stretch her, fill her with my hot cock"

"Yeah right, you'd fucking blow the lot before you got anywhere near her"

"You want a bet?"

"Yeah. A tenner says that you don't get anywhere. Me on the other hand, I'm going after Sasha"

"Tenner says you don't get anywhere with her"

"You're on"

The men turned and went back through the door leaving Jo standing, amazed and astounded on the balcony. What was going on? Here she was doing her best to save some money to save her marriage and, if she were frank with herself, she was feeling hot, very hot, her body alive just because two men had been talking about fucking her. Not just fucking her she told herself, fucking her like a slut, fucking her together, fucking her in the arse (they were right, she'd never done that!). And they'd had a bet about her. Why was she feeling like this, and more importantly what was she going to do?

Jo couldn't believe how she was feeling. She'd gone back inside to the bar and couldn't keep her mind on the job, her mind was still on the things she'd heard and more importantly on her body's reaction.

Her nipples were still hard, her heart was still pounding her pussy was still wet. Everything she did was like a vivid image in her mind. As she pulled a pint she realised the shape and width of the pump felt like a hot hard cock in her hand, as she filled a glass with ice she found herself wondering how it would feel against her naked skin, as she bent down to get a mixer drink she remembered Mr Dark's comments about her arse. Everything she did just made her think of sex! She couldn't help it.

Looking across the bar she saw the group. Mr Dark and Mr Stocky laughing with their colleagues, Sasha, the flirt, the tart, still touching and rubbing herself on each of them. Every now and then she'd see Mr Dark look in her direction, his eyes now seemed to be piercing her as he looked, and everytime he looked her body would react, a surge of lust passing through her.

"You OK love?" her boss asked, "it's just you look a bit flushed."

"I'm fine" Jo replied

"Why don't you take a couple of minutes, go and wash your face or something?"

Jo hesitated. What she really felt like doing was thrusting her hand between her thighs, finger fucking herself senseless and stopping the throbbing.

"OK. I will. Thanks"

As soon as she entered the bathroom Jo headed straight to one of the cubicles, locked the door behind her and rucked her skirt up to her hips. Her hand went under the waistband of her pants and she touched herself.

Her fingers teased her clit, feeling it hard beneath them. She circled it gently then faster as her desire rose. With her other hand she undid the buttons at the top of her blouse and pulled her bra down, tugging it, freeing her nipples. She gripped the nipple of her right breasts as she plunged two fingers inside her dripping pussy, fucking herself hard.

"Oh god" she cried out loud as she came on the spot.

"Are you OK?" came a voice from the other side of the door


"Mmm, yes I'm fine" Jo stuttered

"You sure?" came the reply a little curious, "Sounds like you're either in pain (pause) or pleasure."


"Yes, I'm fine thanks" "Go away. Go away. Go away."

"Ok then"

Jo heard the sound of the door open and close as she slumped against the door.

Breath. Breath. OK

Composing herself Jo opened the door.

Standing there in front of the mirrors was the tart, the flirt. Sasha. She was leaning back against the sinks facing the cubicle, hands on her hips and a knowing smile on her face.

"Just thought I'd wait and make sure you really were OK."

"Yes, I told you I was fine thanks."

"You might want to do your blouse up then"

"Shit! AGAIN!"

Jo looked and saw that her buttons were still open. Sasha was looking directly at her bra top

"Nice. I have one like it. Actually mines got rather uncomfortable but I can't get it off easily in this dress. Any chance you could help me?"

Now what do I do? Jo thought to herself. I've just been caught frigging myself and now one of the guests wants me to help her with her underwear???

Before she could think too long she heard Sasha say,

"I said help me." Her tone had become less friendly, more commanding. She was reaching behind her for the zip of the dress, unzipped it and pulled it off her shoulders exposing her lacy black half-bra, the tops of her nipples just visible.

"Undo do it for me" (pause) "you slut!"

Jo couldn't believe that she'd called her that yet something in her tone, the manner in which she was talking to her made her feel aroused, made her feel sexy, made her feel horny.

"Do it now, or I'll tell everyone about how you are such a dirty bitch that you had to come and relieve yourself in the middle of the party. Now do it."

Jo felt her knees give a little as she felt a surge through her groin, she could feel herself getting wetter, feel her labia swell and her clitoris throb.

She raised her hands, carefully, to the other woman's breasts and unclasped the bra. She tried her best not to touch but she couldn't help brushing against her skin. She unclasped the bra and it fell open in front of her.

"Oh dear" said Sasha, the repeated. "Oh dear"

Jo didn't know what was wrong, her heart was still pounding.

Without any indication Sasha grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head backwards. Jo saw her eyes, filled with a glint -- Jo wasn't sure if it was evil glint or a malicious glint, she was only sure that this woman was in control.

"You filthy bitch. Look at my tits. Look at them. You frig yourself in the toilets getting your hands all sticky, all wet, then touch me before you've washed your hands. Look at me I said. You've left your stickiness on me, the results of your come on my tits. Now then.."

Jo's eyes went to the woman's breasts. There were large and firm and on the inside of the left one Jo could see a tiny damp patch where she had brushed against it.

Pulling Jo's hair so her head came down towards her breasts Sasha said "Clean me. Lick your cum from my tits, lick me clean. Now."

Again Jo hesitated. Sasha pulled her onto her heaving breasts and Jo's face was smothered there, she couldn't breath, this woman was forcing her against her, bullying her, dominating her. Jo wanted to fight back to pull away but at the same time she was trapped -- not just by the physical grip this woman had on her hair but by the sensations inside her, the desire to obey her command, the desire to satisfy the urges growing so deeply within her.

"I said clean me. Bitch."

Jo extended her tongue and lapped softly, gently at the woman's skin. She felt smooth and soft, the taste of her own cum was strange, musky yet not nasty, quite sweet really.

"Harder" Sasha said as she pulled Jo even more firmly against her.

"Bite my nipple."

The nipple was in front of Jo's eye and she lowered her mouth onto it. Passion was racing through her now, her own nipples rigid in her blouse as she took the nipple. She kissed it, just once then again more firmly as she heard Sasha breath deeply.

"That's it, that's right. Suck on my suck my nipple, suck my tits. Come on you dirty little whore suck me, make my tits wet."

Jo was so aroused. Never before had she felt so alive never before had she wanted to feel her whole body touched, caressed, fucked with the abandon that she felt at this moment.

Before she could carry on however Sasha pulled her back their faces level, their eyes meeting. Still that glint, that aura of command.

"Now. Turn around. Put your hands on the sink and spread your legs."

Without questioning her Jo did as she was instructed. She felt Sasha's hand reach to her side and felt her skirt being lifted, her panties exposed.

"Nice" she heard Sasha comment to herself, "very nice."

The next second she felt her panties being pulled down. The seemed to get caught up around her knees then she heard a rip as Sasha tore them off her.

"That's better. You have a lovely arse." Jo felt the other woman's hand roaming all over her, felt her running her hands over the taut globes of her bottom, felt them reach down between Jo's open thighs, felt her hand probe between her legs, felt the touch of the woman against her pussy.

"You're wet. You're so wet you tart. You love it don't you, love it when you're told what to do. Love it when you act like a little fucking whore. I bet you let all the men fuck you. Fuck you here"

With that Jo felt the woman force her hand inside her. It felt like her whole hand forcing Jo open and apart. It felt like she had been entered with the biggest hardest cock she had ever had. It felt like heaven.

"Come on, fuck my hand you little slut, fuck it like it was a hard cock forcing it's way inside you. Fuck it like it was my cock."

Jo pushed herself back against the woman's hand, her juices flowing over it, the muscles in her pussy contracting against it, the muscles on her legs like jelly, her back arching as she rammed herself down on to the digits penetrating her.

"You do, you do love it. You love it when your cunt is fucked, fucked hard and fast, deep and nasty. Tell me. Tell me how you love it"

"I do" Jo gasped "I love it, I love to be fucked. I love my pussy filled. Yes, fuck me, fuck me harder."

She felt Sasha lean against her, felt the weight and pressure of her bare breasts against her back, felt the heat of her breath as she leant over and bite down on Jo's neck.

"Tell me more. Do you love it when you're full, when your dirty slut cunt is filled, when you can't fit anything more inside it?"

"Yes" Oh god yes! "I love it so full, so hard, so dirty"

"And what about when I fuck your arse? When I slide my thumb in your arse do you like that?"

Jo suddenly felt the pressure of the woman's thumb against her rose hole, her body recoiled instinctively away but Sasha pulled her back

"Do you like that? Do you feel my hand against you," Sasha pushed forwards with her thumb and Jo felt herself being violated, felt herself being stretched again.

"Yes. I love it. Oh fuck me. Fuck my cunt. Fuck my arse. Fuck me." With the passion surging through her Jo felt she was near her release, felt that her body was on fire she was so close to cumming.

Sasha stepped back.

Jo was stationery, not knowing what was happening. She heard a zip. She waited, then she felt a hard slap against her exposed buttock.

"Better get yourself cleaned up slut. Better get back behind that bar. I think I need a drink. And I think that I'll take these as a souvenir."

And with that Sasha picked up Jo's panties and walked to the door and went back to the party suite.

Jo slumped to the floor, her skirt still rucked up. Her mind was swimming, her body was pulsing.

"What now? Fuck what am I doing? What is happening to me? Shit! Fuck"

Just then she heard a knock at the door.



Her boss. "Are you OK? You've been gone for 15 minutes?"

"I'm fine" Jo lied back. She was far from fine; she'd made herself cum, sucked and kissed another woman's breasts then been savagely finger fucked and had her arse probed all in the space of 15 minutes. Fine just didn't fit it.

Getting herself together Jo replied "Just coming." She stood, straightened her skirt, looked at her face in the mirror, ran her fingers through her hair and headed back to the bar.

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