tagLesbian SexChrysania Rose: Installment 02

Chrysania Rose: Installment 02


Installment 2 – Acquisition and Training of a Pet

In all the years I have been a dominatrix, I have never had a woman approach me on her own to be dominated. I haven't been against the notion of dominating another woman though. Truth be told, I am quite bi-curious and have always craved the lush soft flesh of another fat chick, and the feel of a sweet young thing squirming against my lap as I gave her ass a good sound spanking. I have had encounters with couples where I got to play with the women, and pushed my boundaries right to the edge with them. But that's another installment for another time.

Usually I acquire my submissives after an extended correspondence. I have to know not only whether they are safe to play with, but also know whether they are serious about being dominated instead of just looking to be tied up and then fucked. I never fuck my paying submissives. Occasionally they will reach orgasm from the intensity of a session, or be allowed to masturbate themselves to orgasm. But I make it a rule never to have sex with them.

At first I thought it was a joke when I played my answering machine messages and heard a female voice. She mentioned seeing my website, and explained that she was new to the city and had been searching online for an older woman to enslave her and use her as a toy. She breathlessly spelled out an email address before hanging up. My interest was piqued. I was growing weary of the new crop of curiosity seekers who were more interested in re-enacting a scene from a porno magazine than being dominated. I decided to write back and see what she wanted, or what she thought she wanted.

I was stern and formal in my delivery. I wrote that she had better not be wasting my time with silly games. If she wanted me to dominate her, she would have to convince me that it was worth my while. I would be attending a BBW party at a local hotel lounge that Friday night, and if she was truly serious about serving me, she would be there so that I could examine her and decide if she was worthy of my time and effort. She would recognize me because I would be wearing a large silver rose shaped pendant and a black outfit.

The week passed, and it was business as usual in my spare bedroom turned dungeon. I had no pet or slave at the time, only a handful of regular clients, and the odd assortment of men who were seeking either a new erotic thrill or something to fill their particular void. In most cases, what I had to offer wasn't what they were looking for, and we parted after one session. Some however, became hooked and showed up again and again for their "fix".

Not all submissives have the time or inclination to be a slave or human pet. They want more of a structured controlled session. They come in with an agenda, and an idea in their mind or how they think the sessions are going to progress. If they want to be my slave or pet, they understand that I assume full control over them up to the boundaries of safety and sanity. The slave or pet does not have to pay for the privilege of serving me. They earn their keep one way or another. I have them run errands for me, clean my dungeon, and occasionally participate in sessions with other clients. It's not only an intense experience for them, but hard work for me as well. I do not take offers to be my slave or pet lightly. In fact, it's more trouble than I care to deal with. But then again, I have never had a female pet. This could wind up being a win-win arrangement if I played it right.

Friday night, I got dressed up in my nightclubbing best, which consists of a long black skirt with a slit on one side, a matching fitted top that shows a fair amount of cleavage, and a pair of wicked looking boots that put me at six foot four. The party wound up being the same old same old. A room full of hopeful women being cruised by the same dozen or so admirers who troll the local scene. A few men had ventured out onto the dance floor and were surrounded by giggling clusters of bountifully built women in sexy party attire. Here and there throughout the lounge, there were couples ensconced in candle-lit booths.

Most of the people in the local BBW and admirer scene know me by reputation but few know me by profession. I have a reputation for showing up to the dances alone and going home from the dances alone. However, I have met a few clients in the scene. But my profession being what it is, discretion is a must and we never greet each other as anything more than casual acquaintances outside of my dungeon.

I felt the eyes of a trio of new women at the table near the door bore into my back as I made my way towards the bar. They were sizing me up to determine our mutual places in the local BBW pecking order. They were very obviously trying much too hard, judging by the look of their cheap mail-order lingerie catalog bustiers and costume-shop tiaras. They must have decided that I was not competition because they quickly returned to their loud squeals of girlish laughter.

I was sitting at the bar sipping a cocktail, when I felt the weight of a stare on me. I turned around and a girl caught my eyes from across the dimly lit lounge. When our eyes locked, she looked like a deer caught in headlights, and she turned and fled towards the bathrooms. About fifteen minutes later, she approached the bar and stood next to me.

It was the girl who had called me on the phone. Who else could it have been? She looked at me wide eyed, and managed to stammer out that her name was Lindy. She went on and explained that she was the one who had contacted me earlier that week and she recognized me from the photos on my web page. Looking unsure of what to do next, she looked down at her shoes and wrung her hands. She was certainly fresh meat, and looked barely legal.

I told her to follow me to the back of the club, where it was more quiet and private. We sat across from each other in a candle lit booth, and she explained that she had fantasized about a bigger and older woman taking charge of her, making her do naughty things, and then punishing her for them. She liked men okay, and had even dated some boys in high school, but ever since she started college, she had been fantasizing about her female professors and finding herself attracted to her female classmates. She also informed me that she was twenty years old, and lived in her own apartment, not the university dormitories.

I let her know that she would have to devote a fair amount of time to her training, and then be willing to serve me whenever I desired; including participating in sessions with other clients. She had no problems with any of that, as she was only attending school three days a week and her only other obligation was her part-time job at a local coffee shop. I ordered her to stand up, walk slowly to the bar to get a napkin, and then walk slowly back to our booth so I could get a good look at her.

She was definitely the kind of girl I look twice at. She looked as if she could be anywhere between her late teens and early twenties, average height, had long brown hair, and was on the verge of being supersized. She had fairly large tits and a nice round ass and was soft and round all over. Her sweet little face was doll-like; all pudgy pink cheeks, big blue eyes, and soft glossed lips. Just like a voluptuous little doll. Yes, she would do. She would make me a fine little pet indeed.

I handed her a business card, and told her to report for her first training session the next day at noon.

She arrived at my home, in what I suppose she felt was the proper attire for a dungeon. But it looked more like the kind of low-end club wear you find in a trendy mall boutique. Her first taste of slave training was being ordered to take that ugly dress off and stand in the middle of the dungeon floor with her fingers clasped behind her head. I removed my favorite snappy little riding crop from my armoire, and proceeded to walk in circles around her, snapping it against the leather of my skirt. I told her that she was to never enter my presence looking like a five-dollar whore again, unless I ordered her to. She warbled out a meek reply and I smacked her against the back her thigh and told her to speak clearly when responding to me.

The rest of the session went by with more of the same. I spent equal time intimidating her, and smacking her tender flesh with the crop. She had worn only a pair of panties and a bra beneath the dress. Her little nipples puckered beneath the stretchy fabric of her bra, and after a while, her legs started to quiver slightly, giving a very nice little bit of jiggle to her thighs and ass. If I wasn't mistaken, there was also the shadow of a wet spot darkening in the crotch of her panties.

Once I deemed her to be suitably chastised, I told her that since she could not be trusted to dress herself without looking like trash, she did not deserve to wear clothes in my presence. Then, I collared her; explaining that the collar meant that she was mine, and mine alone. She was my slave, my pet, and my property. I could do anything I wished with her and order her to do anything that pleased me. No matter how humiliating or disgraceful it might be.

After the collar, I provided her with a pair of very high-heeled shoes. As luck would have it, they were a size too small and hard to walk in, so they raised her sweet ass up in the air and made her bouncy tits wobble in a most delightful way as she minced her way around the dungeon. After an hour of tormenting her with the shoes, I allowed her to take them off and polish them to a shine before she left. As I dismissed her for the day, I told her that from now on, whenever she arrived in the dungeon, she was to immediately remove her dress, place the collar on her neck, and kneel before me.

I had just enough time between her departure and my afternoon session to retire to my boudoir for a little bit of quality time with my favorite vibrator. That was how hot my sweet little pet made me. I would definitely take things to a higher level during our next training session.

The next day, I let her in, and took a seat in my throne chair to await her supplication. The nasty little slut had on a matching red lace bra and panties. Of course this forward act needed to be addressed at once.

Her explanation was that she felt wearing her best lingerie would make her more worthy to be in my presence. I told her that a slave never assumes what would please her mistress. For her forwardness, she would not only have to submit to punishment, but from then on she would be forbidden to wear any clothing in my dungeon unless it was something I ordered her to wear for my amusement.

I ordered her to strip off her red lingerie, and approach me on her knees. Then I pulled her up and across my lap and started to spank her hard. At first she tensed up and whimpered, but after a few slaps, she started to calm down and get into it. After ten strikes, I massaged her then-pink ass with my hand. She started to squirm a little, and I knew she was enjoying my touch. I gave her ten more strikes, and massaged her a little more and worked my hand a little lower. She tensed for a second then pushed her fat little ass back to meet my hand. Yes, she certainly liked it. I decided to give her ten more strikes, and by that time her soft plush ass was bright cherry red. I massaged it a little, and as I worked my hand lower I casually let one of my fingers slip between her legs and brush ever so slightly against the outer lips of her pussy. She gasped. She was moist and swollen and starting to get very turned on.

I gripped her hair tightly with one hand and parted her thighs slightly with the other. As I twisted her hair in a coil around my hand, I slowly worked the outside of her pussy with the soft pads of my fingers. She moaned with pleasure and I gave a sharp jerk on her hair which made her gasp in pain. I continued alternating with pleasure and pain until she was breathing heavily and her puffy little pussy lips were slick and wet. Then I unceremoniously pushed her off of my lap onto the floor, got up, and told her to dress and go home as I retired to my boudoir.

She had me so flustered that it wasn't until my evening client arrived that I realized that I still had her musky salty aroma on my fingertips. He must have appreciated the extra special touch while I gagged and blindfolded him, because he sent me a dozen pussy pink colored roses the day after our session.

The next time I saw Lindy, I pretended as if nothing had happened with her on my lap. Her next stage of training was to learn how to properly submit when ordered. I taught her to submit in three ways. First standing upright with her legs slightly spread and her fingers laced behind her head and her chin up. This put her luscious body on display in a most attractive manner. Her breasts were large but still young and firm enough not to sag against her body when her arms were raised. With her legs slightly opened, her soft belly drooped but you could still see the bottom of her silky trimmed bush and a vague contour of the delicious pinkness within. Second, I taught her to drop to her knees and sit on her heels and bow with her palms flat on her thighs. Third was her position of erotic humiliation and display. I made her kneel on the ground with legs spread, bend forward and place her cheek on the ground with one wrist across the back of her neck, while lifting her ass high in the air. With her free hand, she was to reach up under her tummy and between her legs to spread her pussy wide open.

The first time she assumed the third position for me, she tried to play with herself a little. But a few swats of the riding crop on those tender pink lips and fingertips taught her that even her juicy little pussy belonged to me and me alone. I asked her if she was a horny little slut and she eagerly responded that "Yes, Mistress" she was. I asked her if she liked showing her body to me. And she replied that she did. I asked if she liked showing her body to other people and she responded that she liked doing whatever mistress wished of her. Oh yes, the dirty little slut liked to show it off, and was aching to do so.

I told her that she would definitely get her chance to show what a nasty little fat attention whore she was, and then ordered her to get herself off for my amusement while I watched from my throne and occasionally swatted her ass, thighs, pussy, and hand with my crop.

She was a delicious sight indeed. She was on her knees in front of me with that flogged pink ass bouncing up in the air while she worked her fingers around and in and out of her pussy. She strained backwards as if she were hoping that some invisible tongue, finger or cock would be there waiting for her. She was aching to be penetrated, fucked, and pounded. I ordered her to stop and remain on all fours. I went into my boudoir and retrieved a huge veined rubber dildo. I handed it to her and ordered her to fuck herself with it for me. She braced her weight on her free arm and worked that plastic cock in and out of her gaping wet hole, alternating between twisting it from side to side and slamming it in up to the base. I flogged her ass with the riding crop until there were red welts across it and told her to fuck herself harder and rougher until it hurt.

She increased her speed and started pounding the dildo in and out of her dripping fat pussy, grunting and making high pitched moaning noises as she went. She started whimpering and begged me to let her cum because it hurt so badly. I told her she could finish herself off after ten more thrusts. She slammed that rubber cock into her cunt so hard that I was afraid she would tear herself wide open, grunting like an animal the last few thrusts. Then she dropped it to the ground beside her and started furiously fingering her clit, panting and making quick whining noises. She started to beg me to cum. "Mistress may I cum, please mistress, please!" I made her strain to hold off for what seemed like an eternity and then gave her release. She finished in a shuddering spasm of pleasure and collapsed into a panting, moaning ball on the floor. I stood up and stepped over her and told her to be sure to clean up the dildo and the wet spot on my floor before she left, as another client would be in later on that night.

She had affected me more than I had expected. Because I was already so hot, I gave a regular client a special treat and conducted an erotic denial session. He had been trying to bring something sexual into our sessions for some time. His usual scene consisted of following me around on his hands and knees like a dog and sneaking peeks up my skirt. His sessions always ended with him being tied up and paddled on the ass as punishment for being a nasty dog. He was a very unimaginative and frankly, boring client. But he was easy and his fees were steady. He was obviously more into the idea of voyeurism than punishment; because he reminded me before every weekly session to make sure I kept a light hand with the paddle and to make sure that I caught him peeking up my skirt. Instead of the usual doggy and spanky show this time, I tied him securely to the bondage chair and pushed a chaise in front of him and made him watch as I reached down into my skirt and into my blouse and got myself off just out of view of his bulging eyes. He offered a tidy sum for the soiled panties I had been wearing, but I played the bitch and told him to get the hell out and to be prepared to do some real crawling for me the next time I saw him. Since he liked to look so much, he certainly wouldn't balk at the special fee for a special session with my little pet show-off slut in attendance. I made a point to suggest it the next time he called to make an appointment.

When Lindy showed up for her next training session, I instructed her on proper wearing of lingerie. The silly thing didn't know that panties go over garter belts so that you can remove them and have full access to the goodies while still preserving the fetish appeal of bestockinged legs. I told her that she would be assisting me in a session with a regular male client. She was very nervous but showed no signs of questioning or disobeying. I told her that she would not be physically interacting with him, but she would be putting on a show for him. That seemed to both calm her and excite her.

When I casually mentioned to Peek-Dog that I had a slutty little female pet who liked to show her ass and couldn't keep her hands off of her fat little pussy, he wanted to set up a session that very day and was willing to pay double the regular fee. I told him that she would be in service in my dungeon the following Wednesday and he could see her then.

Lindy arrived a half hour before my client, and I showed her into my boudoir. She had never been allowed into my personal space before; and was wide-eyed at the luxurious bed, dressing mirror, Victorian armoire, vanity table, spa bathroom, and other feminine accoutrements. I handed her a parcel that had arrived in the mail a couple days earlier. It was her costume for the session. She would wear a short kinky French maid costume with a garter belt and lace top stockings, but no panties underneath. I instructed her to dress in her costume and wait in the boudoir for me. I would cue her to come out into the dungeon by putting some music on. Her role was to play housemaid and walk around dusting and polishing my dungeon equipment. If Peek-Dog looked up her skirt, she was to completely ignore him. Pretend he wasn't there. When it was time to stop playing doggy and start paddling, she was to leave the dungeon and retire to the boudoir where she would carry out the rest of her instructions.

Peek-Dog arrived and was eagerly looking around for another girl. I told him that my housemaid was cleaning my boudoir and would be out to clean the dungeon shortly, and he should just ignore her presence and be a good dog. I put his collar on him and retired to a small chaise I keep in my dungeon with a magazine. He started his doggy routine and followed Lindy around, sneaking peeks up her skirt every time he felt I was not watching him. Lindy knew he was looking at her ass and bent over a few times in the course of her cleaning, making sure he got a perfect view. I made a big show of "catching" him looking up her skirt, and said that he would have to be punished. I sent Lindy to the boudoir and securely tied Peek-Dog to the padded table. I started to warm him up with the paddle and Lindy made her next move and came out to tell me that there was an urgent telephone call for me. I told her to put away the doggy scene props while I took the call in the boudoir.

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